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Booking Revolution

Booking Revolution for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by MDickie located at Tower House Lucy Tower Street Lincoln LN1 1XW UK. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Language) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome but if you want it to sell that much make the players names and graphics better you will sell like crazy not more than year that I got to point out
It is okay because it allows you to pick the script from your rosters but I wish there were more scripts to choose from also we need to be able to name payper views and make gimmicks I also wish there was a woman's division so men can't fight women. And more championships to select from. And they need money in the bank and other matches. And everyone can't have the same moves (slingshot,headlock,headlock takedown).
The game is good, fun and offline I give 5 stars for this because the is fun, funny, offfline and I can control a company.
Well it's good but when you first download it you lose six matches for some reason dkw but it kinda annoying
Excellent, probably the most believable wrestling game I've ever played because of the detail the creator mdickie has put into it. Just disappeared it's taken me so long to discover the thing as this is by far what I've been looking for in a game for a hell of a long time.
I LOVED the game... Back in the day.. I just recently got it back and idk if there was an updated or what. But things are a HELL of alot different. There were only a few things you couldnt do before, if you didnt contribute some money. Which was understandable. But when i first got this game on my new phone, i couldnt even sign contracts. Change peoples names. Ect. So when i got a card, Instantly gave the 3 4 buck to the game. And still, i couldnt change names, sign contracts. Its crazy.
This game is awesome. Just have one little problem. Why i can't work with any other companies? I can work just with federation online.
Very nice game in the world it is good to play and assume to look it its not like a pubg or free fire and not paid attention to the game
This game is alright. The gameplay is alright. Some good things are that your customization for a match is limitless. You can make a regular one on one match or a to the death match with dynamites everywhere. You can customize some of your wrestlers (except for ones with creative control). Though, this game can be long paced and MDickie made it as an option for the booking carreer in Wrestling Revolution (but you need to choose between the booking or wrestling carreer).
so whats the point of this game, if you recently added booking mode for the wrestling revolution? like what is the actul difference between those two games other than this game is now totally pointless?
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I love the game the story telling a few things to make it a great game is 1. More titles 2. More controle 3. A road to wrestle maina for your created super stars 4. More options for matches 5. More story plots.
mdickie you need to fix your games because I can't even control the control even isn't there so you need to fix this and i will give you 5 stars when you can fix it
I mean its s very good game control's are great but one thing is i get bored having to always pay to be a booker for the brand i want this game would be a lot netter if you can play what brand you want without playing you basically already make enough money from your other games ao why not make this game free
if it crashes hit the open screens button like youre going to clear all but then click back on ..its goes away
It is a very good game and I want to thank Mat Dickie for all the games he has made. All his games helped me when I was bored they also helped when I was feeling angry or sad. As Sad as I was when I heard that Mat has retired I have to take it. We will forever Remember you Dickie all of us who have had the chance to play your games. we will miss u 😒😒😒😒
This game is great, but there isn't enough money to go around. You have about $344,000 and at the end of each show I always loose money. Even if I keep defaults and keep expenses at a minimal I still loose money. The cost to run a show is realistic, but the starting amount of money is not. Please raise the starting amount of money (preferably to $1,000,000) so we can draft and book in the best way.
It gets stuck on the loading screen on a Samsung note 9 on latest Android OS. I have a black screen with background music.
Best game on the play store not a bad game the best game good job but try to do one with acting kind of like how you did with the rapping one or the singing One but do it with acting
This game is good+okay but it is not great, if you have 5000 fans and you sim the match it is going to go to 1000 fans but if you are in 1000 to 2000 fans it is going to go to 3000 to 5000
Ive tried to download this a few times and i get met with no way to control my characters or anything. using a samsung galaxy A21
Yes i loved this game when i was a kid but this new update has a few bad things about it don't call me a hater cause im just stating the facts to make the game better, first pls can u put where u don't have to pay to go to what ever roster you want, if u can't do that then at least put the glitch back in. Overall it's a really good game i played it since i was eight and i can't stop thank u Mdicke for making these games that we all can enjoy.
