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Brain Puzzle: Smart challenge

Brain Puzzle: Smart challenge for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by IP Zlata Roshchina located at Moscow, Pyatnickoe shosse, 37. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game...but, the freaking ads. The ads should not hinder play. It literally cuts in the middle of playing. The ads should be placed after you win or lose. I hate that while I'm moving something... boom an ad. I bet there's more ads than actual game play. Please consider ad placement.
Ads are annoying. You watch one after every episode and after you get a star and there are three in each level. But the game is actually what it shows in the ad for it. In the adventure part with the laundry the cat comes out of the washer but it doesn't stay out not sure if it's a glitch or not. And the camping one the hat doesn't do anything with the bear it just gets put back on the man's head. Its fun other than that.
This would be a great and enjoyable game apart from the ads. Normally I don't mind a few ads, but this game has more ad content than game content. And don't believe the solutions to rid ads. They do not work. Uninstalling it now.
fun, love to solve these puzzles. This one isn't too diffult either, so you can actually solve them and move on. The only downfall is the ADS!! Other than that I'm totally enjoying this game.
Too many ads it wont let me play the game change back how it was before without ads i cant play the game
An amazing and very addictive game. Every level is so so interesting. Highly recommended. It worth downloading, give it a try👍. Waiting for new levels
To many ads! Can't get through a whole levevwith out having atleast 3 full ads pop up! It tries to fool you in the first round with none and asks you to rate it.
This is a really fun game and initially, there weren't a lot of ads but that changed. Now there are a ridiculous amount of ads (3 in a row at one point before I forced the app closed) that have sucked the fun right out of this game. Uninstalled
This is a pretty cool game, it's not that challenging right now because I just started, so hopefully the puzzles get a little more challenging over all I like it🥰
Love these types of games. So fun to try to figure out, but are generous with the hints if your willing to sit through little ads.
Interesting concept. Lots of ads. Gameplay is interrupted by ads. Level of ads is greater than the interest in gameplay so it's an uninstall for me.
Question, Will you be adding any more puzzles to the Adventure puzzles part. It's great I love the Adventure puzzles. I've been waiting months for new levels. If no more are going to be added then I'll just uninstall game. Thank you.
The game would be really nice if the pieces moved when you tried to move them. You can become quite frustrated when you're struggling to swipe and nothing happens!!! I'm deleting until you get this fixed and I don't think that will be anytime soon because you designers don't listen when there's a problem!!!
it's very intresting game🤩,I like this game very much,it fresh my bad mood,it's a very amazing, I like it very much I hope you all are also gonna to play this game, yes right no, download it fast, and refresh your mind and make your brain sharp👍and comment below that, how was your experience🇮🇳
Too many ads...there is an ad after every 2 or 3 items. Normally I would just close the app to avoid ads, but it restarts the levels. The ad for hints video will never load. If you move onto the next level or exit out of a level, your progress will not be saved and you have to start all over. Uninstalled!!!
It was fun at first ,but it keeps crashing on the bank robbery every time I open the safe it goes black then shuts down .
You need to add more problems to this game. Thanks for letting us get rid of ads. But tired of playing the adventure game all the time need new material.
Way to many adds. I am on the first level and there are adds in the middle of playing. Three adds in the first minute I am playing is ridiculous!!!! Not worth playing when the adds are longer than the game play.
add more adventure levels and please fix the buttons or the things that we need to tap, swipe or pull because some of the things aren't working properly. It is really wasting too much time for us just to do hundred times of tapping just to move things. Play your own game and you'll know what i mean. And please add some background music because it's too quite and seems kinda boring when you're just tapping ang swiping
Game ua fun but some of the actions you need to do it would let you. For instance, in rob the bank you have to use the screw driver to undo the the block on the wall. I've done the action but nothing happens
"TURN YOUR INTERNET/WIFI OFF" you won't get ads then. Only turn on when/if you need it for something in the game. Simple. Good game otherwise 👍🏻
This is to everyone saying to many ads. All you have to do it turn off your WiFi and then there would be no ADS!
