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Bocce 3D - Online Sports Game

Bocce 3D - Online Sports Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Giraffe Games Limited located at 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 X361. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice game except it has you play people with much higher ranking. I was a 1 playing against someone ranked 345 and then a 2 against 287. Doesn't seem fair. Sort of takes the fun out of playing.
Need to do something about people who know how to hack the game your playing. Plus the higher rated balls are as much use as a choclate fire guard don,t spend money on them. A lot of the games are predictable once you know where to put the bowles, needs an update getting a bit boring.
I've played this for a few weeks and I like it especially playing against other people. It's really quite gentle and enjoyable 😊
I like the game. Its just Bertha. Shes stopping me now on a level. Then it gets boring. And there isn't much players out there to play a one on one game. Not even a South African flag for me to choose. Otherwise. Lots of fun. And a well written game. Ads not irritating and can play a lot without having to purchase anything. Put more countries onnthe map. Then the game can grow. 🌷 😉
I love the bocce game. Great fun, leagues every week and can save up for better bocce balls. My gripes are that there is no season 3, the scenes are limited to a dock and a park which can get boring and there are cheaters who bounce the ball off the dock rails. I enjoy beating these players at their own game! Can this game be further developed?
I aimed the arrow dead centre of the red ball and my ball went to the right. On the deck I dragged the arrow for power and the ball went long, the second time exactly the same amount of power and the ball fell short. Can't see the end of the direction arrow when taking a shot and as you push up for more power it takes the shot before you release your finger. Also noticed that the opposite player will win points when you are clearly closer to the red ball. Fun game but requires improvements.
This game would be great if it didn't have so many bugs. It often freezes mid play and you the lose the match and your hard earned money. Very annoying.
I like this game it's a real challenge sometimes. It does drain my battery alittle they tell me. Evie
The game itself is okay. BUT, for some reason there are only a few games available vs AI so you have to play online multiplayer. I've tried playing at least 15 and NOT ONE has finished. The game will constantly freeze, or randomly move where a ball or 2 is located. The game isn't good enough to be worth suffering through the headaches.
So far so good. Need to play more to get used to the controls & see if past issues of other players have been resolved. Having a few issues with aiming vs. direction so we'll review again in a few weeks.
Could never get the app to go past #9 in the game. It was fun. Would have been a lot more fun if you played with a live person.
when you get to the top you can't get past Bruno, so the fun is over. He resets when you start winning in the middle of the game like a sore loser would... so don't bother wasting your time getting to the top because you will never go any farther. I tried. I wouldn't even give it 1 star
Great idea but very glitchy and the matchups are messed up. Level 1 playing level 7 in rookie? And the balls don't bounce off SOME sides but they will on others. I'll pass and look for someone else that worked out the kinks better.
This game cheats. When you really need to put your ball on spot,it don't go where you aim. When the computer is fixing to lose,you couldn't get it there even if it was right in front of you. It definitely needs updated,last update was June 7 2018. I like the game bocce,really fun to play. Get it right,or get rid of it. Not happy
I want to love this game. A lot of potential, but still buggy. Looks like the developer hasn't updated in years.
Is ok for what it is..... But single player mode you only get 11 rounds. Can't get challenge 3 to open up even with 3 stars for each round
For the past two days the daily bonus coins don't update my total. Also, on several occasions the match freezes altogether and I get a message that I forfeited due to disconnect. This game has great ball movement and very realistic graphics. I love playing it and am really hoping you can get the bugs out of it.
Enjoyed the game at the start then levelled up to level 8, then suddenly was paired up against opponents at level 555, 398 etc just had no chance against then & by the way some players are cheating also, the games got potential but not for me at the moment.
Good game to learn the rules and some strategies. PvP would be better if there weren't so many wall-ballers.
Love the boatdocksthe others are boreing and no real people all bots and I'm stuck in season 2 playn the same play n same bots getting old but great game good feel n controll for the throws why not make it like miniature golf n fight to get to red
The graphics is excellent, as is shooting control. But, there is no information about the app, play, and how competition works. And, after about 12 levels of playing against the games computer opponent, it seems there is nowhere to go. So, unless I play a live match, against what opponent, what skill level or with what upgrades, I am simply playing blind. Does the developer think I will just spend $15 and hope for the best? One day and I'm uninstalling after I post this.
seems like the pros know a glitch that freezes game when they are losing. no way to report problem to devs.
The game needs a different control layout can't see were I'm aiming and what power I'm using it's a good game but the controls get annoying please fix this issue plus the ball goes much further then the power I put on
Its fun but limited. When positioning where you want to throw the ball your finger tends to cover up the ball making it hard to aim.
Games good but could do with extra lanes to play on. Also some proper knockout games would make it more interesting
I hate when I have to restart my phone, especially because the reason is a bad made game. Game is usually freezing when somebody surrender. Also the arrow is bad. It's not working sometimes. In the beginning I think it will be better but it is worse.
I've enjoyed this app since 2014 but over the last few months it has developed some serious glitches in the game play where the balls move around after the next shot. Other times it will just cease up until one player gives up and forfeits.
Game is pointless got matched up with a 999 level player while I was level 21 making me lose all I worked for a day. Other than that there is a real issue with frustrated players that cheat and make this game boring. To the players that play that way I'd recommend you to use ure time better(like going blindfolded on a busy highway.) because I don't see the fun of shooting the ball on the first column of the pier just to win games.
