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Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend

Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by UnlockGame located at RM D 10/F TOWER A BILLION CTR 1 WANG KWONG RD KOWLOON BAY KL. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, but have had major connection issues since updating to Android 11. Can't log in at all, making my entire investment of time and money a complete waste.... It has also meant missing out on event prizes due to being unable to log in while events are still in play..
spend thousands $$ at this game. dev stopped communicating with the players and a lot of issues were never fixed. hasn't been any update whatsoever clones of the game popping up on google play and from the same company. learned my lesson, stay away from this company. .
Hmm, well, the game is super p2w from the get-go, so don't get your hopes up too high. The game CONSTANTLY disconnects and reconnects, it's the only one out of all my mobile games that do it. Apparently people are saying it's just ripped off a bunch of Dota characters.
basically the heroes' characters are inspired (or copied) from warcraft, especially dota, even the skills for every heroes are exactly the same. nonetheless, it's quite a fun game to play. but i dont like the way they asked me to fill the survey and said that they will give some rewards by redeeming a code, and guess what? the code is invalid, lol
The game is fun, overall. However, I have been experiencing bugs ever since I tried the free-trial subscription. Everytime I log into the game, it keeps on redirecting me to google play store. It is kinda annoying, but I wanna emphasize that the I only tried on the "free-trial" and haven't purchased the monthly subscription. Hope you read my review devs. Once everything is okay, I make another review and rate 5 stars
Fun and easy to play. Great time killer. Love the game. But now after a month or so of playing and I spent 40 bucks on the game I can no longer log in gg so yea. I have been trying to log on since this morning. It gets stuck at logging in. Nvm fixed it after I deleted the game a reinstalled it.
Played for months, level 115, disputed 1 transaction made in error and had my account banned without warning And they then ban my device from playing too! I've tried making 2 new accounts now and both banned within 30minutes. Disgraceful way to treat your players who paid money to play!! DO NOT PLAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR PROGRESS. MONEY GRABBING THIEVES!!! Update - received a message from them saying they would unban my account if I sent money through PayPal to a certain email address..
Nice strategy idle clicker. The server disconnects are annoying, however that could just be my Internet connection...so..they can't fix it, if you get it, as well. It's not just me or you.
Was great then logged in all my heroes are gone money and inventory still the same but to heroes what is happening
** updated review ** I also got a legendary hero within 10mins of play. It's a cutesy little game that I'm enjoying so far.
Im really liking this game I've played others like it but this is so much more fun and u don't have to spend alot on it just work hard well done dev's love it
Well I feel this game ran way off the tracks what started as a decent game is now just a money pit for things that honestly will not even help you progress. Unless you got stacks of $100 USD progress comes to a screeching hault. Not enough content in game to keep players there for more than 20 minutes to do dailys.
I'm never going to play this game for long time. I already hit a wall where I have almost nothing to do. I have to wait so long to level up heroes and im not getting new better heroes as the game encourages you to horde all the summon tickets for the summon event. Make better heroes more accessible for free to play players then perhaps this game will get better
Thing I like about this feel like you doing dungeons rewards are not to bad worth trying hoping game gets better further getting in to game
Well, the game is quite addicting, but well its demand heavily on ur money (another money grabing game), most of the event need money, heck even 3rd (or 4th, i forgot) stage wont get 100% without buying pack lol, arena sux, unless u pay heavily u wont have a chance at all, summons rate is super low. But apreciate the dev, its a good game (just needed lots of fund) all the free gift just enough to get u afloat, so i gave 3 stars for the game the missing 2 for too much in demand for money.
It is a solid casual game. Lots of free premium currency to get started. The interface is pretty good. The only problem is that this game seems pretty simplistic. Other than pulling chars to counter enemy mobs, this seems to be the end game. Otherwise, this is a really nice game.
Great game cool charters and the story mode is great because you can walk around and interact with stuff πŸ˜€ and the heros deigns are super cool if your looking for a rpg that you don't wanna pump money into give this game a shot
After some time with the game, it's pretty generic. There's very little to actually play as the action is all automated. You can pull hundreds of the gatchas that are purchased with crystals and never see better than a generic rare hero. Numerous parts of the game, including entire play modes have little to no intelligible explanation of how they actually work. Resources for various modes are incredibly difficult and frustrating to come by. This is just the tip of the problem iceberg.
