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Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Orbital Nine Games located at 989 Nelson Street, Suite 510 Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 2S1. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lowered 5 stars to 3. New dark material really bogs down object drawing and physics simulation. E.g. in #268, won`t respond to drawing new object while existing object is interacting with dark material.
Utterly brilliant for my tastes. Simple but effective to keep my brain active. Good comms from developer too. I had an email conversation with Aaron who was very friendly helpful and nice. The most engrossing app/game I have. Well done!
Graet game i love it i honestly think it is probably my favorite puzzle game out their shure u get ad one evey 3 levels but if u put on airplane mod that is not a problem the solution are hard to come up with but easy to draw keep up the good work
The majority of problems are non-sensical and rely heavily on chance timing, thus requiring you to view an ad to figure out the solution. Not enjoyable.
These are great to pass time with. Though the addictive quality tends to take priority over anything else planned.
I am addicted but it is constantly 'not responding' and just shuts down. Off to look for a similar game..
Great game, it's not easy though sometimes even with a hint it can feel near impossible to beat a level. It can be done though don't give up, I've gotten annoyed by a level before but I always come back and beat it eventually.
Very stimulating, challenging and fun - quite captivating. But sometimes frustrating when seldom drawing (on a Galaxy Note using the Stylus) and shapes cannot be drafted correctly
Gave up physics at 13, but really enjoying the logic puzzle elements of this game. it does not admonish failure and the ad breaks give me time to drink my tea.
It is a nice game !!bit yak it gives add to much that is not tolerateable at all . We need to consider know ,,,but want to thaken sone steps i😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Great fun for the 1st day! About level 30 the puzzles become too difficult for me. Developers, consider that not everyone wants a game that becomes progressively harder very quickly. Maybe include a novice level for those who just want fun.
The game starts off ok and is good fun. However as you progress through the levels it becomes more difficult, not so much as a quiz but in actual gameplay. For example when trying to draw a line around a ball to clamp it, the line doesn't start at the edge of the ball therefore it doesn't clamp the ball.
You have a bug that's making drawing around objects, even with a pen, extremely slow or impossible. Like that in many cases one cannot get full scores. Edit. I am drawing around the objects. Thank you. Have a nice holiday too.
Game is just not for smartphones. Accuracy is HUGE in many of these puzzles. After watching an ad to reveal a solution I tried at least 100 times to replicate the design but every attempt failed. Why spend hours drawing a shape that is suppose to work... but doesn't!?
It's interesting to see all the different ways people solve these (YouTube). A solution often requires a lot of luck and sometimes the physics is dubious.
Games are fun but you'll spend more time watching ads than playing. I'm not even exaggerating, the games are 10 seconds and the ads are 30+ sec & you have to watch an ad for EVERY GAME.
I'd like it if this game were simply sold, without all the privacy invasion, ads and active camera requirements. cover your camera sometimes. the app doesn't work. why do you need to see me for me to play your silly game. sell it and let go of my privacy.
Awesome app. Downloaded it a while back. Most of it's really good. Still play the daily challenge.....daily. Need a stylus to be good at it, or maybe I have fingers like sausages, not those thin little ones either but like kielbasa like mom use to make with cabbage and carrots and the old man would come home from work and beat me cause i didn't finish the grass....
Audio permission slipped in without any description as to why. Not cool. No thanks. That is shady (not describing the need in update description). FAIL. SUPER FAIL. Superfail.
Fun idea and I love puzzle games but they are requiring a level of precision in line placement that isn't available on mobile.
Great physics game! Get yourself a stylus - your finger only works for so long. You need finer control in later games.
You can't draw in all areas of the drawing area, especially next to objects. A physical puzzle game with artificial limitations is just garbage. This game should be thrown back at the devs until they learn when to take a game out of beta. A five-year-old game that still sucks is an especially rotten one.
Puzzle game with a strick number of lines and time per stage, making it quite challenging at times, this is also, in my opinion, it's biggest downside. Beacuse once you get further in, it simply does not allow for the uniqe creativity of most 'Draw puzzle' games. It becomes more about finding the EXACT way the creator intended, or lose out on points. But! you can freely skip levels and it have the least amount of ads I've seen in a free game. The game is fun and 100% worth trying!
Fun at first but gets frustratingly hard around level 40. Physics craps out if you place too many objects on screen at once too.
Enjoyable but tricky (and sometimes fiddly) puzzle game. I appreciate the system of watching an advert for a hint, seems a fair method).
Love it. I live challenges and I will master them all. I don't stop until I get 3 stars on each puzzle. It definitely provides the challenge.
Decent game idea but with the finger drawing for the lines make it hard to actually play the game. This made the game so frustrating to play and makes it unenjoyable. Fun at first but have to uninstall
Amazing app. I love it, it really makes your brain work. Plus, it allows you to skip levels, so if you are stuck you can jump to another level and come back later to try again. The adds are minimal and non invasive. Great work!! I'll go for the premium, you earned it!
great for thinking round physics momentum and projectiles, challenging to work out how to solve the problems presented and then work out how to do it with less objects or within the time limit set. good little app, enjoying the games
The drawing mechanics are really bad. It's impossible to draw what you mean to because it won't let you draw close to the wall or floor. Also, whenever I try to draw from the bottom of the screen, it's too close to the edge so the game is closed by the OS.
Old Mind Winces Then Smiles I've never seen a game like this before! MAKES you think/explore! I'm almost 80, and this game reminds me than -- in many ways -- age is just a number! Thank you!!
Ads between every level, not a deal breaker considering how greedy companies are. What is a deal breaker is the lag and freezing. Every third level i have to close the app and restart. Octacore tablet with 6gb of ram, so i know its not my machine.
