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Body Race

Body Race for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Metis Apps located at Medius House 2 Sheraton St London W1F 8BH. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok the reason why I give this a 3stars is because y'all really need to make new outfits I'm so tired of beating every level and be surprised that there no new outfits y'all need to fix this like what like im not gonna just beat the level go on the scale ⚖️ to see if I'm good for the outfit and then it's the same thing no I'm not gonna do that well that's make sure y'all fix that bye have a nice may 😁😁
Just downloaded this app because it looked kind of funny and super offensive so I just wanted to see how bad it really is... it's bad. Lol the game itself is is very short, simple, and not very interesting at all. You walk through a burger and gain like 100 pounds and walk through a dumbbell or broccoli and lose it all lol then it ends and glitches out with a dress just sitting there lol but what do you expect with the way they advertise it 🤷‍♀️
Don't get this game. It's one of those games you'll get bored of after a minute of playing. Oh, don't forget about the ads that are body shaming people. They say that people are chubby when they clearly look healthy. And the the scale in the can weigh the lady and says 20 pounds. What matters about your body is your health not the weight, 20 pounds isn't healthy for an adult. Some people struggle with eating more and/or less but don't shame them for it.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! I downloaded this because of an ad and it's one of those games where it's fun for 1 minute and then you get bored and delete it. And this is just body shaming women! I get it your trying to teach kids to be healthy and stuff, but this is just saying you have to be the "perfect weight" on order for you to be accepted into society. I don't recommend getting this, but if you do I ain't stopping you.
It fun and all but it's bacically body shaming girls of all sizes and I don't think thats good for young 5-6 year olds that are playing this game....it may lead to them thinking they are over weight or under and to be honest at that age they shouldn't have to worry about that.
The game is okay but the 1star comments are COMEDY GOLD. Lol they're like "I'm fat and find this game fatphobic". Had a great laugh. The game itself gets a little bit repetitive and the ads are a little on the high side. Other than that good game.
Although it seems a little like body shaming and doesn't indorce great habits, it's not bad. If your underweight you can't get the outfit and being overweight you can't either and both can kill you. Some people might take it the wrong way however so this probably wasn't the best game idea. It also has an ad problem so yeah.
Not even a one star game, all the games ive seen that have "tried to encorage healthy habits" are actualy just encoraging eating dissordars and extreamly unheathy eating habits. Especaly since this game is for younger people, who have most likely been body shamed before... YALL FRICKERS ARE MESSED UP.
This game sucks not only is it body shaming but its inappropriate. why do people have to be the "perfect weight" in this game. There is no perfect weight as long as your happy and healthy. Also on the inappropriate side of this game the way some of the food is lied out (cucumber and tomatoes) make some disturbing pictures.
The game is literally just body shaming women, if you're a little over weight its "acceptable" but if you're skinny its a "perfect score". I get that its trying to teach women to keep a healthy diet but many young girls can get the wrong idea. Its very dangerous for young girls to see this and feel like they have to be this amount of weight to be acceptable and worthy. Its also body shaming both overweight and skinny people. Horrible game.
Do you think you could make an endless mode where you cant die and can get as big or small as you want, And update it more frequently. Please.Like We can still do the normal mode but there's another endless mode. Please add, I love your game.
(Sorry for any bad grammer) Anyways, this game is neat and is pretty relatable for adults and teenagers. The reason I am giving it 3 stars is because of 3 things, number 1: there is alot of ads but ads pop up like every 2 levels (I think) so the game is enjoyable. Number 2: The costumes are uhh...I don't want too explain but there are kids playing these kind of games. Number 3: (and the worst one yet) It glitches too many times, every time I finish the level it freezes for about 10 seconds.