Very fun! Would love to see an updated moveset & stages! Also a little tip for the rest of ya'll, purchase the extended version. In order to make more money, when signing wrestlers, edit their attitudes & popularity to 50%. Then sign them a contract at least up to $4,500. They will automatically accept the low amount. Once signed, then change their stats back. Do this to all your wrestlers. Your profit will rise. Trust me. According to the game, I'm 10 years in & over $16 million in profit.
Great game. Only problem is that there should be more. More customization options. And more match choices. And i really hate when the owner asks you to do stupid changes or he'll fire u.
This game is the best booking games I have ever played! But keeping the same dialogues give us making a same storyline. So add more conversations in the next update and add new face wrestlers and try to move very Old wrestlers to Hollywood or create a new promotion called Legend. (My one and only request is add more dialogues) Thank you
The game is good but a few adjustment will make the game more better. (1) more championship templates (2) The ability to choose where you want to take over from (3) the ability to write your own storyline. (4) ability to name PPVs, gimmick also.
Been playing Dickie games since I was 8. I'm 15. This one is my favorite out of every game hes made. This is one of the only Dickie games u dont need to upgrade to customize matches and characters. Fun and easy game
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Mdickie has proved that gameplay is more important than graphics. I have played almost all the games of Mickie and back ward and Wrestling Revolution are mah favourite!!!!! Keep it up Mdickie,i love ur games and atlast pls keep making such kind of games.!!!!!β™‘
Matt there is a glitch when I finish my show there is a guy named fabulous M and when he he is on the poster and I can't click and then the game just crashes that is not cool man
Awesome Game !!!!! But the worst thing in it is the weird name of the wrestlers like John cena , they named him jimmy seiraa, randy orton: rory awesomeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is my favourite game on the app store! This game is the deffinition of fun whilst wrestling! It's so cool! You can make people do promos to hype up your rivalries! There is even a hair vs hair match! Not that much you get them in any sort of wrestling games, all this and it's free! Well they may be in game packages but they dont force you! Oh yeah and the background music is awesome! This is the best game ever!
to all those people who are saying he needs to fix it, you all are so stupid. how can retirement fix something?!
I really wanna give a 4 or 5 star rating but I cant because everytime i book a match and try to play it it freezes on the crowd and i cant play the match so i keep restarting it.
This is awesome I love playing this game I wish that there was a fire match or you can win for a champion
It's a very awesome game. I have played it so many times. There is only one problem. While I am playing the game, a wrestler sometimes just flies up and doesn't come down. Kindly rectify this.
This is a really cool game, my only problem is that without the pro license, its kinda impossible to stay out of debt, although i haven't figured out how to fire people before the end of their contract
I honestly love that Game It's sooo Much Better then The 3d One... there's more Stuff To The Game and it has amazing Graphics.. I have been playing this game for 3 years now
Great game. Please update the roster. So many new wrestlers to mimic. Good job but please add new characters.
This game is amazing. The woman doesnt fight the men because i signed every woman to federation online and made the inter championship a womans title. I play this all the time.
It was terrible when you win it says the other person win, and also in tag team you can't even tag you teammate in. So it is terrible
It's a Wresling Revolution (Favorite Game By MDickie) Booking Game It's really Fun if you get pro you can do Alot It's good
i like this game it like wresting revoluition but more better one buecase this game allowd to change head and size and the points and the gender and the hight this is best game ever 😁
I'm in love I enjoy it you can buy anyone from other rosters but one thing there should be ladder matches so when they climb you can press grapple to put them down but still I love this game
Some adjustments too can make this game more interesting than ever.... 1) More Titles Design or if your promotion gains popularity than new title to be unveil 2) Partnership with other wrestling promotion. 3) Ability to have more matches in a single matches Please mdickie make this happen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Terrible game...I had the first match won with my opponent's life empty and guess what...? He kicked out at a 1 count repeatedly and wouldn't let me get barely any wrestling moves (if you can even call them that) off before injuring my wrestler...this is horrible AI and must be fixed...the hit direction sucks too... uninstall...
