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Boo! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bart Bonte located at Bergstraat 17 9880 Aalter Belgium. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great little game, the animation is really cute. The controls and game play are intuitive without any instructions needed. Difficulty increases gradually and makes you think logically. It doesn't make an annoying noise or vibrate on haptics if you get it wrong, you just get another chance to try. There are ads, but they aren't intrusive at all, no annoying pop ups asking you to buy premium. I'm going to download more of Barts games.
VERY CUTE! & spooky? overly cutely spooky, CUTE SPOOKS! aah man I just love it. The concept is very simple yet unique & creative. the first few levels are a piece of cake, or should I say pumpkin pie, but then it gets a little more complicated &makes u really think &use trial&error which Im all out for! & the Danse Macabre made it 10Γ— more enjoyable! What I like most about the music in ur games is that it never gets boring even when repeated many times, which is great coz I play them alot lol.
Very fun of your bored and want to workout your brain mussules p.s I love every game of yours that I've played so far
Great game, I loved the art style and how the difficulty got progressively higher as time went on. The only ting I would change is making more levels, otherwise its one of the best games I've played in a while.
This was so much fun! Unfortunately it's a little short. at first glance it's a kid game, but I really enjoyed the puzzles!
Simple, cute visual logic puzzle. Quite boggling at first but after a while I figured it out. Really quite a fun experience for some quick puzzling
a HUGE thumbs up!! It is kind of addicting (in a good way) to solve color problems. Would it be possible if you add some more levels to this game? It'd be great! Maybe adding 2-3 colors to make another shade. I hope you know what I mean.. Thanks for adding happiness to the world, Bart! 😊
Loved this, the little ghost guy's really cute and the painting was fun because it wasn't too easy but it wasn't exactly so impossible you want to stop playing. Also I really like that you can just have fun playing and not be interrupted by pop ups or adds. Maybe there could be a few more tools added, like some star shaped sunglasses or something funny like that, but I wouldn't add anything crazy, it's just so simplistic and perfect I wouldn't want anything to change that. Great game πŸ‘
I love what the game is and there is acctually another game with that concept called like factory balls or something. I used to play it a lot on cool math games so I really enjoy this game.
A very fun and cute game. I flew through the levels and was sad when I finished it because I was having so much fun!
It was great until they got too hard. for people who really like puzzle games this would be fun but after they got too complex i deleted it.
Make more levels! Brilliant game, it was my favourite new go to stress relief App with fun music and nice coloured graphics...but it's over so soon :( Please make more levels!!!
Absolutely excellent clever fun games that's also aesthetically beautiful and distinct and it's artistic style. Simple and maybe perfect. Fully deserving of the praise it's getting, unless this just isn't the type of game you enjoy. But as pleasing puzzles go this ones great. There's something in the flow that feels really good and satisfying and requires you to flip you're spacial awareness around flipping and flopping to solve! Much respect to game developer.
Honestly, one of the best games I have ever played on my phone. Already told everyone I know to play it. Wish there were versions for more holidays, like with sugar cookies or gingerbread men!!! This was challenging and incredibly satisfying to play without all the pushy powerups and daily specials. I will probably play this again and again! Thank you for making this amazingly simple and wonderful game! You are everything the phone gaming industry is missing!! You ROCK!
It is nice and good for children to train there brain. But the level 13 is extremely hard and I've been stuck on it for weeks. Can u make it a little bit easier? Thanks. Also hopefully there is an option to skip the level by watching an ad. Thanks! :)
Bart makes the best game apps. Boo! was definitely a fun playthrough, with a good amount of challenge.
Surprised to find out you created factory balls! Its one of my favourite games :) Love the game, graphics are cute and simple, gameplay is smooth. Great game for passing time.
Okay I love this game. I like the look of it and it makes you think and its really enjoyable. Also it seems like Bart bonte seem to reply to almost every comment on their games, so fair play to them for taking their time to do that as well. Great game. I will be trying out all the others if they're anything like this one.
This is a super cute puzzle game!! I loved figuring out the combinations. I really wish there were more levels.
I was looking for a puzzle game that I could play at my speed, and was differentfrom all the match three apps. I downloaded this based on the reviews and it didn't disappoint. Very fun puzzles. You have to think about what you're doing. Short ads that weren't over abundant was nice. My only thing to make it better would be more puzzles. Perhaps using a cat stencil as well as a bat? I don't usually buy games on here but if his other free ones are this good, I may just change that.
