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Boy Band : K-POP IDOL

Boy Band : K-POP IDOL for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd. located at 22, Bongeunsa-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself is nice but the thing is that when I try to click on a button, it will crash or automatically leave the game. Please fix this thank you.
It is kind of unrealistic to change the gender of the mc depending in the gender of the group. Why would you change it? Because you want to put some romance in the game? If so, you do know that boys can love boys and girls can love girls. At least let us choose our own gender at the beginning, jeez, its so annoying when people do this.
it's good and enjoyable despite the few bugs and grammar errors here and there, but honestly, i'm a little disappointed that the update still hasn't arrived for this app. i finally finished the first competition portion only to know that the new idols are still locked out of game. still, the game IS enjoyable. there's a learning curve at the beginning, but by year 4, i was already at 20m+ total fans for my group and has reached number 1 albums (except for the middle part).
The app has potential- that much I can say for sure. The developers should tweak it a little though. First, they should fix the glitches. The app would freeze at the most inconvenient time really. Then, they should work with the translations- or at least make the sentences flow better. It's really hard and jarring to read the translated sentences sometimes and I can only get the gits of the story from the translation (which makes it hard for me to pick the choices.) Still a good app though!
I really love this game.. No advertisement... Very good.. But I will not rate it 5 stars because please make it offline just like the girl ver... Please... If then, I would love to rate it with 5 star..
Please update to fix game crash, add save button, and stop being laggy. And please make the features just like the girl band version,because it's easy and comfortable πŸ’•
Okay, first of all.. Whenever I wanna make an album record it suddenly load for a VERY LONG TIME and it STAYS loading that forced me to exit the app and open it again. BUT the problem is that when I enter the app I need to START OVER ALL OF THE PROCESS that I went through. I've already checked my internet connection too and it's just fine. So the problem is with the game.. 😀😀😀
The game seems incomplete. Tutorial is confusing, language isn't perfect, and the text/graphics can be a bit messy. I really liked playing the PC version from years ago, so it's a shame the mobile version is lacking.
it is a good game but there's still a lot of problems. first is that this game requires you to buy starcoins (which is so expensive) so you can improve your idols lyrics, composition, choreography, etc. unlike the girlgroup one. there's still also a lot of bugs, like when I watch the ads for starcoin and after I watch it I didn't get a single penny of starcoin. Also when I am leveling up the skills of my idols the progress is so slow even though the potential of my idol is high.
This is good. I love it. For the free gift from watching the ad is extremely good..but there is one thing that REALLY bothering me. For the Hetero (I don't remember his name) character..his story for the fashion show seems to have a problem. It keep telling me 'no file/data'. I really want to finish his story..pls. if someone know how to fix..pls tell me.
The art style is really nice, My only problems are it kicks me out of the game the first time i played it although it didn't really kicked me out of it after the next time i tried, I noticed that the game takes longer time to response whenever i press something. It also keeps saying that i have weak connection although I'm connected to our wifi (the four bars are full. Great work with the game though!
Actually i gave 5 stars to this game before but i changed it to 4 stars??why? Bc the game is buggy whenever i make an album it crashes..ok idk care bout grammer in this game bc my english is bad too 😳 but this game is soo buggy i lost my 2 groups bc of this...pls make it gud I will give u 5 stars...pls devolop team 😟 and i forgot to add how to improve coreography and producer skills
I don't know what happened but I pressed guest as I don't have an account originally thinking it would be a brand new gameplay for me but I was given one that already had been upgraded and everything. The Girl version is much better and easier. I hope you fix this because I do see potential with this game if it becomes similar to the Girls version
This game is unbealivable my idols start again in last month and my game money is 15000 but when i login my money is 6000 please help me with this
The game is super cool The only thing that would change is that while you are offline some constructions or improvements will be completed, since it stresses me a bit But the game is awesome <3 But... the reason that I gave It 4 stars is because always when I go to the story mode on Ean's story the app crashes and then I lost the traveling :(
Glitchy..can I please just play my game and not someone elses 1 minute there are two of us the next minute there are three of us than I have acting coaches and acting directors and such that I never purchased and I don't like signing on and not knowing what I'm going to get.
Started off as a fun game. But it crashes whenever you try to release an album (which is one of the missions).
