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Brawl Quest - Beat Em Up Fighting Action

Brawl Quest - Beat Em Up Fighting Action for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ThinkBIT Solutions located at 2F #24 21st Avenue, Cubao, Barangay Tagumpay, Quezon City, Philippines. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The concept and gameplay is good, just have a few problems with the currency noy being able to x2 because the ads won't load at all.
Great game! Love that it's offline. Game is fun and engaging. I really appreciate the references in the game which makes it very unique and special. Controls are really intuitive and easy for casual gamers. Game also has enough depth for me to come back and try to complete the game.
Love this game! Great characters, great art, easy to pick up but with a decent difficulty curve. Big plus playing it in offline. Taong G on hard is crazy. Did not expect depth in combat. It's fun mixing up combos with jump attacks and special attacks to manage enemy armor and positioning. One gripe though, it's too short! Can't wait for the next stages and characters.
Good game amazing quirky graphics and amazing gameplay. Tho could use a bit of tweaking. Transision timers and hit boxes are a bit weird and need a lot of getting used to. Widen the array of enemies would be fun as well. Over all love it needs a bit of improvement and would like to see potential pvp mode
The game is pretty cool! I am actually shookt that this game doesn't need WiFi or mobile data to play, and kudos to that! Can't wait to reach brawler Ulan by sskait aaah! Love it!
I uhh... loved it? || Update#5: These past days I have to watch multiple ads to get ONE bonus. Sometimes I got nothing. That's not cool. When I use the burst attack, it has no effect on anything that it touches. THAT'S UNFAIR. || Update#6ish: Please let us tap on the thing that we want to punch. My character literally punching at the box when the enemies are right behind him. Other than Luwan, all characters are either too slow or have ineffective burst/charge/etc.
Simple and fun. But recently, the game lags and stops being responsive whenever I start the game. I hope this gets fixed.
Just awesome game! Even ads are our choice if we want rewards we will watch.Then characters are amazing .I wish this game become famoues.Thank you!πŸ€—
I really like it cuz it my type of style but there may be some things but all out I think it's a good game
I've been playing this game since May 2019 and it has been my no. 1 go-to to de-stress after work. Love the characters specially the pet feature. Looking forward to collecting the alien pet cat. I really appreciate that the team is promptly resolving the bugs and issues reported by users in the past <3
This game has potential but I think it seems to lag a bit on my phone. I don't know if what specs is required so I'll probably check it out. 4/5 great game but there are still room for improvement.
Whenever a stage is clear, it close or crash without any details... So I have to clear cache everytime the game crashes... Haisst
The game is good but recently it is buggy. It suddenly crashes then levels are labeled wrong. I selected the last level but it played level 1. When playing ads, it also crashes. Hopefully this will be fixed
Feels like the game I used to play in the family computer, brings back memories. Nice graphics and story.
Fun game, but really buggy. Crashes after ads, sometimes the game won't even load up. Edit - thanks for the quick reply looking forward to the update
Hi like this game.. and levels and characters is so amazing.. Umm can you do a landscape cuz portrait i cant really control cuz i dont have some space for my hand xD and can you make a multiplayer gamemode? Or something? And do some long range characters...
Dude,i love this game easy to play fun to master,would love to see more characters and levels in the future,btw the 7 day reward doesnt restart after finish,wondering if its supposed to do that or just me,should be able to do so so its a bit easier to upgrade more level up,either than that the games is great,five stars for u devs,good job ;)
The graphics for a game like this is superb. My settings are on high and the game is not laggy and the fun part is, it can played offline. Ads are non-disruptive and gives you a pretty decent rewards if you play one.
this game is similar to "Beat Street" bt that game is dead and not optimized well where as this game totally nails it, its 10x times better than that, controls and graphics are good too however if i press the 1st skill it causes some lag i hope it wil be fix soon.. and if u cud pliz add multiplayer/co-op mode in future then it wil be so cool to have fun wid frens.. other then that everythings fine and well balanced and i liked that u removed the stamina thing πŸ‘
i really like the gameplay but i wish it was landscape just cause its so awkward to play in portrait, especially since we need to move around. the other thing is the story, the way the game opened felt out of place for the player, other than that its an enjoyable game!!
