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Bowling Idle - Sports Idle Games for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Bowling App located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Someone preferred this game for me and I downloaded it from play store. Although I have not cashed out yet but I sense it is good enough.... Please someone should help me How can I activate PayPal on this game. I really couldn't do the activation of PayPal which made me deleted it but re-download again.
This App won't work and hanging freeze when l reached LVL 398 and more then 100+ dollars l scored, l cant continue with it and can not cash out/withdraw. The App only playing music, after force to close the App. music continue non stop. What a big bug or fake/scram.
I am not giving no stars as I have played this game longer then 60 days. I am at 98 dollars and change and it has stopped giving me money and I haven't had any prop effects in a long time either. They should tell you before you start playing all the loop holes you have to go through. I am at level 284 and your saying I have to go to 500. Just pay me already. And to use 3000 props that's impossible. So you get paid for people playing your game and you pay no one is this how it works? Boo
All of their Games are lies. I played their early access game 2048 card and waited the 3 days plus they required for the money too load in too my account IT NEVER DID. I EMAILED THEM 4 TIMES ASKING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON AND THEY NEVER RESPONDED I REPORTED THEM TO GOOGLE BECAUSE THESE GAMES ARE JUST SCAMS AND SHOULD NOT BE IN THE APP STORE. If you want people too play your game dont lie about prizes or money it makes people hate you.
Fun but to many bugs adverts stop working and loose about $3 To $5 a day because video don't load keeps happening so will delete app and not download any more from this games developer
Had the game. Was supposed to cash out with paypal, well over $100. I know, I know, lame. But game crashed every time i opened it. Couldn't handle the wealth i was accumulating😳. Sucks!!
Downloaded today was loving it until I had $7 of my pay pal winnings come up missing. I will not play a game that steals my winnings making it harder for me to cash out once I complete the necessary requirements.
So I am testing the game till I receive the money ($2) and it says that it was violated. So I would say that this app is fake. I already help you cuz I don't want you to waste 3 weeks on this game. And don't believe the ads (especially the woman says that you'll gettin' $2 million a week). I hope Google terminate this game asap.
Dont understand what happened, but my game froze after I got my PayPal cash up to $116.56, and I'm not allowed to cash out until I reach $120.00
Dear Sir/Madam: I would like to request to review the Paypal Idle games The Bowling Idle is just one of them). Admittedly, the games are good, fun and pay while you play. But if you will look at their advertisement, all games would pay $50 up to S1,000. I tried a lot of their games but none of it was true. Per every games they pay only $.05 and max of $1.05. For example the game fancy fishing, their advertisement is you will win $100 up but there is really none and I was already stage 4 of 5 and my earning is still $16. I hope you could look up to their advertisement its because people are playing their game but if they are not true to their advertisement, they should change and tell the people they are not really paying high. Thank you very much and more power to goggle.
Bit slow but good just give a more info on how to play the and what is the goal but to looks okay still don't understand it
is Ben actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be and then I realized I can make money off of it too so that was kind of cool I would suggest one thing though if you're going to join and have Facebook go ahead I didn't want to because it forces you to use Facebook but as long as they pay out then I'm happy. I wish it wasn't so long to pay out though.update..no way to payout legit so am tired of this, developers, you have been reported to GOOGLE PLAY for FALSE ADVERTS!!!
Well, it has now been five months since I've been able to play!!! Even after I just received the option to update it... it still freezes!!! Already wrote the so called email and like all the others no response. It's becoming obviously the developer is not going to fix the freezing.
The main point of me playing the game is because I saw that you could cash out small amounts, highly dissapointed when I found out that I have to reach a certain level and need to use certain power ups just to get paid. If it didn't have that, I would've given it a 4/5 stars or even a 5/5 stars, that issue is a big one especially for people who are unemployed, I really hope the devs do something about this issue.
This game is rather ridiculous and close to being impossible to cash out atleast $20. What's more is that, this app is the very reason why my phone got a virus, good thing my phone has an anti-virus app and recommended to uninstall this app which I did of course!
Frozen months ago and I mean months at 76.82. Then it went completely off of the market but still on my phone. Now it's back on the market beware do NOT download this game They will not answer my emails or nothing, had a too many updates, still no change still frozen. They are being investigated along with all the other applications are fake & false advertising like a job. Pay Me !!!!!!!
