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Borderline - Life on the Line

Borderline - Life on the Line for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
From all the apps I've installed this one has the most invasive ads ever. I start the app then I click on the screen to start then my phone freezes and takes me to some bogus site trying to download what seems like malware and probably is, not to mention these permissions. I don't feel safe with them having this information. It's a fun game tho... but I'm uninstalling
First I created high score when I was not connected to Google play services after connecting high score was not updated.. Also can't mute all sounds of game ... Too much of ads. Multiplayer gaming and inviting Friends can be better. Hangs when I open multiplayer game or settings as soon as I enter in game... Solve this all ..
And I dont mind the the ads in most games I play but this one pops up when I'm about play... that actually pisses me off to comment it here. Forcing the player to watch the ads for extra life is fair but blocking a player whois ready to play, that is just rude.
First of all congrats for your future journey. U guys put so much effort in building such a challenging addictive game. I love how fast I'm able to control the game play.. But really annoyed by ads guys.. Watch ads would be good refer to ski safari.. And hate full screen ads and blinking ads.. Good luck again
The game itself is a really good way to kill some time with. Purchased the no ad-version which was cheaper than expected, but the game still contains the "Free play"-button, which apparently crashes the app on press..
I really liked the idea of dodging walls, spikes, etc. But there are some things you need: 1, whenever you watch an ad to continue playing, you should have a 3 second countdown so then right when you spawn you wont run into a wall. 2, you need to lower the amount of ads. Theres way too many. And 3, this dosent happen often, but the game lags to where you either go through walls or you go right when you press left, and so on. But the multiplayer was awesome! If you fix i will rate 5 stars
these adds i hate. every mimute i am getting adds. i hate dis game coz of adds. if its add free. den i give it 5 star
The application is good so far, but the only problem I've faced was excessive ads. I understand that a free app can contain ads to get revenue, but it's not acceptable to put an add before every single run. And it seems you put every single possible add in the app. The ads are annoying and I haven't enjoyed the game yet to pay for removal, mainly because the time I spend on ads is more than the actual game play. Sorry devs, your app seems cool, but I can't sense that.
Uhh I will give this game more stars if you please fix this game because whenever I play this game with my friends. I rematch with my friends and it aways lags out like my screen was saying connecting while my friend was playing the game and I won. And I was trying to invite my friends and my friends were trying to invite me and sometimes it dose not work. Please fix this. 😢. And this game was good. 😢😣😦😟😒.
It seems like an interesting game, however I can't even get past the main screen. If I close the ad, the game will blackscreen, and then crash. Please fix.
Very very very addictive. Movement I touched it, I was not able to stop. Took time to concentrate. Beware of dry eye and repetitive stress injury to fingers. Ads are very irritating after end of each game. You can switch off internet connection on phone to avoid such ADs and also save your data charges. (Or you can pay Rs. 56 ($1). :D ) But ADs on top won't go away as they might be cached.
I have friends on my Play Games, whom also play Borderline but are not able to play with me on multiplayer. If for this accessibility, i would rate this 5 stars all the way!
Players that haven't download yet, please read. Developers, there's some issues and suggestions. The gameplay are very smooth, glide along the line and avoid obstacles. What I liked the most is the challenges the game offers. You need to be very focus. Takes a bit of practise, you'll be fine. Too much ads. Dev please lower the rate of ads please. Very annoying. You can customize your 'ball'. Everything is affordable in game currency. Musics to choose. I love it. There's more but yeah, there's words limit.
The game itself is quite fun. But I like to listen to my own music when I play games. So I muted the music thinking that would mute everything. WRONG. I can still hear smaller noises like when I collect those white orbs or lives/hearts. Would really like a "mute all" button.
The game is addictive clean and simple. I have spent a lot of time on it but its just one point i think should be noted that after a few time, it gets so boring realizing after every game over that we have to start all over again. So if there could be some alternative, it would be great.
It's very fun, but on the apple version of the app gives you 15 points from the white dots and the android version gives you 12. So, you can get a lot more points and get a higher level faster. I think both should give the same amount of points.
Game seems fine. Every time you die it will open a tab to sell you a game. game makers like this need to be shown that this is not how you make a fanbase for a product. Uninstall it until they fix.
The game itself is amazing BUT!!!!! The ads are annoyingly excessive!??! Please kindly remove just the ads after dying and prompt to continue cuz sometime the countdown to continue ends even before exiting the ads
I like the app but what attracted me was the multiplayer. I dont like to queue for multiplayer indefinitely however. So could you guys implement something that would tell us how many people are searching for game right now? So i wouldnt have to keep searching if there was nobody
As the title says I like this game but come on. Can you please fix the connection problem. I can't get this game to connect to my account. It always says failed to connect. Also an this is the one that gets me raging... When it randomly decided to get stuck to the sides or middle. Please fix these problems then it will be a 5-star rating.
