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Is a Simulation game developed by PIXTICLE located at "HONG KONG" Rm E, 16/F., Block 5, Chevalier Garden, 2 Hang Shun Street, Ma On Shan, NT.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very good it gives free candy whit just an add๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. And also the UPDATES ARE PERFECT! Like now we have halloween stuff (etch)... so I just personally love this game and also I made a home ond day and also the home was sooo nice, that I made it multiplayer and 12 PEOPLE CAME IN. I was so happy And when each update comes, it makes the game sven more fun! Exeptionally i love this game Bye
I love this game so so much,prolly the best game I have played ,it's super cute ,realxing and I feel like I'm in my own little world,I love how it is sooooo customisable,I would like to suggest something ,maybe we could have little speakers? Which we can turn on and choose our favourite songs to play on it,I think that's beautiful, but overall the game is amazing๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Œ
Hello I just want to say how amazing this game is and how much I enjoy playing it though I have a some suggestions on what you guys should add๐Ÿ˜† 1. Dogs and cats to have as pets 2. boats that players can iteract with and sail in above the water 3. allow players to have sertant emotes like dancing! 4. add a Computer that players can sit and maybe play a game on I hope you guys take some of my suggestion into think and thank you for an amazing game! :D
I love this game but please let us save our game progress on google play. The sad part here is that our saved game is only on our device. (which is somehow heavy) And when we remove data, our world will be deleted too๐Ÿ˜ญ. I hope you can assist us on this. This might be the reason some isn't playing it anymore ๐Ÿ˜” It will be much better if we can save it using our google play account and load it back when we have enough memory and play where we left off. Please please please
I like this game it's so good, but there is 2 problems. One, like when you sometimes go into a sever and walk around for a bit the world keeps disappearing, so then I had to keep leaving and come back. Two, there was a host letting me join the game and the host disconnected and made me glitch with the loading flower screen. Then, I decided to leave the app and come back, but nothing worked. Please fix these bugs! It would a little better experience.
brilliant. this game is beautiful and i'd love to see it grow. you did a great job team! the pixelart and game mechanics is so fluid :D so much left to do so i'll explore more!
Jeez what happened? Whats the point of logging in, i didnt get my progress back. Now my horse stable and racing area is gone after the hours i spent on it. And the amount of bugs, man its sad. Players will start ascending and stop moving, by players i mean everyone. Everyone will freeze, will stop moving. The whole world dissapears. Ads go black. This is depressing
Very sweet, casual, and fun! There is a slight limitation when it comes to buying things but it adds to the fun rather than being disappointing. The only thing I'm sad about is that this isn't available for the PC! If this was on PC and tweaked a little bit I would be willing to pay. So much potential.
The game is really cute and fun to play! But I have one complain, can you fix the ui and the controllers in the bigger screen resolution(18:9)? They seem like trimmed in the smaller screen :v. They won't stick in the edge of the screen, but staying in a middle. Or maybe, you can make us adjust the controllers by ourselves... :D
can you add a no weapon mode for guests? Also make the game more smoother, it lags on my galaxy tablet s3 lite smt-113 now the game crashes whenever I tap to start please Fix it I love this game! edit : ok after I cleared data and played for some Tim save file is corrupted, please add a world selection after tapping to start please.
It's a really good game, But I have a problem about the "Initial loading data" it's stuck at 95 can you please fix it I wanna play the game and I'll consider changing my review. Ty with so much loveโค๏ธ I like the game.
This is such a great game! It's so cute, and funny, and I love it! There's so much to do and explore, it's amazing! Definitely 5 stars!
This game can be both jaw-dropping and horrible at the same time. I'll cover the jaw-dropping part. 1: the art design is very good but there's one thing that caught my interest, is that you can actually interact with the game and all the Aesthetics. such as the little man, Where've you interact with it it runs which is a pretty nice feature only thing I'm really worried about is that the toxic people who play that's the part that really ruins the game but you can't change that๐Ÿ˜ง
Very Nicely Done! 5 Stars I got I 1 Recommendation 1. it is for anybody/anyone to please play this game! I got 2 Requests 1. Make more updates 2. Make more items/cl9thing/furniture I got 3 suggestions 1. I highly Suggest that you got to play this game please! 2. Check out future updates 3. Keep your notifications on to see if there is anything new going on! It is lowly at 5.1 (5/2) stars away from reaching more people playingbthis game! Although this would be less likely to get 0 stars.
