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Boss Clicker

Boss Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Delmark Games located at [email protected] [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is the best rpg clicker ever! I want an update that includes 5 new bosses to each act giving you 30 new reagents to get, 5 new keys, new items you can get from anvil, and you can get all items from the act one bosses but have a chance of getting them based on how easy it is to get it, new menus, new achievements: tournament battle participations, battle wins, tournament wins for the new game mode: tournaments, and 30 new weapons! Thanks! (P.S. the tournaments game mode will be online)
Trash! Don't recommend it! Well, it takes forever to power up, upgrade weapons and kill bosses after some point in the game. Its repetitive and boring. Endless grind for almost no purpose at all. Just to kill the same bosses in a higher difficulty.
Great game altho there is one thing that i should critize it's a bit boring (no sarcasm) what causes that it's kinda hard to get 20k dmg (thats my opinion) please upgrade the weapons by 5% except the first page other then that it's definetly uncrtitizeble Amazing
max dmg. for tapping titan in arena is too low (and it's boring when you cant make it any better). you can skip part 5-6 of weapons and finding weapons 7 (curse) by using dmg from dragon (find dragon eggs and old key)
I've been playing the game for about an hour or so, but there is only one thing that it's a bit annoying, i assume that it's made on purpose that there is no multi tap, you can tap with only 1 finger or if you time it really good, you can tap with 2. Other than that i like the game and the art. Also i like that the developer is checking the reviews. Keep it up :)
A way to control how much damage you deal per click would be amazing, I'm at a point where my dmage is sp high it one shots every single enemy, my damage is enough to kill Krampus 2000 times in a sungle click, this makes it nearly impossible to get the "Blood in the Snow" achievements.
Okay, I guess i just needed more kills, because i just got the amulet from the 2nd titan, whoops. I do kinda wish that there was a way to tell roughly what the equipment drop rates are in the 2nd act, as that would give a better idea as to just how long it will take to get some items. This is just about my only issue with this game, other than that, I really enjoy it!
This game is a really good game but i was playing trying to defeat a bos and then my game crashed. i have a bad device (samsung) so i just thought it was normalmto do that. When i opened the game again i saw that all my stuff was gone. like i had some stuff like an unknown key 35 gold boxes 73 velvet but no keys or gold.and my weapons
Very simple, yet very engaging as well. Definitely worth all the praise you've received, devs! I wish it had just one extra functionality, though. If possible, I'd love to be able to watch ads so I can support this product, since I don't really have money to do it in a more direct way. It could be just an option in the main menu or store that lets you freely watch ads. No forced disrupting ads, just that one button. That'd be amazing, and this product absolutely deserves the support. Thank you!
This game just keeps getting better over the years! Never fails to suprise me. Act II is so cool, i love the idea behind how it was setup. Good job! But in my time playing it, i have found a small small bug. Once you click the abilities tab in Act II (without pressing back) and then click in the same area where the armory tab was previously, it overlaps a bit.
There's not a lot to do and all arena bosses are too easy and I already beat chaos trial, that's the mean part But ITS SO FUN I KEEP COMING BACK EVERY TIME IM BORED!! You should add more arena bosses and chaos bosses so game is harder also add more Uber like to Uber 250
Act 2 is this new and amazing way to fight bosses, which of course, I went to play it. When I first played it, it seemed fairly balanced, usual grinding nothing different. But when I came down to the second row of bosses in Act 2, it got WAYYYY too grindy with the titan coins and items. One of the reasons is even with clicking super fast, you deal almost no damage and it takes so long to upgrade the runes at a later point into the normal mode Act 2 bosses. Overall, Act 2 can be better.
It's a really good game. And the newest update with chaos is fun. I have just one suggestion. If you can put some like remove time watch upgrade on adventure mode that'll be nice. Cause I don't want to wait half an hour to get some attack and keys. Other then that the game is Awesome and great if you have some spare time. And if you want to. You can add some prestige system which doubles or just 1.5x damage of weapons and other stuff.