The game makes used a lot of things from the girl group version especially dialogue and beauty accessory like cap. It doesn't make sense. I hope they should be fixed for better game experience. The beauty accessory also has problem, I bought a glasses with increasing 300% of intelligent, but it increase fitness with just about 30%... Both beauty accessories and potential are not effective... Just wasting money...
This one crashed worse than the girl group version. The only update is on January 22th (can be seen on google store) that said it "fixed bugs", it's ridiculous how it became worse than the last time I played this, which is the end of last year. Don't waste your money on this game, you will only end up in tears.
This game's premise is good and since it's newly released bugs are inevitable. This would've been more better if it was offline in the beginning just like the girl version since a lot of players prefer it that way. Will change my rating as updates come
I was very excited that Star project is coming back after all these years. So I'm a former player of it. I like it so far. The dialogues does need to be fix on tho. There a lot of misspells and few broken english here and there and sentences that didn't make sense. There a lot of coding errors when I play as well. The graphic is okay but i was hoping for to be HQ. P.s. On the Father and Son chapter for Won Young is not working and shut down the app. Please fix
A buggy game with Star Project skin on it. The game keeps crashing and I need to be connected to the internet to play it. Even though I have a strong internet connection the game keeps freezing up. I only came back for the nostalgia of the original game, hoping to see atleast familiar faces but this is just touch. The original game is fAr superior in terms of gameplay. This is just disappointing. Star Project should just have come out with their own game.
I am having a wonderful experience so far. But somethings are unreasonable such as having to pay to make a battle group using star coins. Star coins need to be more available for that to happen. I think you have a bug in the system because purchasing item for the idol you have to use star coins when it should be money.
Greeting, I've been experiencing crashes in this application although the gameplay is fun please do take into consideration the fans of your games recommendations, we woukd like for you to take action not ignorance, the game crashes all the time yet you haven't updated it and solved the issue, lots of players also complain about this but it seems like you haven't take it into consideration. Your previous love idol (girl version) is great, I am expecting great updates and improvements. Thank you
The game is lacking a lot of polish. I really want to give it a chance because I miss this series. The cast of boys and trainers from the original were fun and charming. Here each character is thrown at you. The pacing is really bad. For some reason I cannot lower the volume of the game. And translations are rough. I dislike how text skips of I click to read faster. I do like the sim part of it. Building a town and stats. I really want more polish. I want this series to do well.
I used to play this back in 2013 and I loved it so much. I was so sad that it was taken down but I was happy to see it was coming back. Until I played it. I wish you guys had kept the original dynamics of Star Project Yoon rather than completely change it to be like Love Idol. I do love Love Idol but Im really really sad you guys changed this game. Its old elements are what made it so fun. Also a lot of the text isn't in the box and the English needs proof reading + editing bad.
I honestly missed a lot star project, I still do, so that's why this game looks like a complete joke. The new sprites don't match with the original concept of the game, they tested a lot of characters out and WHERE IS THE STORY? where are the mini games???? This is now a music producer simulator using star project's characters... btw the translation/writing is so bad......
I hate this app. I really put effort to make tons of money and upgrade their skills, but when I exit and come back to play, it goes back to lower levels even though I saved the game before I exit the app. grrrrrr ≧ω≦
Downloaded it cause I used to LOVE playing Star Project and nostalgia brought me here but the tutorial was long, translation was a little confusing sometimes, and kept crashing
I actually don't mind the game too much. I'm just irritated because I played the girl version when it came out and this version is much harder to succeed at. Potential cards cost 30 in this one and 5 in the girl one.... like...oof? Also producing an album is more expensive and so forth. It just feels like this one is pay to win versus the free to play girl version πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
The game needs a lot of improvements. First problem is that when I record a new album, the loading menu will not disappear so I had to restart the game but then I lost my progress. Next problem is that it keeps on crashing everytime I go to the studio. Nevertheless, the concept of the game is really good. The graphics are quite excellent too but there are a lot of problems to be solved. I can't play the game rn because it keeps on crashing but I'll wait for the next update. Hope it'll be up soon
It's quite fun like 'Girl Group Inc', however the game needs more polishing. It's laggy and it would take me longer to enter different buildings, I can't play without atleast reopening the app every 5 minutes.
I like the game. But unlike the girl group one it's online... And the game always crashes whenever I make albums.