I'm enjoying so far, even as f2p(currently). It's a gacha game, so understable that's it's geared toward p2w players. Just wish there wasn't a level requirement for campaign.
Changing my rating again. I now can't even get into the main part of the game most of the time. Messaged the devs and they sent 2 responses. 1 with generic issue fixes and the 2nd was how to correct payment issues. This proves they just care money and not putting out a quality game. Too many issues with the game. It's a fun game but kicks you off a lot and there are plenty of other little bugs. Initially spent money but refuse to now due to the bugs.
Always some new glitch with every update. Now can't even get logged in proper before freaks out and logged me off time and time again. Every couple of seconds needing to reconnect or login. Very irritating πŸ˜’ its a fun game till now
Don't know why hard to login always ask for restart..when push restart .. Always said my network problem... but open other game has no problem..and I comment here after several time happen to me.. and I will remove this game if still continues like this
Amazing game, dont know why people are calling this a p2w game, I'm doing fine on it, easy to get 5* heroes (I have loads) easy to progress through dungeons, easy to earn plenty of gems and summon tickets and other things, and I dont pay for anything, keep up the good work guys and ignore the negative comments, just one problem though, it wont let me log in to my google account at the moment, it keeps saying [null] or something like that when I try to log in
The game is very good on that part, 5 out of 5 on that part, but there too much tabs on this game where they try to spend your money. Warning!!!! Make sure you don't have your bank details on this game if you have your own kids playing this. It so easy for your kids to spend $100s in seconds. So 3 out 5 on this.
Well I'm 2 days in now. It is fun, less content that a game like summoners war but being brand new that is expected. The idea the developers can only be contacted via face book is a huge turn off. Since I refuse to make a FB account if I ever have an issue I will just delete the game. Early game my power has been increasing faster than my level so I get stuck waiting for xp to do the next scenario. One scenario has a cash requirement to finish, big frown for free to play model.
It's alright, when trying to level up there is no click and hold function so you have to keep clicking. The monster skill moves is so slow. The graphic movement of monster is not smooth.
The game claims that rating it 5 stars will help make the game better. That's not how it works. The messaging also makes it seem like you get rewards for said 5-star review. It's dishonest and misleading. (Or maybe it's just lost in the fairly poor English localization) The game is pretty mediocre anyway.
I like the game and I would give it 5 stars but the most devastating thing in this game is that it contains lots of errors. We can't complete 100% on stage 3 and can't get the rewards. And the game stops in the middle of loading frequently even if u restart the game no matter the net is good or very good.
Don't make in app purchases if something goes wrong the Devs will not help you out. Beware you will not get the most out of the game without making purchases. After my experience after regularly making purchases.. I refuse to play unless they apologize for treating me like an idiot
After playing the game for a few months now, it is very clear the developers are very money hungry. You cant do a single event in the game and expect an ok prize, let alone anything good or great. If you arent willing to spend, and a decent amount, dont invest your time.
UPDATE: There seems to actually be a bug in Tarr Desert where there is 3 special events there. (as the game illusterates) But there is actually 2 special events. Hope you fix this since all the players try to question other players about where the 3rd special event is.
Nice idle game to play. Fun game, even with f2p you can get legendary heroes. Just don't try to be top 10 unless you pay loads of cash (not complaining tbh). Will lower my raring to 3 star as after last update my game won't open. Had to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. Even now there is a problem where everything takes so long to load, the icons and some areas. They appear as blank with some visible or as a complete white cloud screen (which is used as a loading screen)
Almost good but huge connection problems and timeout errors make it almost impossible to play. It's only a semi idle game and is absolutely P2W. I paid to stay top of my server then they merged servers on loads of aspects of the game and now I can't compete anymore. No warning or notice for server merge areas means money wasted to not compete anyway. It's a good game in general that's enjoyable to play but plagued with errors and problems and is a huge money grab.