Hi great game, I just wish it had a survival mode and and only the portal was free just in case you wanted to do it with people or just friends to make it easier (optimal)
I think this game is very fun to rp in. I have a little cuz and he loves it. There are no problems for me so far.
jthe game is good amd its lots of fun BUT!, IT CRASHES NON STOP AND IT UPSETS ME WHEN MY CHARACTER GETS RESET! please make sure you can handle it before you get it
This game is super good. I've been playing for about 3 years now. This game is really fun and just good in general. There is bugs though. Sometimes im playing in a server and then all the sudden the blocks disappear, although you can fix it by zooming out, its annoying. The second random freezes. Like I'm playing in a game and everyone freezes while I can move, while the 3rd is not being able to get in the rooms at all, no matter how long I wait it keeps loading. Please fix these bugs. Thanks.
Ilove this game but please add dog,cat and please add some task and please make hotspot work on it to play nearby friends
I really like the game "Boku Boku" This game is more like "Terraria", But is more unique and beautiful than Terraria! There are so many different kinds of uses in any different items, and I can't wait to discover more other new different kind of uses in new different items. And this is the Nice part! Behold, when I put a calendar in my home in the game, and when I use it, it really shows the Real Year, Month and Day, it even marks my Birthdate with a Candle, Good Job! You've Impressed me!
I very like this game so mush but can there be a cactas and how about new cars and can there be planes boats and a car for 4 people to ride in and can there be more colors for the cars, also its always laggs with me and please fix that.
I like the game its so very very fan funny to i like the update and you build every thing like a castle a house a hotel every thing but i like if you update it whete a other vicle and police car but its so fun thank you
Its very cool and creative the problem is i cant load anymore when its 95 it doesnt load me in the game and im starting worry cause i got alot of stuff this happend so pls fix the game
This game is so cute! Exactly what I've been looking for. And I haven't seen any ads yet. Thank you to the developers. Keep it up <3
Great game I enjoy playing it but my only issue is that there's no filter so that swears are censored but other than that great game
I really like this app but there are a couple of bugs. first sometimes when I jump or get out of a car everything goes invisible and I have to restart my app. And also when I try to friend somebody my game freezes and I have to restart it. And finally can you make it so when you uninstall it it will save your progress? Because I think reinstalling the app will fix all of these problems for me, but I will lose my progress. :(
this is good and all,but i dont like the fact that i need to watch an ad just to only get 5 CANDYS!! Its gotta be 10 candys noy just 5 please change that.
I love the cute styles of the game and its really nice to have people rate your game to good rates, but the reason its 4 stars, is because it gets boring after a while, and the other reason is becase people wont stop making DATING games.. ew. Please add fun activities, PVP matches, and more. Please?
My favourite game! I'm just here to tell you one problem. When I was watching an ad (Boring) I accidentally pressed and I was appeared in play store. AND THEN..... I came back to the game- I was in play store for 4 seconds and came back, GETTING RESTARTED!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPENED????!!!!! Before I was playing this I was out real long, I came back and I was still alive (In the game) AND AFTER IT'S LIKE- HOWWWWWWWWW???????!!!!!!
It's really really fun!! There's no wort for resources or items however the best part in my opinion is the tiny details of being able to play R/P/S or drink or play instruments!! It's really great! Only thing I wish for this game to do is to improve online connections and add more little trinkets to fiddle around with, like pencils and paper or computers. Other than that a really fun game that I recommend others play!!
this is boring but I love this game! I will not delete this game it's so nice and cool! If you build some at sometimes! So great!!! this is cooler game! also the friends if kick and log to friends that's why is it! It's great so all play at this game and the game is boku boku is great! So it's lag go in offine!!
Make a guitar to have one more instrument(i just dont like to play guitar things in the piano[it was fun but it would be cool if this game has guitars for the players to hold] just playing the guitar is about enough and have the different instruments, i mean the trumpet is the only thing that can be hold by players would be cool to see someone running with a bunch of instruments...(i know you guys can do it...)(or maybe a dubstep gun where we can play songs and push other things away...)
I actually want a cat or a dog or both because i have my dog"lily" and my cat "tom" so that would be really cool and also make diffrent breeds of dogs and cats:)
I am amazed that you have made a SPECTACULAR GAME (or at least the videos) , however I wish that I could play it :-( it would just stop at specifically 46% whislt loading, and my tablet would force restart. I doubt it was your fault, so i gave you all 5 stars :-D have a nice day!
