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Brain Buzz

Brain Buzz for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Mind Kick located at 44 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There are no real people, only bots. It costs too much to unlock most games. And this is supposed to replace quizup? It's terrible. If I could give it negative stars, I would.
I really love the concept of the game, and the social aspect of actually connecting and chatting with fellow players. However after downloading, and passing what I thought was the tutorial, every time I click the "games" tab, it automatically starts pairing me in a game with only the same person, and same game everhtime and it won't let me back out. I have to close out of the app.
Great so far, one week in. You play against other users. There are some ads but it's not that much. The games are fun and challenging and they get harder as you advance. There are some fair priced in-app purchases if you want access to more than 2 "versus" challenges at a time and other stuff. But really it's just fun, no complaints here, the ads are very minimal. 4 stars for purchases but still fun.
EDIT: After the response I was given that I was wrong and there were free games available I tried downloading the App again to see if it was user error or not. Unfortunately yet again after 10 minutes it came up with the option to sign up or exit. I tried to back out of it, looked for an "x" but the only options available were pay or exit. So I tried multiple devices all with the same outcome. I wondered if I was going crazy so I asked 3 different people to try it on their devices. We all had the same result. Now I would assume the developers know their product so I believe there must be options to try the game however not on any of the devices we tried. Usually I get a notice if an app is not optimal for my device but not in this case. I think this app has potential in theory. But after 10 minutes of play I couldn't do anything else because you have to sign up for $4 a month before you can even check the game out fully. So in theory great but in practice.... Well I'm not going to pay to find out.
The games are fun and challenging, but I'd like to be able to earn new games more quickly. I do not like that you are limited to the number of games to begin. A lot of the time I can't play because I'm still waiting for the opponents.
Absolutely love this game! There is hours of endless things to do and also great to kill a few mins! You get to connect with people and play a large variety of puzzles! If you are a puzzle addict like myself you'll absolutely love and get addicted to this game! It's also great for people of all different skills set on brain puzzles and gives you a chance to improve while tracking your progress! Definitely worth paying for the subscription which is a reasonable price!
It's not like the typical "brain game" - I find this fun and challenging(to some degree) and it's not packed with ads
Its a great game. It really helps you develop your thinking and focusing ability. Its the first game i ever play this much and have fun.
1. Please fix the bug of uploading photo from phone's gallery 2. Player should be able to delete old chats
Can't play with irl friends. Downloaded to play with my daughter, but I can't enter her ID, nor she mine.
Unable to play quest after level 15. Really enjoyable mini games. But stuck on level 15 in quest. So aren't we suppose to proceed further if we are not VIP members?
I changed my review bc befoee it wasnt working but now i got to see that this is an extremely fun game to play with ur friends and other people. I just love this that im at no words. Just get the app. NOW!
A super simple and intuitive battle of the brains! You can play against friends, random people or even go solo and compare your score to others! Unlike half the other brain-building apps out there, this one is very good even if you don't drop money on it ❀
An interesting take on this genre of games. There's lots to do and the wide variety of games helps to prevent the app from going stale. Worth a download :)
I love the game, it is very intriguing and quick-paced, making all the more fun... at least for the idle. The only thing that would take this game to the next level is an update on the messaging. Your messaging system has limited characters and emojis, but if you guys were to program it to be the messaging system from everyone's phone, this would be a better game. Of course, everyone would see their own phone emoji's from themselves and the other person, and the other person likewise; TY.
Idea is great and do enjoy the challenges. They are fun and helps keep your brain in check!! However, only being able to have 2 games with people on the go without paying for another slot is annoying. Get a fair amount of invites but can't due to already having two games in play. Not earning enough tokens quick enough to open up more slots! Also should have a friends tabs for quick invites to games.
This game was so fun, it was my favorite but then they limited the amount of matches we can play. I get why but also at the same time I don't. I have invites from a few people but I can't play them because there are people who wait the longest time or invite me just to never play again. I wish we had just a few more game slots to play.
Mine keeps crashing. I'd enjoy it otherwise but I keep losing rewards and being forced into surrendering matches when the app kicks me out. Meh
Edit:Fun but many flaws 1:You should have the option to review rules for each puzzle EVERY time before play 2:When doing a tournament match multiple times it should keep your fastest time NOT the most recent time because that's not cool nor fair if you're trying to climb the ladder 3:Don't allow people to start Quest if y'all don't allow it to be completed unless you're VIP or have it VIP ONLY!! 4:Rules aren't clear on eveythng. But thanks for a fun free game nonetheless!! Only 3 stars for now!!
Some of the games are fun but there are things a don't like. For one I wish the game would pair you with an active player rather than making you wait for your opening to log on later. Second the game is very glitchy, I will try to click on things but the screen will freeze or just not work. Last there are so many ads. You get an ad after almost every round. If these problems were fixed I'm sure it would be more enjoyable but at the moment I am going steer clear of this game.