Some parts of the game crashes for certain users so they get behind the others. Can't get certain resources due to crashes, etc. And it's been like this for a long while... Have contacted support multiple times to get the missing resources and tell them about the problem, but they just say they are working on it and won't reimburse. Have been like this for a long while now. Wish I hadn't spent any money on it, but I have... :/
Love it. The mini game ( fate autochess ) great way to kill time when waiting to level and more missions. Tons to do, i really enjoy the gameplay. I recommend anyone try for people wanting a new game.
Dont Rate until you played this game for 30 Minutes, im a beginner, but i kinda like it, its a Pay to Win game, but its easy and quick to get resources, i like the dungeon designs and their basics
Very annoying to have to enter login details every single time I access the game. Onto the game itself, it's fun in the beginning, some relatively quick progress and then, you hit a paywall and all the progress is extremely slowed down. All the events are clearly PTW. If you want any kind of progress, expect to pay LOADS of money. (Seriously, there are pay goals up to Β£/$1600 ...). There is also the problems with the servers and some bugs, mistranslations. Uninstalling after a month or so.
The game is so good but need some improvement. It look like surfing on internet loading time is slow and also graphic rendering slow too. I think this is so normal and easy to improve.
trash games unless u spend money, f2p players need to work 100x harder to get what they have, specially natural 5* heroes u only get natural 4* as 5* everytime it seems u pulled a 5*.
A great example of this style of game and it dusnt take up lots of storage either.collect heroes up to 5-star n upgrade with resources u collect whilst playing or afk..u know the routine.definatly one of the better ones
So it's a totally dope take on Idle games. BUT!!! The RNG on getting a character above Rare quality. Aka Elite or Legendary has to be like 1 freaking % out of all three star rare, 4 star rare or if lucky 5 star Rare.... But Elite or Legendary forget it. I summoned well over 25 times id say. One Legend and one Elite... Oh did I mention to STAR UP you need DUPES of these!!!! PAYYYYY TOOOO WIIIIIN!!
Exceptional game... fantasy type game filled with learning magic, used to battle evil. Levels are progressively harder but beatable Enjoy!
Changed to 2 stars. With the recent merger of servers, you have put one of the older servers with a much newer one, meaning those of us on the new server have no real chance. Yet you continue to churn out new servers. You were doing so well that I had subscribed, but I've cancelled now, as any sense of enjoyment or progress is now gone.
First time playing this game and never even received the 5β˜† hero the advertised on log in not a very good start to the game
So far the game is ok I'm not to sure what I'm doing right now because there is just tap and fight. Plus there is Hero's in this game that maybe or may not be worth keeping or upgrading and it's not really much to go by on who is worth keeping and getting rid of except for star lvl.. the game needs to have a little more work out into it. And also the cash grabs are really way to much for a starting game like this. I've read other reviews and still thought I would see for myself and it is.
Its was good early game. But thus dungon team so untouchable. When ppl already beat it i still cant beat any team dungeon cos no one join. Even im open team party the whole days. Stuck at dungeon so annoying
Updating my review. This game still laggy, bad interface, awful sound, heroes brazenly copied heroes from DoTA... Buuuut some interesting mechanics, so I'll give it a chance. Huge plus: inventory is 1000 slots, so you don't need to by VIP by default on start to play
This game was kind of fun at first. After a couple of days you hit a wall and there isn't much to do. I threw some cash at it and that seems to be the only way to keep progressing. The in game events are all the same and keep cycling every couple of weeks. I suggest you keep your cash and find a better game.
Great fun, had the most fun when I came out and the progression isn't the worse I've seen, not the best, the xp to level characters well that's a little much when they hit around 80 compared to come games.
Cant even play the game, loads up a cover pic of the ad and nothing happens. Reinstalled the game twice and nothing changed. Left my phone for 10 mins on said ad screen and nothing happened. First time i've downloaded a game to find it's only a picture.
It is ok but overloaded with cash grabs which make it irritating,confusing and overloaded. It is a pity because there is alot of potential but other games if the genre present and do it better. Keeping it installed for now in the hope that things get better. P.s. the overwhelming purchase and pay to win options make me want to spend less and not more! Hope you can see this as the constructive feedback it is meant to be.