I love this game and there aren't many bad things just possible improvements, I think you should make verifying joins optional, and also maybe you could add an option to protect certain areas from being edited
This is a very good game for people who want to make creative things. I also like the multiplayer but every time I try to save the game it freezes. Please fix this and thank you!
It was enjoyable! I really really liked the game and how I got to play with friends. It was my first time playing this and I recommend you give it a shot ๐Ÿ˜‰! The one thing that did bother me was how there weren't a lot of stuff but that's okay. The characters were adorable and I like how you can customize the characters! Overall, not bad! Keep the good work going!~ Hit me up --> Juliemon11007
This is a Great game but why I rated it 4 because Could you guys find a more easier way to connect with friends and strangers. I was waiting 2 minutes it's always says connect fail I was sad and disappointed.and could you guys give players a easier way to earn candies๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿฌ that's all for my request. thanks for the great gameโค๏ธ๐Ÿญ
I love this game! The graphics are cool, and it's so colorful! Playing in multiplayer is a great way to make friends. I recommend BOKU BOKU for all ages. It inspires your creativity and outlook on design and crafting!
Love this game it's lots of fun if you have any problems or anything you can just send a message to the creator and for sure they will reply and I love this cause not a lot of game allows us to contact but not this one it's very cool comparing to me .So keep the good work going on !!
This game is so adorable sometimes lags but I really enjoy it but I would like that the drinks,food, and furniture would move with the alevetor things and more animals like seahoures,more birds,dogs,cats
I really love this game I still don't know how to add friends yet but I'll get it soon I don't like the ads but only to get those candy bars but I really love this game
I actually deleted the game and now I'm trying to get it back and it's taking a long please make it so the game doesn't take as long as it does now so go to the downloading part it's just saying pending all the time I'm just gonna change the rating to 4 stars
It's s good game, but there are a lot of kids and if your child chooses to play this game be careful, its offline and online. There isn't a strong chat filter. Other than that it's good
Nice app I can play with my friends and sister. I can make my own city. The game is fun to play. But It takes alot of connection. Some times I can't join my friends because of the connection. But the game is so much fun. Can you please change the connection problem so then it will be so much better. Thanks.
im done with this game, everytime i tried to join a muiltplayer sever its just stuck on the loading screen.This game is a waste of time and when i close the game and join back the game was stuck and i couldn't do anything but just wait till the game close by it self.This game can easily be glitched, and candies for boring stuff? Yeah. So dont waste your time plus the candies should be coins though. The weapons barely kill people. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
Its a great game not gonna lie, but I'd like you to make a button to use when your gonna fly on the broom or others. But its a great game 5 stars. ๐Ÿ˜
Everything's good except that I have four bars of wifi and me and my friend keep lagging and on my screen he left the game but on his he's still playing and could you make the daily mission a little more rewarding? thank you!
5 starts it so fun u can make houses and many other this like the dc super hero's well u only had to pay for them but this game is different u pay for the money from the game.
Very good game, i was skeptical at first but now ive grown accustomed to it. Its got an innocent and cute charm to it and the capability to make music is nice, i do have some suggestions though like 1: maybe add an acoustic and electric guitar 2: add a jukebox that plays custom music
I personally think that this is a genuine pixel game! i've already loved this from the start + the emotes are also rlly realistic. I love the aesthetic .. but i really expected more; keep it up๐Ÿ˜
This game is amazing!!! It doesn't make me bored! Like at all! I just wished there were more animals to ride and play with. Can you add some things for pets and some pets? Sorry for the favor.
Its a really great game, I just wish there is a pvp mode on multiplayer where you have hearts and every hit on you, -1 heart, then I also wish more of in swords and guns, maybe add a bow, and also to spawn more animals, and maybe, monsters like zombie, dragon, mutated spider, really great game, I just wish my suggestions to be considered. Thank You!
I really like this game! I like how you can customize your character and build houses with your friends! My only compaint though is that when I want to sign up with my ID, it says that there's no connection. Please fix this!
Hello I love this game but the problem is when I play this game I don't have friends so I give you 5 stars and you need to get more clothes thank you for your time reading my review and thanks for the cool game ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’Œ
This game is awesome and I love it Soo much...but just the ads they are 30 secs and wth? But forget it it's very good! They are very creative to do this game this is the best my brother ever played thank you developer!
The games great really, the graphics good, not that laggy, and when you buy something you get infite of that something. Its really fun. I rated it 4 stars cause i dont like how the moving buttons are so far up. And i hate that you cant type emojis and all, but the biggest thing i hate is how when you fly, you fall down when you let go. The only way to fix this is to buy a broom and fly on it.
