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Bowling King

Bowling King for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Miniclip.com located at Miniclip SA Case Postale 2671 2001 NeuchΓ’tel Switzerland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 9 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I had 700,000 chips and i entered a match that cost 500,000. I bowled my first 3 balls and then I randomly got put into a loafing screen that too me back to the select screen. I lost my 500,000 chips for no reason. Thus is the third time this has happened to me. The first 2 time were low values but this time I lost almost all my chips. Be aware that this might happen to you. If that didn't happen to me, I would rate this 5 stars but I worked so hard to get that many chips and then poof its gone.
I like the game but AS ALWAYS.....Greedy, cheating S.O.B.'s that keep winning the top 3 prizes on challenge mode. The person who does this week after week after week after week is shameless and clueless if he thinks no one can figure out that it's mathematically impossible to EARN it in about 41 minutes......without fail. Nobody can clear 50 stages in that amount of time. I pointed it out to miniclip & they do nothing about it. People WONT make in-app purchases in a game rife with cheaters.
What an exciting and enjoyable APP that is realistic and challenging. Thank you. It's always a pleasure using this bowling APP. I have tried other bowling apps and always come back to this one. Thank you for the GREAT entertainment. Back for more fun. Thank you!
This game is pretty cool. I am only at lvl 8 at the moment and have lost track how many perfect games ive cot
This game is acting up. I'm in the middle of the game and it will do a reset. Whatever money you have already put at stake will disappear. I know it's not real money but still very annoying.
This game was nice until I keep playing against higher players and at the very end of the game it crashes just out of no where like these players have a button they can hit. I've complained about this before and yet nothing has been done. I've even Uninstalled game and left for awhile and come back to the same non sense. Either fix the game or I will simply just uninstall for good
This is the best bowling i've done! Easy control and fun tournaments. The downside? The opponents are computer controlled.. The game MYSTERIOUSLY SUBTRACTS tokens from you.. The game DROPS YOUR TOKENS in the middle of games!
It's a great game and I think j you should install! 1 problem is that sometime the ball kinda glitches put and goes the opposite way you want it to. Otherwise you should install! (I'm not a bot)🀣
I always get strikes so I love this game I have remembered this game when I was little we were in the hundred pins maybe that was years ago when I forgot every game I have in my play store now it was yesterday in the Philippines I just installed it and it was fun
The game is cool but it doesn't allow enough time to see the point difference. It flashes the winning or pising points for 1 secong then tells you if you win or lose. Also you can't see the game from different angles.
It's fun to pass the time playing. Not really an overly accurate depiction, and it's too easy to bowl a perfect game, but it's still fun. I like it
Very good game.. but I noticed on 100 pin bowling 🎳 there are some cheater πŸ€” hacking the game to win not a fair match 😑 they just take all the winnings. Other than that I love this game..
Its addictive!!! Especially since I never been Bowling before. The app has some lag sometimes, however it's a fun experience. I wish Bowling King had other sign on options. We don't always want to use our social media platforms.
Had no problems with this game for ages, bar a few minor bugs, then today I logged on to find my whole profile had reset for no reason. Back to level 1, and lost all the balls I paid for and everything!
This game has been acting up for the past month. The configuration is way off! First, it changed the color of my lane...just like that! Unable to change it back. Then you can't maneuver the ball correctly. If you aim the ball either to the left or right, that's an automatic gutter ball. Please fix whatever's going on!! I love this game and I would hate to delete it!
Look this game is fun but the problem is i always get put with higher level players, im level 13 at the moment and i get put with level 100s and up, its so hard to win, they have better balls and much more experience, please fix the matchmaking.
Been playing this game for 3 yrs & now I can not see my pins and lane at all. Have even redownloaded and still garbage.
Fun, exciting, and very competetive. I would rate it 5 star but the only problem i have is i can hit the exact same shot twice and on one of them it will leave pins up and it doesnt make sense its like its fixed expecially on the tornaments. I even tested it and so did my friend and it is like the game cheats an doesnt want me to win. And the game restarts for no reason and takes all my money .
After your hard earned cash from the very start. Nice easy game all ages can enjoy but devs want your money it seems b4 you have a chance to sit down and count your money. Shame realy as its not a bad little game.
Just downloaded and it feels great so far. Only complaint is that I'd like to see a little more physics happen on the pins with more powerful throws colliding with them.
Just deleted. They advertise they match you with people your level. I made it to level 15 (beginner), when i put my hard earned coins in for 500,000 game, my competition was a level 345 rolled a perfect game. I tried it again, got the same guy. Lost most of my months work in 2 games against a pro. No thanks, i have better things to do.