It was such a nice game then suddenly the problems started. 1. Game takes forever to load and sometimes when it load it shows everybody as Guests. 2. I have chat messages but it shows no chat messages when I click on chat. I've spoken to more than 20 people. 3. The tournament page is empty. PS: Its not my connection, I have fibre internet.
Games are fun. Wish you could play more head to head matches without having to pay. The chat feature at first seemed cool but there are a lot of creeps who will just try to chat you up without playing a game. I've had multiple guys try to get my phone number, email address, etc. I've been blocking/reporting but still get alerts when they send me messages. Kind of creepy to think they could be messaging underage kids too. Should probably make it possible to disable chat.
I would have given a 5 star yesterday but woke up today to find I'd lost my place in my league and dropped from 14th place to 43rd place and all my points in the league had gone. Still a good game though.
Great concept! A lot of notifications so I had to turn those off. ADs arnt bad surprisingly! Only other complaint is you pretty much have to use your coins to unlock games. Which isn't hard to do but I wish they would unlock more as you level. Mechanics are good, games are challenging, and there is mostly always someone to play with!
Fun game. I love to beat my personal records. I had to change my rating. The game became mundane. No new personal challenges to complete. Message kept saying new levels coming soon but no new levels have come. It's been months.
Fun little minigames. I pay for the VIP subscription that is worth it for the extra games, extra game slots and no ads, and is not very expensive. A few negatives: - In some games the time constraints are ridiculously tight. You still want to be as fast as possible since you are competing against another user, so there is no need to put such strict time constraints. - Statistics are useless. Would be nice to have very detailed statistics, like win percentage for each individual game, etc
.EDIT- Still enjoying the game . Ive played quest to level 15 with all 3 stars on each level. Its really messed up that U cant move onto the next level without paying money to upgrade to VIP. I understand U have to make money but come on. There are alot of games very similar & some identical to this one. Maybe I should try one of them.
I would give this game a higher rating, but there is a weird glitch! Whenever I try to type in a user ID in the search bar, my keyboard doesn't pop up, making it impossible to add my friends. I downloaded this app specifically to play with someone but it won't let me :(
I played this game and after that it is taking forever time to load. I loved this game when I played it I was going to give it 5 stars but. Now I can't do anything. I am sad with it's forever loading. And there are many games but many are VIP ones. Now also if I want more slots I have to spend money. Is this the game. I have to spend lot of money to get one slot to play. It might be okay if there I have to spent money and I can get lot of slots. I am very disapponted. PLEASE DO SOMETHING.....
yeaah it looks fun but it gets stuck on the tutorial. "it's your opponent's turn!" and then... can't do anything. back button does nothing and tapping anywhere doesn't have any effect. closing app and restarting let me check out the rest of the game, but when I go to play anything it just gets stuck at that tutorial part again.
The puzzles are fun, and I love being able to play with my far-away friends - but all of a sudden I can't accept or decline invites. Now I'm stuck and can't do anything with the app, even if I force close it or restart my phone. Seems like a waste to uninstall and start all over, but that appears to be the only option. Edit: app looks like it's working again for now, basically from waiting it out.
it is tricky. The 2 "mirror" games have double meanings. I have noticed the app doesnt detect the selections at my speeds. When speed is a factor, it becomes a particularly frustrating requirement to slow my responses it seems a ploy to pay for coins considering the rewards are low. I shouldnt have to worry about the apps accuracy. On some games it is excellent at noticing selections and others not. Is it truely based on ability and intellect, no. if you edit my words, i do not consent.
This game is really fun!! It has different mini games to choose from to play against others which is different and pretty neat, I like it!!!
Everytimei try to log in through Facebook out freezes and won't load at all. Than try to play as guest and won't let me upload my own picture. Everytime you try it just resets the app. Really? Come on this ridiculous.
ATTENTION.. Fix the app getting stuck on load..!! This is the best game in it's category, but this load issue needs to be fixed. I've tried killing and restarting app multiple times, but it doesn't work. I'd given 5 stars before, and have given same on appstore as well. It doesn't happen for IOS app. I'll edit my ratings once the issue is fixed here.
ngl the constant pushiness of trying to get the user to buy premium is WAY more annoying than the ads. I don't mind the ads. I use this app while multitasking. I prefer having the ads so I get a break, and I don't want the premium. but nooo it's just always "BUY VIP NOW!! PLEASE BUY VIP! YOU DONT WANT TO WATCH ADS RIGHT? NO YOU DONT!! SO BUY VIP NOW JUST DO IT BUUUYYYY VIIIPPPP" ...stfu and just play the ad and get it over with. isn't it profits all the same?