-Crashs everytime i try to release an album -Very hard to make money -Exp is scarce and not enough -Grammar is wonky
When I said I wanted Star Project back, I didn't mean like this... The UI is convoluted, mechanics is not clear and you'll find yourself confused all the time, all the side characters and minigames from the old game gone and replaced for an idol management game, the idols sprites and story been edited to compromise this.. Thing. Disappointing.
I enjoyed the girl version of this game but it seems that this boy band version is under the phase of development. It's too buggy and I cannot save my progress without exiting the game.
I've only just started this one but I've been playing LoveIdol, the girl idol version of this game, for a year and I love it. I just wish that this game could link with the other, that would be really fun!
This game makes me appreciate all the work idols and their managers do. Few issues that needed fixing, the app is called boy band, but everytime people talk they call them "she" and girls "he", and in an interview question they talked about my "girl" group. The Date section needs fixing, because you lose a car even if your finger missed the button, or click out of it you lose a date without even going. Also you lose points by refusing their request or by failing to meet it, Lose Lose situation.
When I tried to build vocal building , it says "not enough money". I thought tutorials doesnt care about money at all or is this just a glitch?
Ok the game is very good and interesting but it CONSTANTLY crashes. CONSTANTLY. So please fix that. Oh and csn you update? Some of this info is from the girl group game. Also thr clan feature is always speaking korean so I cant understand it somplease fix that but overall the game is amazing.
I love this app Now i can create my fav boyband put there name there entertainment and there group name im very satisfide with it so i give it a 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
It was just really weird. It's my first time playing the game and when I opened it I had tons of money, fans, and fame. And it already had a four person group formed. I even tried to recruit more idols but I wouldnt let because the next location was locked...but the first location was empty... I even tried to restart the game and uninstall it to see if it would work and start me off normal but it didn't . I really hope you guys fix this so I can play the way I want.πŸ™
I love playing the girl version. And then a collab with star project came out. I love playing it, but as I progress further, I noticed a few error with it. - the requirement for scouting are wrong. For the 5th and 6th idol, the scouting requirement are already achieved but I still can't buy them with gm. - when I went out with leo(i think that his original nme) at the scene white dress. It keeps hanging up. I cant obtain the picture and the story. It stops right at when the new pic pop out.
I could rate higher if only there is no *kling-a-ling-a-ling* or anything of some sort that interrupts the storyline. They could have just added a sfx or just put it in the dialogue box instead of separating it with the rest. It was quite annoying. And also I wish in scouting, they could've at least make it a 30% possibility than 10%. I love the girl group idol company and I really like how you sort of upgraded the look for the boy group. ❀️
Everytime I go to produce a song I get kicked from the game. The clothes are still from the girls version. The grammatical errors need fixed.
It is already good but there are a few bugs and questions i have in mind. 1. How can you change the name of a group?? 2. How do you improve the skills of an idol on making an album, like the Composing, Lyrics, Chreography and Int. 3. Can you change the name of an overseas group? As for the bugs there things that aren't translated in english.
Great potential, but it's bad. The translation is really bad, impossible to understand some parts. Text comes out of text box. Seems very disorganized. The girl group game has some of the same problems but is way better. Please fix the translation! Hire someone to translate or at least proof read, because some parts make no sense. It's like you used Google translate.
I really like this game but is not the same with the girls edition, I think you should need to do some updates in this game, there are many people expecting or playing this game to be good so please do some updates in this game.
Hey there's a problem with idol no 8's story called wedding dress when I played it got cancelled i went on my home screen
Somewhat the girl group is more easier than this. The translation and award speech is literally the same as girl group. There no login bonus eithet while the girl group has that. This version feel more p2w than the girl version. This had potential but, yeah.
It always crashes everytime i open it ..my data and wifi is good. But still it crashed and brings you back at the start. The girl version is more worth fivestars even 1 star. Pls read our comments and pls make it offline. Still waiting if this app improves or not. Hope it will improve and worth having time for playing like the girl version.
This game is good but freezes a lot. Fix this, you promised to give us a new gamr this April, where is it? Kindly fix the game
I'm so happy that this game is already launched. I can play it now. I love it, the language grammar is good. I LOVE THAT THERE IS A STORY. I love the graphics. I just hope that there will be more updates to come and new features. THE ONLY PROBLEM FOR ME IS IT STOPPED SUDDENLY CLOSED THE GAME PLEASE FIX IT.