Fun color puzzle figuring out how to paint layers on the pumpkin! I really appreciate there being no timer and no limit to the number of times you can paint the pumpkin. Much more fun that way. Cute background music that doesn't become annoying. A very enjoyable game that is fun to play many times. Thank you very much for making it and sharing it!
I Love This game so much. My son is autistic and he didn't stop playing until he get the level 21... I wish that you could do more levels...
Amazing game. I've played factory balls before on the computer and I would love to get it on my phone but I'm not allowed to spend money. My only complaint about Boo! is it's too short, but ads are completely skippable. If the developer would add more levels that would be amazing.
This is the cutest lil game out there. Not a lot of levels, which is understandable cuz it's new and everything. I think that makes it even better. Graphics are a BEAUT!
Good game! But after playing 14 levels you'll start to see a pattern to solve these puzzle. First start by making pattern for eye patches. Once you make a pattern for one patch hide that side using the eye patch. Keep them on the pumpkin Then make the patten for the mask. Hide the pattern you made for the mask. Now remove the eye patches but keep the mask on. Make the Pattern for eyes. Hide the Pattern using the patch. Then keeping the patches and mask on. Make the pattern for pumpkin. Done !!!
The game is harder than you'd except. Takes a while to solve but once you get it, you get excited. Not a versatile game at all but still deserves 5 stars.
Super cute and spooky! It was easy to get sucked into. If you wanted to expand game, you could have multiple levels have the same difficulty. I.e. have 3 levels of the same number of times needed to dip the pumpkin to achieve the desired result, then make it progressively more difficult after every 3 levels. You also could do a "creative" section, and have people make their own designs and showcase them. For what it was, though, a cute and fun game! Absolutely adore the art style
This is definitely a game for children. The levels are very easy and I completed all 21 levels fairly quickly. The game was fun and the graphics are cute, but there aren't enough levels to give this any replay value.
I didn't really expect much but it totally surprised me,, it's such a nice game... It's simple and straightforward, the graphics are cool & the controls are good too and it doesn't have any glitches as well... It's kinda easy when you get the hang of it but it's definitely not boring or childish... There wasn't anything that I didn't like about this game,, I just wish the game had more levels to play (Mind you that I get bored super quickly but it's the first game that I played till the end)...
Perfect difficulty. It gets hard, making it satisfying, but you can always make progress and learn about the patterns. You don't get stuck. It's just a perfect puzzle game. Sadly I binged and finished it within an hour but this game inspired me to try making some games of my own. It's just that good.
In the short time it took to complete, I kept thinking, "this is like that old Bonte game!" Didn't notice until the end credits that it was created by Bonte :) Enjoyed it the entire time.
I don't normally play games on my phone but this was so cute I had to try. Very aesthetically pleasing, with clever, creative and reasonably challenging puzzles and pleasant music. Really put me in the Halloween spirit.
It looks silly at first... But when you start playing the game.. it does take you some figuring around how to clear the levels.... But the game is short. You guys should add more levels to the game. Best part... No annoying adds that run for 30 seconds or more... It only had a couple of adds.. With the option to cancel right away.
A mix and match color puzzle game. Although a lot shorter than the color series, this one is also really fun! It took me quite awhile to learn the mechanics, but once I do, the game becomes a breeze. Thanks for making this game!
Very fun and imaginative game that is challenging but becomes a bit too easy once you have the hang of it. My main two criticisms are that: 1) The game is very short, with just 21 levels that can be completed in a few minutes each 2) It would be good to have more props to make more complex designs, which would make the game more challenging Other than that, a great game and I would love a sequel, even if I have to pay for it!
A short puzzle game with a really cute halloween/fall theme! It was fun to imitate the pumpkins' patterns and challenging at times. If you're looking for a puzzle game to help pass the time give it a shot.
Short but interesting and fun! And the ads are manageable, once every three levels. So there's no too many ads for a game which is ideal for me! Thanks a lot developer πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Super fun puzzle game. Haven't come across another like this so far. It's a shame there are only 21 puzzles but it was fun while it lasted!
a very fun game for all seasons, but especially halloween! some are very hard, but once you get the hang of it and win it is so satisfying! was honestly kind of sad to delete lol
The graphics are very soothing. The levels are challenging enough that you have to spend time on getting the final outcome right. Kinda hope it had more levels. Really good game, man!
Loved this very unique, fun color game! Played through all the levels many many times so finally uninstalled it. But will install and play again in time. Just wish there were more levels to it, and hope the developer creates more similarly interesting paint puzzle-type games.