Well its a bit like the other wr2d but just with new modes. Not very goood on andriod so pls make it have more speed to,also im talking about wr3d
This game is nice but if the graphics could be approved well it will help Please do something about it
This is the best wwe game. it has good graphics. I almost spend half of my day playing this game. Its pretty cool
Can you fix the American wrestling group inheritance. I spent 2 hours settling up the roster with real names, then clicked to start and it freezes. But online federation will run. I bought the game a while ago and continue coming back to it. I love it and just run AI.
I somewhat enjoy this game, but its flaws do show. The two things I hate most is that there is no tutorial on tag team matches. It's also annoying how the only way to get anything past a one star match rating is hardcore matches.
Good game but my ratings are so low even though I have 5 star shows and my profits are negative 70.000 and theres no possible way to stop that
It's not a booking sim... you have to wrestle every match? I dont get it, I just want to manage it. Just give a CPU only option and we are all happy
It is good but theres a problem one of my fav wrestlers died on the game. i tried hiring him back but he said no (he is blue meanie)
Your games are one of my most favorite games but I want to give you an idea that if you can make a life time game with carrier like band, wrestling etc. With free day to roam around and a very big map.
This sucks, cause I know 100% your not fixing this, but when I try to advance to another day, it keeps CRASHING. I made so much progress yet whenever I try to move on it just won't let me, and if I try to redo this over again. Same result. Also pls make it so that I can highlight who I want to win a match in let's say a battle royal, the ai just wants to eliminate whoever including the person I want to win which is annoying, maybe tone down the ai's needs to eliminate someone who I want to win
I like the game but there ar so many bug or glitch pls mdickie fix your game and i give it 5 star and i also in my mind that i can control all of the rosters!!!
Had some fun at the beginning, but the more you play, the more you realize it's just a lot of stupid randomness you have no control over. A wrestler from a different promotion randomly bought my company and started making me change my champions because they weren't big enough draws. And does anyone actually get a 5 star match? It decreases faster than you can execute moves. Not to mention the control system is awful and makes no sense. Time waster, not much else
It's fantastic But could you please create a fighting football game or something like that And could you pls add commentary to booking revolution
2 Stars now because the game keeps on frozen g reasons why 1. Pls have the ability tho choose our own roster 2. To create new characters 3. To add more rosters But when you do this make sure and can continue and save progress so I can continue where I'm at another reason 4. Pls stop this game from frozening pls sort it soon FIX IT NOW
I bought the upgrade and it won't let me use it! I would give a 0 star raiting bu4 I like I to so I'll give it a 2.5
gets a bit boring after a while. but if you are looking to have a bit of fun for a few weeks and then maybe go back to the game. this is perfect.
sometimes my game works but alot of the time the when i try to enter the app the screen turns black and stays that way
The game has good graphics. But it's not like 3D. The moves are great. The moves will really make wrestling revolution a very great game. But the thing I don't like in this game is that there is no eye button in it and the stars drop too fast for my liking
I played this game once and i realy liked it. It might even be my favorite mobile game. But for some reason when im going to play it, on my phone i the controls dont show up when im in a match and i cant even move around and stuff. Please fix this.
The game is good, but I have some suggestions. This games is ment to be more backstage than the other wrestling games by this same developer, but it feels like a plain copy. I'd suggest that you create storylines and pick who wrestles, but not need to actually control the wrestlers. If you chose who wrestled and depending on how popular the current feud was and not you're controlls this game would be 1000x better. If the developer is reading this, please take my idea into consideration.
This is a great wrestling game. Please add more detailed create a character features as with your Super city game.
You, yourself must choose which roster i want thats the most stupidest thing in this game 😣😣😣😣 fix it i want it to be real the rosters must be raw , smackdown and all and cm punk why doesnt he have x on his bandage and their theme songs fake i want them to be real like voices cult of personality and all, and Randy Orton why is he in black skin colour and the Rock. Put in ladder matches where the championshipgoes in the air and they must climb and press G to take the belt and you can press g
This is the greatest game ever and I am very sad that my favourite game developer MDickie has retired from game development but Mat was developing games since 2000 and I think that Mat deserves a break from all the hard work he puts into the games and 1M+ downloads on one game is a massive accomplishment let alone 50M+ downloads. My 2 favourite games on PC is Popcorn and Under Development and Popcorn was my first game I played on the PC. The first ever game I ever played was Hard Time and my 2 favourite games on Tablet is Wrestling Revolution 3D and Super City.