I have been playing this game for a few years now. However recently the game changed and is not as accurate as it used to be. After numerous reinstalls, I am having trouble bowling around obstacles in the challenge stages that I have normally been able to avoid. The ball and pin effect have also changed regardless of the kind of ball I use, normal or special. Not sure if it's a bug or just a system change. Either way I have uninstalled the game and have no desire to ever play again.
It a good challenge game to play and fun to play and not easy to win and try to keep your money without the other players getting it all and leave you with nothing to play again you have wait until get more money which not so either all the time
I've been playing bowling King for over 1 year and enjoy the game but I dont think I will continue for much longer due to the fact that now there are so many cheats on there and it spoils the game completely example..some people have worked out how to just roll the ball down the gutter and get a perfect score every time and others fly the ball through the air it doesn't even touch the ground. And its pretty hard to compete with these cheats that get a perfect score every time for not even bowl
Fun but what a cash cow. Entry fees are half of the payout and you 9nly get paid if you win. Otherwise, you're paying for game time.
Reason why i gave it a " 3 " is because i noticed that the higher your score is ; it could just be me but the bowling floor and ball starts to do funky little things. Over the past 20 years or so i've bowled with some good players im talking scores like 269, 300+ scores anyway; once my scores reached like 250 and higher ball and floor started acting and looking weird. I am just going to monitor my bowling and monitor the flow of things. Any changes i will rate higher no changes; well ...........
In the beginning this game was fun UNTIL I came across the Hackers & robots that play as well! Some rivals I've played against have bowling balls that float & some throw gutter balls & their marked as strikes smh. All these things happening to the hard playing individuals is very upsetting!! I've sent an email to the game but never get a response back, I wonder why? & it occasionally shuts off in the middle of your game, I've lost over $100 of my own money to this game & I haven't seen it yet!!
It seems like the pins fall over before your opponents ball hits the pins. And why do people with quite expensive balls and a lot of fake money why do they play against beginners all the time
Ive been playing this for a while now & have unlocked and purchased with my diamonds most of the Los Angeles lanes. The thing I am unhappy about is barely any of the graphics show up on the lanes. Its just a black bowling lane.
I had to delete this game, someway i lost all my coins and i was leading the game.. the screen just flash sending me in main menu.... so my phone had nothing to do with it. Very disappointed...
I really like this game .it gives the player more control over the way the balls roll..it gives you that little bit of control to make up for a bad throw but be careful you dont over compensate.I try an play it everyday
It's a great game...but I'm noticing floating balls and even invisible ones and it's some hack that makes them win every time and is there any way that can be blocked so people can't do that? What's the fun in winning by cheating?
I've played this game for about 5 years it's a classic never gets old and I can play with my friend on Facebook I highly recommend this game to everyone. Btw I have a very laggy device so if your phone/tablet is slow I also recommend this game to you.
I rated this app 5 stars at 1st bc let's be honest this game is awesome and if you let yourself get lost in it(which is very easy to do) hours pass by unknowingly. Recently I have had issues with in app purchases, which I emailed customer service and expected it would be sorted out quickly considering I sent screen shots of my bank account where the money was taken. All I got was what looked like a generic auto reply saying they would review my complaint. That was 3 days ago and still nothing.
It's a super interesting game. If you play this I guarantee you will be at the happiest of you. So many good features, so easy missions to complete and win prizes and unlock new balls, pins and lanes. Once you win coins you'll rank up and you can connect with friends, I mean play with your friends just by loging in with Facebook... Such a super game... I love it..
Strenghts:Good grahpics, Simple but fun, Announcers are not annoying. Weaknesses:Way too easy,(Make it challenging), The crowd is too loud, Game can be too short. Overall:I give this a 4/5.It has very many strenghts, but it also has some little weaknesses here and there.
Great game but won't allow my wife or me to add each other. We are hoping for a update to resolve this. Otherwise very fun game.
It won't let me win the prizes it's impossible!! I played a huge game and I got all of the pins then it made a pin stand up I lost a big amount of counters!! 😠 It is impossible to do the levels to get prizes. There's to many hackers!! There was a freeze in the game it won't unfreeze it can take your counters after connection goes and it took all of my counters it's crashing and making me lose 50 million!! I put the ball to the side to line up and it goes down the gutter I'm not playing again
This game sucks ads pop up doring game takes my money I have played this game a long time 5years by by.make a complaint you make things worse.Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it sucks Also when I lose it won't let me play same player again but they can play me again please fix.Or I will delete again.9-9 -2020, going to try app. Again still sucks.trying app.again11/1/20game still sucks 😠 going to try again.
