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Brain Wars

Brain Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Translimit, Inc located at 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-60-5 オー・アール・ディ原宿ビル2階. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please add a possibility to remove a color blind mode. It is really confusing when you see Yellow on Orange color block and you think that the color is incorrect, but it is in fact how yellow color is pictured in game. Same with Red that looks like pink/purple, please add a possibility to show a proper colors, bright red, bright yellow and so on.♥️
I used to play this a lot back when it didn't have any ads at all. Just installed again to play again. Still good.
I used to play this game back in 2015. Today I had a nostalgia and I wanted to play it again. The game is pretty much the same but God damn ads. It is crazy that after every training I am interrupted by an ad, after each game, I am again interrupted by an ad. Terrible experience with ads, I am not going back to play this game again.
APP Crashing 100 times a day..what is the point of a game if you cant even play it properly.Fix the issue in the next update and I will change my rating to high.
It is wonderful! Not as much ads. You will also train your brain with great minigames. See where you are in the world
Great game to improve cognitive skills. There might be a bug which causes unexpected crashing of app. Resolve this and this app is worth all stars.
The games are against bots. Good as a free brain training app but I'm pretty disappointed that they misadvertise this so much.
HORRIBLE APP! It plays a 60 second advertisement that you can't skip, EVERY two minutes! And it's SO slow and doesn't let you connect with other online players. Very bad app and a huge waste of my time.
Nice game but please add more new games please I'm bored playing the old ones I will give 10 stars then please 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Used to be great, now it has an error often and plays an ad after every forking game. Conaidering game lasts a 1-2minutes and ad last 30 seconds its just so greedy
I am a long player. This game now pisses me off, really! It crashes in so many times, every single time! This can't even be played, omg. If theres zero in rating this game, I'd give it, but I couldn't. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.
Terribly filled with ads.. used to be a great game but the ads have officially ruined it! There's no proper FAQ or anything on how to restore original account to a different phone so I have to restart from a new account now. Please get rid of the ads, it is ruining the gaming experience.
crash crash crash crash and crash in so many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even its force stop in so many times as well!!!! this is frustrating!!!! FIX THIS!
Game that I used to cherish, became a ridiculous parody of itself, with 30 seconds long, unskippable adds. Boring, tiresome. I hope your few hundred dollars are making you happy, you destroyed one of few logical games that were still not a joke. Now it is.
1 star due to ads after each activity, used to be great previously. They ruined it with ads at each activity. For revenue yes a free game need ads, but this much NO doesn't make sense. They just lost another fan. UNINSTALLING
The game is good. But it crashes too much almost everytime now!!! Why are you not willing to solve the bugs Ads pop ups taking to search engine are like very frequent even in middle of the game Getting an irritating feel now
This game is very nice for playing .......but adds come too much we can play very nicely ......so many adds are comming ...but no problem ....................................................................................................................................................................................i am playing this game daily .......................................i like this game.................................................................................................
This game is good to increase our brain capacity, also to know which area that need to improve.. in my side i am so good in accuracy,speed and observation, need improvement in calculation and judgement..thumbs up
The thing is, I get a wordscape ad, and there is no way to skip it, it shows the ad and then it asks me to also play a sample game, it's a waste of a lot of my time. I get that ads are necessary for you people to get money but not at the cost of my time, it would be nice if you could make the ads skippable. I would love to change my rating if you could do something about the non skippable ads.
To sum up the application is really good, but it has alot of crashing, and also I think the server is kinda slow🤔.
The game is so amazing so I put 5 stars. but I have a problem. I am from Uzbekistan. There is even Afghanistan in the rankings, but not Uzbekistan.
I fricking love this game its so addicting just what my brain needed........also their is an issue that needs fixing whenever i send challange to my friends they dont receive it unless they restart the game so pleae gix it soon
Really good brain training game with a combination of multi-player. It still has a bug which closes the game instantly on loading and also needs anti cheat to prevent hackers in such a game of skill.
Refereshes and flexes your brain. Also has a bit of social aspect. Very addictive, but does have quite a few ads.
"Feature unavailable: Facebook login is currently unavailable for this app": it has been saying this for a year... I have lost all my progress and cannot play with friends. Uninstalled.
Its really an interesting game and i love it but pleaseeee fix the bugs and upgrade the game when i was young till now nothing changes !!
DO NOT UPDATE! This update has added intrusive 5s ads after every challenge and even in training and you get no coins for watching them, how is that fair? Seriously very disappointed by this decission and I am a long time player, you really made me sad...
The game is amazing but i give one star cause even if a Messenger pop up appears during a gameplay you get kicked out as you surrender for the game nonesense...
Fun game with challenging games, but the feedback from the engine is beyond bad. Sure, it might be a physical problem (the mobile phone), but games must consider that. It's fun until a level where you reach those physical limitations (which hopefully comes soon), where it's starting to get very frustrating. Further experience after some time: Crashes quite a lot and retires you from a game without reason, both resulting in losing hearts you spent for the game, for which you may even have payed.