This is fun actually but something needs to be fixed. When im travelling to people worlds, the loading sometimes error. The screen turn pitch black and I'll get kicked out of the game. It annoys me so much when the game does this, because it frequently happens to me. Overall, the game is great and i like the graphic (its so cute) Recommended for those who likes to build stuff๐Ÿ‘
This is truly an amazing sandbox and roleplaying game Theres so much things to do! Something i would LOVE to see added is some kind of adventure mode where you and your friends can explore a generated world and collect recources talk to NPCs and maybe even fight monsters. Still a great game though!
I had and continue to have a lot of fun playing this by myself and with my siblings. Unfortunately, if you're like me, you end up getting bored after a few days. If possible I would like to get an awards system such as recieving candy when people visit your place as well as choosing who builds in your world? Maybe add a survival mode where you can kill mobs so that it's less monotonous? Also there is limited terrain and blocks as well as things to interact with. I will watch many ads for this!!!
I love this game!!but I really want you to add in some few items,mobs,like a cat a dog a snake a lion and a shark and squids and for the items I really want you to add new cars like an ice cream truck and like there is a really cool thing I wanna see on boku boku if you take good care of your animals you can ride them! And even dig underground to find candies!! Hehe but still this is a pretty awesome game! I rate it as an 5 star :)
Yes. A very fun game indeed.very much so but it will not update automatically even though i have my phone on auto update. All of my other games automatically update.I dont know if its the game or my phone but it has to stop its been happening for a long time.It just wont update no matter how much I restart my phone.Im very sorry but I need the new updates to fix it . Im not picky in general but please fix this bug/glitch.And im sorry for the grammer๐Ÿ˜ญ
It was a really fun game but now i can't play it, i need to know why it's not letting me play it, it was my favorite game (my game has gone back to normal)
its underrated, an amazing game. definitely worth a try. Can't believe that it has only 500 downloads. Great job tho, it's a very nice game! ^^
The game is awesome! We can play offline mode and build! You guys should add more awesome stuff. Everything is fine but then whenever I build tons of thing, the game lag. Please fix it! I will rate 5 if the lag is fix :)
This game is the best pixel game I have ever seen. The design,the characters and accessories are so cute. This game has more details than I thought. I think they should add more things,like more clothes,furnitures and pets. I really recommend you this game!
3 stars cuz now the game keeps kicking me out. it is fully updated and it still doesn't work. i made a theory that because i was on a multiplayer that was probably discarded from the list, the game is confused. btw, VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD GAME!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
Good game still good and plssss add dogs and cats and add new furniture like tv,computer,glass table and add a boku boku 3d version it will be cool and add npc and you can put clothes on npc and add apperance you could be a baby,kid,teen,sub adult and adult and guns or melee like ak-47,minigun,desert eagle,machete,axe and samurai sword and add clothes making button where you could costumize your own clothes and add power making button where you could make your own power
i have tried to complete the tasks twice for more candy. twice it didnt work. it just costed me candy. (dress like a ninja and have some juice). the game is creative and cute though. edit. after the update it appears as though i have lost all of the items i had opened with candy previously.
I really like this game it's fun to play and the glitches make it more fun and funny but you should make text and name color a option instead of having to put in a color code in the name
I really love this game also my brother. Just like Minecraft, it is very cute but it's 2d version. Keep it up the good work and God bless ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡ ๐Ÿ˜‡. (ps, can you put angel halo? ๐Ÿฅบ)
Woohoo so good recommended I love it and if you say it is a bad rap off of Minecraft well it is not cause you have emotions you can eat pick stuff up intoraction whith other objicts sooooo good I RECOMMEND I love playing with my twin and you get a full 5 stars for this game ALSO to stop being invisible and your world is invisible just zoom out hope that imfo is good (: best game everrrrrrrrr <3 byeeee o(0w0)o kirby says hi and I say bye
Woah! This game is really nice! But, there is a lagging issue. If there are quite alot of stuff placed on the screen (for example if I'm in a 15x15 sized house) then, if I walk, jump or whatever, then it lags. But when I stand still, it's perfectly smooth. So, if you could fix this issue I would be really happy!
