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BombSquad for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Eric Froemling located at 1285 Sutter Street Unit 1106 San Francisco CA 94109. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
so the game is very good i like it! but the way you need to pay for the better experience playing the game makes it a 3 star game i wanted to give it 5 stars but because you need to pay for better experience and you the way you earn new characters is usually hard and unfair because it is hard to earn even 200 tickets and i would fix it by making characters cheaper or make it easier to earn tickets and make the bomb squad pro free and please add the changes in bomb squad.
It's a great game but the controls are hard to get down. It would be SO MUCH BETTER if the controls were a joystick instead. It's still a great game tho
Today the game has just gotton creepy after a while playing the game i think it was a wifi problem but something happen with the characters' eyes in the single player battle they just turned brown and looked heart stopping in a bad way but i was gone when i reloaded the game i hope it does not happen again
This game was actually good. Now with all the annoying, unskippable ads , I don't like it anymore. We have to wait like a minute for the ads to finish after each match.
We love playing this game, but so hard to host a public party. Can you please make it more accessible? Make it easy. Don't make it complicated by changing the port etc. whatever. So hussle!! What if we're using a mobile data and not wifi? How can we play with other players we want to play with without having to undergo some hassle? Pls fix this. Thank you.
I like the local multiplayer, I mean it's genius and mini militia it doesn't cost to much data too download.
They fixed it except a bit laggy in multi so fix it a bit then I will actually change it to five stars
So the app is just a pay to win game. When i tried to watch a video to participate in a minigame it said video unavailable. Next thing is that the npcs in the runarounds are god dam non-existent and they must be reprogramed. So please fix your game and give us an update
Fantastic Game....Really gripping....I just wish that the Google Play option for multiplayer is available once again soon
I mean, It's a great game, but there are so many problems. First of all, when you play offline, you will sometimes randomly die. And when you play online, on the server select in "Gather", The game will randomly move you a couple servers down. So when I try to play a server, it makes me play a server I didn't want to. And sometimes a pop-up of Bombsuad Pro will appear, but I can't wait till 30 seconds to X it out.
Since i first started playing BombSquad 5 years ago,i never felt i would ever tire of it. And i haven't.It's the only game i never stopped playing and never will. Because it is enormously enjoyable and infinitely entertaining. Its also funny and inspiring. And the attention to detail is worth dying for. If u wanna play a game for its own sake, then look no further than this. This game is just... Beautiful. An absolute goddarn gem. Here's to hoping this game becomes larger than life... ~lagloRd
I've always loved this game with all of my heart, but there is still one little problem that I believe everyone has: It's the jerky movements of the D-Pad, thus, affecting the movement of the characters, thus, affecting gameplay. Would be greatly appreciated if this was fixed. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Peace.
Really fun app! Great physics, not to mention reaslistic. But the thing is, when you go in to smash, pros just try to grab punch you and you're just in a transe and they can just keep going until you die. I recommed that you add servers based in that specific player's skill, (skill based matchmaking), and nerf the ability to grab punch and bomb jump.
This game is good but you should add new features like ninja stars and other things but one thing I like to do the most is getting free tickets you should upgrade the game to get more free tickets so kids can play more who doesn't have credit cards or digit cards this game is pretty fun to play with friends one time I played with my cousin and he was angry that I keep killing him so I write this app five stars because this is the best game I have ever played and I am waiting for new updates
Man, you really gotta add a simple private lobby system.... It's such a drawback, so only 3 stars... And of course! MANY things that were free in the past is now paid... That's kinda sucks too
The game is good. But there are a lot of bugs in the controls, the connectivity like finding friends in local network, changing the character name or looks. These things are irritating. Also there are ads, for which I really don't want to spend and buy the pro version, when there is a lot of bugs. I ask the developers to please improve these, I really like this game a lot!
The game is really good and but not able to play with friends in online. They are not able to join the private room. It is taking long and getting disconnected. Admin please fix this issue. I really love this game and want to play with my friends.
This game is amazing but I think it would be better to add a ranking feature because I get to play with a lot of powerful enemies in global server. Maybe a good matchmaker can make it the best gaming experience in online.