I love it! I love all your games including this it gets a bit hard but there's always hints it's really relaxing for me I love the idea, anyway I recommend this and thank you for making it p.s my first review on one of your games:-) edit: your welcome:-)
Challenging puzzle game with cute graphics and minimal ads. It's not a "forever game" which I love. There are 21 levels, no power ups, and a very relaxed yet challenging energy to the game. I absolutely loved it and strongly recommend it.
Pretty much the perfect little puzzle game for a bit of fun. It doesn't really take long to play through all of the available levels, but you can do so for free, and the ads aren't obnoxious at all. The graphics are super cute, the music is great, and the puzzles are fun but not too challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think had it been longer, the mechanic would have become boring, so the short duration was just right.
Very cute design, cool game. It's super fun, I hope more levels get added in the future Response: already playing! I almost almost finished the color ones!
Adorable game. You get to paint pumpkins with increasingly difficult patterns. Easy to play with enough of a challenge to keep you entertained. I would love to see more levels added to this game. Or maybe an option to create your own pumpkin and load it for others to solve?
I think this is the first puzzle game of its kind that I've really understood. The UI is fun & intuitive, and the levels are getting harder at about the right rate - not too hard but a bit of a challenge. Thanks for the fun & enjoyable puzzle game!
Oh my God this game has been the best game I've ever played I loved it so much ! There should be more games like these
Completed it for the second time after 3 years because this is such a cute, small game. Totally worth the while. Good job.
I was completely absorbed while playing this game. I appreciate that you can focus on solving the puzzle itself- essentially reverse engineering the pumpkin decorations, instead of spending a lot of time figuring our what the puzzle is about. I wish it was longer though: I hope you will do a sequel or something similar!
I love it! It's really fun and relaxing, I just wish there were more levels, such as one you complete the pumpkin you could go onto something else. - 5 stars, by Remi
Now this is a fun game. Really makes you think after a while, and it's quite enjoyable to figure each stage out. Plus it's got a lovely Autumn atmosphere. Thumbs up!
A short game, but fun and entertaining. Though it can be completed fairly quickly it takes some thought. The difficulty progression is logical and fair. And it's cute! Definitely worth a try.
Another delightful game from Bart Bonte!! I love these so much, and this one has a whimsical Halloween touch. At first the designs are easy, but if course as you progress, they become more challenging. I wish there were more levels, but it's still very fun.
This was a great little logic puzzle game. I enjoyed even the frustrating moments. I also really value that I could play a bit, put it down when interrupted and then come back to it. A pleasing, clean and well designed app. I'm off to the the developer's others apps now. :)
Great work. The puzzle isn't that hard but is still enjoyable. I had fun trying other games from you too.
Gameplay is simple. Nice art style. Too few levels. Response: I have tried a few of your games now and they all seem very nice but they are rather short. Beatable within an hour or two. I'm hesitant to purchase games that are quick to beat. Your color games are nice at 50 levels but wouldn't it be better to combine them into one game and make each color a chapter. There's so many colors. You could easily keep adding on. First chapter free, $0.99 for each additional or view ad. Just a thought.
Its a cute and fun puzzle game with little (and skippable) ads, that are a lot less distracting than most other free games. It has good graphics and colors, fun gameplay. My only complaint is that its not long enough, with only 21 levels. 10/10 would play again!
The style and music has the perfect autumn vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the puzzles. I had no idea how intricate it could get with minimal (and on theme) tools! Lastly, I never got tired of the charming spooky music. I will be telling others about this game!
I chose to pay for no ads when I was on pumpkin 21. Yeah, I thought, I'm more than happy to pay for this, it's fun. Went to click for the next level - there ISN'T ONE! I don't mind at all paying for good games but hate feeling cheated. I think if you're asking for money and your game is exceptionally short, you should make it clear exactly what the buyer gets. In my case absolutely nothing more than I'd already played. Had I known that up front I may well have been happy to pay that, not now!
Very short, single-serving game (i finished in about 15mins) but it was a lot of fun! Visually interesting and the puzzles definitely made me think but weren't impossible.
It's a very cute game! I really enjoyed playing it and would like to continue playing it. Maybe add a freeplay option?
