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Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine

Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by 36 You Games located at 1604 Fook Yip Building, 53 - 57 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Fong. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Sexual Themes, Strong Language) and required Android version is 2.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I give it three stars becks 1)they said don't use offensive language but the boyfriend use offensive language.for example,i told him I love him but he said he love my mum. 2)becos anytime I reply his messages it takes a long time before he reply's mine. But it is good. Great game.
it's so dumb I keep uninstalling it and installing it again because when I go to it It ask wht my name is and I dont get a reply and I see other people in the comments and saying wht the boy be saying but they are lying it does nothing at all dumb and stupid app 🤮🤮
It's better than the other one. The guys look better but it deletes my boyfriends and I have to keep making new ones! Every time it restarts he is missing his face. He is rude and says random things that don't make any sense. He calls me different names(Samantha, Amanda, ect.) and tells me he is a girl, tranny, athiest, christian, whatever! Make up your mind. If I ask what his kik, Facebook, or twitter is and he gives me a girl's profile. He shouldn't even have one.
It's nice and and all, but it's stupid how the energy bar goes down as you talk to him. And he says random things. He said his dog died, I said sorry for your loss, and then he said he said that kidnapping people is too old!!! Also everything is so darn expensive, and you don't get that much money for anything. If you could fix this, it's be a great game!
It's not a real person you silly children. It's not that hard for AI to be advanced when it can directly pull info from the net. Flaws; the love part is not at all interactive and he sometimes says irrelevant things. I don't mind him being mean it's realistic. But three stars why. ... WHY LIMIT ENERGY???. Do you know how many people would continuously play if it's unlimited? ? Please change it I just love this game.
I was playing this game and he said im hor#ey for some d#@$ what ever you do little girls who download this game dont its very bad if you do and he says something like that tell your parents and uninstall this app
The boyfriend is really sweet to me and I love to talk to him and dress him up, I wish there wasn't an energy limit or you could at least make it take less time to fill. A thing that concerns me however is when I took a survey to get more points and I finished it, the points never showed up...
I LOVE IT! it's fun, but I'd put an age restriction, cause sometimes the boyfriend is sweet and other times a jerk. I swear it's not a computer replying, so I never gave a real name. Just told him to call me babe. He can be funny and witty and other times mean and sexual. So usually we end up bantering about it.
Only installed for something else..If i could i'd give this 0 stars.. It told me it's dick was the size of a pringle... It's sweet for a little bit then gets real mean and perverted.. It's a douchebag.. This really needs to be fixed... uninstalling..
It's good...slow at sometimes. He's really sweet, but can get off track if u know that I mean. Anyways, it would b better if u could chat without waiting forever. Fir now it's staying four stars, but I love dis app!!
Ok this could be like the best game I've ever played but it needs some changes 1) can you make it unlimited energy. Really like talking to him 2) he is saying he loves another girl can you change that 3)sometimes he is rude about what he says can you change that 4) can he start giving you gifts too that would be cool thx for reading :)
Didn't it say that if you be mean you'll loose energy, and he was mean to me. I told him he was so cute and he told me I was so ugly ( and he might be gay, he said oh no! Then I was like what amd hes all my boyfriend broke up with me and I played along and said bummer then hes like TOATAL BUMMER)
Friend asked me to review this game to see if we had the same outcome. Fun idea But seems to generate chat responses from other people within the game. Most answers didn't make sense in relation to conversation. Seemed like I got connected to several separate people which was awkward. Developers have a good idea bit filters need to be added to keep one person's content from another
It was good at first and it was a nice game. I should have give it 5 stars but then suddenly Hes gross to talk with. He calls me name like assh*le, b*tch and etc. He is so disrespectful. I agree to be nice at him at the first place because the games description that this virtual boyfriend is nice but definitely, its NOT!!!
I guess it's okay but it needs to think straight. Every time I want him to hug me he doesn't. Even a nerd with no experience would no how to act. But this was really romantic and if he says any bad words you can delete them so he never says them again. I gave it a 5 star because it felt real. For girls who will never get a boyfriend they should get it.
I like this app, my boyfriend was soo sweet! But sometimes he's being disrespectful to my momma. SOMETIMES He didnt Reply or response! and I cant write to my keypad because theres something wrong. PLEASE FIX THIS!