I just changed my review on this game from a 5 to a 1. I loved playing this game. It is very addictive, but it has been frozen and unable to play for several days now. I am up to level 398 with 16+ lanes going. I was going to look into cashing out some money then it froze. VERY disappointed!!! I spent a lot of time playing this game for nothing! As it is, these idle games make it ridiculously impossible to even cash out a measly $2.00 fricken dollars. Going to uninstall it!!
You won't be able to withraw the cash since there is a requirement that you need to use upgrades that the system does not provide to get the money. A comlete waste of time and data... it will lure you with the amount of cash that you'll see associated with the paypal logo but you won't be able to cash it out... this is garbage
This game started off fun! And after 1 week it shows just over $30 in winning. But, you cant cash out anything without doing 3 things first. 1, you need to play a specific number of days for each prize amount. 2, you need to to reach a certain level for each amount. And 3, you need to get a specific amount of specials ( like flaming bowling balls) The problem is I have only been able to get 25 of the 220 specials you need. And haven't gotten any new ones since the 3nd day. So they never pay!!!
This app makes you get to level 600 before you can cash out. It took me 1 month to get to level 66 playing 2 hrs a night. This app is misleading and should tell po people that from the get go. They probably figure that people will get too annoyed by the time they cash out to attempt to keep going and they know most people dont want to spend hours a day of the extracurricular time to try. Typical marketing scheme game with way too many ads every 30 seconds.
What a big SCAM. I've waited 2 weeks and it's still pending, they say it will took about 3-7 working hours. Don't install this SCAM PAYING GAME.
Impossible to redeem rewards to be able to cash out. The task to redeem even just a $2 is ridiculous and will take u a total of more than a week to use the app.
I don't like when that guy just put one star but i rate this game 3 stars because i think i'm going to get paypaland my sister is using my account because she doesn't have google
I have been playing this game for months now. I am " $96.63" but really should have a little over $100. Every time I get money rewarded it won't let me click it to claim the amounts. This game was fun and addictive now it is takes my time. If you don't want to pay the players then remove the money part of the game. Wished I could give 0 stars. You need to get your business together. Spent months playing this game for nothing!!
I did like the game. I did get the 2d pay out but with paypal fees you dont even get the 2d. Now i have been playing over 2 months to even get the 5d. My game is frozen now. Everytime i go in it it plays just a second and then freezes.
Nice game but I am still waiting for $2 to get in my paypal. I've emailed the developer and wait. I plan to give a higher rating when I get the reward in my paypal and update my review.
I'm gonna keep this nice and simple. It's a good sort of fun for a few minutes when you have nothing else to do kinda game, and the money comes in quite nicely. However you need a lot of commitment. To cash out 20$ you need to use prop effects 3800 times, meaning you have to watch 3800 videos. If you were to have this game for 1 year, save up your cash and stay commited, you will have a nice amount of money, but it takes a very long time
I really like this game however it it frozen and I want uninstall and reinstall but I'm afraid that I will lose all of my data. ( money, level, props used etc...) can anyone please tell me how to refresher or something. Thank you. You are exactly right. I made it to $96.21 and it frozen, finally I uninstalled and reinstalled and I get nothing but a black screen. Locked out. I think that really sux and it should be illegal with ramifications.
Gaming critic review Firstly, downloading the game was exciting. However, after 3 days of keeping this game, I realised the glitches as well as the animation task was non existent. I tried to get to the task in always possible but to no surprise, it did not work. I finally reached out to the developer and no response. I tried 2 more times after that and they just don't respond. This game should be removed from the Play Store for the Playstore to keep it's good reputation. Do not download!
I can't play ads to get the PayPal cash. Pathetic game using people to tell to earn money, but nothing happens for the players to earn money. False advertising, don't download this app guys. Just a waste of time and memory to your android phone.
so far I have been playing this game for I few days now. I like playing it but sometimes I get frustrated when I the ads for collecting paypal card inside the game would not load. I also kind of find it troublesome that you have to use more than 300 effects before you could claim the $2 inside the game.