Awesome Game! I'm not going to lie, this app has been the first time in like a year that I downloaded a game and actually REALLY liked it. Unfortunately theres only 21 levels and it took me less than a day to finish. Hey, I'm not crazy I know it's meant for halloween BUT I think the developers should consider adding more things to this. Maybe 21 levels of different objects? It would be soooo fun 😍😍
The game was great!! The graphics are really nice and the game wasn't too hard or too easy! It does only have 21 levels but that wasn't really a problem for me
I loved everything about this game except how short it was. Super cute and it made me think but I wasn't frustrated by any means. I can't wait for an update!
It was so fun trying out different metods and trying to solve the painting puzzles this is a very fun game that i wanted more once i found out that there was no more puzzles to solve
Super interesting game! Great game to keep you busy when you have time. I would say this game is for anyone at all and reccomend downloading it.
This game was simple and fun. Yes I finished it in one sitting, but it made me smile when I was having a rather cruddy day.
A very fun, simple and short game that's still really great. Definetly a creative type of puzzle that was fun to see explored. Would recommend!
This is adorable, fun and a good level of challenging. The ads aren't even that intrusive but I bought the full version anyway to support it. Love it 10/10
I love how Very unique & Fun this is! Makes you think in a different way. And it's not too frustrating. You can get the answer & Still have a hard time doing it Again! I hope you come out with More Soon!!
Totally worth my time! Would be better if there were more levels, but there's already factory balls- which is like a lot more diverse and long version of this game.reading the negative reviews I saw that some people have problems with the difficulty, but when I played it I didn't need to use any hints and I got to the ending in one sitting. If you take your time on the hard levels it's not easy, but it's not impossible. If you just tap randomly, yeah you'll need hints and you will get stuck.
Super cute! Iβ™₯️it so much!!! It is super fun and the little ghost in the background is a fun little detail πŸ˜ƒ
I'm loving the puzzle games u made ... this was was simple but still challenging and mind refreshing !! I like how i felt that i need to plan my steps to get the results !!! And that's really awesome !!
terrific, fantastic, love this pumpkin puzzle game. even the music makes me happy. I wish it would go on forever. Thanks for the creation πŸ‘»
Very pleasant! I usually don't concentrate that well or excel at this sorta stuff, I downloaded it because of the cute ghost in the thumbnail and ended up completing everything in about 40 mins. At first I was wondering why there aren't the usual features like mistake count/ timer/ comparison of my solution to the best one, but now I think that's precisely why I enjoyed this game more. Love the simple graphics and the choice of Danse Macabre for bgm too. Great job :)
Really cool game! I just wished it had more levels, cause once you get the hang of it you kinda just want to keep painting pumpkins :)
So fun, please do more levels, easy to learn but hard to master, so fun and challenging at the same time, a great puzzle game but got through it too quickly. Definitely should do more levels please
Fantastic game that requires concentration, focus, order and patience. Challenged to cover a pumpkin in colours in a variety of ways (using only a hat, a mask, 2 eyepatches and 4 pots of colour) it's amazing the combinations that are possible. I was sad to reach the end but enjoyed every single challenge. A must do for shutting out everything else!
An adorable holiday themed version of Factory Balls. I love halloween and I loved Factory Balls, so of course this game is a great mix of the two. There aren't many levels, but since it's just a Halloween version that's to be expected. It's not overloaded with ads so that's a definite plus!
Beautiful game, amazing animation and music. So much fun to play. Give it a try. Puzzle puzzle puzzles
This game is so cute!!!! My only complaint is that it's not longer. But as usual with Bart Bonte, this game is very clever and fun.
Ended up not being my kind of game but if you like puzzles it gets good pretty quick and the ads aren't too bad. Would recommend.
Although I finished the game in 40 minutes and then realised it wasn't really for me but, I did enjoy it and gotta say it did leave me thinking at times. I also wished it not to end when it finished off. Being slightly ADHD it had my full attention and focus for whole 40 minutes and that's an achievement. I appreciate the way this works with my mind. Liked it. βœŒοΈπŸ’œπŸ˜„
It's a nice little game, well put together like other games from the same producers. Sadly, it becomes clear that there is an algorithm that will solve any possible configuration, and once you have that it is just routine. Other BB games (the colours) are way more abstract and more enjoyable for it.
It's so freaking adorable!!! Ps. I played it nonstop for 1 hour and just finished it!!! So sad that it only had 21 levels !!!
A bit short but super fun, simple, intuitive controls, and unique! Thanks for the great puzzle game! I also appreciate that it's pretty low on ads compared to other games. At the end, it kind of serves as a plug for his other games, but that's kind of a positive imo after the great experience you get in this game, which to be fair, seems to be a holiday-themed seasonal version of one of his premium games? I'm at least tempted to check out what else the developer has created.