Excellent ☺️ to start as progress became glitchy and when they pushing an event it interfere s with game play and cuts to wron screen end up havin to log out and in as it goes out of sinc
Similar to other reviews, the game is pretty great but suffers a little from freezes and errors when it gets a bit bogged down. Using a s10. Fast leveling in the beginning, kinda similar to other games like Brave Nine (Brown Dust). Fix the drop-out issues and this game would be pretty great. There is a pay to play aspect for power leveling or VIP power (which seems significant...but I haven't paid anything yet) so it may not be as important or drastic as I think.
Seems like a great game that is not too greedy yet in term of MT's. They could really benefit from a European Server as some events are at 1am in the UK. Chat could certainly be improved in the long term 100 characters would be better. Also add in an option for me to recoup my investments for diamonds. High Star heroes are really important early on and once you swap them out being able to regain your investment would be so good instead of sacrificing a 6* unit you can use for an 8* upgrade.
Looks good so far although only the first day, quite addictive, just hoping you can get to higher level without the need to coin heavily like similar games or review may have to change!
The game is ok but the draws are useless because a high chance of a 5-star hero but really it's not I us 7 cards to get 5-star hero that was useless so I am leveling up my 4 stars, and 3 stars so I only get 4 star hero so you get 4 star rating as well
For now i'll give 3 star, it should be 4 or 5 star but the game lacks with musics! There's no music in lobby, it has little music and sound effects during battle only. It just weird i dunno if this game is still in development since it was published only this year of June.
This game is very fun and addictive and I am glad I have been play for this long. However, my game started crashing once I logged into the mines event. I don't know what to do and I need help. Also, I was wondering if you could increase the rewards in the tower the higher we go as well as the quality of rewards, and can we some how befriend other servers or put rewards on leaderboards. Just some ideas. Thank you for your consideration and keep up the wonderful you you have done. P S. Chronos 37
Good fun initially with lots of game mechanics to play with. Idle aspect is just marketing BS and not worth much. Grinding events and other battles is the only way to advance and you still have to spend a lot on purchases to even get close to top. Fun for a few days at most.
Some of the signs with questions don't work just started and the second one the blue with gold cross will only let me pick one answer then it freezes other than that good game
Yeah great... 5* for gear??? Welli actually like the game atm but I'm guessing it's gonna get ptw or massive grinds to get anywhere.... Edit... And there it is... Forced to use real cash if you wanna get passed the 4th adventure...
Game is truely trash, I regret spending thousands on it just for them to show their true ugliness and greed after 1 to 2 months, I know everyone in my server wishes they could get refund and would leave game for good. Still nothing new, even if there was it would lag malfunction and crash game. Its boring and tedious unless you spend thousands. Even then its limited to what you can do. The dev's dont care about you or anyone and the person on fb they direct you to knows nothing about the game.
A straight forward turn based kill or be killed. Then you get to add another 5 members to your team. A good way to pass time. Upgrades for free.
I installed the game and to be honest I like the idea of this game. You can play it without paying anything but it takes time... for that I give the game 5 stars. It has some interesting features. The reasons why I gave 1 star is for the lack of originality: all the heroes are copied after Dota 2, including even the spells. Second reason which really pissed me off is for the ignorance and stupidity of the customer service Now I feel really sorry for the few bucks invested to support the devs!
If you want to bash your head with your device then play this game. I played for 3 weeks and my server is dead. Devs keeps making new servers while players keeps telling them to stop. Almost all of the events are a FAIL some kicks you out or can't even enter. Players are complaining but instead of fixing their game their in game trolls bash you. Why is this game rated 4.5? It should be in the negative range.
There is alot of glitches, but still a very fun game. You guys make it way too hard to obtain Legends or even Elites when your 1st drop event says the rate is better. You have to spend way too much money to actually feel like your a match.
After playing for awhile now and spending money I can say this game is super greedy and predatory. Not friendly to anyone, spending or not. The rates are abysmal even with events that only last a few days before they refresh so you never reach the markers. Terrible game all in all. Poor graphics, constantly getting kicked, and bad design as far as characters.