Okay? this game is now one of my favorite games! because it reminds me of terraria,and junkjack.But i believe that this game can improve more like having game mods,also the โšฝ it would be much fun if we can kick it just like a real soccerโšฝ,And also the animals it would be nice if we could tame them as pets,And last but not the least instead of eating directly the foods it would be alot bttr if we can able to hold them just like the others said. Btw this game is GREAT๐Ÿ”ฅโฃ๏ธ
This game is amazing to let your creative mind flow and allows to build things that both people of all ages can enjoy, however it is very buggy and recently I cannot log in the game without it crashing. Another downside is that I lost all my progress after I got a new phone. I hope the crashing bug gets fixed soon because this can be a really fun game.
Cute, but sometimes there's a stop to gaining candy, if you're offline, and you are low on candy, you usually buy the stuff you need to use for the "explore" button, but you have been wasting it on other stuff, so you can't buy it, but you're OFFLINE and i doesn't have an ad for free candies.
It is a fun and new game for mobile phones. My issues are that I don't know what most of the items are and just wish they were labeled. Also, it would be nice to have a tab where all of our items that we already purchased are easy to find so we don't always have to go search for them over and over. Edit: Why can people keep and save our map? It isn't fair for creators.
Would be five the game not let make a server if the wifi acts up and stops in on a server please try to fix the problem but very great I love to express my creativity on here I have the currently biggest hotel so great
Kinda great but i give 4star, cause there's a bug. First : I Cant see what item for these. My giess put detail what item for like these for kitchen or these is desk or something Second : I can't trought my internet. Always i wanna sign up to boku id is said not connection. Third : The keypad make more wide, cause i kinda miss uo to go left or up or down.
I Love the grasses has different variations but where's the Colors? This Is not a complete grass color collection. And I Love to fight with friends but what about enemies and a big boss battle? Clearly the most amazing fight I am playing
Real fun, absurd variety of items and interactions, although sometimes quests don't trigger properly, leaving me with no reward and sometimes down a couple candies, but aside from that the game's rather neat
I love this game it so creative but i think you should label the things because i confuse which one for build a house. But overall this game is very good.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Very fun, the only thing that should change is the tasks. I don't like how theirs only a few!! Other than that, its my favorite game. And theirs a glitch with the xmas trees, whenever you put a gift under it the tree disappears and the only thing you can see is the light to the star and the gift. Thats it. It would be great if you changed it! Thank you!
This game is very good I made my dream house but it lack so much when i join another server and my own server everything get blurred only the background can see it is very big problem in boku boku you have to think about it and do something about it otherwise your game is awsome ๐ŸŒผ
this game is like Minecraft but 2d and better i love how you can interact with people and build together love this game rate it 5 star but there is one problem i found in my world if you build a ramp next to the clouds and run up on it you will get stuck in the clouds and cant get out please fix this problem cause right now im stuck in my world
It's the cutest bestest game ever. Can communicate can play the game in a game. Basically u can fo everything with the things in there like paly with the bird and smell flower.
I love this game but I ran into a glitch and now I'm stuck in the loading screen like processing data on 95 can you please fix it I can't even play the game anymore I really want to play can you please fix it so I can play and the game is really good I recommend it to small kids and big kids there are cute animals there are a bunch of stuff that I love about this game but one thing I do want you to add a kick button so the people aren't happy with the owner if everyone agrees they can kick him
I really love this game but when i went to a different world the host disconnected so its started glitching but i wont delete the app ill just see if anything happens so i beg of you please fix this glitch! ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
The game is simple; 2d world, explore and build, dresses, animals, lastly have fun! The game fulfills its purpose well and I quite enjoy it. All I would like to add is; the sounds. It's very weird, for lack of better word. I think replacing the current ( fire, water; sounds for example) to more similar/pleasing sounds would be great and attract people who love nature sounds! Also, there should be an option to remove the; walking/running sounds so that I can enjoy the nature sounds moreโค
i love this game is so fun and a fantastic game so good. Get any blocks need more candy in that game or no candy click free to get many candy free in game time or time is free for a few days nice it's just nice game play game with the friend. I LIKE THIS GAME๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
I've never seen something on the appstore with this much effort into it. The only thing you can improve to the game as it is for me is to add names & descriptions to all the items & categories, as I got highly confused with certain objects & their functions and ended up spending currency on things I didn't end up liking, & players joining in the backround (not manual.) This could make a very good survival/sim game, which is what I want you to do out of everything. And kudos to you for no ads! โ˜บ๏ธ
This game is very fun! i really love to play with my friends but somehow i got bored with it. This game is simple you build , dress and stuff and you can't really explore at all. It is not like minecraft and i don't expect it to be like minecraft. But it is cool that we can still save our world and load a new one to build another stuff and the building is still save. Maybe add more fun? games? fun activities or event to do with friends will make this game better? but i really love this game.