It's really good but I have a massive problem. I finished the level and the case opened for the red dress but I don't know how to get to the next level. I tried tapping SO many times but it doesn't work. I love this game otherwise but can you please have more outfits? I really hope that you all stay safe btw(by the way)! 😁❤😷
I would like to say to start that this is a simply boring game. But that isn't actually the problem (unless you want entertainment), the main problem is the fat shaming. If you are not 20 pounds you don't have the 'perfect body'. That can make others insecure of their weight. Weight 9/10 isn't a problem; this game should make it so all body weights are perfect / beautiful in their own way. Until then, I will not play the game/support it.
It is vry bad game because eg - if I have to goal 60 and I am start playing then I not comes to know that what I have to eat to became 60 weight and in every round it gives very shamed clothes to were but at once I have to goal 100 to get a bueatiful froke but after playing harder then harder than also I missed it and I not got it I get every dresses very very easily but which froke I like and want I does not get it. Veryyyyyyyyy bad and boring game . 😞😞😞
Great, but a suggestion, can you please remove when the character gains so much weight that they die? If not that's okay, but just a suggestion, thanks! Edit: I say this because me and some other people I know who play have a fat fettish, kinda embarrassing, but it's true :)
This stupid game has made me mad the last 3 days 1 it always says that the woman is ither to over weight or to skinny sometimes I get so ertated so I uninstall the game my little sister Beatrice has the game and she does not comlane a bit she even tried and gave the game a amazing review I sometimes regret downloading this stupid dumb GAME!!!!!!!!!! all the other games are OK but this 1 I'd say is the worst.
If I could I would rate this 0 stars because I see this is body shaming wemon that are skinny and fat and the only reason I know this is because would always grow out of my close so fast and now I don't and that is what this app is pushing honstly though games like this should not be made because no one should care what others think and this game and games like this are most likely making us girls care what others think
The game is just body shaming both body weights of women, it's just so dissappinting that I couldn't even get to the end. It's that type of game which you only want to play for 1 minute and delete it. Honestly, the amount of ads is just despicable! And the types of food really does bring people down. Don't download!
Don't like the game I could not put the dress on maybe put more intructions on the game to make it easier and more fun and I never got to the ads but maybe make appropriate ads.
This game is one of those games that when you join you get extremely bored straight away. Also all your ads are body shaming. And when you join there is only a girl skin I don't get why you think it's nice to put only a girl skin. Yes girls can get body shamed and so can boys. Everyone is making games based on how people look like or how they dress or how they do their makeup it's ridiculous everyone needs to stop doing this because one day you will realise it's wrong. #StopBeingSexist
This game is so bad. Not the graphics but the way they can make a person feel. Like did u guys not even think about that. And ontop of that u r targetting women. Ive played this game like 10 rounds to even see if it included a male amd there is not one male person in here. Who tf r u to tell us what we should do with out bodies. U cant just objectify us like that.🤬🤬🤬
in my opinion, this game is extremely entertining but it teaches young teens like ( myself ) to lose weight which is very unnesscary younger audiences should be able to have fun without feeling overweight or to skinny we shouldn't stereotype any person weather their skinny or overweight i think you should change the concept of the game because it isn't very nice :(
This game is literally body shaming people. It lowers peoples confidence to be themselves and body positivity and shows that being "skinny" is the best body or the "perfect" body. disgusting. The ads for this game is also just as bad. Saying that if yiu just eat one piece of junk food you'll become "fat". overall boring game as well. same thing everytime. I dont reccomend at all.
This game is awful! Targeting women. It's most likely REALLY targeting young, impressionable girls and teens. Second, it's body shaming women for being too thin or too overweight. I get the idea is most likely to encourage women to "maintain a balanced diet" but it definitely misses the mark. I downloaded this game in hopes the advertisement is an exaggeration compared to the game. It is not. It's just plain offensive and dangerous for the targeted audience.
Very strange and body shaming to both underweight and overweight ladies. The graphics are bad and the game sometimes cuts out comepletely in the middle of playing. At the end of the level the avatar does a strange, too fast dance that is honestly the only interesting part. The game is repetitive and gets boring very quickly, only has like 4 levels and the only remotely funny part is the comically fast dancing at the end that has nothing to do with the premise of the game. Oh, and... cucumbers.