Some of the menu's and screens take a few moments to load, but otherwise the game runs smoothly. It also seems fairly balanced where there's a challenge, but it can be overcome easily. I really enjoy this game so far and I hope future updates will improve it further.
Only to play for a few days unless you spend ALOT of money. After 10 hours of server release there are already players with 400k power.... C'mon that takes 1000$ to achieve. And you have many of them in arena so this is a cheap way to make REAL players spend. Flagged this game ......
I played for 2 weeks and compared to other games it was horrible, the drop rates for good characters was worse than poor and dont get me started on how many times a day they throw something at you to try and get you to spend much... Overall huge cash grab and waste of time, your better of putting your time into nitting atleast then youll have something when your finished
Great game but keeps crashing as soon as it's open when I'm not on wifi. This has ONLY happened after the most recent update. I'm not able to collect my AFK rewards hindering my ability to progress. I've spent some money on this game. I hope it gets fixed quick or I will not be happy.
It is an amazing game. I really love the concept. Even spend some money on it. The problem is, lately, it continues to show me reconnect. I mean my wifi works perfectly, so my normal data. Yet, it shows reconnect while I'm doing events, battles, TD, and so forth. I would love to give this game a 5 star rating, but customer support is non existent. I left a few messages there, and get only an automated reply. Nobody get back to you. So again, failure on their part.
Would give it 5 stars, but it is a pain to log in whenever I want to play. I have to go through a 5 min ordeal just to get my Google account to load. So if you download this, make an account with an email and I password, do not select the Gmail account option or any of the options below the login and password section. Other then that it is really fun and addictive game and a great RPG type game that doesn't require daily time investments.
Wow this Game Is Massive PAY TO WIN. Every day they want you spending loads of money. I'm talking 100s of dollars a week just to buy into events. People who don't pay are crushed. No strategy here. It's literally who can spend the most πŸ’°. They will respond with some bs responses. Don't listen to the lies.. if you don't have thousands of dollars to blow .don't waste your time here. I've spent around $500 and I'm ranked 800th. I'm done with this game
So far it seems that this may hold your attention, but it's a little too intuitive without much user interaction. I would like to see character abilities and attack target focus in dungeons rather than full auto. The basic battles can make this game a little boring.
Too much asking to paid them money, the whole screen is blinky with top up this, top up that etc.. like who would want to spend $1000 US dollar in 30 days on one of the event? U think our money grow on trees? Summon hero is shet, it said "higher Chances for 5Starts heroes, but all u get is shet 3 star always... Many free low grade heroes for u to play,, but u can't progress far as resources for upgrade is scared.. or u need paid real money..
Fun game, great for people on a low budget. The system requirements are mid-range only, no need for the most expensive gaming equipment. The gameplay is awesome. Reminds me of WC3 micxed with Diablo and WoW.
Unfortunately with each new update game become more and more pay to win. To keep up your self on decent level you need to spend Β£50 per month, of you are planning to reach top then you have to spend Β£500+ per mont and keep spending. Overall game is nice and good. A lot of type of mini games or rankings to keep you busy bit again IF and only IF you spending money. If you are not earning Β£5000 per month do not touch that game - you will give up after few weeks. Personally I will quit in few days.
So far game seems decent but is getting boring pretty fast, so far i havent seen any problem such as being p2w.
Really liked the game even dropped a little coin on it . Was disappointed that it doesn't really explain what your purchasing or that you need to purchase multiple levels to stuff . Was really disappointed when I reached out on Facebook to their home page and a message back saying basically talk to other players . Never had problems with other games wanting my money ? Fun game but for that reason one star .
Constantly disconnecting with full WiFi and mobile data really not pleasant been put back to the start
It seems like a good game but it doesn't have a reset for heros like a lot of other afk games . It has a vast amount of events. Some events are geared to F2P players, others are of course P2W. But some F2P players do really well if you save your resources and use them for events. The game is coming along. It will be interesting to see where it ends up.
Ridiculous amount too star up hero 4/3/1,all events push up on spend real money,ridiculos drop in summon,ridiculos drop on gears and i have more,sadly i top up already decent amount but i have the feeling you dont deserve it and you forgot too keep a game running you need people not just big donoros!
