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BoxCat : Meow Jump, Jumping game, Fun and easy

BoxCat : Meow Jump, Jumping game, Fun and easy for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Waycoder located at 전라남도 나주시 배멧 2길 25, 338호. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such a great game. No glitching, no freezing, perfect for cat lovers. Easy but fun, this game is outstanding.
This game is so cute! The animation for the cats are adorable. As a cat person myself this is adorable and addicting. *help i want to animate but this is so fun i cant stop playing wth*
I have given this game 5 stars beacause its simple very fun and easy to use i love this app alot! 5 stars :))
I really really wanted to play this game, but it won't let me. I get through to the screen with a cat on a box, but then nothing happens, no matter where I tap on the screen. No boxes for me to jump, no tutorial, nothing. I've tried uninstalling and downloading again, but the same result.
This game is really fun and the cats omg they are adorable I just can't stand how cute the cats are, anyways i would so recomend this game theres honestly not much you can do in the game but if you have free time download this damn game. ★★★★★ there ya go creators シ︎
I just downloaded the game and omg the cats r soooo cutee😻 and it's a pretty nice game too but might need to play more to get full view😉😉
The game is nice and fun but its too laggy and constantly messes me up to the point of it me uninstalling the game I checked and it wasnt my innernet...
Simple and fun good animations just how I want any game to be, and also probably one of the cutest things ever. ❤️
Its a fun game, no bugs or anything like that, The cats are cute and I found intresting you can move your screan around and see the cats that you currently have in places! Many diffrent cats and themes!
This is such a cute game, definitely one of my all time favorite games, I even recommended it to a friend which I don't usually do. The game play is pretty simple: Collect cats and make your cat avatar jump over the stacking boxes so it doesn't fall! I do have a complaint though, hence the 4 star rating, a lot of the cats have a costume alternative but when you get the cosplay version of a cat it changes the cat in the room and you can't change it back, I would love for you change this. Thanks!
I love cats so much but im not sure how to get the cats on the box only if there was a turotrial but over all it is a really good game for me i love cats i even have a cat so this isnt new
Game play is simple and smooth, and the art style is so cute and sleek! Seems like a great time killer for cat lovers Edit: it's 1000% worth buying the package for no-ads for $2.99 if you find yourself playing this game a lot!! Comes with a new cat and level 😻
I love it!! It's so cute and I would totally be up for a dog version if you guys wanna make one I would totally play it!! (Not saying you have to just suggesting)!! ❤❤
I really Love this game! 💕 Its really cute, but why cant you give the Cats name? pls 🙏 make it that you can Name the Cats💕
Very simple, but hardish at the same time? No overly complicated stuff. Pretty relaxing and the kitties are cutte! :3
I give it a 4-star rating because it wouldn't stop bothering me about how it wanted a rating if you're wondering if it actually does that sits told yes there are cats yes you just tap and stack boxes up I don't know what else to say so just that's all so goodbye I feel like I'm writing a letter
Download this app today so entertaining,and so fun Oh and if you like my rateing type My hero Academia or boku no hero in your search and find the most amazeing app ever😺😸😉
I'm having the same problem as some other users, after loading in it shows me the little white cat on the box but never does anything no matter how much I click around and wait
I feel like it's a game you get addicted and dont get addicted too, the fact that I like just is just it but it's real nice and since i don't have a cat pet I get to have some in the game.
It's a great game but it has ads and we need to accept that...if we will not then we can't play but I don't think it has that much ad that's why I give it 4 🌟 Star's and I think it is a new game...
it's lovely and a great concept but it lags for 1/4th of a second every now and then which makes the box hit the cat without even having a chance to make it jump on time. would love for this glitch to be fixed because it is otherwise lovely
Cute game 💜💙 the art is nice and the gameplay isn't bad, the only annoying thing is that there are quite many ads other than that the game is 🅝🅘🅒🅔 🙃.
LOVE IT LOVE IT. I like how you get the fish I find no problems and the only thing is that 2 boxes some times come at the same time and its very diffclet to get passed
This game is a ton of fun, and it's so worth buying the robot and lucky cats. Ads are gone but I can still get all the extra fish with a click! The challenges are doable but take practice, and it's easy to get new cats! I love looking at the different outfits and seeing where they all are around the room. This game is an 11/10 for me! Thank you for helping-- now I have Hover Cat too :D
Cute animations, a bit tricky gameplay but you get the hang of the delay. Plus all the cats look super cuddly and adorable!
Nice and funny, too bad that it does not use Facebook or Google account to save progress when you delete the game or change devices...
The game is fun and it's enjoyable to collect the different cats. I definitely see potential updates to this game. I would love to see more mini games instead of just jumping on top of items. Please add more!!! The animations are cute too. I would love a free for all room to pick a cat and just watch it move around in the room and maybe knock things off of the shelves, etc.
Love it! I just a kid so I wish I could buy things from the game! I think you should add a help guide for noobs/beginners because I see people asking for it, really love it, woth my time, amazing ❤️❤️❤️
I wish that clothing was something you could turn on and off and not something that shows up as a completely different cat and shoves the unclothed cat out. I also wish that we could rename the cats. It is still a great game though and the cats are super cute.
TLDR: stir clear of this ad infested game❌ I only gave it an extra star because it's CATS and I love cats + graphics are pretty nice &cute. But... that's it. Otherwise it would've been a 1 star. So leaving cats &graphics aside, treat my review as a 1star: PLETHORA of disruptive ads, unresponsive if you tap too fast (you're required to tap fast past 100 boxes) feels like a coding issue. Personally I do not recommend it. Also, $3 for no ads? Greedy &glitchy, it earned the uninstall in 4mins.
It looks ok. The only problem is that when I get to the loading screen where I think you're to accept the rules and stuff, there's nothing there. Even in I click the button nothing happens. I'm sure the game to fun but the beginning where the loading screen happens is an issue for me.
I also cannot get the cat to jump! I have tapped on the screen and nothing happens. I have uninstalled and redownloaded only to still have the same problem. I hope the developer can get it fixed because I think the game looks so cute.
One, these animations are adorable and amazing😊🤩 Too, I love cats, and there's a lot of games and apps where there's something jumping on a box, stacking it up, and the cats. The cat version is adorable and amazing😂😁🥰🤩🥳😶
This game is adorable and addictive. It's worth the $2.99 to remove ads, though the ads aren't bothersome at all. Cats are super cute and it keeps you wanting to play so you can unlock more. Good job, developers!
Giving four stars because of the ads but I really like the game! Simple yet fun gameplay, and cute cats. You can get new cats by completing challenges or buying them with the fish you earn! 9/10, cute game!
It's okay. Cute. Just downloaded it. One thing that actually kind of annoys me and it's something that I don't like with any app game, is not being able to save your data. And on top of that, y'all expect people to spend 2.99 to remove ads? Are y'all high?! Only a moron would spend money on an app game they cannot save their data with. It's asinine. I could see maybe a $1 but $3? Plus tax? No. That's a bad move. Edit: Or $44.99 Y'all are definitely high! For a game that doesn't save.😂