This looks like a minecraft clone but its not it has everything minecraft doesnt have and u can play with friends it has lots of other blocks minecraft doesnt but what about the micro transactions its actuly eazy to get money in this game so u should realy play it its sooo fun
honestly a pretty good game. quality is good, animations are well made, but one thing that I thought that this game needs. survival mode. it would make things more interesting. anyway, a part from that, a pretty solid game.
I love this game it's so fun and stuff whenever I play with my sister and make a video it's always perfect!!!
best game for mobile ever! you can do almost anything! and it was multiplayer! on problem is that i freeze ever once in a while...
I'd say its a great game so 5 star for me, although my main concern is that the controls are too small for me. Can we like get one of this option in the settings where we are able to customize the size of the controls or place them anywhere we want as long as we are comfortable
Amazing game so much to do but something i wished is that when we make the new world we dont get the same thing as we did in the last world like we have to get more money to buy the furniture but you do not have to do that just a suggestion but sometimes when i play there i sa lot of lag
I really like this game, but I do have a few suggestions:) I think that you could add more foods that you could pick up, like sandwiches, doughnuts, apples, etc. Second, I think more server/room modes should be added, for example, a game mode where you can't fly, or where you can't dash. Or where the changes other players make to your world won't be saved. I also would like to ask for a backpack option(where you can put items in) and maybe add books that you can pick up and read..?,
This is one of the best mobile games I have ever played, a definite must play. Although there are current issues that are present which are optimization and connection issues. The game is very laggy going over 4x zoom. Connection errors occur when creating accounts. I can see potential in this game although some issues need to be fixed Suggestions are changing the build system; adding in a rotate tool
I love this game. It has creativity, love, hate, friends, enemies, customization, fake decease, living animals, and i can make things like water float! I would give it 5 stars on 1 condition. i would love it if the developers, made it so i could move my character with keyboard controls on my computer, please. Thank you, if you accepted this request!
I love the game bc it's has lots of stuff like you can change the weather me and my little/ big bothers play it any day that we have our ipads so we made our own chanal and it's called kids chans. Love, Ariel, Brian, Jeremiah we love it so much eek so pls make update soon ok
great, but the quests are useless, you can do ads, if you go to the block menu and back you can watch another ad... its fast and quests are a waste of candy, i did one and didnt get a reward... play the game and use alot of ads... better than nothing XD. Great game tho...
I would rate this game 5 stars, but the last update made a lot of free items become priced. It's unfair that I can't even copy block that I've already placed! Otherwise, the game is stellar and you should give it a shot!
The game is good but the reason I put 3 stars is because the game kicks me out every 5 minutes so can the developer fix that pls :)
This game is amazing! But, I have a problem........I can't create an ID. It always says "conction failed" and I checked several times that I have my WiFi on but still it doesn't work. I wish that this problem will be fixed soon. Thank you for your hard work :)
This game is so cool but I want to say a few things 1. I want more ways to get candies (money) 2. Can we tame animaLs and add cats and doggos and tame animal's with a serten food thanks! I love this game overall but I just want the game play experience to have more things!
Ok, this game is the best of the best. I LOVE it it's so cute. But my two complaints is that if there is a crab, a spider and the rest of the animals, PLEASE add in a cat! I love cats and this game will be perfect with it. Please add cats in. The second complaint is I NEED an item search button. You have no idea how easy my life would be once that thing is added in the game. But great game! Thx
WOW AMAZING!But I want dogs.Please add dog because dogs are cute.But the game is so amazing!Just rate it five star and play forever!
It only made me play two days and if I go in the game it end at 95 I waited 5 hours this is just useless please fix this
It was great, nice graphics, design, but it needs more props. I will rage 5 stars if this is messaged by the Dev. Thank you!