This game is ok... Honestly I don't care for the game play this is just another Ad trap. I can understand why some people may feel its body shaming. However the game give a weight goal for the character to meet and if you meet that goal you get a new outfit. There's still an option to get the outfit by looking at an ad. I think the game would be better with more than just one character,this could help with the "body shaming" Reviews...
It is a good game but after every level there's an ad so I would rate a 5 if there wasn't as many ads plus the levels are repetitive. The ads were always the same
I download this game after seeing a wierd add. The graphics and overall design of this game are horrid, if I could have given this game a zero I would have. This game is just about body shaming, at the end you have to be the "perfect size" Or else the outfit wouldn't fit. This is just body shaming the over wieght, and the underweight. Besides this is just a copy of all the other games they have created, just with diffrent textures to put it. And the levels are the same, there is no challenge.
Really? Not only are the graphics horribly put together but the overall concept of the game is both stupid and condescending. What if a young girl plays this huh? It sickens me that someone would make a game like this.
Pft i only downloaded this to give a bad review. Not only is this body shaming but its just a quick cash grab. Its a game like high heels you will get bored after a day. For the people saying "its not that big of a deal" it really is. Its teaching kids that you have to have a "perfect" body and knowing them they will try to do it i saw a kid wrap themselves in plastic to get a skinny waste its unhealthly.
this game is horrible, I am a young minor and it hurt to see that they are saying that 60 pounds is the perfect weight. I am 130 pounds.. and im still growing and not to mention I am a female. This game is targeted towards young kids and teens. I as a person, i know that this is not good and I have seen people get body shamed, I have gotten body shamed and it broke me. This game needs to be taken down.
I don't think so that this game is for kids as we look to the women's dresses it's disaster...the women wear bras and panties...don't give this game to your child...and if you are giving then keep looking on them in which dress the women is
I can see where they're trying to tell you to stay fit and eat healthy stuff, but there is body shaming in this and the food does sometimes spawn in the shape of... you know what I mean if you played it. I gave it two stars because of promoting healthy eating, I would give it 1 if it never had that.
The game body shames people, and truly I don't see how others can find it enjoyable. It's rude, the graphics are poor, and the concept is just pathetic. The Ads for the game are even worse. Seriously cannot believe how you could upload something like this. Not worth the download.
Ok well- I think all games about telling you too be a specific weight are IN GENERAL, kinda a bad idea. I don't think body shaming was your intent but It just- comes off as rude and I think your better putting your skills too make a different type of game. Maybe you could make a modeling game where each round you get a different avatar and the possible avatars could all be different weight, from super skinny too obese! Still fashionable and fun, but more clear that all body's are beautiful ❤️
I think that the idea of the game is good but the execution is unacceptable. This promises body shaming and eating disorders and is unhealthy especially for younger children who don't understand that it's not okay. Secondly the graphics aren't great the way she walks is really quite stupid and unnatural and the way she moves between lanes is really slow and leggy.
honestly I had seen what was said about this game but it sounded kind of funny. I wanted to see for myself. it gets boring fast but it's fun for a min. just see for yourself but don't expect much from this game
If you could give a 0 star i wouldve 1. This is fat shaming 2. Awful for kids to play because now their just gonna use photoshop to get slimmer 3. Dredful amount of ads 4. Anything could fit you just alter it 5. Kids youre beatuful all shapes and sizes dont let this game get in your way and beatuty isnt on the outside its on the inside sorry for such many reasons bye.PS i hate the way you die when you get too over sized in this game because its gonna worry little kids incase you die of fat
if they had a 0 I would have put that. This is body shaming people and saying skinny is better. The goal is to be as skinny as you can and that can harm young children and people with eating disorders. People already grow up with others judging them and know they are seeing it in a game. It's ridiculous.