Since I started playing this game I've been wanting to play it really in real life It's not too extravagant and it's not flashing in a lot of shooting or running but it's a good game the past time and challenge other people around the world I'm pretty impressed and it keeps you busy I recommend this game Thanks
Excellent app! Great way to play bocce if you can't get outside, or physically unable to play. A difderent set of skills, of course, but the rules of the game are the same. The premium currency is there, if you want it, but you don't need it.
The game is great, but there's a real issue with people using the same strategy. Players will roll the ball along the sides. It then becomes a rather boring game of making the same move until one runs out of turns. Tip: If your opponent goes first and rolls the ball down the side, you'll have more turns than them. All you have to do is copy their move (carefully) and you'll win. You can then play a proper game and, chances are, you'll probably win. Devs need to solve this issue.
Does not reflect real game. Players can game the system i.e. purposely throwing the jack badly so that he/she doesn't need to start first, thus have advantage. Improve this. Include the correct rules i.e. the required distance for the jack etc.
Dear Deb, I hope this will reach to you guys.I want the game to be more successful and more fun to play by improving the interface and update d graphic also some improvement on the map and most importantly overall the online features I want you guys to focus on this because I want to compete with other and also my close friend. I hope the Dev will add a feature to play with your close friends throw WiFi Bluetooth or internet if possible and also a feature to let you compete with other players
I've played this for a few weeks and I like it especially playing against other people. It's really quite gentle and enjoyable 😊 however sometimes I think that the other person pauses the game and this creates a bad shot for you if they pause it at the right time when your playing your shot also there are some mean bad losers who when you win are able to make you forfeit the game. It just makes this game rubbish.
Stupid pointless absolutely just off-the-charts what were you thinking doesn't even start up the game when you tap it on your phone or iPhone or whatever it just black screens and I think that's kind of insulting the person who's downloading it because it's now a waste of their time and their storage on the phone and memory I think that the developer of this game needs to completely disassemble this and rebuild it
Nice game but aiming is hindred because your thunb covers the arrow. If you were able to have your thumb off to the side to aim and adjust the power that would be do much better.
I win71 here Pretty cool game however I don't understand why after I shoot my two balls even when my opponent gets the ball closer he just keeps shooting ball after ball at the ball why does your opponent get so many chances at one time my opponent shot like five balls to my two that's not fair but pretty good game
I do really like this App and have downloaded it 3 times now..... every time I start building up my levels to a reasonable standard, there is a glitch that bounces me back to the beginning to start over again. Yes plenty of cheating too, but they don't bother me.... who gets enjoyment from cheating?
Could be a really good game but it's so open to cheats. They play the same tactics every time that mean you can't win.
Today 7/3/20 Something went wrong!!!! Only the Red ball is shown when rolled out. The other balls for green or blue, you don't see, only the color circles are shown. PLEASE HELP!!! Evie
Ok so often now when you beat a player in multiplayer they quit before winnings and rank points are allocated. The game glitches and nothing is allocated. This happens at least 6 in every 10 games. I like this game, cheap and cheerful but please fix the multiplayer glitch and make sure winnings and rank points are allocated. Second glitch says you have already played this player today, and you haven't, again caused by the loser quitting just as the game ends.
No point spending money on this game people know how to hack and freeze the game anybody with high rankings are just cheats who do the hacking. Not lost a hack yet just wait till they have to leave their phones might take a couple of hours but still wait.game is good if they could sort out the cheats.
This game is now full of hacks. And there's no way to report or no action is taken to improve the app, so this game is largely useless now. Also hardly anyone plays it, so you have to spend ever increasing time trying to find a match.
When starting the game and I type in a name, the letters don't show up. I can't proceed without a username.
You may want to have a faq button. Like how do you get 3 stars. I beat season 2 by 6 balls but only got 2 stars. I can't proceed without it.
Doesn't work. Can't even get past the enter your name screen. Every time I type my name and enter it, nothing happens. When I type my name and click back to get the keyboard off screen, the name I just entered disappears. So you can't open the game without entering your name. And it doesn't even have my country listed. What a useless download. Uninstalling
every time someone hits the red ball off the track bridge on rookie and higher the game freezes. I have recorded the screen with a live video and have lost so many points and lost the game because of the amount of time this game freezes. You can't control anything and if you try to come out it says to many disconnections and even if you are winning, you will still lose. Needs a lot of work to get this have right. Would be a brilliant game otherwise.
F'ing cheaters in the multiplayer. Balls don't bounce off the walls properly so they exploit first turn to keep jamming the wall and mathematically you'll win. If you do win a coin tournament the game freezes and makes you quit so you don't get paid. Had to reboot my phone just to get back online and write this review.
Fun game but constantly freezes and then you lose your money. Game hasn't been updated for 2.5 years as of this review. No support. DEAD GAME
Great game, very precious and accurate aiming. My only criticism is it gets very different very quickly and now I can't progress any further.
It won't play correctly wants you to put in a player Name. If you try it won't take the Name and game will not start . Also your opponent get several shots to the 2 I only get. It's not a fair game. It cheats on you
Its alot of fun is one thing I can say. The game can actually teach you or enable you to learn some strategies that can help in the real deal. There isn't much to the game to begin with so it's very easy for someone to learn.
Great game! but you could add more physic and dynamic in the game. Also you should put different technique on how to throw the ball along with the sounds. Need more sound fx make it more enjoyable.