The game is fun so far, and I like that there's a story even tho it's so simple My only gripe is that the swipe sometimes doesn't work. Often times, I was stuck in the middle of the enemies even though I already swipe the screen, causing my character to get beaten up. Rather than swipe, maybe you can create a button solely for the dodge function instead? That's just my opinion tho
to much bug for the control. always make it dash when quick move + hit. cant even make real combo with it. always lose by the booby trap.
Good game, fun gameplay and animation. I hope it was in landscape mode and kudos to the devs for making this app free from annoying ads. You could watch ads though for character dev. Looking forward to more diverse characters and game modes. good job!
overall, it's an amazing game that has simple controls and even plays offline! my only question and/or issue i have is that it plays on a vertical screen rather than horizontal. not much of an issue really, but i just think it would be better on the eyes and easier to see all your enemies if it was
backgound music is loud, there is lag while doing the combo and the screen freezes. hopefully they would this issue.
The game relies to much on ad views. I get that you want to keep the game free-to-play, and that's respectable. But the constant assault of "watch an ad for xxx" takes me out of the game. I hope you get that issue sorted out, and I want a LittleThingsPH collab as soon as possible :) Peace
Hi I really like your game, it is done so well plus the features and art style are eye candies. My only issue is it is very laggy, even in my friend's phone it somehow lags. Do you have any suggestions so I can fix this? The model is a vivo 1904, android version 9
Wonderful! This is a very fun game, i seem to see alot of filipino words and as a filipino myself they were very funny for me XD. I like the game because its simple yet it feels polished. I was also wondering maybe the devs are filipino's if so great job! Ipagpatuloy nyo po ito nakakatuwa po game nyo 😊
Review for Feb 6 2020 Update (Limited): Pros: No Energy = Infinite Gold. Cons: Can no longer farm specific Caps/Orbs from stages coz it got CD which is really long (8 hours). Tickets are almost useless coz Gold reward is low, I only use them to refresh items I don't need. Suggestion: Since playing any stage will get 8 hours CD to get another cap/orb, better remove the 8 hours CD from Tickets. Also remove any features that would refresh items from stages at certain times, let Tickets do that.
This game is super fun! I love RPG games and this is one of the best! Great graphics Awesome Characters and you get many rewards so it's not that hard to advance in later stages! Keep up the Great Work!😁
I came back and found out there are a lot of ways to gain resources to increase my max level. I apologize for the 2 star and here's 5 stars.
I realized while I'm playing this game is a filipino made πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† taong g is a taong grasa crizy is a parody version of kris aquino yung ulap ay si ulan hahaha mai naka karatulang bawal tumapon ng basura, load dito
Enjoy the gameplay, hate the ads. Not the fact that there are ads, gotta support the game somehow, but the fact that more often than not they fail to load. Both after completing levels and when you touch the treasure chest.
Great game! However after the most recent update, there appears to be a bug with the watch videos for gems feature. After watching the first video, there are no subsequent prompts to continue watching a second/third video.
My young brother downloaded this app years ago, I actually didn't notice this app for years and so as I explore my phone, I saw this and played it. It was an enthusiastic game mostly when you're bored! I didn't uninstall this app coz I was really having a great time playing it. I just want to share my experience! Highly recommended.
Nice gameplay and graphics but there is a bug where if you pause the game it wont respond to any touch in the screen. I hope you fix the bug
This game is really cool! I enjoy it so far. However, everytime i click on the "get" treasure chest, i click watch ad for more but never get the rewards and it sets a 3 hr time frame. Once the time is up, i click it again and the same steps repeat yet i never get the rewards. Other than that this game is awesome!!! Need more levels too! Cheers
Kudos to the team! This game is amazing since the first time I've download it. I hope new features will be added, it's nice to see these kind of games made by our local developers. πŸ’• Keep it up πŸ’•
Incredible game 10x than Beat Street πŸ˜­πŸ™. Hoping some day you'll do a crossover with Kunio-Kun/River City Ransom πŸ˜­πŸ™
This is a nice game to play to pass the time. Hitting the combos are very satisfying. Each stage also provides a good about of difficulty which makes it both fun and challenging.