This is a very nice bowling game.but I playing always 50 million laswegas match.there are no opponents under 100 level.because of that I drew all games.if games are will drew there are rental fees get. Please add club event to this game please please.
A little sluggish at first, too many options presented very early. It's kind of overwhelming to someone just learning how to control the ball. That being said, all in all, a good game, graphics take some getting used to, but I really like the tilt feature.
Its a great game...... No It Is The Worst! I had 30 billions of money and now when I try and open it, it keeps stopping! Pls fix the bugs for a better feedback. THE WORST GAME ON EARTH 😑🀬🌎
Super Fun! Great time killer! Just wish there was better rewards and you could have more options for bucks or gems instead of paying tons of cash. Or like gems an dollar rewards for tournaments. Other than that i enjoy it very much!
It's a fun game but compared to other bowling games, it's too hard to get better balls. Graphics are pretty simple but I enjoy playing a few games here and there.
I loved this game, besides that I'm on mobile and whenever I'm playing with someone, it asks if "I wAnNa leave" Sorry, But it's just a but annoying-
It's not 100% accurate via for instance I got really high in the ranks special balls and even though I had them I was getting beat by people with a lot lower ranks which the only option was to pay Β£10+ to buy other special equipment/I'd already spent a fortune on it good fun while it lasted but Greed / money orientated I'm talking like Β£100-Β£500πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ž if you're rich /well off then this the game for you πŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ˜œ
Will not give 5 stars till you fix the game to where it can not get hacked today is 11/7/2020 and when I go to play the 500,000 match the 100 pin game it not letting me turn my ball sideways. And it is also taking me off my game to where I lose my game
Too easy to get strikes, it's just games of if someone stuffs up, not really a challenge. End up just leaving the match if one pin is left standing, it's just quicker than having the other player slowly win the game they're inevitably gonna win. I'm actually quite disappointed in the game.
I am most enjoying this game . It is so addictive andi was playing this game this morning ,right after i ate lunch, downloaded it on ALL of my devices and still playing .and hey you have a very cool anouncer that deffinitly keeps the game going! I am enjoying the game. Can you beat me? It has been soon time now and I still find this game as fun as I did when I first downloaded it a very long time ago. I still enjoy the challenges it gives me and the sound of the ball as it gives me more strikes.
Starting out giving the game five Stars. So far okay. We shall see. The graphics in the game are so so just okay not that great. It's like all the other Google app store games if you want to play you're going to have to pay. And you know what! I really don't mind paying a developer real money if the game is really good and really fair and no cheating and no game fixing. Unfortunately ! Most games on Google are letting alot of players cheat ! I hate losing to a p o s cheater .
As the one & only best bowler of almost best bowlers, i gotta say... This game sucks for my opponents! If ya like grabbing balls, try it out gang! Heck!, If ya like tossing balls with a firm hold, come play!
The game needs a practice option. Figuring out how to position the ball to pick up spares has to be done in game. I've done well in the 7 games I've played going 5-2. The 2 losses are largely due to the above mentioned issue.
Very fun game me and partner play against each other and enjoy it but have found the game is fixed, I've had games of full strikes and people have had spares but then has told me I've lost? Even when bowled a perfect game. Not happy
I love this game. I started playing it at 12 years old and I'm now 20. This game is time consuming, easy to play, and very well detailed. Haven't had any glitches or mess ups yet. Great job
Great graphics and nice prizes!!! Good all around game for offline play including great 1on1 bowling!
Well see all of y'all at 8 ball pool, great job on the game, y'all just work on the other customers issues okay but good job to all of y'all okay.
Developers are not honest. There are cheaters playing you and often ask for a rematch if you lose just to cheat again. You notice it when the game blinks or glitches which gives them a strike. I had hopes that this game would be fair and honest but just like most of these games, sadly, it's manipulated. Seems like these things never end. My advice.. Don't even get involved. Peace
Really hate how every game pressure you to buy stuff. It gets to a point where you can't play sometimes and I'll just refuse to continue to play. There mobile phone games not proper console games it's ridiculous.
I was just about to Uninstall the app but decided to play it once first. Well once is all it took. I've been playing it nonstop. Fun and intense when playing against others for a perfect game
I've been playing for the last 10 years and lately I just had to switch phones around the phone was broken I lost 1 billion points and I have to start over but I like to dance too much that I'm doing it all over again I think you enjoyed try it in my life
This game sucks ads pop up doring game takes my money I have played this game a long time 5years by by.make a complaint you make things worse.Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it sucks Also when I lose it won't let me play same player again but they can play me again please fix.Or I will delete again.9-9 -2020, going to try app. Again still sucks.trying app.again11/1/20game still sucks 😠
the ads always come after finished the game. that's bother me... and take too long like 30 second.. i love the game.. i play with my friends.. but i feel bored for watching the adsπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
Great game. Enjoy for hours at a time. I really like how you can get extra chips. Highly recommend it.