Personally I really love this game! It inspires me to do more and be creative with my own way and if I can I would give this game 10/10 however if can I think adding a child or a baby to the game will be quite interesting so you won't feel alone when you bought it like a new pack a new section just for the baby nursery! I'll be sure to buy more candies if the game adds it thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful app! โค
I like the game, but could you add more animals and make it so 2 people and ride animals bigger than sheep and more bugs please(not the lag/glitch type the animal type of bugs)? also theres this invisible animal glitch if you kill/delete a animal that you can ride and you ride it then then animal is invisible. also please could you add a survival mode and more weapons
It's an amazing and creative game,I am 11 years old and my older sister is 15 and my little sister is 6,and all of us play it and enjoy it so much,especially me and my little sister cause we make role plays and stories,I gave it 4 stars for only one thing,there is no backup and this is a huge mistake,I tried to log in into a different device,with my same account,but nothing was back,it was a fresh start๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ณ But it wasn't very bad for me cause I didn't delete the game from my other device๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜Œ
This game gives different varieties of items and building options that you can do as well as many other features that make more fun but, recently I've discovered a bug which makes the game's world dissapear, and by dissapear I mean like the ground and items turn invisible, they're still there since I still can get blocked but it's very annoying since whenever I join my friend's world or they join mine, it glitches out like that.
Great game but you know the new update on the tv can you put a play station or xbox with the tv to make it look more fun?
ive had different pixel games but this one is amazing, when i saw the other bad reviews,i said that is just a lie. the only flaw is that i wish that there was survival but other than that really good game. o it will be cool if the developer would respond back ๐Ÿ™‚
This game is amazing I love it please make more I would like you to do is add technology and the healthy foods can also recently there was a new upgrade and my friend can't upgrade and she'll have to upgrade in about a month so please fix this and we can't play together either!! ): PLEASE FIX THIS! !!!
can you add more vehicle's in the game and can you add a survival mode and more weapons please and more creatures like dinosaurs, mythical creatures and animals the last thing i want in the game is POKEMONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
when i see it i was thinking that it is a action game but it is a crafting game. It is in 2d not 3d. So amazed. Please add survival mode. But still amazing.๐Ÿ˜‹โค๏ธโค๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜š
Hello! I would have gave the game a five โญ. But if you delete it, once you reinstall it, and login to your account it doesn't save worlds, it really a problem for me, and maybe other people. Otherwise it's amazing!
I love the game 5 stars definitely but u could ad a couple of more choices in block placement like i don't want to pass through this block but I want to pass here through the same block Ps. I love it
The game is really fun and cute but every time I join it kicks me out,I join for 30 then i get kicked out ๐Ÿ˜ฉpls fix that bug
the game is good the only problem is the multi player. every time I decided to join others world it always says server failed even though our connection is good. please do fix this thanks
It's a fine game I mean you can build and play and also play with friends btw by the other people explaining there thoughts i think it's a ok game and I would recommend it
I gotta say, I LOVE THE GAME. Its like growtopia but you have infinite stuff. Unlike growtopia, BOKU BOKU gives you an infinite amount of blocks when buyed. Plus, you can play with online people and FRIEND THEM! And theres not even any toxic players. Btw if I were to make a suggestion to make the game even better, you should add wings/capes and trails when you walk, it leaves a trail where you can buy in the clothes shop and you should also make it so you can give people candy to help others.
Very fun game for kids! There is Creativity and more! Not as entertaining if your a bit old....eather way very fun for kids!
It's a unique sandbox game. While there aren't any problems with single player (although I wish conveyors were able to launch things), there are 2 problems with multiplayer: 1, there is no moderation, which is pretty bad for a game marketed towards children, and 2, if you have bad internet, you will be completely disconnected from a server after 2 minutes, which is a bit strange.
Pikes Peak and literally amazing should try book book review updates every week not every week like every the end of the month so you should try this game because it's really nice I've been playing with my big brother for a while now and we've been enjoying Punk together building a double-storey to get the building a huge help we live together cooking food having fun doing everything that you wanted to do watching TV switching up the TV bokoboko it's a good game try it๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡
This game is adorable and very well made! The visuals are appealing and all the little details show that a lot of heart went into making it. This game deserves more downloads.
This game is so good!!!!!!! But the reason I didn't give it all 5 stars is because it needs more items! These are a few suggestions of mine:1 it should have a book that you can white in. 2 there should be more clothes!! And need I explain why? Everybody should know why it needs more clothes (at least everyone that plays). There is a lot more but I don't want to explain them so I hope you do that and thanks for this amazing game๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜„โ˜บ๏ธ
Love this game!! It is so cute! Very creative! Really beautiful! This game is PHENOMENAL!!! It allows you to do almost everything!! Even Minecraft doesn't allow you to do that much nor Terraria (You cannot die in this game). It is just so well made and cute and awesome!! Although getting candys is a lil bit annoying. I highly recommend you download it! Edit: it's also very relaxing and antistress. So there you have it.