Very addictive game...is amazing and playing this doesn't bore me...in the new update mp3 theme songs cannot be added though...and also would have been great if an under card belt was added
i love it the most best game ever awesome job but could u make a elamantion camber and more matches like street fights and a ladder match with the title hanging
I love your game its got the rock and CM punk and others but the only thing to make it better is to add more championships like universal champion united states champion and you have to have a second tag team championships all those championships in all the rosters and to add ladder matches it works like this put the championship above the wrestler must take a ladder and climb it and you can press grapple to pull them down I hope you do what I say😊
Even tho Mdickie's games aren't too good, this is the worse. Why should I book matches & end up playing them? The stress is much. The match ratings are disastrous. To get 4 stars in a match is problematic. 1st blood matches are poorly scripted. I've been trying to make my opponent bleed but he kicked my character's thigh & my character started bleeding on his face?! Even when there's nobody bleeding the ref keeps checking. For what?! Pls OVERHAUL the game! Nice concepts tho
There are some suggestions to name a few; (1) Ability to record the entire show (2) Audio with the characters (3) Add a watermark to claim ownership of the recordings.
It's obvious the creator's are wrestling fans, but the doesn't mean you're qualified to actually make a wrestling game. The controls for this are utterly atrocious--probably the worst I've ever seen in a wrestling game. And the moves are boring and simplistic (and it seems like 90% of them are submission holds).
Yeah. I don't care to play the game part, I want to book my own show, assign my champions and simulate it and see my results
Takes far too long to get through a show if you have to play every match. Should be able to sim the matches as the purpose of the game is to be the booker not the player.
Excellent game & without a doubt the best Wrestling game available on Android.. A must for any die hard wrestling fans.
Your games has been the best for me I love them but I think it needs more updating pls find more games too make.......l am a fan of your games πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ™‹ love XOXO β€οΈπŸ’
Please can you add more females and have women's championship at least on Federation Online, Strong Style Wrestling and All American Wrestling. I want to have a legit women's division but there is no championship and I have to sacrifice my midcard championship and pretend it's a women's championship. Personally, I think it's 5 stars but I'm giving 4 because of this.
When I played I got a really good run going but then it got deleted from my tablet resetting I wish there was a way to save ur files in a back up file for this game
Its a good game but maybe some feud/storylines and maybe more womens and womens champion! maybe do touchscreen
The game isn't working for me. I get to the Career screen to pick a promotion and nothing. Tapping the screen does nothing. Is this game not supported anymore?
As good as old N64 WWF Games!! Of course the graphics and presentation are on a smaller scale but for move sets, the ability to customize and create your own wrestlers apparel, looks, gimmick, and even entrance (which needs to be addressed), you cant go wrong with this one. Feels like a button masher trying to get up when you're knocked down or trying to reverse an opponent's move. The ONLY downside ive found is that when i try to add my mp3 files to wrestlers entrances, the game crashes😩
Get This game however it seems the mma game its easier to create rosters and put fighters on one brand to another but overall i love this i am normally hard on games so this game is A+ most get and buy DLC
Great game. One thing that would improve it was ifyou could find a way to store rivalries. I can never remember who is fighting who.
Make it more easy to pin and submission and make better graphics they are terrible. And the controls need to be better.
loved the game... but please improve the gimmicks because i cannot set a own theme music for a player from my device after the new update... so please improve it. its getting bored with the default theme music in the game...
WR3D has both Wrestling and Booking Career. But the 2D ones are two seperate games. Okay-okay game to you if you've already played Wrestling Revolution 3D.
In this game we can click at simulate result only one time earlier we could click on simulate result multiple times
I love this game very good best graphics nice sounds nice people best wrestling game I've played. man your games rock I really appreciate it keep it upπŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
Ok any who thinks this game is hard turn the AI's to easy and why on the booking mode why cant i make money i make them long and have good ratings to i mean the ufc one works with money but not with this game and yes the game is hard if your playing
I love this game, this game is awesome, although the game is a 2d game, it is still the best game ever, if you want to download this game go head and download it. You won't regret downloading this game.