This game is great but some suggestions should be put to use 1 add more characters like From Dragon Ball or Naruto 2 add more map's πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜ΌβœŒοΈ
Game is good bt it took long time to set your hand in it....bt sounds and stages are very good... you'll enjoy while playing it...and we can play it collectively..thats a very good thing i like about the game...and its online and offline game...
Man this is just awesome I play this game all day graphics are perfect it doesn't lag that much I would prefer this game to anyone I love this game especially the online slow motion this is the best game I played so far this year😁😁
Entertaining game. Really love it. Hard to control at first but is really good when you get the grasp of it. Best played in groups too.
Nice game,you should add some more map of deathmatch.over all its good game with good graphics.guys download it, if you want to play offline /online multiplayer game with your friends .
When i play in a local game it gose so laggy and reacts after i press the bottom by like a sec it is so annoying please fix it
This is a very good game but there is one problem I find it hard to buy new characters please fix this problem
Yeah this is a very nice game...Its very high graphics game.But tjere is one little problem.Its very hard to understand and control the game..For exam when i give my character to go straight,it goes left and right.And thats why its very hard to control and its also very hard to understand which one is my character because in every match my character name changes into random names sometimes.Thats why u can give a mark to the player's character so tgat it would be easy to understand my character.
The game is nice but there is a problem when u move the joystick the character move after 20 seconds which always make me lose......and the game lags a lot.......when I open youtube it doesn't lag it is working perfect.....this game is amazing but u need to fix this....if u fix it I will tell my friends and cousins to install it and rate it 5 stars.....plz fix this annoying problem πŸ˜’ πŸ™„ πŸ˜‘ πŸ˜ͺ πŸ˜•
This game is awesome when it comes to singleplayer, but the lag in multiplayer is just unbearable. I can barely move, there is a huge delay between what im controlling and what happens on the screen. Internet in here is decent so i don't see that as a problem. Please, please fix.
One star, because we can't play it with friends online. Please, make it like Among Us and PUBG. Otherwise, it is very good.
One thing months ago there spamming hack that makes the game really trash I literally uninstalled it but after some time I download it again but now the problem is that the game keeps crashing and crashing and when ever there are more than 5 players it's really lag for everyone . Everyone just stop moving and say it is lagging even though many players have good network but if there more than 5 your done with lag
plz update this game soon. i need this game feature in every games! we can play online with friends we can play offline with friends and we can play alone too!. and also u can add Controllers and play together!!! best game so plz everyone rate 5.0 star and plz Owner of the game Update this game soon
The game is really good! I'm having a lot of fun with my friends πŸ˜‚, but I can't play tournament... My phone is official but I still get the Root Warning when opening game.
Still havent figure out how to play with friends from different network without using Google Play...the feature is not available...
Amazing game just add more maps all good very nice and easy game i can play this all day as by gather option i play online is just osum
I think the game was awesome!, It has multiple player features and plenty of fun activities that we can enjoy
This game is really cool also the graphics are really good and the best thing is,there is multiplayer!!!!!!!!! who doesn't like (LOVE) this game I love this game and that is all I Can say!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
This is my favourite game . I love playing the game . The best part about the game is now you can watch ads which cannot be skipped . You have to exit the game and start over ! Isn't that amazing !?
It was a very good game back then...but now local gameplay in wlan doesn't works at all...it always lags.
Very good game but I'd its nice to have more challenge in single player mode Ang more game mode in multiplayer mode
Game is very nice i played with my friends it was very interesting . The only unsatisfied thing is if we want to play with friends means we should give hotspot and should they connected with it and in that also sometimes network error is there . So my humble request to bomb squad makers is change the hotspot setting alone pls
Really good game to play but ads can not be skipped you have to watch the full ad which is very irritating 😑😑. Please try to keep small ads with the new update i have to wait for 30 seconds in the starting of the game this is why i am deleting this game 🀬🀬🀬
The best game ever period. It is a proper game in the android (which I can think of few off). No ads in local play. The controls are the worst thing ever. I guess it is kinda of the intention of the game. But they went way overboard with it. If it wasn't so funny it would be downright unplayable. If the controls get just a wee bit better. I'll give 5 stars and my money.
