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Boredwalk for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SquareTwo Inc located at 548 Market St #76263 San Francisco, California 94104-5401. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The balloon pop has been giving only 1,2,3 coins and it has been for more than a week I always got more than that. I wait over 9 hours just to be getting such a small amount. And the spin the wheel aswell what was the point in making the time so much longer if it just gives that much. You guys are just at this point wasting people's time. How are you going to raise the amount of the prizes when you already lowered the jackpot bonus. You guys are doing nothing but making this game worse GREAT JOB!!!
was my favorite game, sadly I can't say that anymore! Prizes used to start at 18000 tickets, but no more! now the only ones that show up start at 50000 and selection has gotten poor, unless you have 250,000 or more!!! Kinda sucks!!!
Don't download this app its NOT worth it. I got a banana slicer for 50,000 and I cashed out and they took 100,000 tickets away. And then I messaged them about the problem and they would not help me or give me my points back. NONE of the prizes are worth getting. Stick with verydice at least their app is update and they will work with you. These people will not.
I give it 3 stars cause since the last update they rise the tickets for stuff higher now and most of the stuff that is 50000 tickets isnt worth it. they use to have good stuff and it didnt cost a lot of tickets. than i dont know what the blue stars for. they use to have it where you pop balloons and they took that away. i dont like this new update and now they rise the ticket price. it takes a lot longer to get stuff now too.
I'll start by saying I've had the app for 2 years. the first year was amazing and so easy! they totally took away your option for daily tokens and the prices are insane now. its impossible to win anything without buying tokens which I'm not willing to do. verydice is your best bet at this point
What's up with only 2 quest a day? It started with 4, and now I'm only getting 2 which sucks more because I never get any token from theorem survey. And that's the only way I can earn the token for doing that quest. I'm getting pissed because of theorem quest for 3 days in a row. I'm getting pissed and will uninstall it soon if it stays the same way.
i used to love this game i got my tickets and redeemed them for prizes but now it won't let me 100000 tickets for an item i want when i have 109000 tickets i have emailed and will edit this review if and when i get help... they got back to me and im very happy about that
its okay kinda sucks when u put stuff on ur wish list and when u get just enough to get the item then they raise it up more and more so it is getting really hard to get anything cuz all there items are like 500 snd up so you'd be saving up for like ever
Its a great game but all the items cost too many tickets. I think it would be better if the ticket prices on items went down, so you wouldn't be waiting forever to cash in your tickets. And the jackpots went down too so that you could win more tickets every game.
I would give it a 4 star but the prizes suck and they never change them and they have little to choose from and they want alot of coins for something so stupid
I have had this game for over a year and made it to 300,000 tickets. I have been playing Verydice for maybe 2 years. I have redeemed over 40 items on Verydice. The pricing and ticket amounts are very different and it takes alot more effort to redeem from Boredwalk than Verydice. It's an amazing app. You have to be willing to put the work in though.
I've had this game since November of 2018 & I play every day and still not even quarter close to having enough tokens for a payout. This game isn't really worth the effort. nearly a year and still nothing. You people need to lower the value of the prizes. I can tell it will takr about 3 years before I can get someyhing better then a dollar store value.
Used to be good, but do not recommend anymore! They have raised ticket prices to where you can get equivalent to a candy bar for 50,000 tickets! Each game gives you a max of about 100-120 tickets. So to get a candy bar you have to play about 500 games! But you can only play UP TO 10 games a day from just the wheel, unless you want to waste more time doing surveys. Its just not worth it to continue to olay when it woukd take 50 days to get something equivalent to a candy bar.
played for over a year and at this point its gotten so bad I wouldn't even waste your time. they removed the balloon pop awhile back which limited how many tokens you could get then they added challenges, then only made the tokens for the flappy game which is hard to get to the requirement. Then they added tournaments which is the only good way to get points and that's a gamble. Then they keep upping the prize amounts $5 = like 70k points then they blame it on "fluctuating prices" yeah ooook lol
I'm very disappointed when I first started this app you get play bounce games for extra coins they had about 7 bounce games now they only have one and it's not for coins its for tickets. and they raised the prices on everything. when I first got the game I redeemed a necklace for 50,000 tickets now's it 200,000 tickets and they also had prizes for 18,000 they need to change they game back to how it was and stop changing it or no one is going to want to play it any more.
update I had five stars on the side but I changed it to because number one we don't get air balloons anymore I had 25 items Indy $75,000 ticket and as a simple as a hair clip one hair clip they put it over 200,000 tickets and there's nothing in my $75,000 ticket page everything's getting way too expensive and we're not getting the chances to win more tickets the game has lost its fun hopefully it goes back to the way it was or I will not be playing anymore
Since ticket prices went way up it takes a long time to save tickets to redeem items. Not bad if you have free time.
sucks! ive tried to redeem 5 things since after Christmas still have not recieved a on of them also gamvis very sliw abd glitches out right in the middle of playing but u dont gain tickets but they sure do take your coins and i cant figure out how to simpke email them to ask for my tickets back i want mt stuff dobt deal with this o to verydice ive redemed a bunch off that one
The game use to be fun, but now the ticket prices to redeem a reward is ridiculous. They keep raising ticket prices on junk. If you do one of the complete offers you will be lucky if you get your tokens. I have been cheated out of my tokens on 2 different occasions. The balloon pop is gone, theres no more events and competitions to get tickets. You are better off with Very Dice.