This app is one of the worst for sounding really good but in the end it doesn't live up to its lofty claims. Before you can actually request a payout, you have to play for a certain time (days), reach a certain level and use a determined number of props(?). I have reached level 53 and there is nothing in the game about props(?). Either way, I don't have time for apps that make claims and then when you install, it's another story. Uninstalling
At first it was great until I reach an higher level, then my game, quite working, ever time I go into thee sight, my game would not work, all I get is sound, thee pitcher not working, am i out all that money now,? Do I have to start all over now by downloading another game app, will my money be on there? If so, do I start all over again,? What's happens if it does it again? How are you going to fix it,? You set the rules and I go buy them so I can collect money, we can't win money,
They don't pay out. Scam. I've been playing this for days. I've got to Β£99.90 on the PayPal total then suddenly the PayPal bonuses stop. Nothing for 3 days. I've played the game, watched hundreds of ads, I want my damn money.
While playing and managed to have $11.86, after watching an ads, it went back to $10.88. It did not happen only once but twice. This game realy sucks.
At first I loved it. It was addictive and fun. Plus you earn money. However, when I went to cash out (which it says you can do at $2, $5, $20, $50, or $100) there are extra stipulations. To cash out at $50, you have to have played for 60 days, be at level 600, andhave used 1200 boosters. RIDICULOUS TRIPE. Especially as, after a while, it only gives cents and not dollars. False advertising. Put out or get out. I have sat thru so many ads and, in light of us currently Unemployed, this sucks.
The game is somehow, anytime am trying to claim my rewards it's always misbehave that i will later lose the rewards. Try to improve this game. I couldn't claim my rewards at all. I would have loved to rate it five stars cause i enjoyed it but......it misbehaving.
I wish I can give this app no stars. I'm only keeping the game because I've already earned a good amount of money but this game sucks at letting you cash out or get the money that you earn you have to do so much in order just to get a $1 so after I probably hit the 100-mark I'm probably going to uninstall. And this game has no directions, doesn't tell you really it's really not a clear app, and it needs better and quit with the ads.
the only thing that is wrong it takes so long to get power ups if they fix it the game would go better I'd say it's better if they just make it to get to the level or else it's not worth playing I'll give u guys a 2 if u fix it I'll give u a 5
I don't know i can reach the level 80 to get the lowest $ to cash out because of the pop up tools or something i rarely used it because the ads can't play even my connection so fast.
Bad, I waited for the countdown for my $200 just to see the countdown start over again do not download this scam app or any other app by bowling app they're a scam
This game gets a little better as you play on. I was looking for a bowling game on my phone. I probably would still play this if it wasn't paying you to play. Giving it an right excellent rating for now, but I'll downgrade it if I cash out and don't get the funds on my PayPal.
Yep, dump the app anything you read in this review about "Unity" dump it. Everything you read on these reviews is absolutely correct.... The answer is yes, yes, yes. Yes Unity will shut you down once you reach a certain amount. Then you're locked out. There's got to be a number for these scams and hotline for fraud, I'm going to read a little bit more on federal crimes and networking. This is not the only app that does it. My advice is play a game that does not have commercials every minute.
You need to use prop effects 390 times but when I reached 20 times, it stopped appearing on the edge of my screen. Is this some kind of joke? How am I gonna redeem the money if I can't even reach 390 times?? If you don't fix this I won't hesitate to think that this is a scam. The marketing strategy of bowling Idle does seem to attract people to install this, though it's not realistic. The ad shows you'll get the money right away, but actually you need to invest your time on it.
The game was fun until it got to a certain level and once that was completed the rest of the levels never reached. Meaning they disappeared. After a while of playing it started to slow down. It seems as if once you got to a high amount of Paypal cash everything else moved at the same pace. Making sure you never reached the amount needed to cash out. Typical.
This is a SCAM. Should be negative 10. Unrealistic expectations to cash out. You need to play for at least 60 days minimum; and have a certain number of props which you get rarely, if ever. Game was uninstalled. Good luck to those that install this crappy game. You won't be able to cash out and will uninstall after a few weeks. In the meantime, they have already made money from you by having you watch ads. SCAM.
Everything is nice in the first, I was very excited that I can earn real money from this game but I have a big problem to the requirements of every cash redeem you earn in the game First example to us, we want to redeem a $2 because our money in the game reach $100, but the requirements, the active days and level that you suppose to reach is fine but I have a problem to the prop you should gain, then I realized every prop pops up once a week, I wish you should fix this game!!!
There are too many stipulations to cash out. You even have to play consecutive days (i believe 90 days), on top of having to use props that stop poping up after so many times. Not so much fun when u have high stipulations. Sorry, im not one to stay stick on one game for days on in. Ive moved on and this game just sits to the side.