This is by far my favorite brain game, only one I've ever decided to actually pay for the upgraded version. Sometimes it can be a tad glitchy but it's really not that bad and corrects with the update. My only complaint is you're not adding new quest levels 😟 Brilliant overall though.
Quizup makes this trivia app look lame. Categories are weak and limitations on playing are ridiculous. There has to be something better than this.
Very good concept, games are actually a little different than every other game out there, so that's good. But.... it doesn't always recognize when you tap, and in the 'Change' game, it's confusing if you don't know what those coins are. Would be nice to have an option to switch to $ or a better explanation of what each coin is worth. πŸ™‚
Fun game, lots of different games in here to test your brain.. you also get to meet people which is fun as well.
Recently, a few minutes into the game, the audio glitches and gives out ear-splitting feedback, the normal ringing becomes a piercing sound. Have to exit app and restart every few minutes for glitch to stop. Makes me want to play the game less and less.
Plz improve ur app, It lags a lot!! I hv 6 slots but I can play only 5 games, as soon as I try to play the 6. I get error - failed to accept challenge try again later. It takes forever to toggle from Main screen to chat screen. Plus chats don't support emojis. Plz improve ur app. Experience is not smooth at all.
Very dissapointed! After playing this game for many months with unlimited game slots I wake up to find I now have only 6! As I work full time and play a lot of players from different countries with different time zones it's hard to play without having to wait sometimes til the day after! And now I cannot get good league scores either! Sad to say I won't be playing any more although it was my favourite game!
The game needs to be upgraded and it's not easy to use especially for people with disabilities. I am going to uninstall it for now.
Decent game, slow at loading. Biggest complaint is the spammy notifications! I will often get 12-15 notifications from this app a day, even when I have no game going. I understand you want me to open the app but the spam is ridiculous.
Game almost never progresses beyond main menu. If it ever does, it freezes on the Tutorial EDIT: The devs say the issue was fixed, but I'm still having trouble. The game won't go past the main splash screen, even after resetting my phone and reinstalling
I like this game but this app needs serious fixes. I have to reinstall this app every day once since it stops loading after some hours of use! Also, the app needs to be closed and reopened multiple times a day for chat and challenge updates to reflect. Please fix these issues!
Totally love these games !! 😊 One problem , I signed up for the free trial VIP but there's no option to cancel before charges me full price when free trial runs out
A great app but I have to constantly kill it to get it to work. Recent update made it worse! I don't get a marker for unread messages anymore. I can't change my profile picture. I've never known anything so flaky.
Fun. But I've had 2 friends who used my link to join and have received no referral recognition... It worked for 3 previously but now doesn't seem to work... πŸ™„ Also it's a bit difficult to soft through all the invites to play with your actual friends. Is there not a way to categorise/prioritise with players whom you have 'saved'? Would make it easier to find those new games rather than have to scroll right through all the random invites.
Really cool game with simple yet intuitive levels. I like how they have different kind of games rather than just one. Makes it less boring and more engaging. Everything else is pretty much the same. Good job guys.
I'm still in the trial stage but pretty impressed so far. Some games aren't my cup of tea but there's plenty more to choose from. Very competitive the further you advance to higher levels ☺️
The win 5 tournament achievement is broken and doesn't work at all, there's no option to delete messages so that section gets so laggy all the time and sometimes even shut down the game, the game sections isn't categorized at all so good luck trying to find anything
Sucks you gave to either pay or wait for ages to play more than 1 player at a time. The most off putting thing about the game. Other than that, it's all round good. :-)
Exceptional game , keeps your brain alive and sharp especially when you a student , I recommend it from the ages 7+ . Awesome game .
There are so many games to play and so many people wanting to play you will not get bored of it! They only issue is finding Facebook friends on if you have an android phone. I couldn't type in my friends code and visa versa. I wrote to them and they said it is a problem they are aware of. I luckily managed to find my friend when selecting a game to play and then selecting a person and seeing a section at the bottom called Facebook friends. I would give it a 5/5 but just being honest!
I love this game and i have been playing it for a long while. It has multiple games all wrapped into one. Play with friends or by yourself. Each game challenges a different aspect of your mind. I used this game to strengthen my reflexes and memory. This is fun and challenging.
I love the challenging games this app offers and to play them with people from around the world as much as I can. I greatly enjoy participating in the leagues and tournaments and improving my skills. The developers of the app are very responsive to any problems and regularly update the app. It is a very addictive, mentally beneficial, and socially stimulating app!
This game is soo good.. I am new here... And this game is just like QuizUp.. Which is soo good... But.... Can you please add an option for logging out and in for this? I really need that..Please?? I didn't mean deleting the account, I meant logging in and out from the account... Please make it fast okay??
