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Boom Crash

Boom Crash for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Dao Games located at 尖沙嘴弥敦道19-21号. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game would be 4or5 *. If not for the constant server problems. It angered me so f"". Bad!!! Had to unistall. ✌
Good graphics awesome gameplay really love the tanks .The game will keep you playing for hours and also has very easy controls .overall its a good game keep it up
This game is fun but the development team never seems to get things right. Game rarely works and most of the time never even opens. When they fix a bug they only make things worse. Ex. The fix to stop game from freezing mid battle caused the game to stop opening all together. I dont think they test any thing befor adding it to the game. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!
As you progress the game sets your opponent in a perfect mode. The opponent never misses and know the perfect sequence to disable your abilities. Worthless
This game is very good but i am encountring an issue where it says connection to server faiked check your network my network is completely fine other games work i expect you to fix my issue i have tried installing reinstalling
Very fun but too slow. Matches take too long on 2v2. Maybe the 30 second prep should be 10 to 15 seconds or animation could be faster. I would like a 5-7 minute match and out would be a hit.
From 03.01.21 game stucks on announcement page , and freeze, please fix it or continue get bad stars from others
It is very good. Gameplay is soo good. Graphics are soo good with hd textures. Eaven without hd textures it looks really good. You should make a offline mode. That wood be really good for practicing. Also add snow.
It looks like a cool game but i never play it because when i start it up it crashes so fast i dont even see the main menu before it crashes
The game was good but a little unstable. However the latest update make the gameplay very smooth. I still dont think ive ever played with any real players but non the less its a fun game.
As it is a turn base game. I see when a player all tanks turn finish, then oponent get turn. So who get first turn, he gets 3 turn at once. And its a huge advantage for him. As a result frequently he can destroy opponents one tank, and oponent doesn't have any thing to do. This makes the game unbalanced. Solution is simple. Player 1 get one. turn for his 1st tank then player 2 Will get one turn for his first tank. Then next turn will go to player 1 for his second tank. This will continue.
Amazing game, well designed and simple to play, addictive and awesome competition and intense!!! Keep up the awesome work guys! You have my 100% support
This game is great, but something that I don't like is when you put noobs against pros, it's absolutely not fare, to be fare put noobs and noobs together, and pros to pros. Overall your game and efforts are awesome
Personally, it is fantastic and consists of astonishing graphics despite the games size, and its really enjoyable, especially when playing it with the bros.
Ever since the last up date I cant even load past the announcement screen, its blank with nothing to click so you cant even play the game. The game is also really buggy and tends to crash all the time. Which makes it hard to play. If it wasn't for those 2 problems I would give it 5 stars. I love the game it's just a pain to play, having to put up with all of the problems. Now it's not letting me open says game version is to old needs to update. And I have updated it to the current one.
The goddamn Shield wall needs to be taken out of this goddamn f****** game and I do not want a f****** AI computer text back
It would be awesome, if you didn't put obviously perfect bots only. MAKE MATCHES FAIR. STOP SCREWING US OUT OF TROPHYS. I die EVERY TIME. they more health, speed, dammage, and somehow have every ability for either bot. Its set up to beat you EVERY TIME. wasted a dollar on this pathetic game. Too bad, I almost spent good money on it. But there is no point. Ill just lose money and every game.
the bug fixes it almost impossible to click out I love this game, I have nothing negative to say, so you should for sure download it
I enjoy this game Is so easy to use the same time as the first time buyers to get your free time to time but I think the best way to the top of my favourite stores
This game is not starting ..when it's start then ..login failed,.. because of internet . but my net is working...I don't know why..I can't log in this game.. it's looking good.. but..in reality ..it is not working..sooo disappointed 😑😡 and please ... solve login issues.. because..if you are not solve this..then this game will be counted on wrost game list .... for my advice solved this login issue otherwise....banned this game...thank you..for making this garbage type of game..😡👎👎
The best tank game ever. It is soooo much fun. Unlike many games you can choose how high or low you want the graphics to be. The controls are OK and every shot is fun. Download this game now. Hope this review helped
Which makes it great for all ages. It is also super fun to play. I wish I could play this game all day, but sadly I cannot I have stuff to do. I am so happy someone created this game. I just want to say THANK YOU to the creators of this game.
