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Boat Master: Boat Parking & Navigation Simulator

Boat Master: Boat Parking & Navigation Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Tommy Vaux located at PO Box 1204, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Works well, but it really shouldn't be crashing when there is little speed when coming close to a boat or dock, as in real life the fenders would prevent this.
It is a very good game. My son plays it all the time. Must download . Thanks for the app. It has many more moads ...
the reason why I did 3 is because of the lag, i dont have money to buy the boats in the game, and I dont like the way that the boat controls are not good. on the good side though, I like the graphics, like the boats, and I like the way that it tells you where you park
Really fun game, and pretty realistic. One question When are you going to do the jet ski that says coming soon? Very important for the younger players
After a few minutes of navigation the boat sometimes ceases to respond to any of the controls and it [the boat] crashes. Point of view system is cumbersome and unhelpful during tricky maneuvers. I only ever piloted boats with tillers and this doesn't seem to have that control option. Limited replay interest.
Awesome! I work on superyachts as a first mate. I'm always on deck calling out distances and throwing lines. This is great practice should the captain ever give me helm time. 1. Would be great if you could add a very mild vibration when engines are engaged.
This would be a much better game, if we can drive on a larger water map and have other places to go too. Also make it so we can drive from the inside of the boats.
Finally i've been searching for this.. I like the concept and the graphics is great!.. I suggest that you can add more boats especially TANKER Or Cruise ship type.. for more realistic experience like you riding a ship.. Weather control that can you select weather scenario .. Thankyou so much tol all developers..
I am a real and professional skipper. There is no first person or skipper position view... I would be more appreciate if you could add in skipper view to your view angle feature.... If possible customizable ones. Else are good enough already.
Really nice. 2 problems. 1: bouys are backwards. Red, right, returning. 2: only one boat available. You have to buy the others.
only one boat is unlocked free. There's 5 levels of difficulty and only one is challenging. I had it complete in 30 minutes
Really like the concept but I think the physics could be improved a bit. The steering of the yacht (sailboat) is not responsive, a real sailboat has a relatively large rudder and steers well at slow speeds both under power with prop wash as well as under sail or coasting. Additionally the prop walk is light but that could be realistic depending on the boat. I would also like to see steering control on the twin engine powerboat and super yacht. Although they can be manuvered with differential power steering allows for additional control of the lateral motion of the vessel. I'm being picky as a marine engineer but really appreciate the effort put in by the developer and hope they continue to improve and add to the app
Very realistic manoeuvres...the only thing missing is the view from the navigation bridge/cockpit...and to make it the best, it probably needs some sort of navionics or something cheaper to plan passages and so forth...but I am happy with that 👍
I bought sail yacht. I don't know why, but it is almost no any control with steering wheel. Strange simulation. With free motor boat control is fine.
No issues with the berthing tasks but for the navigation once the boat is near to the parking location game starts lagging, n the boat crashes I don't believe what is going on guyz is this because you don't want us to complete the task on Time.
The only game I found that feels somewhat close to the physics of the boats and the sea in the real world. The graphics are very good. Love this one!
As a coastie, I had driven various assortment of boats. 22ft Boston Whalers....41ft Utility Boats, 44ft Motor Life boats... even a 400 ft Ice Breaker. Every boat responds differently... and with this game you got it down pretty good. The "feel" of the boats is pretty spot on. Controls are decent. I like the single screw sailboat. That's a challenge in itself. Graphics are decent as well. Great game!
great app! I'm a first time boat owner of a twin screw motorboat. Practice makes perfect, but it's hard to get practice in as I'm only able to take the boat out every coulpe weeks. I was doing ok with docking the boat in what any boat owner would tell you is hard slip to pull into. I found this app and keep practicing for a couple weeks and since have had my boat out twice and couldn't believe how much my skills improved after using the app. It helped me to react without thinking.
I don't like the game. The controls are annoying and the tutorial doesn't even help me at all. I couldn't even dock the boat and I was there for like 15 minutes before I GAVE UP WITH IT?
This was awesome. Great context. I love the graphics. I would definitely recommend this game. I have been looking for a good boat game forever. I finally found one.
It needs a free mode so you can drive around the boats to islands and explore the ocean. It also needs to have the boats you pay for be free at certain levels and stay free to use.
Almost no control with the steering wheel. I was using the powerboat. It is not possible for parking.
Playing Navigation mode, the frame rate drops significantly. When the frame rate drops, controls are unresponsive and boat crashes into objects/land. Playing on a Device with a Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM is not enough for this game, even on the lowest graphics settings.
Pretty realistic. There are only 2 things that need changing. One is that if you pause the game, the effects of wind and current still act on the vessel. The other id's that you have to be almost perfectly in the slip when, in reality, you can typically get "close enough" to toss a dock line to someone nearby to have them help pull you to exactly where you need to be to tie up. Of course that won't work on a large vessel. But still a solid 5 for the very realistic simulation.
In the speedboat in the game, you can steer while coasting. This makes it impossible to move sideways. If I want to berth bow in, I approach the berth at an angle while coasting and just before I reach my target I go in to reverse gear with the wheel hard to port. This has the effect of slowing the boat to a stop and bringing the stern in. This doesn't happen in the game. The boats drive like cars.
I've been waiting a long time to find a game like this that I can practice my docking skills in the off-season. I just wish there was a way to separate the transmission shifters from the engine thrust or throttle like on my boat because when shifting only you're not taking into account overthrust. Small adjustments is the key and only giving engine thrust when you really really need it. Any chance you can add a 45-foot Express style yacht? Great job on the app! Left shifters right throttles...
It was a good app. But why does it lag during the Navigation 1.it was good at first but when you reach the middle, it continues to lag.
Great game love the duel control and graphics are great just need to make more gameplay options like open water put platforms and oil rigs stuff like that are open lakes that you can free roam but keep it up I love the game
Having owned a boat for a number of years. This game is a pretty good comparison to the real handling of a boat. And a fun way of passing the time.
great game and tool, only complaint is that it needs engine noise. The noise of the engine is a huge part of docking any big boat
This game is super laggy and the controls are really awkward and plus the tutorial tells you barely anything
closest to real thing so far. except for the sailing yacht. sometimes steering does not work at all. is this a glitch? update: steering now does not work at all at any speed no matter what i try. bow thruster also does not help the maneuver at all.
To bad this could be a great game. But in navigation levels it lags. I have tried all manual settings but no results. Samsung Galaxy A50
informative apps; boat master simulator is very useful for beginers like "me", definitely you will learn basic concepts in steering and the hardest part is in the docking manuever" later on you can catch up and finally able to dock your motor boat" thankful for this apps" try it.
Thanks...great app. Would be nice to have better feel of currents and wind when docking and when setting up on a drift at sea. Again, thanks for the app
The graphics are RUBISH ! The controllers are confusing but it is a alright game but try and improve what I complained about. Fergus unwin