This is much better of an app than I expected. Similar template set up as 8Ball Pool, which is one of the best apps ever.
You guys are always asking for my opinion so you need to be able to mute the other player because I swear it's almost cost me braking my and hand because the stupid person I'm playing with won't stop talking s*** or it's the f****** talk button over and over and over and over and over when it's your turn if I was able to mute the other player I'd give it five
My 1st bowling game was Bowling Crew. Bowling King is a nice bowling game. I just wish the graphics were better. Especially after playing Bowling Crew, which has amazing graphics. But does lack some of the features that this game has ( which I enjoy). Such as tournaments, & more custom balls. I don't particularly care for the ability to steer the ball by moving my phone.
Im gonna delete game if you relize. Its like Mini clip 8 bool pool. Years you play n build your status. Then they want you to use real money. If not you start loosing almost every game. Miniclip is a joke SERIOUSLY !!!!! Just wait you win tornamate an before. You know it starts over again. Says your oppenents service is slow. But thier ball is in the air. Never touches the floor. Strike after stike. πŸ˜‚ Just like miniclip 8ball pool what a joke !!
Tbh I do not like this game anymore I used to play this when I was 8 and it was very fun but now it is very boring to me. The lag is very annoying and the glitch where you can't turn your ball is very ridiculous. Also it is too easy to bowl a strike and it gets boring when you or the person keeps getting strikes. Also it bribes you into getting coins by leaving it a rate and I did that but it did not work so the same day I uninstalled the game for lying and being boring. Don't Download😑
Its a nice game to spend a maximum time...but little more foult is that its only online play never to off line play...some time net slow or off and game not to play...human some time in journy and he feel that this game pass our time to journy but usally net requried to play this game...
I like this bowling game app, but it is really hard. I think that there should be, 3 levels like level 1 it would be easy mode, then level 2 kinda easy, 3 would be hard.
Super fum.amazing. exciting never boring ,always very intriguing,I never get tired of playing the game I could get more stagnant the more you play. It gets better the further you make in the game. I love this game
Fun to play. The thing to keep tou busy. For hours on end. Almost as real as real life bowling. I like for fact that you can turn the phone to turn the ball and let it go where youbwant it to.
A great game to play in my past time, always looking forward to busting up the next competitor. It's like being in a real bowling alley and league try it for yourself you wont be disappointed.πŸ‘
Fun game but like so many other games, it's pre-determined who wins and who looses....oys very obvious and designed to make you want to spend money on upgrades....again, like most other game apps
Fun game to kill some time and boredom. Me like very much. The adds are there, but unlike in other apps, you're not getting flooded with it. The app is for free, so I appreciate the balance you've found.
Love the game I've been playing it for a few years now. But I have recently stumbled across an issue that I've never had before. My balls and pins are in colour as usual but my lane it black and not showing colour or pattern ect whilst I'm in a game but when I click my profile it shows witch I have chosen. It annoying please fix
This is one of the best bowling games out there. I like all the options of game play that is available. Love the jackpot, wish there was a way to win more tickets other than the challenge, which I'm stuck on. The only thing is that sometime it kicks you out during a game and you automatically lose. Wish we could at least get our chips back. Please fix and I will rate this an all around perfect 5 stars.
Too many glitches, and sometimes in the middle of the game it would send me back to the main menu, and I didn't even get to finish or see the end of the round, just right back to the main menu and took my chips like I lost after only like two rolls. Used most of my chips moving to next level and was winning, but didn't even get to finish my turn it just sent me back to the main menu and took my chips. Boo!
Easy to bowl the ball. Easy to navigate the ball. Easy to throw the ball. Easy to control how fast the ball goes. Easy to guide the ball in the direction you want it to go. Fun game to play. The background is really cool. The visual effects are really cool. The audio effects are really cool and fun. The bowling balls are really cool and go really fast. The bowlling balls are just like regular bowling balls you would use at a bowling alley.
Good graphics, decent gameplay but....it's set up too make you lose. Fake bot players programmed to make you win in the beginning and then once you're hooked after a few wins, you start losing. That concept is called pay-to-play. As you lose, unsurprisingly, cue the ads to buy more in-game coin. I'm not naive, I know it's a model used by most games but here it's so obvious it dulls the game. There are better bowling games out there that at least allows you to enjoy the gameplay.