It's fun and easy, nice music, simple yet beautiful graphics Only downside in my opinion is that there are too many ads which kinda ruins the satisfaction Also I wish there were more levels,it was fun to play! But still great game tho!
amazing!! good for kids, adults, anyone. copying something in front of you with the given tools is a very intuitive concept, yet the challenge is to exercise calculated, visualized steps to the goal
I love how Very unique & Fun this is! Makes you think in a different way. And it's not too frustrating. You can get the answer & Still have a hard time doing it Again! I hope you come out with More Soon!! Need More like This one! πŸ˜€
Bart is making games the right way. Obviously you need to make money, but unlike most games...There's no pay to win or punishment for taking your time. No lives to wait to refill (or pay to refill), and the ads are 5 seconds. Not 1 minute or longer like some other terribly selfish devs. My fiance and I just spent hours playing this game together, and with the world in quarantine, we appreciated the distraction. I'm so glad I downloaded this. Definitely a keeper. <3
I love it, it's such a fun and charming puzzle game personally I wish there were more levels to play because it's so fun, but regardless it's still great!
Cool brain teaser and nice tune for background music. Did not capture my attention past round four probably my fault for having a small pea brain. πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
I really liked ur game super cute I liked it (best game ever) Eventhough it's really hard (like REALLY hard) I liked it😘❀ Maybe if u make it a bit easier I'll appreciate it even more!! And probably this is the best rating and review I've done in my whole life I would have given it 10 stars but sadly the biggest thing is 5 starsπŸ˜–πŸ˜’ I LIKED THE GAME ITS REALLY GOOD!!!
I really loved it i made it all the way to the end in under 30 minutes but once i finished i couldnt go back or start a new chapter or see all the pumpkins i wish it never ended. I would have loved to give this awesome idea 5 stars but the fact i couldnt even start over was a bummer. Please add more please!!!
For a quick puzzle game I really enjoyed it! Sadly it only has 21 levels, but it really scratched that puzzle itch haha. It has ads, but it's a free game, so not a bad compromise. Give it a chance!
I liked this puzzle game. At first there was a lot of back and forth trying to figure out an order that would work, but I didn't mind that. I thought the graphics were nice and simple. I finished all of the levels in 20 minutes tops, so I wish there were more levels (or harder ones). Overall I think this is a good game, and I love the ghost.
Absolutely lovely puzzle game. Very interesting concept developed in a flawless and cute way. Good for all ages! The only bad thing is that it's too short!
Very good, but very short. It took me about 15 minutes to solve all the puzzles, but it was a fun little thing. Reply to dev: No way! I didn't realise you were the same guy who did the colour puzzle games. I've played pretty much every one of those. THANK YOU for making unique games. To all readers, I highly recommend trying out his other games. Bart if you like puzzle games, I recommend "The Witness" if you haven't played already. I played on PS4 but I think it's on other platforms.
It's very entertaining and it's very fun to play..I can saya that this game is very easy and even my little brother who is 4 year old can play that game..so..I gave this game 5th star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Absolutely loved this game. As a person who gets bored very easily with things, i find this game perfect for me. This is the first game I've played which after a certain point ends and because of that particular feature it doesn't bore the player. And the difficulty level of the puzzles also increased with each stage. I think this game is a masterpiece and other game developers should also take inspiration from this game and create games that ends and doesn't keep going for eternity.
I NEVER rate games. This one I felt I had to! This game is so cute, the music puts you in the Halloween mood and is relaxing, and the game itself is an enjoyable challenge. It's just difficult enough for me to put my phone down and take a break, but not one that frustrates me too much that I want to quit quit. It's also just challenging enough that when you do complete a level, you feel so accomplished. Such a sweet game! I need more of it!
I love bart bonte games. So naturally I had to try this. I wasn't disappointed at all!! It's wasn't too easy or too difficult and the ghost in every level was really cute. An amazing game as usual!
Simple yet interesting...I didn't leave my phone until I crossed the last stage...It's cool. Add more levels please..
Super delightful game. I wish there were more levels! I'd love to see more games like this. Just as chill and laid back as a country dog laying on the back porch. No time limits. You're not constantly losing lives like crazy, trying to figure out the puzzle. Just a happy little game that stretches your brain to think in ways it's not accustomed to. (only downside was a skanky ad that popped up, but you can buy an ad free version)
Great puzzling fun. The only complaint I have with this game is that they're a rent enough levels! It's a bit challenging at times, but so much that it's frustrating. Love this.
