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Brain game. Picture Match.

Brain game. Picture Match. for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by AlcamaSoft located at Plaza Villa de Castelldefels 4, 11 D 29006 MΓ‘laga Spain. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very nice I love this game and it is very nice I love and it is easy and we can use our mind to solve this game this game is superb
Some puzzles are easy enough to get you stared. Others are difficult enough to make you work really hard.
Love! Love! Very addicting and good for the brain. Didn't realize how smart I am, and quick to find the match, lol. Good for all ages. Yes, lots of ads but tolerable.
I like the graduated time limits. I am 72 and graduated to normal time limits! The pictures are pleasnt without being over the top. Just right for building brain cells!
The higher I went the longer it took me to memorize the position of the items. But it was exhilarating.
This game is very super game and one thing Level is up Puzzle up But so interesting your Brain have very sharp and game is very easy Andika nanu 5 🌟s echanu
A wonderful game!! My wife just recovered from a stroke, so I need memory games to help her boost her brain and help her build cognitive skills, and these Brain Games are just what she needs/wants. Plus I enjoy playing with her...
I personally think it is an alright game to help with your brain skills. But if yall could put more images for the peps I'd be astoundedly happy, I guess you could say but overall its a great way to get your brain active and in the mood, if you know what I mean. So overall, thank you guys and Im not forgetting about the girls either. Thank you and keep on doing the game creation for yo people. Again thanks...
What's the purpose of having the option to not be timed, If You're Still Going To Be On A Time Limit! There are times I simply want to go at my own space without the stress of a damn timer.
The concept of the game is simple enough and does help with short term memory. However during the last couple months the app would start, but abruptly closed so the game couldn't be played. I uninstalled and reinstalled many times to no avail. Today the app worked again. I'm hopeful that it will continue to work.
This app is very interesting to find and play .It improves kids brain level . This game is usually played to improve brain level and too fun with frnds .This is an exciting game too.πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—it improves our thinking also
Very enjoyable to play & navigate together with my lower elementary school grandchildren (or on their own).
A wonderful app for learning and lovely and colourful app and very good for teaching all ages good memory remembering very good for the brain keeps one focused all the time thank you so much for a wonderful colourful app πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸŒΉβ€οΈ
Sometimes for me, too many pics is overwhelming but I'm gonna try the no time limit. See if it helps ..😏
Madre mio... I was almost done with the last level and my phone decided to give in? Now I'm downloading this game for the 2nd time? And starting from scratch.😭 I have to say I Recommend this game to anyone. Download it and enjoy.πŸ’ƒ Oh and guys? Stop complaining about the ads will ya?!? Tudo ven con uno preco. This game is one worth having so go on and enjoy it!
I just downloaded thus game & it challenges your brain and eyes !! good exercise when you get older ! I give it 6 stars !!!
It's a fun game, very challenging for people with A.B.I. (acquired brain injury) But not so challenging that it becomes frustrating!!
Woah, this was better than i thought. I thought this was some type if copy, cuz the examples look fimiliar, but no. The graphix are AMAZING! I can see things accuratly and never lose. The gameplay is ok, its just so good, byt thr only problem is with the controlls. The controlls SUCK (thats why i gave this a 4 star) i sometimes swipe left and it swipes right. I dont know if its just me but the controlls just suck, other than that, great game!
Great game, one of the best I have ever downloaded. Needs performance stats and limited tries mode. Hate the ads.
I thought this was a match game similar to the old "Concentration" game. It's not. You only have a certain amount of seconds to memorize the pictures and where they are. Not my cup of tea but the lack of permissions are worth several stars at least. Thanks anyway.. OnePlus 8 Pro
Love to play this, it gets very tough and challenging in the later levels. Have to have a very quick eye and a very good memory
I love this game. It is exactly what I was looking for. It really helps to show me that if I just concentrate and not have other things distracting me that my memory does really well!
Its a very good game. It actually boosts someone's concentration and helps one to have quick thinking.
It's very nice I love this game it helps to improve mental ability and also to do time pass in this lockdown I like it it is also of very less mb
I CRAVE this Game !! It feels like my brain is "hungry" and this game ticks all boxes. It's a great challenge and I find myself getting "jacked up" if I dont get it right! Wont leave till I win the following round. So I'm addicted , but my brain is satisfied and it feels good!!°¿°
It's very challenging so far. Helps to improve your brain and it helps to pass the time that you have.