I pretty much love it. Need time, but could be a passive action :) My only question is, how is the dmg calculated? (I mean it feels like there is a variable for dmg, and it is increased every time when something increasing it, and its not calculated again. - Like I update my arena % dmg, and it is not applied to the newly bought weapons, or when I increase the dmg of weapons, it is not applied to the already bought ones) So has to be very careful what to buy, and in which order (which is strang
Progression is decent in act 1 it gives you a fair amount of balance but act 2 becomes extremely annoying to progress in if the bosses gave a little more xp this could be 5 stars
Will continue leaving 1 star until you decrease the time between taps allowable. It's hard as hell (impossible) to hit falling timers / +dmg presents, when you're clicking as fast as you can, and you can't click a different area of the screen due to game restrictions. Fix this pls. Add multi finger click. Or make it a swipe game. As is, it is ridiculous.
Have come back to this game several times over the years. Entertaining for a week or two, but then you might need a little break to fully enjoy it afterwards. The progression can be slow at times but overall a very addictive game haha
Ive been playing this game for 4 years on and off now. Im so exited act 2 is finally getting some attention because since I joined it said coming soon and I was a bit disheartened because after years nothing happened, I thought you just forgot about it. Thanks for working on act 2! Also will there be any expansions to the arena? Edit: Act 2 is out and I really love the art design and everything, I'm just a bit disappointed that nothing in act 1 counts towards act 2, otherwise it is quite good.
I love this game it is super fun and more different then most clicker games. Btw why do you guys remove trial of cha9s it is fun and I wish you kept it all in all I love this game
Can't beat the first boss with the lag. Once I got down to 500/600 health left on boss the hp regen makes it so I get 1 fps and get only 1/10 of my clicks in. So playing a game that came out 5 years ago and I have a 4 year year old device that can't handle this game. UNINSTALLED.
Great game, needs a but more gameplay? Its like grind grind fight bew boss, win, grind grind, fight newer and harder boss, repeat. ( bugs!!! There is 3 bugs you should fix, the Christmas event has bugged bonuses, when you click on the falling things they crash your game. When you fight Christmas their I can see bonuses falling near the clock for a split second then they disappear. When I first got into the game I was able to fight the guy that requires 1 mil at the cost of omen before I even had 1 million rating ( after I fought him once he got locked )
This game is ok. The only issue I have is that unlike other clicker/tapper games there isn't a feature that allows you to earn gold or reagents when the game isn't running. The game is fine otherwise though.
All I have to say is, thank you for the memories of somehow not being able to beat the water boss for 5 days straight. Just kidding you game is amazing.
I Like this game but would suggest a prestige like system in which players could reset but gain something to make the next play through easier so increased dmg / gold gained etc
It is a good and very fun game but I tried to save and deleted the game now I'm waiting here to see when can it load again I lost all my progress and I don't know how to get my account back Please tell me how
I am confused about the trial of chaos thing, it was here for an update or 2 but then is now gone. Does the icon only appear after getting the required damage now?
This game is amazing for me, from both the gameplay aspect and the nostalgia factor since I've been playing since around a couple months after the release of the game. I hope the creators end up working on even more enjoyable idle games because this has to be one of the best idle games on Google play
Please fix the login, i need to save my progress. So that i can move it to my new phone. It tells me login was not made even though i inputed all my accounts correctly
This game was very confusing at first, I didnt know what stuff did or how to get items, but once you learn everything it gets better! I've played for a month now and there is a lot of content to keep you occupied! I cant wait for Act II which will hopefully bring even more content to the game!
This game is quite fun. unlocking the new bosses is enjoyable,the look of them are very nice and creative. However i find it frustrating that the golden watch item seemingly dosnt increase the time limit in the island of challange area. I have a hard time defeating the boss at the end. If there could be an item that increases the damage your able to do in that area maybe allow the golden watch item to increase the timer that would be good. Besides that still a very fun and enjoyable game
It's an awesome game, but you guys neeeeed to fix your item hit boxes. Cause on the adventures where you use the velvet and golden boxes you have a high chance of missing items because of how small the hitbox is. There have multiple times where I clicked directly on the items a few times and it still slipped past. This has caused me to waste hours of grinding on boxes that have essentially gone to waste. Honestly, just fix the hitboxes and everything else is solid
I beat Chaos and all Act 2 bosses, I can say this game is a very good idle game, one of the best. I have some questions about the future of this game. Is act 3 coming? Is act 2 uber mode coming? Will there be higher than level 10 hero stuff? Do you plan expanding act 1, seasonal bosses, arena?