I addicted to your game! Smooth graphics n animations, unusual puzzle game but very addictive, also reeeeeally fun! Been finished the last level, I hope u update it with another levels πŸ˜πŸ‘
Been searching for a game like this, It's really fun! Love the colors, the design and the music - they are so simple yet so calming. I highly recommend this!
I love it.. A challenging game and I enjoyed every second of it. Sometimes it was making me crazy when I couldn't solve it.. but I did solve it and I'm relieved now. 😁
It was a good game at first but once you got the hang of it I found the levels really easy and not very fun. Once you ha e finished all 22 levels aswell there is nothing else you can do apart from do them again (got really boreing after an hour)
I really love bart bonte games already, I love the graphics and the challenges, but the one thing I love most is the music. Especially the background music for the color games, just nice and meaty bass that captures the mood of the color.
A fun variation of factory balls we'll love to get back to each fall. Pleasant surprise to see new levels last year and would love to see more.
I loved this game, and I loved that there was no limit to how many moves you could use, nor time you could take. That made it fun and relaxing, rather than stress inducing. Thank you! I will definitely check out your other games. :)
WONDERUL GAME (just wish it was longer). Super adorable, fun fall theme, and a very unique puzzle experience. I've never played anything like it but absolutely adored it. Highly recommend! (Please make more or random levels, I want to keep playing!)
Awesome puzzle to treat your brain. Gameplay is very Simple with just colours and masking objects but yet very challenging. You need to plan and strategize well before hand. Great developers. Very easy to use.
I Love puzzles and challenging games and this one is one of the best game, I've ever came across. Everything about this game is spectacular sound, graphics, intensity of levels and most importantly it has an ending which makes it better than most of the games of this type games, which has hundreds of levels and thats makes it boring but not this one. Still we've could have had little more levels but nevermind.
I liked it a lot. Creative, feelgood, relaxing and brain exercise. Out of the box imaginative creation. I guess if you complete all the levels its close to perfection. Short games have their own charm. Love the graphics and sweetness of it all.
What a uniquely refreshing game! Love the music, love the animation, love the whole idea of it! Wish it kept going on :)
such a fun game that I would play forever :)) The only problem is the few number of levels waiting for more levels in deed..
I love this! It's quite different to any other game I have ever downloaded, and a good challenge. My only complaint is that there aren't enough levels :-)
It got my brain working,. I love it, however after 21/21 its finished. I was expecting there would he lvl 2 or another stage after finishing 21/21,. But still I gave 5β˜† for such a challenging game, lasted 1hr only though. I hope there will be more to come soon. I am not deleting the game yet, keeping my hopes up that there would be an update. I'll be sharing this on my social media pages so more can play the game and I hope the makers can make more challenges. Thanks.
Bart bonte games are really good. I've played all the free ones. Usually the ads are so bad and intrusive in games that it spoils the whole gameplay. I love the design, music, the concept, simplicity and overall the experience of your games.
Extremely amazing game. The idea is so unique and it's tru brain teaser. I am stuck at level 12, but still enjoy solving the puzzles. Absolutely addictive game.
Such a cute game!! Its so simple but yet sometimes its so hard! I loved the art style it's so cute!! I wish there was a second game or more levels!
Very fun puzzle game! I wish there were more levels. Would be nice if the witch hat didn't need to go on after all other pieces and come off before (causes a bit of extra shuffling around after I already see the solution). Other than that the mechanics are great, directions clear, and I thought the volume of ads was reasonable. I recommend this game. Gonna go see what else the creator has! :)
Simple and fun! The game ease's you in with the first few levels but really gets you thinking later on. great game to pass the time and very family friendly.
great game, different from anything I've played before. only complaint is there are not a lot of levels and you can get through quickly, but well worth it.
Just a short puzzle game, I finished it in one sitting. Kinda like a demo for factory balls but with a Halloween theme. The graphics are standard bart bonte cute and it's not too tricky once you workout some strategies.
Fun and challenging. But I cannot for the life of me understand why I am forced to play this game 2-handed in landscape mode.
I love this app. The idea is simple yet challenging. The graphics are well done. I hope more is added to this game in the future. Maybe more objects, stencils, and paint colors. There are a few ads but I didn't mind them.
it's a really fun game but once you complete all 21 pumpkins there's no more. I expected like another season kinda like with new items you have to use. all in all it's a good game but they need to add more.