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Boom Boom Football

Boom Boom Football for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wow... Amazing it doesn't have a million ads heck it has almost none it isn't a pay to win at all and it's honestly a experience I'll remember for years to come
The only thing I would need to change to from the game is more types of styles of jerseys so that we have more other than that this game is five stars
Great time killer. A little too hard to get gold or good players. And energy is a little slow to rebuild compared to how fast you burn it. None of the videos for gold have worked but it will randomly show ads. Still decent game
Boring lame easy to beat starts fun ends quick.. Only four Boom bowl tournaments. Need new ones. Dont waste your time downloading this game unless u want to play the same game over and over everyday..
This game is the best.I like that this game is different from the other games by adding the chance to win and the only thing they need to work on is adding more modes
VERY PAY TO PLAY! You need gold to buy new players and game doesn't give you any unless you win. You can't win cause it is a total chance/odds game not skill. Rewards are horrible, whole game is designed to make you fail so you buy gold from store, which is also overpriced. Uninstalled and would NEVER reccomend.
I can't even enjoy the game anymore because I'm 40+ over the other players and I get the max boost and still almost every time it doesn't hit the target it's getting annoying CAN I GET A FREAKING FAIR MATCH
The game is computer genarated the spinning wheel sucks this game is so bad i lost 5 times in a row just because of the wheel this game isn't what you think it is
It is a great game like the mobile the best game I played on my tablet but it is hard to get gold but that's what I like about this game I think who ever play will lllllllllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee it I hope you like the game!!
This game has awesome graphics and you get to evolve your players also pick your name for your team and color's I just want to let you know that you need to play it
Must pay to win!!!! They hook you with the first few games, then you just get stuck. Fun concept, greedy developers.
You guys made me do a purchase and also asked me to connect to fb, I did it but the game restarted on its own and lost all my purchase & gold that I received for connecting to fb. I need it back as soon as possible
Love it It's so fun the only problem is that I couldn't recover my old account I should be allowed to make my own password for the game
This game is good for football fan...but bonus ring quickly vanish so fast....u wont get a chance.....rest i thing they should adjust green spinner....i wont mind losing but game mechanics of spinner should be accurate.
Bad game. You need to have a lot of luck, enough to win a lottery. Doesnt matter if your cards rating if miles ahead of the opponent. Somehow you won't get the spin. Good graphics though. UNINSTALLED.
Your game isn't fair. Silver should be better than bronze, cuz why else getting new cards? Some bronze cards are better than silver. And that isn't fair.
I Love this Game but when I switched phones my recovery code wouldn't recover my team I lost everything somethings were paid for. What can be done?
This game is absolute garbage. The entire game is based only on luck unless you buy a crapload of stuff. Take your crappy game off the play store. Save room for real games. I would rate it a -5 if I could. Uninstalling.
It let me play tutorial then I couldn't go any further in play. Seemed like it would be fun but why should I play a game that doesn't want to be played?
wish yall would add more bowl games it would be more fun to play. it's ok now just boring cause once you complete the bowls games there is nothing else to work for. would give 5 stars if more bowl games were added.
Pretty good game but let down by what you can actually do. Soon as you complete the very short campaign there is nothing to do. The Pro trophy is easy now and the events are pointless...
Excellent graphics, but game is too automated. You basically just tap the screen icons at the select times and watch the cut scenes to see how the play turns out. Also, every single play begins at the end zone. No kickoffs, no downs to gain yardage to advance up field, no manual effort to get to the end zone is required. I understand this isn't Madden football, but there should be more actual hands on playing.
Dont down load this game .When my internet connection is strong it says please check your internet connection
The worst game ever because the only thing you do is just Press buttons. It's all so boring it's an easy lemon squeezy game.lol I hate this game.
Entertaining but not for people who want full control of all players. This game is basically a game based off of luck.
Good Potentialbut only 5 energy come on. And if you were to actullay play The game it would be better than just pushing buttons
How come I always get it in the field goal yet I still don't get the field goal. You have to be kidding me.
Simply one of the best games I've ever played in my life,... Just kidding. One of the simplest games I've ever played in my life and I'm good with that. The gameplay is so awesome it seems easy. Looking for a hockey game similar to this style of mobile game.
Everytime I log in on the last day of rewards it starts me over instead of giving me my 50 gold bars. I'm sick of it. Been playing a long time
i love this game because the faces on the players are funny when you miss a pass and also funny before you play a game
it is slow fun for the football lovers and fans it let's you just play and gives you a chance to win.
Needs a better way to exchange extra bronze players etc how about 5 bronze = 1 silver, 5 silver = 1gold etc, I've got 200+ bronze players and dont need any more cash as all my pkayers are maxed and don't need to be upgraded...more leagues as I've completed all the leagues here ....come on guys do more with this game or its pointless playing any more.....
really sad that this game stopped loading....gets to the football screen but doesn't load....I was getting pretty good guys too...oh well
I don't know what I really expected from this game, but I only put about an hour into it. Basically, tap a target about 6 times and your game is over. Not worth my time.
very fun and addictive. the best football game on the playstore in my opinion also has no adds. don't have to spend money to upgrade.