This game is terrible. I love the concept but ads pop up in the middle of the game play, I click/swipe and the animation doesn't work, if I touch the screen after getting the hint the hint goes away. Objects are in spots that makes no sense. 2 stars for trying but the app failed.
wish it was a little easier to play I like playing the game you really have to think about where things are.
There are way too many ads, it's annoying. Another problem I'm having is I can't get items to do anything. I'm stuck on the laundry level. I drag them where they go but nothing happens. I do like the concept of the game though.
Well I enjoyed playing but even if you know what todo the game doesn't let you For instance in backyard bbq you no. You have to move the grill but the game will not let you also the adds is so annoying but can over look them if when they were over they would go back to game but not these they go to download then u have to shut it all down and the game restarts
the games great! but the ads! you can't even finish a level without having to watch 4 ads! it's a shame!
Please update this game. I love it but you need more challenges. I play it everyday but need to update it.
So many bugs and memory leak issue. Required so much optimization. Heating the device and draining the battery very fast.
MORE LEVELS PLEASE!!! Fun game to pass the time while it lasts. Love the concept of this game as you can either do "adventure" puzzles or plain puzzles but I completed everything in both in a day so enjoyment sadly was short lived. Yes there are ads but almost everything does these days but at least it didn't interupt game play.
Too many ads some ads don't even work properly I saw one where the sound was off and the annoying sounds still played don't think I'll keep this one just another ad packed game.
Fun but way too many ads. During the round i get like 5 ads that interrupt the gameplay. Its really annoying and not worth playing. Because you only get a minute of gameplay before a 30s ad pops up
I think that this game is beautiful because in each level you can have hints as you like and there aren't alot of ads , but there is a little problem :there are 36 in puzzles which are short and I hope that there are many level any way I will be very happy if there is part 2
I love the adventure levels but i need to know the name of that type of game because when I'm try and find other games like that it's just shows normal hidden object games not like this one where you got to move stuff around and do other tasks to get to the hidden object I know the find it- find something and hidden objects app has this kind but I need more so if anyone knows where I can find some other game like this or what this kind of hidden object is write it in the review pleaseeee
I cant play the gym level, I finished all levels above with all stars but I can't play the other levels.
I love the app it challenges me but I guess there are still lots of bugs that needs to be fix since everytime I use it, there are Items that will automatically unseen especially if i already found some clues and later be seen again if I already found another clues.
It's a really good game I found a trick with the ads turn your WiFi off can you pleaseeeeeee make more adventure modes what do I do now shall I delete it cause it feels like I should
Really enjoy the game but can't watch videos for hints for some reason so knocked off stars because of it. I click and it does nothing so I stay stuck at the end of some levels with only 2 stars Edit: that's my point it doesn't seem to work I tap, it goes away as if to open an add, then nothing.
This is the first time I have ever complained about commercials but why do I have to watch a commercial to unlock the next level if I just finished watching a commercial when I finished a level.
if the socks in the very first adventure puzzle were easier to put together and get and not so stubborn and stupidly frustrating I'd give this game more than 3 stars. but it freezes and is frustrating. but it is still fun
I don't like having constant video ads popping up in the way in the middle of me playing. In order to get a hint you have to watch an ad, to get to play the next level you're forced to watch an ad before you can play it.
The games plays just like the advertisement says. However each level you can earn three stars every time you complete enough tasks in the level to gain a star you are rewarded with an ad. This is in addition to the ads between levels. so about every 30 seconds there is an ad.
I like both the parts, but mostly adventure puzzles were best... It's addictive. If you add more adventure episodes in puzzle, do tell me I would love to play. I would have given five stars, but one thing was annoying, i.e. if I try to solve any puzzle from anyway it won't work but when I'll watch a hint it'll show same way to solve it. Sometimes the solution will only work if you use hints!