Love it and keep up a good work, it was nice and well done work and u need to add up a new members of it idols and let u customized our player character look like and extra.. u need to add new area for them to build as well get more people to join the group and playing this games even more
It's a fun game but a lot of the text was taken from the other version of this game so there are mistakes in the text that still address idols as 'she' and some cut scenes that freeze. It's still fun as it was before and I hope they sink some time into the game to polish it up more.
This app is useless you were just gonna waist your time on downloading and playing this app it wont open you still need a data!!!!!
Anticipating update I've been waiting for this game for soo long but it seems its not fully ready to be played. The dialog and information boxes are still set as the girls inc game. Currently not able to upgrade the important skill to increase album sales and reach maximum stardom. Taking a break until an update for this is out. I am in the middle of a competition but can't surpass them due to this handicap. Looking forward to next update.
Hi i really love this game i just have a question. How do you improve their choreography/composing skills?
The game often freezes. In game purchases are overpriced. 49.00 dollars for 500 in game money. You can't do anything with that. English is also very poor and confusing.
Every time I try to record a new unit it gets me out of the game. I kept on waiting for it to be fixed, I even emailed the developer which mail I found on here, but still no answer as if they look into it or something. So dissapointing, I can get over many things with games, if I like them and I see potential, but if I can't play it because it keeps on closing the app everytime, and on top of that there is not even a clue that someone is working to fix that, then I will give up on it...
I've actually played Star Project before & was rly surprised that it came back even though it's changed, but it's honestly still quite fun to play. Still has some bugs here & there but what do you expect from a recent release. I rly do hope with up coming updates the game would improve even more. My rating might change in the future & hopefully for the better. I rly do wanna keep enjoying this game.
I will only give this 3 stars for some reasons. it's very different from the girl ver. The Girl Group Inc. Is very addicting especially it's offline and I can play it anywhere and super freely. Meanwhile, this one is online and it causes so many glitches. For example, I will enter a building but it'll completly exit me from the game sometimes. And later if I come back, some things did not saved like it will take me back to scouting the idol that I already scouted or bring my idol back to level1
I'm a huge fan of this game as I am with the Girl Idol version. However, I was wondering if you all are continuing to update the game more. Like having a save button so we don't have to exit the game in order to save and to be able to use Google to save and load our progress. Maybe be on social media more so that we can use coupons for bonuses. And hopefully sometime down the line, you can make it offline. I know that you can make this game just as awesome as you made the girl version!
I really like this game!!! ❀ Yes there are a few glitches and bugs.... But the game is so much fun! πŸ˜„ Also I like the characters and their stories..... Even with the awkward grammar and stuff it's pretty funny and interesting! Yeah the money is hard and it's hard to get a lot of stuff..... But it's still fun to level then up and make up my own characteristics for the characters! ❀❀ Hope you keep improving the features on this and fix the bugs!!! It's a pretty relaxing and interesting game! ❀❀🌠
It always lose my progress. Even though i have full bar connection, it always tell me that my connection is dissconnect and i have to start my progress all over again. Its frustrating and dissapointing at the same time. This game is also laggy, i cant even write my group song because the keyboard couldn't show up. I hope this game will get better and better, and i hope this game doesnt need any internet connection so we can play it everytime and anytime.
Still has some glitches and needs to be developed more. For example, in the Beauty Shop, the game money is at 0 and the star coins are what my game money is. Therefore I'm unable to buy any items. I hope this gets fixed. Overall, I still like playing it anyway. It's similar to the girl group version but the map designs are different. It takes a bit to get used to.
The original Star Project was much better, playing this just makes me miss the one I used to play online. The Story doesn't seem to develop at the same passing as before and it's just annoying now. They got rid of all the mini games and now there is almost no game play. And what is there is not explained well, I have been playing for like a week and there is a ton of stuff I don't understand, the tutorial is incomplete and there are no written instructions. It has potential, but needs more love.
This is what you really called UPGRADED game... It has really nice graphic especially the character's are so damn hot but i wish it would be offline so that i can play it anytime and no loadings would be happened.
I wanted to play this but I can't build the dorm coz I don't have money ( obviously I just downloaded it) then I can't do anything , I can't tap anything on the screen. HelpπŸ˜‘ I support this game and the girl version of this.