What a very charming game, but of course it is far from perfect. Gameloop needs to be more dynamic; Lowering the stamina cost for dashing should work, mid-air combos should be further polished as one of the game's mechanic. While I was first amused by the wit and subtle references to PH culture, I am quite disappointed by how simple and quite childish the story is. I can sense some self-awareness in the writing, but still... Also, energy should be removed in the game.
The game was really fun and easy to play. My main issue is the daily rewards. It doesn't refresh after reaching day 7.. or is it just like that? Anyway, had fun playing the game. Hope you can add more characters in the future.. (I'm hoping to play as Catoo from Bunganga Memories someday)
This game is amazing and fun but the lack of multiplayer seems boring adding multiplayer can add a new way to play and have people join together. My best friend told me this and it seems to be a good idea so adding it would be amazing
It was great and all but you might get bored immediately. The graphics are so good but I guess the game should be on a landscape mode even though it's meant to be one finger game.... (what are those good graphics for if your not stretching it out?) Also, the story might a need a bit of work. Overall... Congratulations to the developers! I love a game that so good that is Philippine-made!
The UI is very smooth and I am deeply enjoying the brawler aspects of the game and the fighting style combo system
this is by far the best implementation of controls on touch screen. animations are smooth at 60fps, though i found a lot of stuttering. graphics and art style are good too, kind of look like brawl star. i wish there was an option to move the buttons to the bottom. the buttons being either on the left or right is really taking up space for movements. and the field of view could have been bigger, currently it looks so zoomed and crammed. anyway, thanks for such a great game.
Controls are too simple but because of that the game is easy to play the story is a bit empty . Its too plain.. the graphics are retro i say the things i see whats wrong with the game but i love it cuz i know every game out there takes time to finish and a lot of determination required to go so far .keep working hard i hope the best and your future development successful
I installed the game, played it, but the game sound and music is all busted, choppy and sounds like its corrupted. It's not because of my phone because other apps sounds work, please fix!
Amazing game but only problem is that its hard to collect fragments for brawlers but over all it has a cute design, amazing animation and great events. I also request for something where we can battle with online people cause that would be amazing
I think it's amazing. The style is simple yet the gameplay is astounding, the moves are easy to learn and the attacks from the enemies can be easily read which i think is great for younger people (who are old enough to be allowed to play this game) to finish each levels properly. I LOVE the references and i look forward to more similar games like these from you guys in the future!
It is a great game, addicting actually. It is also nice that you collaborate with local artists. My only concern is that my phone lags whenever it tries to load an ad. Sometimes it crashes because of it. I just want to have enough orbs and bottle caps for event exclusives 😭😭😭
This game would have been so fun and addicting if only it didn't crash EVERY SINGLE TIME I pass a loading screen. I'm very fond of the game but what the actual...
Only downloaded this game because of the Pinoy Devs. Love the filipino reference. We need more stereo type characters. And more pinoy inclined stages.
It was a very fun game and as someone from your country, I enjoyed the funny references of characters that you put in the game. I have a small problem though, the text on the character's dialogue box gets cut off when it gets longer so please fix it so I can understand what they're saying :))
This game is like an Improved version of Beat Street, Im really glad the game has Attack Skilsl and a Dodge ability, Only played a few stages so far but im really enjoying the game, and being Playable Offline is a huge plus to me.
There's no pop up ads and watching ads is a choice. It's fun so far and please make it possible to upgrade stamina.
This has got to be one of the best one-handed play mechanic that I had seen and experienced in a game! From the unique art style, the animations, gameplay, mechanics, and the sound effects, one can easily fall in-love with this game. It has a few bugs here and there with the slide being automatically triggered, and the aerial attacks not being counted as a "hit" on enemies with super armor, but I believe that the devs can fix this. So 4 stars for now. Still, can't wait to see what you create!
It's one of the rare offline-playable games that's actually well-made and fun! Great art, great sound design. It's really easy to get into with the single-handed controls, plus combat feels punchy and reactive. Recommended!
