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Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Dreamon Studios located at 412 51, Gothenburg, Sweden. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give this 0 stars if I could the graphics are so bad when ur at the second quarter it just forces u to lose when I have the ball and I shoot it always goes into he hands just delete this game it is so bad litterly west then the west game ever
I've played this game about a year ago and their used to be no ads at all and wanted to have some fun with it again but it's just disappointing to see this indie game to steep this low, now there's 5-15 secs ads in every quarter (not after each game but inbetween each game, every break.) and most of them are literally lewd stuff (don't let kids play it). I would've had no problem if there were 15-20 secs ads after a few games but this many ads in just annoying.
This game is 💩. Like every time I try to catch the ball it just bounces away to the other team and it's really annoying. I just hope you guys can fix this issue.
Like this game was so trash every time I want to grab the ball but it just bounces off my head and the other team end up grabbing the ball and then every freaking quarter there's an ad
This is a great game!!!! I have a few suggestions though. (1) I suggest that you might be able to add a regular season. (Maybe even be able to draft players that shoot better, block better, or steal better??) Also, the controls are hard to figure out since there is no tutorial(even though its one-key controls). The two-player mode is great, and overall, it is five stars!!! Thanks DreamOn!!!
Honestly, this is one of my favorite mobile basketball games. Maybe even my favorite. Ive been playing this game for a while now, and the reason i wont give this a 5 star is because they dont update the players. But thats a small detail that if they didnt fix id be fine with.
I absolutely love this game and play it all the time. But i just wish it was more updated. I think just adding a few more character models and possibly making your own would be cool too. Maybe even make the matches longer? I dont know but the only reason its not a 5/5 for me is because its not updated much.
I used to love this game but resontly it wouldn't stop making the Ai on hard mode. It would be set on easy but they would play as if on their hardest setting. This wasn't to bad if I wasn't having many other issues pop up like it not letting me rebound or steal the ball anymore. I used to get 20 steals and these last few games can't even get 1 the Ai just stopped working as they should and I couldn't play how it used to work idk why I'm having these issues but it ruined the game for me personall
This is an fantastic trip down memory lane. I remember playing this when I was 7 years old. But, the problem today is that there is too many advertisments and it makes the game less fun in which it planned to be. If you can fix this, Dreamon, Mabye I'll add a four-star rating.
Not gonna lie its fun playing with npc or CPU I don't know but look it's so good it's also fun if you don't have any plan to do but in this game you could and I love this game added my best basketball player Kobe and LeBron let's go!!!! 5 start on with this game and the developer 10/10 Best And Good That why it called bouncy basketball because it's great you know
This game is decent, I like the graphics. But everything else is pretty bad. the controls are too basic, the A.I just grabs the ball jumps backwards and then shoots. I would like it to have better controls and maybe add in some different characters you can buy.
Best 1v1 game for mobile phone definitely. Has one button but a lot of different mechanics that take skills to master. Me and my school friends would play this game a lot back in the day, taking pride in mastering every cheesy strat there is and making up new ones in the process. People will leave bad ratings on this game because bad=mad easy math.
fix the goaltending and I can barely control my team by moving them back and forth. And teams with 1 star play better than ones with 3 stars ONE EASY.
I feel like the game is actually rigged against the player, and it is pretty damn obvious. You can't catch the ball when you want to, but the computer always does. Its pretty unbelievable that people like this game. I don't usually review games, but this one pissed me off to the point where I feel obligated to.
It's fun but every time they dont want to grab the ball it just bounces on their head and you barely can even jump and they also stand on you like nothing happened and you cant get up you also can barely even jump when you trying to defend and the tallest player is just
Fun game, wish there was online. But you need to fix the ball picking up physics because when the ball bounces off of the guys hand then it has to be bad.
Dumbest game ever made. No resemblance whatsoever to the game of basketball. As for those 5 star ratings, they must be either bought and paid for or some people just have VERY low standards.