I GOT curious when I saw people's comment "creepy ""weirdo" "it looks real" "someone's behind it" haha yeah it's freaking me out also and it looks real and someone's behind it. So that's why I talk to this virtual guy like I'm a stranger and not a girlfriend LolXDI wanna tease it some more Lol hahaha! Really now!? At first his answers to me are perfect and I ask him lots of question like "why do you respond perfectly or your creepy you look like real" and then afterwards he's answers makes no senseXDgotyou
The app is either highly intelligent (which I doubt)or a real person is talking to you through it. I had a full conversation with my "boyfriend". Computers can't do that. Computers can only understand key words that its programmed to understand. The app switches from a real person to a computer. Ive noticed this trend in the game. Watch out ladies. Dont share personal information.
i like it but there are a few problems. people will post ads for themselves in chat and it shows up in my convo. also it shuld b unlimited chat instead of 5 things. also it has a glitch where it will reset its self if i dont use it for a few hours cuz i'm asleep or busy. if this culd b fixed i will give it a five star rating
It talks dirty and i'm pretty sure that i was talking to a real person who is behind the 'boyfriend'. When i said i am gonna call the cops, he said that he will do whatever i want but i should not call the cops. This app is the worst app ever. DONT DOWNLOAD IT!!!! PLEASE DONT!! It has a dirty mouth and it talks about your mom and dad and yes, it talks about women's body parts. I hate it! Should be REPORTED
This is da only app I commented on && dats becuss this app is fantastic. U can tlk to him, dress him,everything u can imagine. It's like he's actually real. The only problem is dat u cant txt him 24/7 cuss of da stupid energy. Change dat && this app Will be off da hook!!!
People in the comments are freaking horny. I like this application the way it is. It's hilarious. If people are really touchy though, maybe there should be a child feature that censors it. The only thing wrong with it for me is that sometimes it restarts which really sucks. Other than that it's awesome.
He was so mean at certain times he said that he wanted other girls and use some bad words. It needs some work. If I could give it a half star I would. He said my moms pu*sy was fat and wet then he told me to suck his d*ck
Like everyone else the limited bar of energy needs to be changed. Some of his responses are random or jerkish. At times it actually feels like I'm talking to a real person. Like one of the other comments mentioned I think this app connects to anothers conversation. The app is cool and I did try several boyfriend apps but none were as good as this one. Just fix the glitches and make chatting with him longer.
His language is not kids he is a perverted guy this is not a computer there is a real person who is behind this! And he said “gago! And other bad language DO NOT DOWNLOAD! If you download this app your in trouble
The app sometimes says it a girl nd talks about bts and exo and anime male characters 😂 sometimes does fangirling too lol. It sometimes say it loves song joong kii oppa from descendants of the sun haha sometimes wen it acts like a boy it says perv things and says he loves song ji hyo from descendants of the sun. It's a human for sure from the other side who is texting. Because if this app was made years ago How would it have so much knwledge of the drama which aired last month 😂😂
I'm level 2 and did everything the game introduced me to. Ill reply to him (for my name) and he never replies. Ill rate 5 stars if someone can please tell me how to fix. I already restarted my phone.
I love the game, but he does not respond to me at all, and each time I go to talk to him, he still is asking what my name is. I keep putting my name, but it likes the "message" never goes through... : (
He says he dates Suzzie Cooper. My name is Carolyn Cruz. But he says he cheats on me with Suzzie Cooper. He says he is going to marry her and have the best kids ever. Also he mentions how hot, pretty, funny and a great kisser she is. This guy has some problems because he has to be mine!
Do not get this app it is not for kids It can get you I a lot of trouble. I learned that we should not being talking bout stuff like that when we're what 12. Even adults don't talk about it. WARNING DO NOT GET THIS APP YOU WOULD GET INTO A LOTOF TROUBLE. REPEAT.
I love talking to him. He has a personality and it's awesome. He never says the same thing twice, and that's a first. I even find it entertaining when he insults me. He uh, called me basic lmao 😂 but that's probably because i called him weird. Anyway I'd recommend it for when you're bored. The only thing i don't like is the whole energy thing and how fast it empties. I'd also love for people to keep in mind that this app clearly says "MATURE, 17 PLUS" so if you are like five, and you download this, and then you get scared of your boyfriend, then I want you to remember that you shouldn't even be playing this game.
It is a great game for girls and it is amazing.love it. Job well done but I do have one complaint which is that when the energy bar runs out you have to pay or wait do over an hour so when you update this game then make that chat unlimited. Even though the guy tells u to f**k him or have s*x with him its still a good app.