I like it! Found this game on Reddit. I love the characters and the references haha! wish the movements could be smoother though and gameplay won't get too repetitive. Nevertheless I'll be keeping this game on my phone Edit: It doesn't have noticeable change when upgrading characters right? It'd be nice if something is going to change when you upgrade into certain levels (like the punch impact graphics or some kind of effect) Suggestion lang!
Fun game really grows on you the more you play. My loading times aren't smooth but I think it might be my phone. Anyways totally love the game more characters will make it more fun. But for now this game has a lot of potential.
It's fun to manage time and resources. The characters are unique and the rock-paper-scissors mechanic is fun to play around with. I am generally having fun, however I am annoyed with the Molotov burn. The explosion is fine, the burning mechanic is understandable, but the burn tick is too much. Even using a Paper character with 5 level difference can still easily take me down. I hope this is tuned. Thanks.
Hello developers! I really enjoy and adore this game a lot, most of the graphics and events are what really made the game lively. The slight issue is the interface of the gameplay, I felt its rather too semsitive. Such as pressing the Brawlers' abilities will not work but instead they punch instead per tap. Overall the game is very balance and unique! I hope you developers will update the game even more.
Amazing!! It gave me so much Scott Pilgrim vs The World the videogame vibessss 😍😍😍 very fun and engaging
This is such a lovely game. The controls feel incredibly good and the art style is adorable. The animation quality is also really good it doesn't feel stiff like some brawlers tend to and offline mode is a definite plus. There's room for improvement on the drop rates and variety of characters and things to do but this is good start. Also no cloud transfer??? That's super frustrating.
One of the best games I've downloaded. ite inspirations of this game are purely Filipino. The game play is good. Though would expect more quests in the future installments
Simple and fun. I hope to see more levels and more original brawlers. I like the crossover characters, though.
Would you make a joystick the visible one ,and make the screen fullscreen pls!otherwise it's a good game.
Truth be told I only installed this game cause I saw from an Ad there would be a collab from Little Things PH...XD But anything else, the game is good and addicting
This game is actually good! The gameplay and cute graphics aside from the game being portrait is fun, specially knowing that some devs are Filipino. It is one of the reasons why I had fun playing the game, Filos had the potential to make a quality game, and here it is. I just have one request, please make it rotatable; I would love to play in landscape like other brawl games. ❀️
Fun game. All the music is slow for some reason so it's unplayable with sound on. I compared it to a YouTube clip so there's definitely something wrong there.
Love a good brawler with excellent controls, there's not much to the game yet but what does exist is exquisite. Seriously needs a confirmation before spending gems accidentally.
Decently fun, but I cant play long enough to give an actual review. The game locks up on me and the image starts to flicker. I can still hear things happening, but the image is stuck.
I love this game when i saw this game i said huh this kinda fun and ive played it for a while and it was awesome best game ive ever played of my whole life
idk what you guys did with the update but the game lags horribly now. the audio plays at a snail speed too. i'm using the same phone and it used to run beautifully. i read the other reviews and it seems like i'm not the only one having this problem.
The artstyle is so cute and i like jow you collaborate with artist, i dont have any complains so far i'll just edit this review if i find bugs/problems
This game won't let me play on my Tablet cause of the game crashed and kick me out to the home screen. My device Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F. Please fix as possible. Thank you.
I really enjoy the gameplay and the mechanism, it's just that it lags so much, that not only the fps dropped, the quality of the bgm and sfx also dropped and distorted. I hope dev will fix this soon.
Hello good sir/maam! Im having a UI problem. Most of them are out of screen. Wish i could send a screen shot here but i cannot. Hope you fix this ui errors.
took the latest update.. still laggy, game crashes (specially on brawl buffet).. I like this game, but I'm starting to feel bad about it. I believe my cp can handle the app, so pls., if there's a way to fix this, pls. do so.. 😞
Is nice game offline but if u go to next level it will be hard. Please add health Or 50%pills something like that is hard to play. This my first time I aready at second map 🍿πŸ₯ͺ🍳., hard I'm OK for first lvl hard
Stupid balance. The game is indeed simple. Unlocking your first scissor is already a grind fest. On the dispatch. 90% success rate lead you to fail. Wow. Just unlocking the third character is already a big deal?