I love the graphics boss clicker is the.... BEST game I ever played in a while and it seems so real I rate it five stars pls download the game now it's AMAZING
I have had and played this game for several years. I don't play very often anymore, but i occasionally come back to it for a while. It isn't a perfect game and it is pretty grindy, but it's kinda like my guilty pleasure. I remember playing this game before it got updated graphics, so if your able to keep me playing that long, you might be doing something right. Also new update is great but maybe connect the currencies a little more.
This game is amazing, the grind is so nice cause of achievements, in general, I love to play this game when I can, thanks for making it!
Great game it may not have the best graphics but the game has depth in to it its different each enemy is unique in theyre own way sorry if i offended you on the graphic thing i know you work hard for it is a good game would recommend it 😁😁😁
This game is much better than most of what you will find in the appstore. The bosses are unique, creative, and overall just fun to fight even with the gameplay just being tapping. However if there was an inbetween 4 and 5 i would give it that because i have one small crittisim. So im at the point where you have maxed all of your basic weopons and now need golden keys. Its just a tiny bit too much gold in my opinon. But it is still a really good game and i am looking forward for any updates.
I've been playing the game for quite some time now and i am verry haopy with my progress and the developer's progress on the game. Hopefully we can see more from Delmark. Also i like that the developer is checking the reviews. Please Keep it up :)
Good game, but dev has no real answers, seems more like its his first time playing the game. Elite bosses will stop giving rewards at a certain damage level you have, even though the weaker standard ones give rewards regardless, lottery will not count down offline, no info on how to get some items, and certain trophies will work against you if you are too strong, many things need to be reworked. Also, get all christmas minion achievements before getting too strong. Overall a flawed game....
Brings nothing new to the idle/clicker table. Click on some generic bosses and earn gold to upgrade your weapons to do more damage etc etc. Mercenairies dont earn you gold though, and the weapons dont scale well at all (1st weapon is +1 damage, second is +2 despite being 5 times as expensive, and so on). The whole key mechanic is dumb and forces you to go back and nuke bosses a couple dozen times to get materials.
Please decrease the time between taps allowed, I can't tap all the falling items when I click multiple things at once, it wont register, and in a clicker game like this, I feel like this is essential
Loved the game for a long time now on and off, and I really dont like the amount of grinding needed just for a chance at a better item in act 2, it makes the game feel very slow, so I think there should still be a small chance to get an item from the boss, but at a certain amount of kills, you are guaranteed to obtain an item from that boss, for example, when fighting the Titan Of Magic, if you were grinding for the travelers robe, and dont get it, you are guaranteed it on maybe the 250th kill.
At first, when playing the game, I felt pretty annoyed by the fact that you cannot tap with two fingers. But as the game went on, is soon embraced it as a feature! On average, my 2 finger tap speed is about 18-20 taps/s and my jitter tap is 13 taps/s. I played this game for about a week and found my endurance and speed in jitter tapping has increased! After playing for about a week I have yet to find a bug, this game gets 5 stars from me. :)
Great game! Only complaint is that the framerate is locked at 30 fps. I have the newer S20 5g and it can run at 120 fps, and I have it set to that all the time, so it can be a bit jarring to go back to 30. Wish it was unlocked so it could render at 120 (or at least have an option for that) but other than that it's one of my favorite games on my phone!
I've been playing this game for a few years now and have always found it enjoyable. Unique compared to other clickers and overall well developed Great game, worth a try.
Add more Dragons(i like a cursed one) and more bosses in arena and more stages in uber Let us to deal more dmg to the titans as much as we want(in arena)
What happened to my essence of chaos? I also had to get my eggs back :/ it's fine but if you are reading this I also have a suggestion. Showing the probability of getting a trophy for a boss. Also how does the lucky coin affect that? Does it double the chance? Triple it? I'm rambling I know, but im genuinely interested in this.
just a few nit picks I feel like act 2 is a bit slow like it gets to a point that feels way more grindy than anything else the recent thing helped but yeah, essence of chaos is good not gonna lie but again upgrading it just once is a pain maybe another way to get emblem faster or lower the cost IDK otherwise it's great also me again.
