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Bomb Me English - Casual PVP shooting combat

Bomb Me English - Casual PVP shooting combat for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited located at 广东省广州市海珠区江南大道南 368号 Game Hollywood集团总部. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game, but how come I can no longer log in. event if i have ny internet connected? help me with this issues pls.
Only way to get stronger in this game is to dish out alot of cash. Enchanting stones are hard to come by and enchanting success rate is really low. Other items are hard to get you need coins to obtain them and coins costs to much. This used to be a fun game way back 2012 you can get stronger through hard work now the only way to get stronger is to pay alot of money. The game developers are only intrested in making money if only they would add other features to the and change the drop rate of items this would be much fun.
Please be Responsive to our messages . We Make Purchase but you guys didnt Give us Good Service. I reported On some errors that i encountered but Till now you guys dont take Actions . !!!!!
i did this .delete all data from the game and start it again and try to login to google acc . select your google acc.the google button will disappear then choose your server and click start and you'll get your acc back
I have a problem :( Everytime I try to login with google+ the loading bar gets stuck at 99% and after a couple of minutes, it redirects me to login session. HELP PLS :(
I've played this game for years. Spent a fair amount of money and my account has been lost since your big update. I've communicated through your Facebook fan page. submitted proof of purchases. Given all requested information. still nothing. you all even stopped responding to me. So, am I just out of luck.
why is my luck give up on me game i cant enchant it always fail i synthesize it all fail even when i refine my basket that i got from event also fail why and theres no lucky chest on server 89 :(
I really enjoy this game but the Google plus button is no longer working. I can't acsess my Tiny Tofu on server 63. I have sent an email a week ago and no reply. Can one of the devs or someone please check the emails I need help. I had 4 permanent items and one rare and V4. My email includes snapshots from a different acct. I know my acct still exists can someone please help me figure it out, everytime I try to log in it says ddtank stopped working and crashes. lvl 55 Tiny Tofu server 63
In blacksmith synthesize what is the meaning of total if it doesn't add up %value ? Also it's hard work to collect spear and boomerang shards and success rate is good as nothing.
Constant bugs and glitches. Take days to resolve them. Previous bug were stuck on loading at 99%, stuck in arena loading screen, cant start dungeon, not seeing Invites. Now currently, backpack does not display character nor items and tools. Also blacksmith won't open. Please deal with bugs in a more timely manner forward on! Especially ones that affect gameplay experiences. Should not have to wait days or a few weeks.
I have been playing this game for 3 years!This game is all about money! Also, no improvement so far. And Most players speak only Turkish, and just a few speak English.
My whole game account is lost.. the game force me to make a new account when I try to login.. I don't feel like starting from lvl 1 for the third time..
I'll rate it 5 stars but developers please always update, fix bugs, more events. make us feel what we deserve as a ddtanker. thank you.
I dont even know what the developers are thinking! One of the best part about this game was events, where they sometimes send out free stuff, but now they removed the feature, all we have left now is repetitive and boring daily quests where u get nothing but some gold and exp. Also, they removed the quest that gives protection grace which is the only source that you can get it from and now we have no choice but to buy it from shop for something like 300 voucher each!
hello would like to know the reason why i cant log-in as it always showing error. i needed to uninstall the app and install again....
Terrible support. Worse I've ever come across. Facebook support rarely reply and when they do the response makes no sense. I've made a large purchase here and weeks later I am unable to connect with no response from the Facebook support they ask you to contact if you have a problem. I've given only one star as it would be a great game if the developers and support cared about its players.
Looking at the top ten players is no different than looking someone's wallet i mean you are not allowed to get stronger unless you pay.What a beatiful game are wasted by greedy developers
In-app purchase is so expensive for Turkish players, for turkish players the purchase sistem must be Turkish LİRA. Please help us, so expensive
I already had an account grew levels and bought stuff. their update made me restart from scratch and wjen i tried contacting their support page. their page dont work. SCAM!!!!! Update:Their support link is not helpful and now i cant play over my mobile date i need wifi to play... never recovered my account their support team sucks n if u scroll down they keep giving different links to their support. which one is it?