I can't say enough about this game it really was done right Graphics are great fast pace so you can play on the go or play multiple games when you're relaxing it's really quite true to the game I tip my hat to the people who created bowling King thank you for the entertainment
⭐⭐⭐⭐.. I've had this game before and it is still without a doubt the GREATEST bowling game in the app store!. Thanks to the developers for this awesome game!. πŸ™ Plus the options to earn new bowling balls and alleys is great as well!. If you like bowling look no further honestly!... This game still rocks!. And I still try to get everyone I can to download just because it's just that fun!. Thanks again creator or creators of this for your time and effort in making this game!.❀
Its almost like real bowling. I love how you move ur phone to guide the ball. I wish it was a little more challenging though, its very easy to get a strike. Almost all my games i get a perfect score with all strikes. So it gets boring quick. Also i wish we were able to buy more stuff in chips. Instead to buy most stuff yoy have to use gems and you have to buy them. Like they should of had some of the pins were we are able to buy in chips instead they all have to be bought in gems.
Was liking the game I went to go on this morning and my profile picture and friends were gone. Please fix
I love bowling and this game. I just wish that the 10 frame games weren't at the very end, but that you would start with 10 frame games.
Top notch game and I love the controlle I have on the ball all the way to the pins. Good job. Just fun, really funπŸ‘‰πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
If you enjoy playing against bots pretending to be real people, this is the game for you. Game starts out too easy to win and ends up impossible to win due to the inconsistency of the game play. No thanks.
The only problem is people just throwing it in to the gutter and its an automatic strike. When people do that it pretty much takes the fun out of game. This game is cheating i just spun using my tickets and game kept on spinning I just won'te d to spin once and it kept on spinning even though I tried to stop it. I'm done with this game I been playing since 2018 im done this game has to many bugs. I recommend people to quit because there's alot of shaddy stuff going on in this game
Good fun. Just wish you could get better bowling balls a lot earlier, without either paying to get them or needing a shed load of tokens. If this changes, I'd be happy to award the extra start as it does deserve it
Great game but something is wrong lately. The ball will not respond when on the edges of the alley. πŸ€”
Bowling along with other games are my favorites for many years I have played this before and I love it please make more
I've been playing for quite a while now and I'm a bit frustrated with the overabundance of cheaters during parts of this game. It's a fun game but you people that feel the need to cheat are disgusting and take away that fun. I take screenshots of every cheater that I play in hope that your account will be eliminated. Shame on you.
Fun game to play, just hate the ads. There never used to be any years ago when I played this. If there were no ads I would have given 5 stars but overall a very good game.
I think it is a pretty fun game without being too difficult to play. You definitely will need the better equipment to go farther in the challenge mode.
I just downloaded this app, so I haven't had much time to play it. So far I've done a few head to head games and a few levels of challenge mode. The challenges start off easy but get pretty hard some are impossible I'd say. But overall still good game.
It's really fun. Quick and easy with good competition. Good if you want to spend money or if not. ONLY game I've EVER played on phone!! AWESOME
Bowling King is very fun but you might ask why did I give it a four-star because you could accidentally Mash something and buy it but what is really cool like some other game you have to buy a lot but in this game you can watch an ad get diamond cash coins this app is really cool and I encourage you to get it it's totally free unless you want to buy chips hope you like it.
Good game to kill some time and also fun game to play and nice to play people from all over the world.
Im just having a BALL, but there is an issue, you can try and give us players a little more ball control and A LOT more PIN action, it would make the game more realistic...thanks.!!
How are people throwing the ball into the gutter & still getting a strike?! No wonder one guy had over 3 billion coins. Didn't used to be like this when I played years ago. Takes the fun completely out of it which will prevent people from spending money. Ur loss really.
The game is fun and a good design, it would be a 5 star. however there needs to be a few things added to make it less frustrating 1) there should be a tie breaker system to prevent draws. I can bowl 10 perfect games in a row and still end up having lost coins cause all of them are draws. 2) the % lost out of the winnings should be removed or not be taken out of draws. This isn't an issue if 1 is addressed 3) need a report system to report obvious cheating. Levitating balls, gutter ball strikes.
Game is fun and would be 5 stars but the commercials are way to long. 30 second commercials is ridiculous and a waste of time. If there are going to be commercials 5 seconds and under is way to go.
Wish I could give this game 0 stars. This is a disgrace to 1 star games it's so awful. It was the absolute best bowling game available until the most recent update made it worthless. I had the game rated 5 stars but now 1. Don't waste your time.