Awful. Your not actually even running the show they make you choose a wrestler to play as and fight your opponent. The controls are impossible to get use to there is literally like 100 ways to attack. It isnt even real wrestling! All the moves are just submissions. Dont even try and install any other game made by Mcdickie theyre all terrible. I begin a game and a second later i have someone saying i hurt their friend and start trying to kill me(which they do because its impossible to face them.)
I LOVE YOUR GAMES MDickie I've played all of em but my faves are: .School Days .Hard Time Prison .Superhero .wrecked
It's stupid how you have to book the match, but it starts at the main event, and instead of saving it, you half to play that match instantly. The match eating and star system is broken and it only averages 3 star matches. This is the worst M Dickie game ever made.
A few adjustments could make this game that much greater. (1) The ability to write your own storyline. (2) More Championship Templates. (3) Ability to schedule match cards beyond just one show at a time. (4) Ability to name PPVs, gimmick PPVs also.
the game took an hour to load and I had trouble with the lag. the graphics aren't enough please think before downloading
So I've had about 5 games in my phone total made by Mdickie for a long time. The style is pretty consistent between each game, and the controls are also the same. However, sometimes the way that the game works can be confusing, especially in HardTime, WR2D and this game. When you try to hit your opponent, the chances of you actually hitting them is low, while other times, you miss. If this game and the others were updated sometimes, I wouldn't mind playing it. Overall, it can be fun to play.
I like this game but I feel like they can upgrade it I mean like we are now in 2020 we want to see new graphics
I remember when this game came out and i was so excited and eager to play it and i have ever since then. This game also is an amazing time-killer and also is just awesome to play when looking for some fun i also love all of your other games too and how the names are obvisouly not the real due to copyright enfragement but i think it is funnier and better that way and that Mdickie is why i give all of your games a 5 Star Review and i would give even more if i could
I keep losing everytime like are they bots or is it me? Like why do I have to lose in battle royals or countdown! Including elimination and countdown
This game is great you should agree this game is great you should agree with me because if you try this is going to be better than you think and you should play it I had so much things you could do it it even talking stuff and stuff like that that's how I love this game that's why I gave it a five stuff I was just about to give it a full stop but then but then it was better than I thought so bye
My experience with Wrestling games made by MDickie are quite in between. However most of the things in those games are not what suit my style. Don't get me wrong, I like many of the features like starting different matches with different wrestlers of your choosing but they don't mix well with what this game and the 2D version has. The controls are too clunky. Without a basic understanding of these controls, you'd better off simulating the entire match instead. But even then, the AI is quite challenging to say the least and even spamming them or mashing them won't give you even a slight advantage. If you don't have good depth perception, you will have a bad time because the angle and direction of your hit to someone will usually miss due to the depth because it is 2D. The ratings system is quite out of luck and events of the match vary throughout and they can be unexpected. They're quite the worst actually. I was playing WR3D with my friend who is really good at the game and even with him doing the work in the booking section, it isn't worth it. If the mechanics are worse in WR3D and WR, then it goes at the same category with Booking Revolution. I don't recommend this game however I do encourage you to play some of the PC versions as they are not clunky despite them being really old. I also recommend Hard Times especially on the mobile. The controls are the same however with much more freedom to play, it isn't clunky as it is. I like most of the MDickie games but this one is not my suit. I know this game or any other game made by Mat Dickie are not going to be updated considering his retirement and his focus on the Switch and I respect that. I hope sooner or later he would return for the people's favor but he does deserve a break once in a while because of his timely work. This is just my take and I hope you all have a great day.
Played the game before, but for some reason it wont let me choose a roster. I heavily enjoyed this game since it's release so i really hope this can be fixed
People are actually calling this mess a good game? Calling it a booking game when 99% of it is wrestling is blatant lying about what the game is. It seems to learn how to really play, you apparently need to download ANOTHER GAME. If you can't give someone instructions, don't make the game. Matches are unworkable. You are never taught basic things like reversing or escaping pins or submissions , you either have to apparently play a different game, or guess and hope you get lucky. Do not play.
Great game i like it but i would like yo to tell you developers that you should add real boxers and real shows if that is added and graphics will be higher this game will be the best wrestling game