Network unstable. Crash alot. Many glitch & errors. Too slow phase. Good graphic but very bad gameplay experience.
First of all, vast majority of reviews are fake. You cant change graphics 🙄No matter the fire order (enemy first, friendly first) i always go last. Thirdly, there is emotes but you never see anyone use them. Fourth, im fairly certain all players are bots. Enemy or friendly always move back then fire. Fifth, why, ALWAYS when an enemy has double poison on them do they magically have HP regen? (Poison only effects hp). The game decides if you win or loose before match starts.
I'm in love with this game. So much fun and fair play, no ads!!! I uninstalled other games because they had too many unwanted ads, this one is much better anyway. Thank you!
Was a good game.... *WAS*. Ever since last update, I have not been able to win battle. Every player either has ungodly damage or health. Its to the point the only way to kill them is dropping them. So after having it on my phone since I've had it, I will be uninstalling this broken game.
One of all time favorite games, mobile or not. Love the tanks and all around I just love the game. Of course it has its bugs and glitches, but mostly runs great without problem. With it being multiplayer this game really works the brain learning new strategies with the different tank types, working ...
It froze all the time mid-battle then on restart would have a seemingly RANDOM bunch of parameters for what was going on in the fight. After the most recent update, it crashes near constantly and is much more buggy.
Game is fun to play has been working pretty well. But as of today 2-4-20 the game won't open. Stuck at the title screen with a loading ring.
My experience was actully fun,challenging,and competitive. The game is great difference bots u can play with,also mew power ups!????????
When im playing it always freezes and cant play but from the lobby i can tell this is a great game so when this is fixed i'll download it and play it again plz fix it
Graphics are amazing and the games and tanks are all very well layed out. Constant updates provide constant action and change: this game is always getting better! I would highly recommend downloading this wonderful experience.
Something is wrong with the tutorial. When I got to the part where you install an attachment to your tank it only allows me to drag the attachment but I am unable to drop.. so I couldn't get past the tutorial. It's a shame because the game looked amusing.
The game gives me an extreme excitement. It encompass the most interesting things from music, color to image and the Way you interact with your team in battle
lost ability to log in after logging out once. so until they fix that don't even bother to waste your time(edit) not bad but here's my problem, the distance of the level and the shot line are horrible, even with the skill that allows a full line won't allow a line that travels across the screen. this makes the game last far too long. I also feel like there's a lot of bots mixed with real people
Pretty hard to handle shooting when u have to rotate to an enemy tank that is behind you and also sometimes won't shoot even if I have released the shoot arrow. But the game it's awesome, keep up he good work guys!
Fun game and would suggest to my friends and rate higher, but after buying the advanced battle pass which is supposed too grant all 45 battle pass rewards i never got them.
When I'm in battle it always freezes up and says reconnecting and has to load the match from beginning to end and I always get killed during that and I have 4g internet
This game was great until you put this last update on here . Takes 4ever to start a new game . And your new game option really sucks . It wont even allow you to choose the tank you want to battle with . I think it needs to be changed back
No energy tank, and because mybe everyone like, update big map, cancel target the line equiment use health or sheld, this game awesome but more update new tank or new skil fire and skill all this game mybe this game, lebih akan jauh lagi sebab x ada game macam ni lagi dah, dan lagi satu boleh buat banyak idea this game. Me support this game forever
I like the various tank combinations you can make and the different perks. The teams seems to even out fairly, like one team is not too OP than the other. Overall a fun game, I play a couple rounds a day.
The game is great and it really gives you the experience fighting with tanks. Sure people say that getting new tanks takes long but there's got to be work to get those tanks. If everything was free, then what point does the game have?
Game is awesome but the only thing is when u get disconnected it takes to long to get back into the fight