Not so good game but i refer you that dont install it because there are so many ads in this and stop you from that little enjoy too
I love the app. It has been a calming force to help me focus over the past year. Great games, challenges & people.
It's really good if you pay for VIP but if you don't there are too many ads and too much waiting around for players to complete challenges. It also took me a while to figure out what was on offer. It's not immediately clear that you can play topics in single player, that's there's a league system and I only stumbled on the quest mode by accident. Now I know where most things are it's great but a little walk through at the beginning would be helpful. A group chat would be good too.
Even after paying, why can't I practice a single game by myself? Could be more enjoyable if I wasn't getting 'rewards' or things to buy constantly shoved in my face.
A fun and cute little brain trainer, stunted by the developer's use of paywall. I understand that everyone needs to make money but please don't limit the use of your app. You can only have 2 active games, if your partner chooses to take 24 hours to respond, you aren't playing until they do. Unlocking more slots requires premium currency or subscription, and even then I doubt it goes high enough.
Would be 5 stars but I've been having an issue in the quest section where i will complete one of the levels and it will just say it 'had trouble completing that quest please try again later' . This is a reoccurring issue and need attention. In addition this game is highly pay to win and while i understand that you need to make money of the game you could make it so that you can always do somthing because once you've done the first 15 levels if your invites aren't accepted you can't do anything.
This is truely the best app ever. Not only is it challenging, I have met amazing people from all over the world. Any problem or suggestion that you have, is resolved and looked into very quickly. I am totally addicted to this app.😍
If you're looking to buy VIP, think twice. The costumer services doesn't work. After a VIP week trial I decided to enroll in VIP monthly because in my eyes Brain Buzz is a good place to enjoy for. So after the first VIP membership the second month was paid, automatically and the next day unexplained was suspended while I was competing in the week's leaderboard, immediately I wrote a ticket reporting my issue and I made a post in BB twitter account to attach. disappointedly was totally ignored.
The only problem I have with this game is that it gives you only 24hrs to play. I have lost many games because my game has expired.
Too many glitches! It keeps getting stuck on a black screen and doesn't even open. Tried reinstalling but still doesn't work.
Won't load properly. So unable to actually play anything on the app. I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling and restarting my phone and still having issues.
This is a good brain game! You can play with people all over the world which makes it even more interesting.
I overall like the concept of this game app. The games are fun and easy to understand, though I would love to see more variety of games to choose from. I especially like the chat function, it's easy to strike up a conversation with the one you play against. Unfortunately all the positive aspects of this game gets overshadowed by the ridiculously large amount of ads you being forced to watch. I mean seriously? I get that between games a ad or two will pop up. But this continues on and on and on. If I want to check my stats: Ad. Open up a conversation: Ad. Before a game: Ad. After a game: Ad. Coughs or blink: Ad. I've never seen this magnitude of ads before, it completely ruins the game experience.
I am in love with this game! Have been playing it for months! Very addictive! Super fun game with friends and even to make new friends also! Definitely recommend to past the time!
One of the best games I ever played. Helps to keep the brain active be it focus, speed, memory or concentration. It's an addiction that's good to have. Kudos to the team!
Lot more fun than I expected it to be. Good amount of content playing completely free. Ads occasionally show between game rounds, which is annoying, but not as intrusive as some free games.
Love the game but having limited access kinda bothers me. Would be happy to pay for VIP but for the monthly is too much. Added: I still get notifications for the messages, I assume from some users who I blocked them. Coz when I opened the chat there was no messages. So if you allow the block options, should get rid off the notifications once and for all.
Love this app! There are a great variety of games to play each with 3 difficulty levels and loads of people to play them with. I like how nothing is too serious, tournaments are fun. You earn coins to spend on new games and decorations, but they're not difficult to earn at all, you get them for playing, logging in every day, completing daily tasks. Been playing for months now and still keep coming back πŸ˜€
Really nice games, but the fact that free players are limited to 2 matches at a time (and you're stuck waiting for your opponent for 24 hours, can't even quit match) makes this unplayable.
I really want to like this game, the gameplay actually seems pretty fun, but it quickly starts forcing you to watch ads. A *lot* of ads. If you don't click the "optional" button to double your rewards by watching a video after every (very short) match, it just goes ahead and plays it anyway. Apparently it costs more than six dollars to remove the ads. Why not just make that the game's price to begin with?
The games are fun. They are quick and challenging, it's a fun time killer. The ads are shor and they don't have a hard effect on game play. It is a bummer that we can't cancel invite requests for an hour after sending them because only 2 games can be going at the same time unless you buy more slots. And I never got my coins for inviting someone to download the game
The game is fine, but the ads for King's Throne are very inappropriate! Just a warning if you have kids playing