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Matching games Memory games Pairs: Remembery

Matching games Memory games Pairs: Remembery for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Dreamy Dingo located at Prospekt Pobedy 74b 61204 Ukraine. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok ! Its good. But the thing is you should remember the card you have picked..... I can give it only 4 stars. But the baground and the colour of the cards is dominating the game. We just won't get the intrest to play the game.
I just downloaded the game and it is a nice game of you want to brush up on your memory. I think as i get older remembering the little things seem so easy to do. Now with this game i can practice at remembering things.
Quickest way to lose my desire and get a bad review is to put push notifications into your game like it's important and I just gotta play it right now.
Highly addictive! After having three massive strokes, my short-term memory was terrible for a very long time, and I've been trying to get it back. This game is helping me gain my memory back in such a fun way!
this is the first memory game app I downloaded. i played about 20Γ— .it serves its' purpose. the concept is fairly obvious, I didn't need a tutorial to play. I hv no idea about standards n options other memory exercise apps provide bt ill hv a btr idea after I further investigate.
This app is fun and instantly addicting!! I have had fun as I played just appreciating the unique, relaxing styke of the gameplay, and the zenlike focus that is brought out when I play. There are a few adds that pop up here and there, but they are not a nuisance, or a distraction.
I love memory games and this one is great! it changes up the way you remember and match from level to Level. keeps it fun and interesting... definitely a great time passer!! I most definitely recommend this game. download and try! you'll love it! 😁
Simple, straight forward game with not many ads. ( which is always good) but personally for me, I think this game would work better, if I actuallly knew what some of the items on the cards were. I also found it quite hard as the game went along because the items start getting really small ( Joy's of old age) so I kept playing the same levels, but now I'm bored
Just started playing this,good so far.Hope it stays good, I've had to uninstall alot of games I thought would be good! Stay Tuned πŸ€“
I think this is a really good app for memory. I need something. I don't know that it's helping yet, but it's fun. I always loved beating my grandmother as a child at Memory. She could probably beat me now.
Good, but... Do you seriously have to have advertising after every single level? And it's kind of complicated to get rid of these ads. Give this phone to an elderly, or a child, and soon you'll have it full of stuff you don't even want...
i like how it starts easy and makes a slight progression. i just started using it but so far it seems like its going to be a good app.
It is beautifully designed and the best part is the lack of forceful adds. I've stopped playing many games because the amount of adds has got ridiculous, but in this it is only at the end of every few rounds. Definitely recommend. It's relaxing but fun and great to keep your mind active in lockdown!
Many hours of fun!!! This is a great game. I wish the tiles reset with each new theme. It is hard to know which have been completed as you move along.
This is a really good brain exercise game..It starts out easy and then it gradually increases the level of difficulty little by little..Love the music and the variety of the puzzles..True,there does appear to be a very large amount of ads,but I found that paying the 99 cents(plus tax)to eliminate the ads is worth it..I have a feeling that this will be one of my favorite games and that I will be playing it often...
Not bad brain game but… please add the option to view the cards before starting because it ends up being a guessing game, not a memory game. Why there is no tutorial and no hints? There are a lot of irritable ads, but thanks for an option for turn off banner in settings. Also, it would be great to have daily challenges and cards with animals. And please make all image packs available to play for free.
This was going well until the tiles with the numbers or letters came up. App got buggy and unpredictable - then it was game over. Uninstalled.
The graphics are nice, and everything's smooth. However, unlike most memory-matching games, each level starts with the pictures hidden, so you must spend time randomly searching for matches. Can't there at least be an option to start by briefly showing the pictures, so we have an honest chance to remember them? [EDIT, months later:] Guess not! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
I have dementia. Dr told me to play memory games & card & board games with family & friends. this is fun & helpful !!!
started out doing the simple and to my surprise i feel better about my memory. I like how this game helps me remember ... now I wonder how long i can continue to walk into a room and remember what i went in there to get?
launch screen UX is not intuitive at all. Rating pop up is annoying. User has not used the app and you are asking him to rate, that too in an annoying way.
Relaxing, music is calming, helps my memory stay sharp. I am older and I forget alot these days. This is not a stressful game. Easy to use and understand. Thank you. 😊😊😊😊😊
Fav one by far so far..i needed to get started on protecting my memory..over 40 and i have always had phot mem... I'm thinking games like this are essential to us old folks..i kept getting dif ones and this one is my 5th and final cause its beautiful in every way ..smooth looking and running.levels are mixed up in dif types of challenges so its not same same.its fun and NOT impossible or too easy...smooth running and looking .
So far, so good. From the reviews, it seems like a game I won't tire of. Looking forward to continuing!
The graphics are nice, and everything's smooth. However, unlike most memory-matching games, each level starts with the pictures hidden, so you must spend time randomly searching for matches. Can't there at least be an option to start by briefly showing the pictures, so we have an honest chance to remember them?
I Love that you have to remember the cards and different types of flags and shapes and colors on the shape.
I love this game; just what I was looking for in a memory/brain game. The layout is pretty. Each game is timed but I don't feel rushed to complete the level. As you complete each level, you get up to 3 stars, and can repeat the level if you want to. Also, as you match the pairs a pleasant little melody is played -- much better than the 'bells and whistles' of other games. And, if you do repeat the level, you'll get a different set of tiles. Overall, a very delightful game experience. Thanks!
great game! unfortunately the app does tend to crash a lot, especially after level 22. I wish there was a way to disable the auto rotation, based on the phone position.