A pretty meh game that forces the p2w extremely early and seemingly gives you little wiggle room if you want to be a free player. Battles have minimal strategy and the "adventure mode" has a tendency to lock you out very frequently through level caps. Not really worth the time and effort.
Cute little game. Fun time killer. Could have more variety. I like that you are not getting pushed to spend money all the time.
The game itself is good but you need to spend a little bit of money in order to caught up with the others (get stronger) because if you don't, you're gonna get left behind so i hope that in the near future ur gonna minimize the money spending thingy so that the F2P players might as well get stronger without spending a coin..
It's ok nothing to set it aside from the rest. Is there any sound to the game? As when I was playing it nothing was sounding. I checked my other games to see if it was my phone but they work fine. I'm bored of it now as mechanics of the game are same as the other idle games so uninstalled for now.
Solid game. Has plenty to do. I haven't run into any issues or glitches from lvl 1 to lvl 55 seems like its easy to level up. There is a pay wall but you can clear it with a little work. Save your materials for leveling your characters. Save all of the summons. You use them for tier upgrades!
I've never played this game. Tonight I saw a add in another game thought I would check it out. Upon logging in for the first time I find my account is banned. I'm very concerned and upset over this since I've never see or even played this game.
Good game apart from the AutoChess is by far the most fixed, algorithmic game I have ever played in my life. To the point where its so blatantly obvious it doesn't take a genius to notice that the "randomising" of the 5 monsters will "randomise" based on what monsters you really need to star up, and as soon as you sell the monsters that require just one more, they'll suddenly show up with every "randomisation".
why i cant hear the music in this game, this game doesnt have music?????????? it crashes too, which is sad cuz looks interesting
Overall not bad, text goes by a bit too quickly as it rushes through the tutorial, a little wonky English. Fairly decent graphics, and it's interesting how the weaknesses between factions line up, backwards to what I typically see. Am willing to see where it goes as an afk game, so far not bad but not the best.
My experience in a nutshell: great fun game at the start to mid if you invest some money. Money hungry devs and egregious monetization, bad development, copy paste from chinese version and worst of all instead of fixing a bad, dying and money hungry game they decided to copy paste it in the playstore under a different name (Immortal Knight). Beware before deciding to play this...
The current event code made me get a full 4 star team and this game is a better version of Idle Heroes because of the intelligence the developers put onto the game
I would normally give 5 stars but I'm having an issue with a purchase not going through and I can't get ahold of them through in game means. It also charged the $100 purchase 5 times to my account, not acceptable! I've spent way too much playing this gave to have this kind of issue 😑
It's good I think. But can you reduces the waiting and fix some lag. I am not a patient man. Also make the character run easily.
Absolutely love the chess game you all have in right now. I would play it all the time if it was permanent or a separate game. It's a lot of fun so please implement it into the game or a separate game!!
Look, I enjoy the game and it's different take on the idle genre, but the owners are greedy you the point that theme make you pay for a "free" 3 day trial of their monthly pass and then ignore you when you ask what happened. It's been over 2 weeks since being told "we will look into it" and then nothing. Greedy. Money hungry and lying to players.
Good but I find it hard to gather material from the main mission and the xp from the mining isn't good enough because after level 50 I only get enough xp to go up one more level Also on the play store there's a picture that shows a log in reward that look good but in the game it isn't the same as what is show false advertising
I like the colour of the game and some of the mechanics, but I dislike the fact that I have to login everytime i launch the app, i also do not like the turn by turn.. let them lose and fight, give them fight speed and kindly remove those silly 1 turn stuns (hit me I hit you) first to pass-out πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Fun game but very expensive if you want to compete. I had some money to waste so I thought I'd experiment to see just how much it cost to compete. Spent $1000, yes that is one thousand, and while I did indeed top my young server, I was only about 1/2 way to being one of the top players in the world. And it only gets more costly the higher you progress. Some items cost around $600+ and are available only in special events. F2P players have no chance in this game.
Edited, day 3 wake up click on the 6 hours afk and the game bugged out and I lose it, day 4 wake up recieve my afk rewards but now my daily rewards have reset, the company havent got back to me after both complaints over 2 days. This game has so many bugs don't waste your hard earnt cash on this trash, at least until they fix the game and get a better complaints department.
