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Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by gumi Inc. located at Sumitomo Fudosan Nishi-Shinjuku Building No. 5, 3F Nishi-Shinjuku 4-34-7 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a good game but the problem here is thr loading screen it doesnt let me join it keeps poping internet error even tho we have good internet
Always get "unexpected error occured" , its never been repaired since last time played this game, they never make good servers, always slow and buggy. Really bad connection
My phone is decently big, and for some reason the game doesn't fill in all of the space on my screen, it only fills up 80% of it and then there's just black at the bottom of my screen. It also just crashed when I exited from looking at a 3 star character. If they could fix this, I'll give it 5 stars. Another thing is that I had a lot of progress on this game (I was on the 2nd world after beating the 4th god) and all my progress got deleted somehow. Is there any way I can get the progress back?
Used to love this game, until I came back after a hiatus. Now I can't play at all, after i select my initial starter unit. The game says "unexpected error has occurred" and forces closes. Please fix your game
It's been better. I used to play this game years ago and I found it way more challenging. At the time I thought that it was unfair that it was so hard to get a good character, but now I feel like it's way too easy. Years ago, I actually had to strategize/use potions. Now it's quite boring and too easy to play. In this game you're either too strong or you're either too weak to fight any vortex bosses :/ I've also lost about 10 gems, which is quite annoying
It won't let me in. It goes through the beginning and get to the option to do the tutorial then it just pops up saying unexpected error. I have restarted my phone and redownloaded the game twice.
I can't enjoy let alone experience the game, because upon launching the app, I am confronted with a short notice that says "Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped." I highly recommend you look into this matter and fix these issues rather than adding some flashy game offers to the players who can already enjoy the game as is. The rest of us would like to experience this game too. You're building a poor reputation from this.
I love this game, but I would like if you guys could bring back past events so we can get characters we missed out on :/
This game is a belter. I've been Playing sinse it's relaese and not once av I had a glitch or any problem what so ever. It's smooth the graphics are great the art work brilliant and the detail and strategy that goes in to the units amaizing. If give more stars if it would let me.
Great game but there are a few reasons why I gave it a 2 star. The vortex quests are too hard, you need to dump TONS of effort into grinding for imps, zel, and karma, plus materals just to omni boost a single unit to SURVIVE a single hit without dying. And the units with leader skills that supposedly have "void status ailments" still leave my whole team unable to attack due to paralysis which should be changed as its lying to say I "void status ailments" but still recieve status ailments.
Please fix your game, i genuinely wish i could rate 0 stars rn. I CANT EVEN OPEN THE GAME. I played this game YEARS ago and i missed it so i redownloaded. NO POINT BC EVERYTIME I TRIED, IT SAYS "UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED." I genuinely want to play this game again so please fix it and ill fix my rating
Great game I have played it for years. I got a phone and redownload the game saved my information. it's great to play I love how you can summon the creatures and the whole design of the game. Great work developers keep it up.
Can't even load into the game, after selecting that I don't want to do the tutorial, or even if I select that I do want to do the tutorial, the game crashes every single time and says an unexpected error has a occurred.
One of the shittiest game on the planet . Horrible summon rate + confusing event + super low player base + lots of bugs + cannot connect when usingmobile data. This game will close down soon so dont spend any money here or you'll regret it.
I don't understand how anyone has ever had a single problem with this game! I been playing for years with my friends and never have had any crashes or glitches. It does slow down when there is a lot going on. But it makes the game even more badass. The characters are cool as hell. The art is great. They should get this on console. Absolutely 110% recommend this game
Logged in for the specified amount of days for Halloween Hero Selector. Didn't recieve my ticket. Tried contacting them through the support links. Nothing. I buy stuff and I pay twice. Have to contact bank to stop payment and request my money back! A sham. Love this game but feel like I'm being swindled out of my hard earned time and money I put into this game!
Well, I know it's a good game because I played a long time ago so I give a three. But that's just the issue. The game won't let me in. Whenever I open the app, I can't do the tutorial. It always says an unexpected error has occured and closes the app. And I forgot how to play the game so that's an issue. I remember some of the basics but I don't remember the essentials to win.
Can sometimes be buggy. I had to reinstall the game because when I pressed start it would say connecting, dissapear, then all the buttons would be unresponsive. Aside from the occasional bug the game is great! Updates all the time, events, a great storyline, amazing art, new hero's and an advanced intricate squad making system thats not too easy or too hard. I've played the game on and off for years and I love it. Thank you Gumi inc.!
Its fun but its not giving me gem for clearing things when it says it gave me gems can u guys fix and give me gem for miss out then ill give u 5 stars! Fun game
3yrs still not able to play this game because connection like data and wifi. My wifi and data are strongly signal and fast. Mhhmmm i hope it fix.