This game is awful!!! My grandchild got to level 4 and it woyldnt allow her to unlock anymore levels unless I pay $1.99...And thats crazy talk!!!
A fun game for my 2 year old. It's worth paying to remove ads (so glad you get the option). It's design is simple and clear and easy to use for a youngster.
gets difficult at levels...but I am 69 yrs young...and this keeps my brain and mind Sharp!!! Really Enjoy this Memory GameπŸ‘
I love it, its challenging. Just wish there was something else besides food theme. Yes, I didn't know I had to swipe to change themes. Thanks love this game. It's fun cause I'm a survivor of living with a 52 year-old inoperable brain tumor and seizures. In recovery 3 years. Had it since birth. Seizures TBI mess with our memories. These games are fun, for exercise.
When I find the right pairs it won't give them to me they're matching pairs so fix this problem . It's not a fun game when it won't give U what U match ...
Love this game. 2 suggestions: if u didn't beat the board /game show what u missed before the game resets its self. And give us the ability to delete the pictures u have to match. I only do good with the flags and fast food pictures πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ
CONTAINS VIRUS!!! Do not download. You will not able to do anything because this virus app display unskipable full screen ads that hijacks your phone every 30 seconds.
Great game, I really love the artwork! I like the option to customize the background color as well as the ability to adjust card size. I spent a surprising amount of time playing through the levels and just having fun. I definitely recommend this app if you're looking for a fun matching memory game and enjoy food!
It's a well-made, pretty game & it takes up very little space on my phone. I like it; I don't often rate, but games like this deserve support.
Just downloaded this is my first game so not sure if I like this particular version of " memory " game or not? Game maker's should really give the players ( especially new players to their game ) at least one or two log in and playing sessions before continuously asking the players to " rate " a game.
It looks nice and all but it's too difficult. The images have too many variables to remember them and are at the same time similar in too many ways. Also there's a level where you need to remember cards' positions and they are often in places that are too random to remember. If you have issues with short term memory you'll hate this game.
Wish there was a way to reset and start over after a level instead of having to finish all the levels before it resets back to the first.
Design of this memory games app is very addictive in a good way. Fun way to work out your brain muscles. Nice aesthetics, classic clean shapes and colours. Recommend this game to play alone or with family and friends.
Very likeable game, bought the paid version after one day of play because I like kitties 😸, still having a lot of fun!! Should be a great tool to improve memory and concentration. Lots of ways to play and make more competitive.
Starts out very easy and gets increasingly tougher. Would be great for Alzheimer's and others who have memory issues.
Needs a paid version with no ads. The ads are incredibly frequent and greatly cheapen an otherwise good experience.
Perfect for improving memory. Nice variety of topics to recall. Can be very challenging. Quite satisfied.
Hello dreamy dingo, It's reallly lovely game . from begninng the levels are easy and after than the levels are difficult. I have so fun in this game. Please make such as more game to sharp are memory plz. Who wants such as more games hit like.πŸ‘πŸ‘
I've been looking for a really good matching game and I believe I've found it. I love the various levels, the different visual subjects, the difficulties and I'm sure I'll end up paying for the extended version. Worth it.
I only have a minor issue: when the icons are at their smallest, some of them can be a little bothersome for the eyes. Other than that, it can be challenging!
I iike the variety of memory type games: old fashioned "concentration" and also remember where certain cards were timed and with limited tries. The rounds are quick and there are different cards. It's just a great well-rounded game.
Very pleasant and relaxing. Enjoyable and helpful for memory and recall. Excellent for passing the time. Music is soft and soothing. Ads are minimal and unobtrusive. I like this game.
I have had mini strokes that have made memory challenging. I find this game helps me strengthen memory.
Great game, I really enjoyed all the different types of games- remember all, times, limited tries, simple and campaign. And the cards are adorable or a great challenge whether they're country flags or numbers/letters. I would give it a 5 star, but I've completed all 12 levels with each category and card type.
pick your own challenge level when your ready. i also like the amount of challenging per level and I enjoy the relaxation along with the brain workout. it has helped my memory.
I like the dots on the 'cards' you haven't turned over. It's helpful when remembering where a card was/is. I have uninstalled because although the other games that are part of the campaign are OK, I just want to match pairs
This is one of the best memory games I have seen, starts off simple gradually building up to more challenging levels, highly recommend this one.
I have a hard time with my memory and so far spending 10-15min a day doing these games are actually helping. I like how the "levels" are set up in rows and switch gameplay every so often so it's not the same excersize over and over again. Only annoying thing is the ad pop ups but that just seems like a common thing with any app now. It also helps pass time when you work a slow job lol. So far so good with this one.
Best memory game ive come across. Lots of themes. lots of different memory symbols. Different challenges. No ads. Anything that costs is really cheap and totaly worth it.
Drives me crazy, but I love it, just wish that on the remember all games it would show you the ones you got wrong instead of just saying game over.
This game is fun, and keeps me engaged. I had thought once I had finished a level then that level was done with, however, I went back and tried playing one of the levels that I had already won, and I found that I can continue playing that level over and over. Yay!!! Each puzzle is different. I love it!!
This is a great game and great theme music while playing, very relaxing. Thank you this is what I needed. Please continue with more themes, such as iconic paintings, architecture, holiday themes, etc...
Please refund my money, you promised an upgrade with no ads, now after upgrade there are still irritating ads.