Very nice and fantastic app actually this is the Best app of all.congraturations!!!!!!!!.wow. thanks ones more
A classic memory game. Good smooth play. Ads only between sets, so not too intrusive. Shame an ad-free version at home a decent price isn't available.
i think it's so funny when you play this game. it can refresh your brain. you must put all pics in your memories and remember fastly. the picture is great. i hope all people can learn with this game. :) thanks Brain game pic!!
I have what I've dubbed as & (no offence to anyone) , "Sometimers" , sometimes i can remember and sometimes i can't -what i just did or what i ate this morning for breakfast & I've got no insurance. Games like this help me to remember little by little , my memory. One day at a time it is gonna get better, I'm young & have faith in God. However, WE HAVE TO HELP OURSELVES AS WELL. This game challenges my brain & brings my grand baby&i closer. What could be better than that? 😁 Thanks
I am finding this game great, I am disabled and my brain is damaged and it will definitely be able to get me remembering things again and it's just simple and fun thanks
Super duper FUN, have always loved playing "Concentration"! The various levels began as simple but quickly ramp up to being a serious challenge! Download this App IMMEDIATELY, then prepare yourself to experience tons of fun! You will never, ever regret the decision! I only wish every game app developer would use this app as an example!
Helps you develop memory skills. I enjoyed very much but wished it would give you more than 5 seconds to memorize pictures.
learning fast to identify the the same things. make my mind to to contrate on what i am doing. it gives me time to think.
Nice but its really not fair to not let us play the first level of mirror, match 3, etc., until we finish match2. At least the first levels should be available. That will make the game much more interesting. The extra levels are just occupying space if we can't use them. I said that a long time ago, still no change. Im disappointed.
I love brain games but I played it a LOT of the game of Brain game Picture Match all the time anyway but the duplicate is copying me for breakfast.That is why we are reviewing that is I will resend the only thing that I have to pay the 3rd page and the honeydew is falling down on me for the passenger.
This is one of the best memory games that i have on my phone. i am getting ready to put it on my tablet also. so glad i found this game The ads are no problem at all. l also like the fact that i can turn the sound off , especially when sittlng in the doctors waiting room.
This game would get 5 stars if the puzzle could be more responsive when user change the opened puzzle
I paid for the ( ad free) version, when you choose the ( no time limit ) you only get 5 seconds to memorize the pictures, i think its totally stupid, no time limit should be play at your own pace.
Very nice game it also helps children in study as well as I like this game very much and I use to play it 4 - 5 times daily in the morning so that I have given five starsπŸ‘πŸ‘
I like this game because it helps us too much. I still gave 4 stars because I think they have to give 2 minutes more to memorize.
the game has 3 modes but it says no time limit but when you read what it says about no time limit it says hurry or time will be against you. this is very confusing cause it's very misleading you either have a mode where you can play with no time restraints or not. I like the game but I gave it one star because of misleading info
I think it's great. The only suggestions I would make are 1) to make the initial time limit for memorising the board optional, and 2) to choose however many seconds I want. I'm just starting out, and I need more than just 5 seconds to look at the board. If you add these options, I can start with a greater time limit (or none) and then gradually reduce how much time I need as I improve my memory. Thanks for a great app. I also love that I'm not distracted by ads.
I love this game. Just the right amt of time, 5 seconds to memorize the grid of pics. Challenging, but attainable.
This is a great game and good for the brain! Simple, snappy, challenging and well done. High quality pictures, good separation and colours. It's just well done over all. I like the 'No Time Limit' mode the best.
Excellent game. It is very useful for children. This game sharpens our mind.It improves remembering power. Thanks.
Fun to play. Like to think it's helping me keep my brain sharp. Not sure what all the features are for. Need to read the app description!
Simple and efficient. The game works well for what was made... To train your memory. Thank you I was searching for it.
it really does keep your brain working, if you keep doing it every day it can help you remember things that you do in real life. I like it
If your somewhat serious about learning anything then its these kind of things /apps....you'll always learn something. It makes your brain happy with learning something new. Don't make no difference what it is.
A very enjoyable game that requires quick and sharp memory. A game for all ages from the age of 5 till the age of 105!
very interesting game ... this game is good for time pass . We have to remember the places of things and as we go at higher level it is more difficult to remember the places of the things and this game is very thinkful game .....
It is very interesting game as well helpful for mind to increase own IQ level. This have never played this type game which is entertaining as well as teaching.I really say thanks to all academic for this game.
I am grateful for games like this. I feel that this game helps me with improving my memory. I no longer believe that your memory goes with age when I am playing this game. Thanks Google..