Exceptional. It's both an excellent physics game and a tool to create new puzzles with lots of really good user-created puzzles.
I apologize for my previous review. I am re-downloading the game as I type this and I must say, the memories I had playing this game are like no other. Fantastic work and goes to show how good of an engine Unity is. Simple, sleek, and elegantly designed. Thank you.
Would have been a 5-star rating, info not for the partnership with Unity ads. Unity ads is an evil that must be exterminated at all costs. It's a shame you chose to do business with a company that has no integrity, no respect for its unwilling and non-consenting users, and is willing to go to any lengths to churn out a profit.
decent excellent, quality as for me too easy... easily smoking through levels in like 2 hours per level. addictive af
Excellent genius physics, the experience in game play, only 4 star cuz of the obtrusive un-needed ads. It's ok to get hint with watching ads but while Playing stages not helpful. Also I personally think the best ways and timings should be adopted upstream since many times the # of objects is less than needed for 3 stars.
App is just closing whenever I go in recent apps and open it after 5 sec. Which irritating me a lot 😡😡😡
Great game completely ruined by intrusive ads, I was considering buying it around level 14 but then the ads stepped up a notch, to almost force you to purchase. Full on screen taken over for 30 seconds at a time. So in principal I won't be buying and will uninstall. Shame. Reply to dev: there are many apps which use ads as compensation, but there are better ways to incorporate them than the one you've chosen, the amount of people liking the game but complaining about the ads should show you this
This is the best game in the world. I have no problem about ads and hard level.But this game is overpower
Fun game. The daily challenges are a great addition (spoiled somewhat when an obvious cheater is finishing in first place every day). Well worth a download.
Touch sensitivity suddenly went out the window, won't let me draw what I want. Before that though, it was very fun and challenging.
I paid full price for this game.Love the game but nowhere in the permissions did it say it would read your contacts. Yet there it goes, offering up your contacts to play against!!!! This is more than sneaky...developer, please explain!! Thanks for the explanation. Okay, you dont access my contacts on my phone but could it have been my Google contacts suggestions that popped up to invite friends to try/buy the game? If so, can I play without Google intrusion, like offline? Thanks.
Very good game, But too many advertisement, I'm uninstalling now, once 30 seconds advertisement will Coming, it's very bad, very disturbing
Never ever has a puzzle been so addictive challenging stimulating and just FUN! LUVDIT SO MUCH I PURCHASED ADD FREE VERSION. DONT HAVE TO WATCH ADDS FOR OTHER GAMES TO GET A HINT TO HELP YOU SOLVE IT .
A combination between solving a puzzle and have physics skills of momentum acceleration tourq and all mechanical and rain skills
Brain It On is a very captivating and challenging game! It shows you that your first solution to a problem isn't always the best, and it makes you think outside the box to get the job done. 5 stars!!!
Brilliant game. Not too many ads so you can actually enjoy it. Try again until you get it so you can learn the techniques. My face game this year.
Good fun but ads spoil it. Just sell it and don't ruin with tedious ads Updated once I bought the game ad free. This has improved gameplay no end so recommend you buy the game.
Excellent game but very hard, at least for me. I think some of it does rely on luck and timing. At least it isn't littered with adverts and monetised boosters. Well done on the developer.
Neat game, but solutions require more precision than my finger and phone can provide. Might be better with a stylus or on a tablet. Finally gave up on level 57. Even after seeing solution after watching an ad, and after more than 5 minutes of trying, I just could not get all the lines in the right places.
What the heck? You charge for hints now. Sometimes I need one, but I always like to see if what I figured out was similar to the hit. This stinks.
Touchscreen tracking is very poor, extremely hard or even impossible draw precise shapes that are required to pass the higher levels.
Purchased the full game a few years back, now I can't get the full game without irritating ads disrupting my game. Why???
Really good game that can teach kids physics. Everything falls at the same speed put heavier objects hit the ground harder.
This game craps out at the first level Lagg, and I got a brand-new phone with super high 100fps Fix this. The adds are horribly terrible
Fun game. But advertisements are entirely way too long. Some of the levels I can do faster than the advertisements, or complete multiple times. So annoying and deleting the fun and entertaining game.
Best game...Ever! Seriously. You can play this game for years. After you complete the levels, you get to play others ppl's levels and there is a daily challenge. Then, you can design your own levels and your design could get chosen to be in the next version. This is way too much fun.
Way too many ads! Seems like after every puzzle there was a 30 sec ad. Outside of that puzzles can be pretty challenging. Can be a little difficult to draw shapes with you finger but in all its a decent puzzle game.
This game is without a doubt my new favorite!!.. anytime I have a free minute that's what I'm doing.. keep bringing the new levels.. nice work!!
I like games that make me think and it dose not always work that way so you try plan B and sometimes a bit of plan C
Really good game got to level 229 went of the game for abit and then when I logged on again it starts me off on level 220 not impressed
Game gets really choppy and glitchy if you make too many dots, and when weight is shifting. Plus, it can't keep up with how fast I draw lines. I'm on a brand new tablet with only 2 other games, and no social media.
what a fantastic and Amazing game it is easy and at times very hard but there are hints if your stuck. love, love, love it. the best brain game ever created. Thank you so very much.
It is a super game but when finishing the level ads are came it was disturbing please check it, hence it is a nice game
194 impossible to 3 star? Ive enjoyed this game for a while, 3 stars on every level, except 194. I can't get faster than 10.4 seconds. Over all, fun game.
Frustrating when advertisements pop up everytime you start a puzzle over. But it kept me busy for awhile.
Used to be perfect, now it's frozen on level 20 even though it was completed correctly. Ads are less annoying now but if the game locks up I can't continue. Level 20 still stuck after I got the ball out. Can't get past it.