This game is ok, I understand that there's nothing much to it because, that's the limit of this game. The gameplay is...ok and this game is obviously just designed for casual or on-the-go players. It couldn't get more creative or innovative because it doesn't take up a wide range of content, it's just about getting the ball into the hoop and, that's pretty much it, I guess 😐
Well first of all this game is lit but the mechanics seem dumb, you only press 1 button and you don't have the choice to go left towards the oponant instead if to the basket and if you press a button too much it slides you shich makes the oponant way open to score also it always bounces off the hand even though it is an easy catch somhow npc always overpowers you and they can get the ball when it's behind you. Good game bad mechanics
This game is pretty good by itself but here are some things I have problems with: 1. The bots can goaltend and that makes difficult when your trying to make a 3 hint: goaltending is where you know your going to make a shot but you block it anyway 2.your or the bots can step on each other and that holds you down when you're trying to get up those are my problems but as I said at the beginning it's a pretty good game overall
Love this Game, I have a suggestion that you should at least consider though. Add a season mode where you can play 82 games as any team plus playoffs, if there us any way to make the computer any harder to play against that would be great for this mode as well. Overall love the game, great to play with friend especially. PS: maybe add a local multiplayer as well
It is good everything is good. Just I have 1 suggestion can the creators add Goaltending If they catch the ball it above the rim. I like the way you have the playoffs and every NBA team. And another suggestion is you add 5 vs 5 and can you add best to 4 in the playoffs so you have to win 4 games to move on
This game doesn't make sense. Whenever I get the ball it just goes out of my hands and the other team gets it. All the other team does is push you so you can't get the ball.
Great Game, Addictive. Something to fix is the fans, have them cheer when a point gets dropped and also update the teams, add the new players in and the playoffs, make it like it is today, exciting and let the user sim own game if they want to. That will make the game more fun and more exciting.
They can steal, I can't, I can barely move like my players are restricted, I can't pick up the ball unless my hands are down.
Couldn't get past the "Tap to continue" screen. Had no idea why until one time I went into the game the tapping worked... until I turned on an app called "Bluelight filter" (makes the screen dimmer for eye care) Suddenly, tapping wasn't working. So I turned off the Bluelight filter. Then tapping worked fine. If you have the app "Bluelight filter", make sure it's off. I find it obsurd that I can't play with the filter on. Also, this may happen with other apps as well. Anyway, hope this helped. :)
Simply awesome. Simple and effective controls. Great game mechanics. I just wish they make the AI a bit harder. Or add an ultra hard difficulty. I play this game everyday for roughly 2 hours and I have never been defeated by a Hard enemy. Kudos to the developers of this game.
Bots are taking it from me with 2 jumps and are making the most contested shots ever also getting 3s so deep and the players cant shoot in rl I hate this game so much we need to get rid of/delete this immediately
Even on easy mode, the AI is far too aggressive. I love this game, and its a pretty good way to pass the time, but some teams like Orlando are so aggressive towards you its unfair. They are able to push you over before you're even able to jump, they step on you all the time, they're able to slam a ball towards the net and it banks in seemingly half the time, and they're able to pluck every shot out of your goal. Not a problem for most teams, but on easy mode, a team like this shouldn't exist
Literally get lucky and hope the ball doesn't bounce off your hands when you catch. The npcs are heavier than you so they can steal it easily and just dunk when you're supposed to start with the ball. Hands down worst graphics game play and controls I've experienced on a basketball game.
Your going to lose if you play against a robot you can't get the ball and when the ball is on the hoop the robot grabs it
soooo much potential! love the game foreal, super addicting. if you just added a franchise mode that would lead into the playoffs that would be dope! the ability to name players and keep their stats during franchise, and maybe even a mode where you try to shoot as many as you can without missing. love the game, it just needs alittle somethin to be great. ill give it a 5 because its got so much potential.
The game is fun, control system is made to be strange and somewhat challenging but after you get used to it the game gets repetitive it's also incredibly easy to "beat" the game however it's possible to play two player on the same device so that adds more challenge to matches that otherwise you would always win.
really great game I just have two things to say when you go for a far shot you have to hit a swish or they'll steal the ball out of the net plus the AI is dumb and smart at the same time you can get a lot of gouls on them but they're really good when it comes to shots. I dont really care much about the second comment but the stealing out of the net can you please fix that
Love this game!! If it had online I would not keep uninstalling it after I beat the playoffs and get bored. I keep going back and forth with it I just want online!!!
If there was a 0 star I would give it a 0 star. It was fun at first but then after 2 jumps your character wouldn't jump anymore. The other team gets the ball all the time and they always make it no matter were they are.
This game actually sucks. For whatever reason when i do the playoffs, everythings fine in the first half but then the game scripts is so that you can never catch the ball and always lose. Oh and by the way, WHY DOES THE BALL ALWAYS BOUNCE OFF MY HANDS WHEN I TRY TO CATCH IT