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Bonza Planet

Bonza Planet for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by MiniMega located at New South Wales Australia. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Showcase Pack 2, Puzzle 7: "Rarest Minerals" was the opposite of fun. Like trying to sound out the "ingredient list" from the back of a shampoo bottle. Or hunkering down to memorize ten-year-old tax law. Otherwise enjoyable.
This app may look like one of those ad-packed games that just exist to make money, but it actually has a good amount of free content, and the only ads are optional (to get hints and such)
Its a superb time killer. Good UI. Great interface. Nice platform. Kudos to developers. Suggestions 1. Player must get coins for creating puzzles and notifications when someone gives a rating. 2. Hints should be made more easily accessible and not by ads everytime. 3. There should be a leaderboard for the players with scoring for both solving the puzzles and creating new ones.
I've been playing for ages. Up to level five. Sometimes a bit hard, but you can skip the hardest ones.
Enjoyable game and you can also do picture block puzzles within the game - good concept and well put together. No time constraints either. Recommended.
Great crossword puzzle game. The unique Bonza crossword play is great for a quick time killer, and the jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun, too. Plenty to do without paying a cent, and with the free daily puzzles you can accumulate enough coins to purchase additional packs of you're patient enough. In terms of real money, the packs are a good value as well. You'll easily get a couple hours play out of $2-3. Not bad, in my opinion.
I love this game, but rarely play it anymore due to the many glitches that detract from the game experience. Takes forever to load, especially the ads, and often freezes (and no, it's not my device - I don't have this problem with other game apps). I would love to play it more, but I spend so much time waiting on it to load/unfreeze that it's not worth the time or frustration.
Sometimes decent puzzles, other times nonsensical ones (usually the user-submitted ones). If you ever use the free coins for hints you'll run out very quickly and not be able to afford more puzzles for a pretty long time without spending actual money.
Fun, challenging, stimulating but relaxing part of a daily bedtime ritual for me. Excellent diversion and anxiety reliever in these stressful times.
Like the game in general. I wish there was an easier to way to get hints. Watching the commercials all the time is a little bit of pain in the butt. Maybe addcouns and give is 5 coins per finished game and then use them to buy to next group of puzzles.
Great game, makes you think! My favorite part is that they don't bug you for getting hints every second.
The greatness of the normal app is all here along with a few of the bonza jigsaws sprinkled in for variety. I am still so impressed about how clever this new style of word puzzles is. I will be playing this for a very long time.
This game is simple enough to play while other things are going on in the room, like listening to a book, music or waiting to be called into a doctors office. Most catagories are doable and interesting. My only complant is length of many of the adds, is rediculous if you need many, while you really want to complete harder ones like from the otherside of the world.
Love the game but the allowing the ads to open the play store automatically is not acceptable. The game screen also stays black after unlocking the screen which is extremely frustrating.
Love it! Tired of the ordinary word games! This game is different! πŸ‘It's Great! I've been playing this game everyday for about 3 weeks & I'm still loving it! πŸ€—I guess I'm done playing this game because after a certain level, now I have to purchase puzzles!πŸ‘Ž
I wish there were more free levels because I love these games. keeps me entertained. The other levels look so fun but have to buy them
Would be nice if I could get my Google account to actually register in the game via Google Play Games.
I used to play this, and I left it behind. Now, I am playing this and enjoying. The puzzles are pretty good, and they vary in difficulty.
I really enjoy the original Bonza game. This game has the same concept, but the puzzles are not nearly as fun because they use obscure categories and words. Many puzzles are in foreign languages, which really makes the puzzles unsolvable unless you go look up the category. (Most puzzles were designed by someone in other geographies, many from Australia or Africa) Not nearly as fun as the original. The themed packs are okay (generally those words are know-able in English), but there are very few that you can purchase with in game coins. The rest require $0.99. The in-game coins can buy only the showcase packs.
Love that it has options of solving crossword and jigsaw puzzles. Can earn points to purchase additional word and picture puzzles. Some are super easy but some require more thought solving skills. Great way to pass idle time
At last! Thank you, you have finally fixed the bugs that caused it to constantly freeze, and I can enjoy my favourite game - well done. πŸ˜„
Really like this game. Wish they would add larger puzzles though like the original. Those are more challenging.
I love this game!!!! Recently had a problem with the code for opening extra puzzles during this COVID-19. I contacted support since the codes did not work for me. The wonderful support person was so patient and worked with me over the course of several days until it was finally fixed. Never expected anyone to keep helping me! This is a wonderful company!
Dude. I'm so pissed. Like everyone below me, was ecstatic about FINALLY having an update with a bunch of new puzzles. But when I opened after the update, my two years of progress and SEVEN THOUSAND coins were gone. W.t.actual.f.
Nice & addictive gameplay. Very good for killing time. Not boring. Like other games, ads were there but it was not annoying at all, instead it was worthy because it give hints and coins. Please add a lot more showcase packs, i've completed it all.
This game is very addicting/challenging but it seems that the developer has abandoned it to work on their new one that its beta but comes with a monthly subscription ($3.99/month!!). I have completed many of the packs and will probably uninstall once I finish the rest. They do let you play un-tested puzzle if you run out, but they are usually pretty bad. Now after watching an ad it now takes you to the play store without even touching the screen, I didnt think that they were allowed to do that.