I spent so much money into this game because I thought it was different... Well now it's just the same old stuff being recycled.. I've played for months now, made it to level 123, on expedition 27, and now regret all the money I've put into the game. Please add new stuff for us VIP5+ players, as I am VIP5. Until then.. my rating will stay at a 2, which used to be a 5. :( By the way, my character's name is Ganja Man.
Good game. But it is too unfair if you start in the later servers of the war zone. Even if one spends , it is difficult to catch up to the people from the earlier servers and once the 15th day crosses the guilds in late servers are practically straggling to get any worthy rewards from the events.
Fun game. Very pay to win and after merge made it impossible to compete. Whole guild quit as a result. Unfortunate since graphics were good and game was enjoyable.
It had promise when it first came out, then it showed its true colors.The game packs don't deliver what is promised and no one will answer your requests for help. Oh and by the way, there are clones of this game( Immortal Knight). They got caught so they removed it. Just google immortal knights and look at the video for proof. So they dont intend to improve, just bleed the game dry. Take the game off the app store
I really do like this game and play it daily but after the update I have to start all over again and I put actual money into this game and I now have nothing.... I still like the game tho
The game seems to be nice. Graphics are nice, gameplay seems to be a bit boring but anyway, this game is good to spend some time here .
This is a very good game But when the internet connection is slow it reconnects and puts me back to adventure even when i was in arena. But the worst thing I think is that when it reconnects it always shows top up pack even when i skip it it always comes back. which is very annoying.
Fully automatic makes it quite boring for one in the adds you see the characters change appearences when you level them up but its quite boring all you really do its prep the characters and nothing else shame its kinda good, also forgot to mention the game its konda quiet its having some sound issues so might wanna check that out
I like it a lot... But every time I log in I get about 4-5 notifications to click okay to purchase in app packages. Not just ads, it's as if I clicked on a package to purchase it and it just needs my last okay to purchase it.
UPDATE: Is a good game, tons of free stuff and fairly simple to get the daily events/modes done in an hour or so. The weekly Events they do are strictly PTW, only a few menial items of no consequence for FTP players. Easy to get a few Lego toons within the first week of playing. Since then, the Summons are weak and not worth the 2800 dias. A month in as FTP with 2 Legos 5star and 4 Elites 8star, the lvling and toon upgrades just came to a halt. Imo its a PTW thats nice to FTP for about a month.
September 4th 2020: The recent update made the game CRASH everytime I try to open my mailbox to get my rewards!! β€’ FIX NOW ! ! To be competitive this game is absolutely a cash grab. Every event you need money for any type of success or to be competitive at all.
Massive let down, no tutorials on how to play the autoFateChess or anything. Legends have impossibly low odds, after 360 summons... nothing. Everything is set for singapore optimum time with no care to rest of the world. Just another app from singapore just out to get as much money as possible. There are much better idle games to play...AVOID
It's pretty friendly game it's got dope controls I think baby Yoda would like the game it has friendly graphics it has charming things in it and also I haven't played very much through it but it seems pretty cool.
It really suit my taste of the game i really wanted to play in this quarantine time. Good action and skill designs yet i find that some of the characters and skill icons can be seen in other famous games hahhha. But it still nice It really fired me up and wanted to collect more character and interesting and stronger allies.
Great game can't stop playing it but I backed it up before I got my new phone but it restarted me anyway and I had a full team of 10*s so now I have to restart kinda angry about that
Ive spent a bunch of money on this game thinking it was GOOD, but it is too buggy, the devs are failing thia game. This game will unfortunately die. The game itself isnt too p2w until you get to higher levels, the p2w players have spent at least 10x what i have and it shows..but they can help you with team dungeons. The latest event locked my game up, and i get disconnected frequently. I have been playing for several months, im sorry to say i have to quit. My only regret is leaving the guild.
Got to Level 106 after playing the game for weeks. Lost everything when they changed the name of the game and haven't been able to get help.
The game is great but it has bad summoning odds but I enjoy the graphics and gameplay and it's fun to play I hope this review is helpful!