It really is quite a fun game, but the amount of advertisements is quite excessive. After every time you lose, there's an ad. If you want to continue your streak, there's an option to watch an ad to do it. Like I said, it's fun and a good time waster, but there are way too many ads. Also, just as a side note, after you start again from hitting pause, you don't really have much of a chance to win because it starts right off from where you were and doesn't give you any time to reassert your position.
This game would be good if quick match didn't take more than 5 minutes to find a game, and if the ads weren't there worst of any game. This game has an ad at the top of the screen the whole time, and one after every play. Sometimes they force you to be redirected to the Google play store. There are transparent ads that also redirect you when you don't even know you saw an ad. The developers clearly don't know that the point of an ad redirecting you is that you've shown interest in the ad. Terrible app.
Too much ads, if u are making such a good game, may as well charge for the game. No fault with gameplay or challenges. Shame about the intrusive ads.
The game itself is great; super addicting and challenging! However, there are two major drawbacks for me. One, the ads. The sheer amount is just ridiculous. Two, there is no option to turn the sound effects off. You can mute the music, but not the effects during gameplay. Infuriating...
A really fun game completely ruined by pop-up ads. Always comes up ruining your experience unless you turn off with. But then that takes away the free revive.
The excessive ads ruin the game for me. Also gameplay becomes relatively monotonous quite quickly. I would suggest having a check point system. Once you unlock it. You can continute from that point any time but you will be penalised by starting with a 0 score instead. This would help players that dont want to start at the boring beginning everytime.
Great core game, but way to many ads. Some ads popping up is ok. But when there's ads popping up after each death is very excessive and annoying.
Garbage, I never had a problem with the adds like most people but after you run out of lives you have to watch a video or pay for more lives and I find that is a awful marketing system.
I love this game, it has beautiful graphics and simple yet fun game play. I'd never put it down... If there were less adds. It's almost constant, I can handle an add here or there, but this is insane! I usually end up turning off my WiFi and mobile data just to get away from them.
Ok first of all, the sheer amount of ads is freakin ridiculous!! You can't get through one round of the game without seeing at LEAST 5 ads. And second the game cheats. Whenever I click one way it always goes the other way and kills my character. If the game didn't have these flaws I'd at least give it 4 stars. Game designers please fix issues with the game
Full of ads and just not fun for me. "Oh, you just hit a black line. Well, here's an ad, that will let you continue playing." Writing this review was more fun, than the game itself.
Game concept seems fine. Not sure why the download was so large for such a simple game though. Other than this it is a horrendous minefield of adverts and the oh so obvious attempt to make you purchase credits so you can continue rather than start again. Given that I played the game for ~2 minutes before it tried to extort me I don't think I'll continue to play. I would have thought either frazzle your players with ads or try and make them buy credits, both seems excessive.
Before you install it, it seems reasonable enough. But once you start the app, it is going to require much more permissions, such as knowing who you are and who you know. The ads are way too excessive. If you turn your connection off, it tunes it down to normal, showing only catched ads at the top of your screen. I like to be able to ask to watch ads for in-game currency, though. There are no powerups (slowing time, invulnerability, zooming out or flattening the line). Music unlocks don't play on menu.
It's fun, but when I die I can't click a "retry" button & start over with a score of 0, the only option is to use a life to continue from the point you died at, or restart the game every single time. And the ads, I can understand having some ads so that the author can make money, but there's WAY TOO MANY in this game, in the middle of playing it, an ad pops up & you die, meaning, YOU HAVE TO RESART THE GAME AGAIN JUST TO PLAY 5 SECONDS! I wish I could rate 0. B.T.W. some of the ads are kind of disturbing...
Ads appears every time you die... every time! And it impossible to play! Dear developers, give us a chance to turn ads off at least in paid version...
1ads I recommend you gave us a choice to watch them or not like cut the rope 2. Continue button hitbox too big, make the player TAPTHE HEART to continue. Anyways, i think this game is worth downloading :)
Game would be fun if you could play for more than a minute without having ads. I'd rather just pay for the game than have to see an ad all the time and break up my session to click out of all the ads. I understand the creators need money, but this takes it way farther than most other free games.
Saw it at a firend and installed. Cannot connect to g.play. ill give it a week or two for update after that uninstalling. Pitty. Its awesome when it works. And now after update it crashes when starting a new game. Come on.
Great game, just far too many ads. Also one suggestion, when "continuing" after a video, it would be better if it was paused then going right back into action. I die, watch a video, respawn back to life and boom, started right into an obstacle so I die again, no point in the free save. Great game though, thanks, 5 stars!