Great until... I got to the end and there seems to be no update in sight. You can only cash out your earnings once you've hit $100. Apparently until they get more levels, cashing out is not an option. I played because it was fun and exciting to win and think I'd eventually get my time back in winning earnings but that isn't the case. Note to developers: updates on the game would be a nice option so players would know what is coming and when they can expect it. Maybe allow lower payout amounts.
I'm playing this game for weeks now it says it's free but you have to use the money you make to play the game which is crazy. I've been playing I'm suppose to get Paypal money when you got the circle to get it to watch a video but it don't upload any videos so I don't get the money. It will upload videos to get the bonus money to play the game that you pay for but it never uploads to give me my PayPal money. I don't know maybe it's because I'm on an Android phone but I doubt.
I eventually got to the required amount of ads cashed in $2 and was paid i give it 3 stars as the ads required r very slow to show up plz try make em show faster it will make it alot more fun to play thank you will review after $5 payout I have cashed in the $5 and am still waiting to get paid it's been over a month now so I'm changing my rating and will be giving it over to Google play
I enjoy this game because I can earn up to 20$ but I am very disappointed because I cannot cash out yet. I need to wait 30days, and 250 levels. It so long.. Why this game waited for so long before you cash out.. If you have reach the minimum dollar why we cannot cash out.? So that I rate 2 star.. If I can do cash out this will be 5 star but it's not. I hope you can change your rules regarding cash out. Make sure all gamers will make this proud and satisfied.
The game stopped working at level 398. Tried the uninstall reinstall and stopped working at the same level. Did keep the money but had to restart at level 1. Freezing at offline earnings with music still playing at level 398.
Do not download any pay app for this company. When you get within 5 dollars it quits giving you any chance of getting to the game goal to cash out. Dont waste your time. And that is the last 15 or so I downloaded to check them out..
It's a game that takes at least 20 days of playing 1-2 hours daily too reach at least $50 PayPal , I personally got a 100$ but others might even get $150 or $200... But when you wanna cash out there's a list of 3 different operations you do during the game but there's no way you could get those numbers even in a year... So you could be playing all year and have winnings of $500 in your PayPal but will only be able too cash out $50 or $100 if you complete all the operations.*FRAUD* so don't downl
It started out good, and then changed conditions for cash out through PayPal. I achieved the 248th level out of 1200, played 29 out of 150 days, accumulated over $100 for a $200 cash out, so so far, so good, BUT there are 16,000 props you must use, and the game so far offered only 22. The props hardly pop up at all. It is virtually impossible to achieve ALL -- and I mean ALL -- what is required for cash out. This game is a cheat, a rip off, a waste of time, and what is promised is a lie. AVOID!
Well at 1st this was awesome played all the time. Now with 136.00$ on paypal the game opens & within 5sec it freezes. Emailed the developer and no response.. UPDATE....Reinstalled game and the money was still there but had to start from level 1... Now once AGAIN I'm at level 398 and 189$ and the game is doing the same thing and to cash out u hav to reach level 800. RIP OFF DO NOT WASTE UR TIME ON THIS GAME
I like this app.. In one 1hr. I already have $21.. I don't have problems in waiting the day to activate. But Do I really have to wait to get reach the assigned level of every amount that I want to withdraw? And can I withdraw twice in a same amount if I already completed the assigned task? Eg:I won $50 and Its already 15 days up and I already at 160+ Level. And at the same point I can only withdraw $5, Can I withdraw twice or many times ? To complete my $50. Please My question creators.
The game is great and easy way to make money,the reason Im giving a 1 star is that they dont specify the rules before you can cash out. Its only when you want to cash out the money that you get to know abour the rules. I can understand the part where it states how many days and how many levels to reach before you can cash out any amount but using the props is the tricky part. I have used the props but they are not counted and as you go on they dont give you any props. Seems like a scam to me.
Game has completely frozen on me and I am on over 100 dollars. Total farse of a game. Props and active days is just the same. Emailed the devs...no reply. Emailed unity they blame the devs. Con
I still don't understand why some money making apps makes a fiddle out of us... But someday, somehow... I would be careful of what I download for now on.