It's nice, you see how much we are not concetrated and how are brain behave under certain circumstances. Ours brain doesn't memorize too much information. So we have to work hard to memorize more
it,s a fantastic game to play it help,s you to remember with your mind were to find the next two matches! πŸ˜‰ Awesome thanks.πŸ‘
Get Brain Game. Get then Brain into remembering where the pictures are. It keep you on your toes. Watch and Remember.
This app is exactly what I was looking for. There are 12 'cards' that the user is asked to memorize upon first look. Cards consist of everyday objects that when mixed together form an extraordinary pattern which keeps the users attention. Pushing or flipping the cards is the good type of easy.
The pictures are more of an extravagant lifestyle, or high society theme with some fruit and cute things thrown in the mix. There's nothing or no extremely blatant target audience that I have noticed. It's a entertaining for awhile.
Its very fun and it challenges your brain. I like that their are different modes. You can do the puzzles either timed or with no time limit to match the pictures. This game is great for anyone. I would recommend that you turn the volume down if your out in public but nonetheless my new favorite game. And the pictures are cute and familiar objects.
It is very good game to improve our memory power. I like this game. Pictures are good. We have so many levels in this. This is very useful game for children. It is very interesing and also very useful. I gave itt 5 starsπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
I find this helps pass my day and actually help with my ability to remember. Hope it continues as I am 75yrs old and need alΔΊ the help I can get!
I love this app it is a amazing way to improve your intelligence and a fun way to spend your spare time. What I like about this game is you have to thi k out of the box to get the question if you are having thoughts about getting this app I 100 percent recommend!! if you are reading this have a blessed day and may God be with you stay safe!.
Ok but lots of commercial. These games identify your intelligence and link it to you. Furthermore if somebody writes 10 games- each with one or two different special permissions - pretty soon that person has all your aspects. Now they know what games you play and your intelligence and contacts and images and calls and your microphone ie. conversations and where you live and travel. It isnt about "I have nothing to hide" folks.
This is absolutely, such a, splendid game. This game will keep you, totally focused, on great success. Such a wonderful, fun challenge. The pictures are a beautiful sight to see. The makers of this game made the pictures look, "so"real ! This match game, will surely be fun, to play with your closest companions. Respectfully, Ms.Tricia Spring Robinson:"The Owner of the Commonwealth" !
I like the pictures, make it nice to play. Is good to give you time to memorize and then close the cards, that is missing in other memory games. The only thing is missing is to rate your performance to make it more fun.
This game is fast moving, giving you less than a second to look at the pics you click on ...but what is too aggravating to deal with is the constant point scores flashing with every move you make. Concentration games shouldn't have constant distractions. Uninstalling.
I love this game so much. because no network on this game. when I am filling bored l will play this game.
Very nice..... I like this game very much... It's useful to enhance our memory power... It also stimulates our brain to be active.... Always... 🌈
love this game, it keep me busy and I have a lot of fun with it. memorizing thing and challenging my own score
Great game just a shame that every time I play a level it tells me how long it took to finish each level even though I picked NO TIME LIMIT but for some reason the game ignore that I pressed the no time limit button
it's cool. nice n simple. only thing us it would be cool if there was an option where u can play and memorize the pics with no time limit....I feel like I need to work my way up or practice before I can get pass certain levels such as 4,5,6, etc..
This is a bit harder than it looks or seems. After all 5 seconds to remember where the matches are really isn't all that long of time. Give it a whirl and test your skills..if you don't like it then by all means go to your settings and delete it, though I think you would be doing yourself a disservice.
It's simple, classic match game, which I love! I hate when you think you are getting a classic version of a game and they throw in all this extra stuff. That is not the case here. Just you vs you.
It's good!It's a great thing to train your MEMORY..&the simplest way:-).I mean...U can also progress,&ONLY use the"time limit"section,&succeed at very high speed:-)!I got tons of"memory apps"(even the ones with only numbers/science&stuff:-(..kinda serious)but THIS ONE is one of my"best games",cause U relax,& U can progress(it starts REALLY easy OK),& keep doing THE HARDEST ONES ONLY(like some of the levels in the "time limit"section)& get super-fast!Like...to memorize IMMEDIATLY, one day;-)XOXO!
it stimulates my brain and makes it function and stay active. And there's an older person I need that. I also like the challenges you can keep going back at the same level until you get your time down and then you can go on to other levels. so it's challenging to me and I like it. Thank you for making it available to the public.
It's helpful for our brain.. You can make the game also very interesting by using Some other method....
I love the game. First I start out with the time unlimited, then I push to normal so I can push my brain a little bit more to remember.