Great game but too many ads due to which it becomes irritating and no option but to uninstall. Would have loved to play it but there are other similar games with less ads.
One of the best games I've tried, the only problem is that the game suddenly crashes every time. The app needs additional games to play with. While practicing, I suggest that the score will be displayed instead of accuracy. There should be more leagues because a lot of people are in the middle of A and B, or A and S leagues
It is a fun game at first, but after a couple of challenge it keeps make me go to google play to install another application, i cant play the game until I install that application. I decided to uninstall the game
Too many annoying ads, even when you're in the middle of challenge an ad will eventually pop up and make the connection lost, so you will just thrown away from the game instead and being forfeited.
Found this game about 4 years ago. I can honestly say this game is a brain workout. And gains will be had. Its very refreshing compared to equally tedious but less helpful games I play. Also anyone complaining about game crashing or unusual gameplay are likely experiencing poor internet connection or bandwidth availability. It used to happen to me all the time too so keep that in mind if you are wanting to be really competitive and get some bragging rights. Easy 5 stars for me.
The scoring doesn't make any sense. You could win 5 games an barely increase 3 spots in rank; lose 1 game a drop down nearly ten. Plus some of the opponent's scores are added up differently at the end of the game. It's highly annoying.
Hello, good morning, after the new update, the program is full of bugs and has many problems, please follow up, thank you. Also, the chat section does not have a place to type messages
I really hate the game, whenever I'm challenging someone I can't tap. The stupid game doesn't respond to my taps whenever I'm in a game. Makes the game unplayable.
Was fun, but now I can't play since it lags and crashes every time I start a challange, please fix this bug!!
I love this game. Mini games are simple, catchy and enjoyable to play. Regular playing and training are the key to progress and climb the ranks. Plus you can always interact with people, and improve your language skills. These are the reasons that kept me motivated to play for many years already :) Bugs? Yes, a few. Ads too. But there might be ways to avoid them. Let's talk on twitter! @scores_bw .
Can you improve on to full hd version. The game is not sharp enough like 720p version. Please upgrade to 1080p at least. That's all my suggestion. I like this game so much. Thanks.
For the people who love stat, I recommend it. I love this game so much. And I hope this game make an often update.
The app is good, but the statistics area requires a lot more improvement, it would be better to have a history of the last 20 or 30 matches and compare the improvement. Moreover, the after match statistics appears only for a second or less, what's the point in showing at all if we can't take the time to know the strengths and weaknesses. We can rather just do some training than playing with other players. The same with the statistics of the opponent while player matching.
It would be nice if the hearts reloaded faster. As well, there are some games in the practice section that would be great to play in the rounds.
Too much dependent on online connection. While training offline is technically possible, developer choose to enforce online training, which is very annoying when network intermittent or switching between apps or being disturbed by phone notification. Same when compete online then get disturbed during game. Training length is very short, could have prolong time limit to enhance training experiences.
Im a long time user.. fantastic game and used to be free of ads but now it has started generating ads.. I paid to get rid of the ads. Still happy thou. Worth it for me since i play it daily to keep my brain active. Some said it pairs u up with bots.. but i have had conversations with the players i was paired with. I think there are real players for sure.. prolly jus reduced now that many players have left due to the ads.
It was really fun like a year before I installed it again a few days back and ad comes in between the game, which is frustrating and kills the whole point of playing with someone else.
It's a single player game pretending not to be. The games themselves are great, and it's great fun to challenge yourself to get better and better and watch your stats go up. But make no mistake, every random person you're 'challenging' is a bot. Play around with the emoji communicator. Notice how the opponent seems to have fixed rates of accruing score that it cycles through for different games. Clever front end design though.
I definitely like the challenges and the games, but the app crashes *A LOT*, guys please work on it. And also challenging my friends doesn't work, but when it worked, we both had different scores at the end !!!. I like the app, and don't want to uninstall it, so please work on the bugs.
App always crashes when a challenge is about to begin.. If I could just give 0 star on this broken game, I would.. I like the game but pls fix these issues.. It's really unplayable
The game is awesome i love it ... Just one request that please add a colorblind mode for hexagon chain game in which we can change a color to another suitable color.. i literally cannot distinguish between yellow and green in that game. Also in color deception mode pls try to make colors more vibrant! Very tough for color blind people to play.
Game needs improvement, I can't connect with my friends to play, every time I keep getting bad connection when my connection is perfectly fine, and it's really annoying to keep getting connection problems all the time
Crashes constantly and keeps failing to connect with friends. Also, filled with ads. Great games but trash app.
Games really nice,but the matching system needs to be improved. I am constantly facing opponents which are many levels higher than me.....
I used to play this app 3 years ago, it was addicting and it didnt contain much ads, and when they put too much ads, it was so annoying and i uninstalled it, and I miss to play this app again so I tried to install it again, but then i found the ads is still annoying, im going to uninstall it again (I install this app to play games, not to watch the ads, thats fine to put ads, but please don't bother the users' comfort much) and i found that the game is less competitive than it used to