Definitely not like the original if that's what you're all expecting. More of an idle game than a visual novel. The grammar is fairly good though it definitely can be improved upon and the design is fairly cute. It's not the worst but it's not very good either. Definitely good if you want to pass some time. It's a game you'll have to grind though so have fun with that. Frankly, I'm not sure I'll keep it for long, the hype is dying down. But hey, play it and see how for yourself. Have fun~
It would have been nice to know the gender of my character. The mechanics are different than what I'm used to with the girl idols. I can't access finance info at all. A lot of the text that comes up obviously came from the girl version of the game, which is fine, but they didn't change the gender pronouns at all for the contests, interviews, etc. When accepting more than 1 job, I have to return to the job screen. The beauty shop options don't match the girl version in price or purpose.
It's good but... it's hard for no reason, going bankrupt is easy, trying to produce albums and getting better is hard, I can only use star coins for recruits when it says I can use game money, when it says I get like 1000k I get less than that, tutorial doesn't explain much so you have to figure it out. I just downloaded the girl version an wish you would put everything on there on here, getting daily log in's and be able to click on the bar to upgrade skill sets without using money constantly
Its keeps on telling me that my network connection is unstable but its clearly isn't My connection is okay but its just don't stop. It always notify me one by one. One after another even though I already tap the reconnect tsk. But it doesnt change the fact that this game is good i like it except for the notif about the connection well if thid will be fix This game will be more awesome.
When i first started playing the game I've had no issues and I thought it was a really great game and about a few days later or so I cant do a recording I try to pay a recording or make one but it kicks me off the game and then I get back on and try it again and it still kicks me off saying something went wrong or close the app, or report. Please fix it i can't really make anything recordings bc of that but otherwise its a really good game.
The game is sooooo cool. But whenever my network gets bad, i can't get back the game and i have to play all those scene again
I like the game but it's way harder than the girl version and idol draws cost more. So I depend on the daily ad rewards but the ads hardly ever load so it's a loss for me. Other than that it's great, a few grammatical errors here and there but it's fun to play with and there are a lot of explorable options
There are a lot of grammatical errors in the dialogues. Some text went beyond the text box so I didn't understand what the character is saying. There are no option to do skip, auto, and adjust the text speed. There is also no text log or a scroll bar on the text box so I have no choice when I want to go back to read the text. Instead of using plain black bg and sfx text, I suggest to still use the bg (like the street) and make animation like the shaking of the bg and add the sound effects.
The game keeps crashing each time I try to make an album, I even tried reinstalling but it never lets me go on with making unit records and the game will Always crash!!!
I like the concept, but I'm pretty confused now that I'm past the tutorial. I've been messing around with it for over an hour, and I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do next? Also, the background music isn't even CLOSE to sounding anything like kpop. Not even a little bit. The game has potential, but it's not there yet.
The game is really good and I can see that it will soon be up to date with it's female counterpart, however, the game is very glitchy and unstable. The screen freezes at random moments and it takes a while to load into the training spaces. also can we not use experience anymore? Because it won't let me click the skills to use experience.
I have negative money and no idols. Can't do anything. A bankruptcy/game over button would be nice. Also wish the game had a slow down and speed up time buttons.
Played star project back in the day and was rlly excited to find that they picked it back up in a mobile format! Fun and nostalgic. Just a few grammatical errors here and there~
It's been a good game but not I can't make any albums with the game crashing so now I have no money cause I can't make any albums please give us and update!!!
overall, its a good game but for some reason i cant make an album. the game closes down when i try to
So, I really enjoyed playing this game as much as playing the girls version but I think you should work on the look of boy idols. In the girl's version they look more like korean idol than here. What I'm about to say is just to change outfits and hairstyles so they would look more like korean idols if that makes sense. Like when fans draw fanarts. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Other than that everything is great just keep on updating graphics like you do for girls version. Thank you very much for creating such a game. ❀
I played the EN web version a few years ago, so I was really looking forward to this. I know it's just been released but this really needs improvement. Grammar isn't that good, the text sometimes goes out of the text box, and the screen doesn't always respond when I tap. Also, gameplay isn't saved when I exit the app. Every time I open the app, I go right back to the intro scene. I'm kinda disappointed that this isn't anything like the original Star Project.