I like this game it control is very nic I didn't get tired of it all things are very good there are nice character we can play multiplayer and we can play in server I like the bomb and we can throw other player I like sticky we can fly in this game all his like this very much
Too bad network connection to the server meanwhile u would say that my network or my wifi problem but not so , server is only weak , before small glitch update there were no issues but now many time i have to suffer this glitch of connection to the game , i love this game but nearly swipe away my interest
I love the game.but can you remove the bomb squad pro ad? Bc its really annoying,the bomb squad pro ad is getting longer and longer to skip because I did not buying it.and btw can you release it on ios? Cuz you made a trailer that you said that you will release it on ios but its 8 yrs ago and you did not release it,pls we will be so happy if you release it on ios :)
Wonderful ✨😍 game.. Just need some slightly touch work.. And its incredible.. The game runs smooth though it lags a bit if the ping is high.. So that need some work and some time thouch gets messy if glass has smugde..
Really seriously best game to play with lan wifi host to play cousins or brothers really funny game with beautiful graphics We have too much while playing this game ,Even we can play with<1>(lan wifi host free for all)<2>(lan wifi host team) <3>and with(computer bots level game and hard level even with training ground <4>(even you can play online with others) I am 200% sure that you will love this game if you don't believe then try is once Ok thank you❀❀❀❀ Have a nice day with this game😁
Really great game i ever find and the gameplay are really enjoyable.But can you add (Free for all) level like Just fly=Happy thougths,Just epic=Rampage.Because we really like those levels please add this.
Really good game. I would recommend anyone to play this game many types game mode and the in-game purchases are also not too expensive. Just one problem I have with online multiplayer mode. There are many servers which have 0 player capacity and people can't join that server. Some of the servers have very offensive and abusing titles. I request you to please remove these servers as there are many servers like this. This is the only problem I have with this game. It is one of the best games.
1. A game designed to be played with external controller only, because on screen controls are terrible. 2. The movement speed of the characters is too slow.
The game is really fun because you can play it with a controller and that is fun to me so that is the 5 starts. Very little ads which has a good positive effect on the game so 5 stars here from me.
I love this game and my little sis likes it too but the problem is i cant buy any other character and other maps.
It's amazingggggg. So funny and so interesting and veryyyy brain freshing game . Iove ittt I wannaaa give 100000 stars and plz don't change it . Let it be remain like this. Some some changes u can do but don't change its playing and gaming pattern. Fantastic gameee.....
One of the best games I've tried on here yet. No bs ads out of the blue...just smooth game play and you are not paying for a good experience you have a great free experience! Visit this guys channel and show him some love its been a while since he has posted any updates but he's a hard workin guy and looks tired for it. We can't let this game die guys while others copy ths1 GREAT GAME THANK YOU HONESTLY AND THE MUSIC 🎢 IS JUST GREAT LOVE THE CHOICES FOR THE DIFFERENT MATCHES/ROUNDS ect... β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
The game is fine but the ads were inappropriate for a age 12+ rated game. They need to screen ads in India before displaying them. The ads were sexual in nature. Definitely didn't expect such sort of things from a highly rated game.
It's a good timepass game And it's really phiyscis based as I readed the tutorial when the game starts.But one thing makes me really angry that's the (Bombsquad Pro). It irritates me when I'm going to start a game, well that's only one thing. All are good, well I loved the game as I started playing since 2015.Really good game, if you could change Bombsquad pro from 30 seconds to 15 or lower than it, the game would be awesome and also the controls are bad.Please make joystick from swipe. Thanks!
Wow!best game ever.I really like playing this game but i have some issue with it, i think you should add something like online mode or something like that anyways i like the game keep it up.
Wow wow wow.... Just awesome game ever I've seen. It can be played with my friends and also there is a solo mode that you can play this game in solo. I always playing the game and is very nice game. My suggestion is that If you want to play game with your friends in offline then download the game and play thsi awesome game. After all it is a friendly funny gameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The game graphics is so great and this game is not buggy! Amazing gamemodes that you can have fun with.
I love this game but, I have some issues. The interruption to get BombSquad Pro is annoying and you're forced to wait 30 seconds for it to go away, as if you're forcing users to buy it, even if they're broke. Another thing I really hate is Online Multiplayer. It's unplayable, everytime I want to move my character, it takes a while for it to move and I end up losing making it almost impossible to play. Also, please remove the slow motion gamemode. It's boring, it's not epic and it takes too long.