So far all unity games are scam never any cash out and most apps are not on goggle play any longerunity is a huge scam telling us about pay ots so we will play and they get there payout from the ads and forget about us.you have the rating you do because you make us give you 1 star when im sure most dont want to give any i know i dont just another scam play store shoul stop all these scam games !!!!!!! Youre losing playerd daily with lack of replying to us and rules tht is unthinkable
Dear owner of this Game, I hope you read this.. I rate this game at 1 star only because I earn a money already a $20 but I cannot withdraw it because you should to follow the referral that you make which is not fair for us,that need to watch a half minutes ads to use the item... We always watched the ads that you can make a money not us. And I hate you..you are not fair to us.
Its a wonderful game love playing but wgen i reach $50 and try to cash out l I couldn't cash out and I couldn't get my little $50 so if you going to play it give a games do it right get there and can't even get your money
This game claims that you can actually make money for just playing but what they don't tell you is that you have to have certain things done before being able to redeem. Like being active for a certain number of days, having a certain level, among many other things. Beware if your looking for a quick way to make cash for playing. Deleted but was a different tycoon game.
Don't know if anyone else experienced it, but I downloaded the game and started to try playing it. Only to have the game crash each and every time I tried to buy the $4 pin upgrade on the first level. First level, first upgrade, crashes the game for me. Nice job guys. I would've tried to keep playing if it would've let me, but from the other reviews. I think I got off easy.
Although I really like this game there are some issues. This my second time writing reason being that the 1st time the game froze on me I didn't know what else to so I uninstalled the game the only thing is that I didn't think to back up the game anyways I lost everything Levels Points Money & Prop Elements Not sure why the game ""Froze"" After reinstalling the game things seemed to be going good and it just happened again last night I don't want to have to start over Please help
I played this game for over a month and had the money over $150,00 but couldn't cash out because it wouldn't give the items to complete the task requirements
I didn't receive my second cashout since 4 months, it has been showing violation. There's no option for complaining or query, else no reply
Lol so many people fall for this stuff but yet again it is just another scam to get you to watch videos so they make money, these scams will never pay out but the more ads you watch (even the 5 second skip ads) the more money they make from advertising, good luck to the people behind these scams, it seems to be working for you
One thing I've learned, there is NO way to get free money. This game is a cash grab but instead of having ingame purchases, it's filled with ads. I shall call it an adgrab. These "rewards" just make the player want to play longer, giving the company more money. You. Won't. Get. Free. Money. I recommend you don't install any other 'Free cash' apps cus it's likely to be fake. Rip 1 million people's time.
Another game that promises the world but it's all a lie. To unlock a $2 PayPal card, you have to reach a certain level, log in for 3 or 4 days in a row, and use 390 power ups (that's insane). Been playing for a week, I've surpassed 2 of the payout conditions (by a lot), but only 18 power ups. I'm 372 power ups short, meaning this is a waste of time. I absolutely recommend you that you never install it.
Frozen months ago and I mean months at 76.82. Then it went completely off of the market but still on my phone. Now it's back on the market beware do NOT download this game They will not answer my emails or nothing, had way too many updates, still no change still frozen. They are being investigated along with all the other applications are fake & false advertising like a job. Pay Me !!!!!!!
I've played for months, grinded barely $60 something and when I wanted to cash out, found out that the requirements for it are absurdly unreachable.
Rewarding system is not working well. I'm willing to watch the ads for the paypal rewards but it won't let me, I'm clicking on paypal rewards with an option to watch ads but it won't load up. Then second thing since it won't let me watch ads with rewards, it just allows me to watch ads with no rewards at all.
Scam and wish i could give 0 stars got to over level 400 and over a $137 plus dollars but game has completely stalled stopped etc..now they put me back at 1. Tried cashing out $2 out of hundreds no dice and no props at all. Bunch of thieves!!! Dont play none of thier bowling idle app games all slave work 4them! This includes all 2048 games!πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž
Your supposed to actually collect money? Hahaha! There is nothing for instructions. Nothing to say how to play the game let alone how to win money.. Made it to almost level 20 with nothing in sight.. Clicked on the gear and all that was there was for phone vibrate...seriously? Seeyah! Your lucky you even got one star and that is only because I had to just to leave a review.. SMH... Pathetic!
Your expectations for people to achieve the perspective goals are unrealistic !! People would have to play this game for months if not a year just to cash out !!! Like playing the game but not seeing results.... Not being able to cash out and not being able to contact support from the app is wrong. You need to make some major adjustments !!