No ads I love this app it doesn't have any ads and I can get coins without watching ads all the time I still like the app five stars are okay
I FLIPPIN LOVE THIS GAME! 1 problem tho. So I tried joining someone's sever but as so as I joined it said host disconnected so it went back to the loading screen and just wouldn't load and the flowers were blooming super fast but it just wouldn't load so I had to delete the app witch was disappointing bc I worked really hard on my world ๐Ÿ˜”. So pls fix this bug bc I'm pretty sure that no else want this to happen to them. But other than that this 1of the best games I have downloaded.-\(^โ€ข^)/
I like this game and It's so cute! But it doesn't have dogs or cats in the game. I would've rated it 4 stars, but good game. Please can you add cats and dogs? I've been waiting for 1 year(s). Well, good game! Keep on your work, Pixticle! Good game! It sometimes lags but I dont care. It needs an item search button as well though. But good game! Adorable! Can you add TVs, Computers, survival mode and more clothes? More like Minecraft!
This app is wonderful! Enjoying commuinty! The best Game i have ever played! ^^ but i want little features to be added! Can u like make a trading button and a give candy button? I have to give candy to my friends cause they have no candy but although its a very wonderful and enjoying community^^
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!! ITS SO MUCH FUN. But I have a few ideas. Can you add swords and Bows and arrows? It will be really cool for people who are trying to build medieval worlds. Can you also add more animals please? It will be cool if you added sharks and bears. Really fun and addictive app. Really enjoy it, please add these updates so the game's future can be bright!
This game is great and it never gets boring and the improve of the quality is amazing this game is so fun and i highly recommend it. Love the game
The game is fun and had lots of votes when i play the game... You should think of adding a item(a spin wheel item)you can put it down and get random amount of candie's or secret outfits... You should add in a information to the things we buy(i am having a bit of problem in understanding what they do) have like a tiny bit of information on the blocks...(would be cool if you can save the last data we had) Pls fix the multiplayer i keep on crashing whenever i do it
The single player mode is ok, but the online multiplayer might be faulty sometimes. Whenever I'm playing in a server of mine or theirs, I can chat and build well for about a minute. Later, the game starts lagging and the other players appear not to move or chat even though I can still send messages, build and move. I'd appreciate if you guys fix that. :)
OK. So it was good at first, I had it for a year or so, But recently, The game loading screen gets stuck at 29! So I can't play it at all! 4.5 Stars though.
I really enjoy the game,you should download this game!we can meet other people on the mutiplayer mode,and we just need to collecting a candy for buying an items.And we can play piano!,and you can building a house and having a normal life ^^.I'm so recommended this game it's so fun to crafting something but,some time if we are mutiplay mode there's a lag and it's annoy me so much so I want the devloper to updating the game.This 'comment' is 'just a 'edvice' for the devloper, enjoy!
it is really lack luster. while it has potental. its kinda wasted on this whole infinate resorces thing. no gathering, no reason to play. with out a single objective this game became very boring to me, and i hate to say that with how much potental i can see for this. please keep working on this and ill check it out when it gets a new update. edit: I am not requesting you to "make it more fun" I am just asking for more objectives.
After the update, everything was fine. The reason i gave this Two Stars is because when you enter after the update, it keeps kicking you out! And while you made a new accout it does the same thing. Please fix this as soon as possible! I really wanna play with my friends again.
I like this game though I suggest making some kind of support for the game than rating it. I also suggest making posters showing your other games, or maybe a pride flag or everyone matters poster. It's just a suggestion. Thank you for making this game
This game is very fun playing with people online game and adding emotions to the game is just great and just the best for a type of rollplay game, you can do what ever you want to build creative in your mind. This game is new so i'm excited to what an update would come adding more blocks and dress to the game, and I enjoyed playing it.
Beautiful graphics and music. A game you could waste hours in perfecting your buildings. My one complaint is a few of the mechanics are hard to figure out, such as flipping the objects so they face the other way.
This game is great,especially I love building stuff,and I love the thing like the task and stuff,where u get candy(money) just by doing it you can also learn new movement,It has great graphics,And your probably wondering why I gave 4 stars,well the other raters are kinda right,when u play multiplayer games,even if your the that made it,the blocks will suddenly disappear,like u cant see it,but when I first played it,I joined a multiplayer game,and it never did it,it was normal,improve it PLEASE!
This game is so pizelized so fun to play but it was confusing at first now I'm usto it its very fun to play with other players you can send voice notes in chat the clothes and everything I love it I really recommend getting this