I rlly rlly rlly love this game and its fun to play with friends, but now i got competitive and am playing in co-op, and later today i wanted to play another tournir but it just wont play any ads anywhere... just says error and i know my connection is good, anyways.. its your loss [my ads=your cash; but im pretty sure you know that already ;) ] When you fix the error i give 5 stars and we all happy
What a game! extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme features!!!!! Nobody in world have such games I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! No ads in standard mode only! Woohoo!!! Just I am not able to add tickets that much just if there was any other way to add tickets then 1000 stars
This is a fun battle royale game for mobile that actually has full gamepad support.. online. Unfortunately, offline the physics are clearly manipulated and the game selectively spawns drops based on how well you are performing. Rigged system to try to get even premium players to spend more money. Scammers as far as I am concerned.
Forceful ads will suck you deep. I have 7 different google accounts. I will rate one star from each of them. You cannot force your ad clicks on me. Screw you. Shittiest game ever. Poorest graphics. Forceful ads. There is no sense either in the gameplay. Lol. Worst developers ever. Yes. I repeat. Worst! Quit development and have a bad day. I hope your nights are even worse.
The controls are excellent on android i dont know what everyone is talking about. The physics in game is excellent. The combat experience is amazing. Best game i have ever played in my life
The Game is great. But when we try to host a public party it's says connected to internet but when I join that party in an alt account it says unable to connect. please Do something about it. 😰
So much fun! It's one of the very few games that supports local multiplayer for Android TV. It's a riot to play with family of all ages in the same room. Such chaos!
See I played this game once I loved it and then I heard that they fixed bugs they're barely wasn't any but it would be great if it ran smoother so I tested it and it was worse it lagged bit by bit I couldn't move without a frozen screen each second so you either fix this game or I will never give it a five star review and I will be happy that everyone sees this
Game is really great and unique, but playing multiplayer even locally is HELL, everyone except the host lags. I wish the Devs will fix this, playing this by yourself is fun but among friends its even greater, with the rise of multiplayer games like Among Us I hope this game catches up too.
Really fun, my only complaint is that there is no way of finding out the codes and you cant play Team games with boys for tickets
Bro awesome game insane graphics can be said if there is no lag and have to say even if I am playing with 8 people in slow network It doesn't not lag just that the levels are awesome insanely hard and it is just intresting to play in free time and I would really appreciate your hard work but few draw backs like the powerpacks are sometimes laggy in online if I am picking it up it doesn't gets pick , just if you could resolve that problem it could be a great work thanks for making it awesome game
New controls for new bombsquad update Like Climb ability to climb by clicking the grab button in ladders and ropes and climb by clicking jump button headbut attack ability to headbat a player by clicking a new headbat button Map creator create ur own 3d map U can add red team spawn and blue team Flags and race new gamemode stay at the highground lava is raising up stay at the highest place on the map Hope u will update the game more and more I really love playing this game Thank u eric :D
Its a good game no doubt,but there are a few things i would like you to add: 1.more maps e.g on a moving train,bus etc or a map which is 'moving' so parts of the ground go down and its shows red before it goes down so you have to get of that part like that mini game in mario. 2.climbing or holding on to walls 3. More powerups and bombs
Love the game but I am unable to play this on my laptop by using bombsquad remote to play with my friends. The guide is not clear.
Loved this game when playing with friends in local multiply but at the time its really difficulty to play in online multiplayer with fiends. Would be great if the team worked on room system to share the code and play with friends without needing to leak the ip address of my internet. 😊
It's so good I don't even know how to explain it. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! It is the most hilarious game I have ever known. Me and my friend played it and their movements are so funny, throwing each other off of the map and stuff. TRY IT OUT. That is literally the only way your gonna get a taste of this thing. I wish you could rate it up to 6 this game is just so good. Even multiplayer if you have a touchscreen computer.
Too good!! Fabulous game but there r too many ads... everyone else in the game is too good and satisfying...I am addicted for now by playing such a game. :)))
Blow up your friends in mini-games from capture-the-flag to hockey! Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey! Featuring 8 player local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more.
Out of all the games I've played, this is the most addictive. The controls, the modes, the amount of things you can do, etc. It's the best multiplayer game ever made.