Game doesnt work. I downloaded it today. And first thing is does is ask permission to manage phone calls, storage, location etc. Then it says this game was developed for an older version of android and may not work properly. Well that part was true. Everytime i tried to play the game, it would just provide a black screen and would freeze my phone. I needed to restart the phone just to delete the game. And as far I see and know, there is no update. So couldnt play the game, hence the 1 star.
It is fun and all, but when you finish season, there isn't anything else to do. If you could add more games or more things to do, that would be a 5 star game easly.
This is like the best football game ever. I like how they added like bronze,silver,gold,platnum,allstar and you know what I mean, and that made me really like this game.
Bad game. Equations for wins and losses are way off. Lots of bot games. QB throws right, but WR catches it going left. Cant trust it, game cheats! Boring after a while anyways!
Great, this game is wonderful but maybe add more jersey designs and patterns and also a card creator way you make your own 1 card and from a bronze you work your way up to a Champion. i just thought that would be great.
This game is great!But I wish this game could allow people to trade to other online boom boom teams. Sometimes it cheats but the good thing is you can do whatever you want in it!!!To be honest the music is good to!Also by the way it hasn't had an update since 2015
I got this game since it seemed cool but basically you just tap the circles once or twice a match. I wouldn't recommend it. It also hasn't been updated since 2015 and doesn't work on newer phones
I usually never comment on games but this game is so fun I have all champions on my team and my rating is 2687 this game is so fun
We should be able to play offense and defense more and do kickoffs,fumbles, interceptions. Also u should make a game like boom boom basketball, boom boom baseball, and boom boom hockey basically more sports game like this.
Pretty good game overall. My only thing is they could develop this some more and add some more bowls to the list with higher tier players you can get from them.
Would give ut more stars but keeps kicking me out... Ease fix this or if you could give me gold as consakation
The game is really helpful for passing time and also is challenging I like it because it is really to do some perfect shots but still I like it and is really fun to play and it is also one of my favorite games
So, Its good, but what reqlly KILLS me is when i close the app and go back in IT SAYS " unfortanly, Boom Boom football has stopped
Everything is luck based and you have a strong chance to fail even when your an has a plus 21 over the db
Good game until couple of days playing then the game is completed. .weak guys. More rounds would be considered some effort
Game is thrash ! I had 0 losses and then just when I wanted to go in a match , it said that my internet connection was not good . But when I played the other challenges and my other games , network was good . Game is full of thrash !
good animations dont work if your team is matched up against another team that is a whole lot better than yours and takes away energy and counts a loss if the game crashed or your wifi doesnt even fully load the game. glad you guys at hothead havent updated since 2015
This game wanted permission in everything from storage, contacts, manage phone calls and text and location. Why? Too many sketchy apps and games out there.
Another decent and fun game ruined by cheaters. Seriously if you download this game avoid the events as its full of cheats. I made it to 1000 points milestone event went into another game and it said "check internet connection" nothing wrong with my wifi then the game restarts and i have dropped 40 odd places in leaderboards and lost nearly 300 points. It did this 4 times in a row so i gave up. So be warned Devs need to sort this out as its no fun anymore
Really love this game it's fun It Has just the right graphics and everything this game has no weaknesses in it as far as I can see
Great game just remember to write down your code because if you don't and you delete your app you won't get your team back
This game is very fun but it really need more boim bowls! I want to keep playing but theres nothing else to do! its super boring now and im about to delete it!!
Really simple yet enjoyable and addicting. Also doesn't make you feel like you have to constantly spend money just to keep up with the game. Of course you can spend some cash to get ahead a lot faster but never seems like you HAVE to. Only about ten games in so this could change but so far so good. I highly recommend if you love football and want something that is simple yet engaging that wont feel like its constantly robbing you or shoving ADS down your throat. Hope to see you on the field.
Could be a great game, but sad to say ended up being just a game of luck no skill involved. Out rank other team by 21 points hit the purple and got beat. Other team out ranked me by 15 hit yellow and beat them. Once you hit the target its all just a wheel of luck may win may loose. No skill involved at all great game wrecked.
How you could screw up a potentialy good game this bad is pathetic. You run out of energy within fifteen minutes. After the first "superbowl" your team sucks to much to win. I hit the extra bonus and still miss?? Do you not know how to get people into something before you push them away. Any good game producer knows to start out giving away good players / heroes and make you feel like your winning and by the time your into it its too late. This game sucked so quick I had no problem uninstalling
Remotely enjoyable, until you work out it's rigged. Opposition gets a MASSIVE bonus when they are + matchup, you get less than half the same bonus for same + match up. 6 moments in a game, nail EVERY bonus circle and still not score a point. Another weekend game, it'll last you a weekend.