The crashing problem got fixed and now this is an amazing game, just like i remember it with incredible art
This game is a blast! I love that you can try multiple different strategies with multiple boosts and stimulations. There is so much to explore including the characters. This game is hours of fun and free to play. I havent put any money in it. Not to mention the events!!!
it says unexpected error occured after picking the starter character ,i believe im not the only one facing this problem. i used to love this game,haiz
I had made a review about a year ago addressing a bug about the app closing everytime I tried to fuse. That bug was fortunately fixed. However, I am now currently struggling with opening the app in the first place. This was also a bug I had struggled with in the past but it was on and off. I can no longer ignore this issue now and I have decided to change my review to 1 star. This will change to a 5 star when this issue is addressed.
I remember this game on my tablet, amazing. However on my phone after i chose to do the tutorial it says unexpected error has occured and makes me select my name and starter character again. I also tried to skip the tutorial but it didnt work. Pls try to fix this because i would really like to play this game again. Edit: my fault. I put the game on my sd card before i played it so it glitched. I changed it back and worked perfectly! Just how i remembered it. Amazing game!
The graphics of this game are incredible. The gameplay is amazing. And the controls are so easy. I never get tired of playing this game. 😃😃😃😍😍😎😎😎💯💯💯
I played the game before and loved it so im starting over. There is a problem currently with starting the game. If you choose to download in background then the game will have an unexpected error shortly after your character selection. But choosing not to download in background will let you play the game.
I really like the game, so far I haven't experienced any type of bug in the game, although I wished that each part of the map we clear we get atleast 2 gems. For some of us completing atleast one part of the map can take alot of time, so it seems not worth it to continue if we are only rewarded 1 gem. Besides that the game is fun lmao
Best game I've ever played on mobile. I love the incredible amount of characters this game has to offer. I love the versatility selecting characters, powering them up, and building teams. The game is not pay to win, and there is actually nothing at all you could buy to move along further in story or pvp mode. I have spent money before to increase loot space and storage for champions and items. I spent 100$ in one shot to get 2019 or 2018 for the valentine's day special characters. I got 1of2 :)
Overall a great game. Love the art style and gameplay in general. One problem though... I use LTE alot but the game requires 3G, could you please configure the game to take LTE please? This would help alot of players because then there would be a stronger connection since most data plans use LTE instead of 3G. Still love the game alot just could you please do this? Thanks.
Really fun and complex game that allows you to use strategy in quests and arena's and more. You can play up to 3x speed and you dont have to play. There is an autoplay option if you think your team is strong enough to do it. But playing is soooooo fun and I would recommend this to almost anyone who plays games!!!
As a player of Brave Frontier since back in 2018, I really love this game. It's addicting, and even though there are times where I've taken a break from the game, I always come back to the game and play it for long periods of time. I don't think I'll be taking a break for a looooonnggg time. People give the game a low rating because of bugs and issues, and because their game closes. Well, you try making a game. And ask all the people who's games don't crash.
The 1 star is because as soon as I choose my starter it loads for a couple seconds then says "an unexpected error has occurred" and closes the game. Can't fix it so I uninstalled it. Galaxy s10 phones, good luck. I used to play it a while ago. Stopped all together until very recently because I hated when they just gave you a ton of op characters right off the start. It breaks immersion really badly and makes using your regular summons and starter useless. Made it not very fun.
Been playing it for years. Company is generous with its gacha aspect. Games solid, story is solid, i cant give it up. Only sad thing is that as far as i see the gacha gives final tier characters in the gacha which u can get in a day with their vortex things. But i worked for this stuff years ago and now somebdy with 5 bucks can get a charactor the same tier as me who has had it for 6 years. Its cool they are nice with the gacha but i wish u had to build the characters a little more.
I returned to the game after awhile of playing several other games and now everytime I open the app and skip the tutorial it says "unexpected error" and it force closed, please fix this I miss this game
Since others are giving there opinion hered mine. Ingame name Lightnin. As a beta tester this is f2p friendly there is slight connection issues but not that bad. I have tested this game on good phones and even low end cpu phones with no issue. At lvl 115 i have maxed the entire town and heroes all the way to omni lvl 150. This is a great game for f2p as it dosent ask you to spend alot for even decent units to carry you. New players i approve of this app and suggest it
I would usually get far and delete it, then realize how this game was and come back but restart of course. But it's a huge pain to just get into it as normal because when starting a new and after choosing your starting character, it would just say it stopped working and take me to my home screen. That stops after the hundredth time. After I finished the first mission, it would never happen again. Then sometimes when I'm getting into the game, it would do a "Cannot connect, come back later" :(
I think this game is great, one thing i kinda hate about it is the loading screens, sometimes it takes long just to load something, that's all thank you.