You can only watch one advertisement every 2 hours you get one token or spin at the wheel once a day to get up to 10 tokens but the prizes start at the least 50,000 tickets and the games are a little fun while some are harder than others like the stacking game it's impossible to play. My conclusion is that you would be on this app for a year trying to get the better prizes to redeem them they are worth 200,000 tickets and more.
it's a great app but you need to make tickets prices low to about the hundreds becauses that will be better.
the games are fun to play, you do get your gifts but they raise the prices up to high, so it takes forever just to get it up.
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lol, it does not, because if u win the jackpot in a game, u get 150 tickets and only for 1 token and u have spend 2 tokens to win lesser then that on the tornaments.
Seems like one star to me. Each game pays out like 20-50 tickets each and you need at least 100k tickets to get a prize. The 100k ticket prizes are stuff that is worse quality than something you can buy from the dollar store like a 30 cent pack of #2 pencils. To get something worth maybe 10$ or less you have to earn 300k tickets. Plus you only get so many free tokens per day so you cant play unlimited games. Not to mention I am bombarded with unskippable ads every couple clicks within the app.
not worth it use to believe Everyone when they said this game was amazing an it was at 1 point they say prices will decrease an increase blah blah It just seems like its increasing because you guys want to make more and you just want more money you have so many people playing these games you can't say that you have to Increase accordingly You will be lucky if people dont deleting it I don't understand why you guys make everything so much and then even make it Even harder to earn tickets
it takes months upon months to even get up enough tickets to redeem for anything...I got close to being able to redeem so I could delete this stupid game and they blocked me from earning any tickets...ugh so ready to get this over with
made ads pop up on my actual phone even when the app wasnt open. didnt complete orders, always some sort of issue and now that I can finally order everything has more than doubled in ticket price 🤣 no way. spent what I have and deleting the app
Loading times take too long, to much lag between touching the screen and the game registering the touch, not able to skip the ads after the first 2 seconds of playing.
This was a completely fantastic site but now it costs WAY too much for any of the prizes. The prize I just sent for was 50,000pts when I started, now it's 100,000pts.
So now you have removed another way to get tickets (balloon pop) and then have raised ticket values for getting products multiple times. Now, to get a box of poptarts that I would pay $2.50 for in the grocery store is 150,000 - 600,000 tickets. Pacifiers that are $5.99 are 150,000 - 224,000 tickets. I guess my time and tickets are going to waste because I am done with this game. You guys are ridiculous.
I have been playing this game for a long time&All it does is keep kicking me off&taking me to my home screen.Exspecially when i try to look through the catalouge to redeem my tickets it INSTANTLY kicks me off.I have sent tons of Crash reports&also contacted support &NOTHING has been done to resolve this issue..Makes me so frustrated.That i might as well delete it.Verydice is decent it Crashes too.But not as much as this boredwalk app.Also whats up with these cheap items costing so many tickets?
The app itself was simple and games were fun, getting tickets were easy but it was hard to get tokens after the first amount they supply you with after signing up. Only get 1 video to watch a day for 1 token and balloon to pop 1-2 times a day with random tokens but no higher than 4 tokens. Each game costed 1 token to play, not to mention the prizes prices were extremely high...150,000 tickets for a cookbook and over 1 million tickets for some kitchen appliances. itll take forever to get a book.
I used to really enjoy this app. Now it only gives one goal to achieve each day and the ticket prices have almost doubled!
This was a fantastic app, I won so many nice things! But unfortunately the latest update makes it overly complicated and no longer rewards coins for doing well. The newest update is definitely pushing the app in the wrong direction. Nonetheless, thank you so much for creating and maintaining this app boredwalk team!
I love the game been playing for a while now but there is one issue I'm having on the game so is my friends the daily quest are dropping allowing us to only have 1 per day? all your surveys are not working need to fixed please
Fun way to pass the time and get stuff... however, the prices for things seem to have doubled almost nearly overnight. very frustrated that i have saves almost 320000 tickets only to trade it for something less than satisfying.
The games are okay. But you have to save at least 15,000 tickets to get a $2.59 item off Amazon. This app is also made by the same developers that made and run VeryDice. This is the reason I decided to give it a try. The games are like Nintendo. They glitch from time to time. Causing you to lose your tokens, games from the 80's and 90's. They glitch from time to time and cause you to lose your tokens. Which you earn for watching videos, and a chance at popping your choice of balloons about every 5-6 hours. If you could earn more tokens, the prizes where of higher quality, easier to earn, and the games get better . Then this app could easily get 5/5 stars. No problem. I really hope that it will continue to get better. Because overall, I really like it.