Please make more free packs! I love this game but can no longer play it. I watch all the ads since you need coins to open packs, isnt that enough?
As mentioned by others already, the most recent update has wiped everything and restore purchases didn't work and cannot access achievements. Had unlocked and completed the main levels and some jigsaw packs and now lost everything :(
Uninstalled after years of loving it because the ad provider they use intentionally allows ads that open the app store without user interaction. This is malware, launching apps and performing actions outside of the app against the user's wishes. Contacted ad provider and they confirmed this was intended behavior. Drop this ad provider and I'll happily reinstall.
Takes a lot of concentration but it's a very rewarding game combining crosswords, sentence construct completion, and visual puzzles. It's addictive.
so far i am really pleased with this game. it is challenging and makes you search your mind in many ways. love the fact that i'm not spending time on ads when i want to play. also, the greatest since money, money, money is not the goal here as it is in so many other free games. your able to increase your credit amounts to be able to use towards hints when needed as well. credits are available every play and every level gets a bit tougher and toughter. many free games really are greed and grab games. this is not that selfish motive. as far as free games (allowing you to really search the game, understand and learn) this is probably one of my TOTAL favorites all around. GREAT job to the makers of this and the way that you did it. Thank you creators of this!!!!!
So many different fun puzzles with increasing difficulty. Adds are very limited. I would recommend to word puzzle and picture puzzle people.
Challenging, but not too much, although I've only gone through the first level so far. the word puzzles and the jigsaw puzzles are fun.
I love this except that I don't have enough coins to play anymore, even after watching a lot of ads. I won't waste money on coins so I guess I'm out of luck.
Another way for me to unwind after a long work week. I've got 2 coloring apps and this is a great addition to those.
Great design, good variety of puzzle topics with an offering of challenging words. All round enjoable game!
The best of both worlds you never get bored with it and a terrific way to pass the time. It runs smooth it's challenging and with the mix of puzzles you never get tired of it. Love this one!!! πŸ€ β€οΈπŸ’‹
I love jigsaw puzzles. I love word games. This is both all rolled into one! Thank you for divising this and always improving it!
Love the concept *Im finding that.they're forcing you to buy coims to go up levels. Thats pretty annoying. *I hate jigsaw puzzles. I like word puzzles. wish there were fewer jigsaws. Overall- well done. I havent found any spelling mistakes, and its often interesting themes. I find myself looking up new topics to learn about. πŸ™‚
Too early to give more than 4 stars and please as with your other puzzles a screen lock button is definitely required the screen moves and changes size far too easily
great. until u hit the pay walls. (aka uninstall time) then you're graciously left with 1 or 2 per day
It was a lot of fun at first... until you get the same puzzles over and over and over again. Nothing new. And then there are the obnoxious ads. They're exceptionally long, and many have no option to mute the sound. Time to delete this app.
When i play the daily puzzle i am not able to watch an add in order to get a free hint.i do not have this problem when i play the original bonza..can you help to resolve this issue?
So far this game is very enjoyable. Gets the grey cells working. Challenging, but so far not impossibly so. I've only needed to use one hint and that was on a mystery themed level. Doing the odd picture puzzle breaks things up. Not too many adds and the player is in control of when you watch them.
There ads are too long. You waste more time waiting for their ads to end, then you do playing the game. Then when it is the same ad every time you need a clue, it is not worth the wait.
It's fun and different from the other one. But the puzzles are short and done quickly. I hope they have more free ones than the other version. I finished it I a few days and deleted it when all that was left were puzzles I had to pay for.
The puzzles are challenging in a different way than other apps' and Bonza has fairly priced packs with enough free ones to make sure you like it first - at least download it for the free daily "shuffle" play with optional notification to keep your mind working in this specific exercise's way.
I love this game because it's easy yet challenging, because you can play offline and online, because it's fast if you want a quick game to fill in a few minutes or a very addicting game to take your time and spend hours playing.
Much more enjoyable than Bonza Jigsaw. The only issue I have is seeing the same commercial 8 or 10 times in a row
Loving it. unique take on crossword, word themes. makes me think a little more, or at least differently than other puzzles.
I love this game! Giving it one less star because I wish you could choose the level of difficulty. The easy ones are super boring.
the game is ok, if you don't mind excessive and neverending video ads with no way to remove them. if there was a way to remove ads, I would play it more and even suggest it. as it is, I wouldn't suggest it. I like the game and I can barely stomach the full 30 second ads for terrible games that I have no interest in at all, even to complete the daily puzzles. the ads ruin it.
I finally quit when trying to complete the elephant puzzle. The background shifts when you are trying to move pieces. in fact with all the puzzles, the background shifts. it got so annoying I'm uninstalling. Fix the problem please and I'll come back.
Simple, easy to use puzzle game. Very addictive. I find word games fun, and this is a great game to fill even short amounts of time. I like that I can close screen and then come back and pick up where I left off. Would definitely recommend.
Not too hard or too easy. Rather addictive. Not overrun with ads. Reasonable points for hints. I really enjoy this game.