Never had so much fun in a while. Very quirky characters, bombing the hell out of each other. The powerups are decent. Just add an RPG powerup, that would be fantastic. The graphics are great; took me a while to learn how to accurately throw bombs but it's fun. I love how the buff Schwarzeneggers scream when I bomb their butts with an ice bomb. Hadn't had much luck with multiplayer mode though; the game lags. Overall, it's great game; a breath of fresh air. The environment is unique.
All the things are good. But playing online is bad. It is hard to play online with friends. It needs port code etc. Just creating a room and giving others code to enter the room will be better. Please fix this problem so all the gamers can play with each other online with ease. If the room can be changed to public that will be good also, then the player can play with others they dont know and become friends. The game will more interesting and exciting in this way. My port code is incorrect.
This game is AMAZING, The gameplay is good, But the only thing bad in it is the lag/delays in multiplayer (I'm on tablet so pretty common) So it's a good 4 star, Anyways Keep up the good work!
Awesome.... best choice to play with your friends when they're around it can give you a perfect time together with lots of fun and laughs
Why can't bombsquad developers make it easy for us to create a party and let our friends join it easily just by entering a code like Among us game? It would be much better game then. There is no fun in playing multiplayer game with unknowns.
Seriously underrated. Lacking in US players, but really doesn't take away from the experience. Especially if you can convince you friends to climb the steep learning curve along with you. There's a lot of room to develop your own playstyle and master the physics of the game. I'm talking months of fun!
I love this game I played it most my life with fnaf and Minecraft but there are some bugs πŸ‘Ύ but good job keep it up
Quite late now for this review but this game just kicks serious a--! Brings up classic royal rumble style smash em up theme. Multiplayer modes are off the hook perfect for bonding with friends and siblings. Hillarious characters and voice overs. I wish they'll continue developing this.
Well I'm enjoying this game a lot. It has cool stuffs to do like growing bomb or boxing with them. Like to spend time with this game.
The game or excellent and super but the ad that is contained only the demo game I hate the it will wasting their time that why I reduced rating I hate the ad it is so irritating
I love the game,but the Bomb Squad Pro ad is really annoying,you need to wait 16 or 15 seconds to click "No Thanks" and continue to play and about the multiplayer,even i have a great connection it's still lagging so i can play 10+ minutes only and when it lags,you will kick out of the room and say "Left the room" even i don't click "leave the party",but I really like the game!,hope you notice.
This game is very nice and very funny. But there is a problem for playing online with friends the game starts lagging so plz solve this problem.
It's an amazing game that reminds me of my childhood game "Bomberman" but more realistic and more fun. I hope they add more stuff on this game
One of the best games I love to play it works perfectly and every thing is fine few adds and because of it I love this game there are different types of modes too I will tell more people to Install this game,πŸ™‚........
Game was best when round punches didnt had limit please bomb squad makers i request you to make it work as it was before in 2015-16 it was the best version which i nd my many friends kindly enjoyed it a lot, when u made limit for round punches many number of players from my area and group stopped playing this game please change it to the way it was originally made, we dont enjoy it today with this version πŸ™πŸ˜€
This is a best game, but i think this game have a problemπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” because when I play this game with my Friends However I lost my controls and my friend also have this problem.
Excellent game. Supports multiplayer . Outstanding Physics. Keep Going . But Sometimes it lags very much while playing online with friends. When we move our joystick or jump ,punch , or throw bomb it takes 5-6 seconds than our character jumps punch or throw bomb very speedily. And in between BombSquad pro add appeared and it forces is to watch it for 30 seconds. And wecan't go back to the menue. PLEASE FIX THAT IN FUTURE UPDATES.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ . Then i will give you 5 stars
Awosome a very entertaining game and well detailed one but please add a mouth to the characters and some more different bombs like stick granades and gas granades Ect
One of the best games I've ever played. This has amazing graphics and amazing physics movement and damage. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has amazing inner tricks in it. There are servers in it. Epic and non-epic servers (slow motion and non-slow motion). Greater the momentum higher the damage..! I live everyone it. I suggest everyone to play it!!! It is a lot of fun. I'm looking forward for new updates. I've been playing this game till it was released! It's the best!