This game has been out for almost 4 years now and no progress has been made regarding issues in it. Its pay to win kind of game with no options of hard grinding,because you need to pay for that. Graphics are bad and childish, with 2D maps and characters which look awfull. Its a fun game for few weeks, then it gets boring and frustrating because enchanting stones are hard to get, even if you get them random luck system will suck them from you just like any other resources you grinded.#DontInstall
Game is awesome but it's pay to win.... I played ddtank on PC.. Was disappointed that late game u have to put money other wise it's the same as ddtank pc
I wanna Give you the best credits for keeping the game alive but i am sorry to say even though my ratings are the max i wanted to let you know that i agree with most of the people we want the old version of ddtank back the new one just kills the fun and spoils the gameplay because the old one was very Adaptive and easy Plus i dont find it wrong if you revert to the older version its not like your company will lose anything well in a matter of fact youll regain all the people and regain the Popularity Youve had in The old times i played this game when i was younger than 10 and i still wanna play it So please Return it to how it was i know you find it risk taking but when studying marketing and business the first important role is risk-tasking it could lead to the best 99% of the time i hops you take my advice.
Just got 100 energy stones to upgrade my weapon. Bought the vip for the enchantment bonus and IT FAILED EVERY SINGLE TIME WHAT THE**** IS THE LOGIC ON ENCHANTING
Stop deleting my review. If you can't take criticism you shouldn't be running a app. You guys don't want to improve, you'd rather people to keep spending money. This is a play to win game. If you want to get anywhere really, you'd need to pay for items. Or farm for weeks. No one on there will actually help you if you aren't a high level or have a high SR. Great for the memories but bad for your wallet. Support BARELY helps. Don't waste your time. Again: I PLAYED DDT WHEN IT WAS IN BETA FOR PC.
The game itself isn't bad but the enchantment system is broken. They're not showing the success rate of every enchantment and even if there is I'm sure it's super low. I think it's a scam. I don't recommend people spending cash in this game and advice everyone to just f2p it. Btw I've spent hundreds on this and now I'm regretting it.
me cant use power skill . Admin . please make ddtank can ROTATE SCREEN . or can change Button Power Skill . I HOPE ADMIN CAN DO THAT THING #LOVEDDTANK
Why are the developers not fixing stuff such as the "BLANKED" Guild member list and Takeover of Labyrinth Forest? My friend said she could see her takeover friends but i couldnt. And your support link doesnt even work....
No game should need access to your contacts or phone permission , shame on you for trying to spy , deleted
so the problems 1. make the screen small and big by using your fingers. 2. graphic is bad as hell fix it make it like modern or new. 3. make the controllers easyer like i want to aim with my fingers like drawing. 4. make events because the game is boring now . 5. make the weapons graphic better they does look very very old. 6. make more clothes . 7. make it more like (Boom Blaster)
Give back my character in server 76! Why do you delete them from game? I just didn't log in a month and when I open it there says, boy and girl.
This game needs money to be on the top. When I played this game way back 2012, Only hard work and medals can take u to the top without buying coins. Now? This is now a trash, the developer is aiming money now. Please think of your players, Medals for energy stone
love the game but after going vip lost my account. dont see a way of recovering it so uninstalling. live and learn
This game is trash on the computer,but on the phone is way better like on Android,I don't recomand it.
The enchantment success makes me feel frustrated.. i really want to try plus 9 but its been a year. almost 2k enchantment stones have been consumed but im still stucked to plus 8. this game sucks at making players happy. please fix this . thanks.
Hello, how can I submit an error on the app due to i cant send my pets in adventure in wasteland exploration, my wasteland is already lvl 27 and i have most of the pets, its only showing 3pets though i have 12pets. And also i cant contact you guys in fb, when i click on the website link here, i was directed to different ddt version fan page
graphics and animations are nice... its a game for people who want to show their wallet. I get the developers trying to show their concern by replying every review (which is alot better than before) but first of all improve your english, it sounds like you've never heard English before. and i like it concept but probably, there can be some space for improvement like giving f2p players a way to trade items for coins etc like in the facebook version. that way more people will willingly play this..