Honestly one of the best games I have seen,I really like the love that you guys put into this game for 5 WHOLE years! Thats more than most devs even remember the game. P.S:I am kinda stuck in game I bought all arena damage upgrades and do about 80 million damage and grinding money and materials for elemental weapons takes way too long in my opinion,also how do I progress in second act.
I don't know what to say. This is the best mobile game in existence. It doesn't feel like your run of the mill clicker game, it goes so far beyond that. It's more so of an RPG. I highly recommend this game to anyone in need of a good, free game or just anyone that needs to cure their boredom. 11/10.
Okay so I love this game but do you think you could add some kind of offline progression because I am finding myself only being able to use the lottery like once a week because I only play for a few minutes at a time, and I am always at low health in act 2 because you can only heal when you're outside of battle. So if you could at least make us heal while the game is closed that would be better.
Thank you very much for fixing this bug but i also have a suggestion (this new update brought more than enough craftables that cost "unknown keys" if you added the new quick craft and new craftables that need alot of unknown keys for, you should have made unkown keys have quick craft aswell this would be a very useful addition. Ps. (i really love the work that you put into these games)
The early game is very fun for grinding, but once you get late game the arena doesn't match your ability level at all, the 3 skills to upgrade your arena weapons only work for new purchases which makes grinding for those upgrades nightmarish and fkr these reasons i would only recommend this game if you really like clicker games and you have a lot of patience
The game is great but I can't do the adventure trials when I try to press go to battle it doesn't work. I'll update review when I can do adventure mode.
I remember playing this game on my really old phone in 2016 (Samsung Galaxy Ace II) And it worked perfectly fine! Then in 2018 I got a better phone and downloaded it on Samsung Galaxy J6 And it aswell worked fine. I'll try it on Samsung Galaxy A71 now! Thank god something like this exists.. (Also very happy you replied :) I was gonna download it again but forgot about it because of school, so i'm going to do that now!)
Great game, good quality, addictive, advanced. But at some point you can't really do much, I have a surggestion. (Sorry if not spelled correct). What if you add Quests becoming harder as you go. And make the black hole on the Easter Bunny more rare. I get it each 5 kills and it really disturbs my grinding sessions. Anyways, keep up the good work.
This game is great! No ads (from what I've played) and you have to dig deep to find MTX. Awesome gameplay experience reminiscent of MMOs but it's offline single player. Tons of content and things to go for! One way to make it better is to add more idle progression, something that Act 2 greatly delivers on. Overall awesome game, one of the hidden gems. 8.9/10 Edit: Ideas for idle/offline progression include automatic collect all, or making the lottery timer tick down while the app is closed.
Game is awesome. Progression is at a good pace. Navigating all the different menus can be a little tedious at first. Going to the main story, then going to arena or adventure or the anvil; It's a lot to take in. A big issue I have with the game is tapping on falling objects. My reaction time is average 290-300ms on mobile, but 85% of the time it doesn't register that I tapped it. Which is a huge burden when doing Arena or Adventure with the -10s, especially with how fast they fall sometimes.
Like im a fan of MMORPG games and survivals ( like minecraft ) and also single player games. I can say i like call of duty too but anyways, this is really well done single player rpg. Really well done. I have nothing else to say but seriously well done fun grinding clicker rpg thats actually right. You make me want to play phone games even though i play console and pc lol. Oh i also like clickers too but again well done!!!
Hey im really enjoying the game even bought one of the packs. I just wanted to say that ive been playing in act 2 and when i accept a quest it doesnt track my progress and it says im not killing titans. I dont mind because grinding for materials isnt hard but i do like getting the titan coins and it help a lot to do the quests
Honestly i started playing this game thinking it was pretty good and I played 100 hours + of this and then I wanted to save my date. So I made an account for the saving data bit and downloaded my data and then it just rest my whole intire 100 hours + account. You need to fix this now or you will lose players like and much more.and also I might not be playing this game ever again if you don't fix your save feature. Also a apologe is not enough and add a login button as well.
Pretty good game. Its really fun. The arena of heroes has pretty challenging bosses which make the game fun. Keep the good work! I'd love to see more bosses in game.
I completed achievements that give (Golden Box) and i was happy. But, the achievements didn't give anything. Please fix it. 10/10/2020 Edit: Shredder, General .
Just a lot of fun and has a lot of little things to explore that add more content to the game. As well as lots of achievements and trophys to strive for.