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Boardwalk Bingo: MONOPOLY

Boardwalk Bingo: MONOPOLY for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not supported anymore. Don't download. They make you download the new version that I hate. I played in for 2 days. The graphics and play are old looking and it is boring.
I have the original Monopoly bingo and it works great. This version is not so good. I keep getting an error you need Internet access... I've tried my LTE and WiFi same result. Then the 1 time it does finally load it blacks out then shuts down. On my Oneplus 2. I give 1 star, fix whatever is wrong for a better rating please.
Like it. But it is what it says, a casino game and not for kids! Basically teaches gambling. You do need to spend REAL money to really play it because it does not give you enough dice each day to play more than a couple games a day. Other than that it is really fun.
I was playing on 2/21 and each time I hit a # a disfigured object covered that spot and these objects were so large I couldn't tell on some cards if I got bingo and when I did get bingo I couldn't hit bingo because a huge number was covering the bingo tab. So I uninstalled to reinstall it. Yet I didn't get credit for my bingos. Other than that it's a great game.
It's exactly the same as Monopoly:Bingo, but appearantly another S8 expansion / update. However, addicted to the other, there is nothing NEW with this version, just different colors. Plays the same, same boosts, properties, etc. I'm not really sure what the point of this release was?
One of the 3 best Bingo apps I've had the luck to find! You absolutely won't regret downloading this app if your looking for a fun, fair, action packed game of Bingo!! The only thing I would change, is I would make it easier to get powerups, and keys! Also, I can't help but wonder why the game dev's make it so hard to get tickets, or chips to play the games! It almost seems like they don't want you to play! If it were me, I wouldn't ask for anything to play the game! I'd let em play 'til they passed out!
I loved this game! I had it on a different tablet and when I tried to get it again it said " this version is no longer available". Honestly this is the better version of the two so please bring this one back. I don't like the other one.
When the game starts, Storm needs to add a cooldown timer for the Instant Boost. Reason why i say this is people are you using it to win in the third or forth number drawn. Kinda sucks to see this happening so much now. Just make Instant Boost on a cooldown, similar to when you use a boost item, when the game starts. This third number winning crap is getting old. That is pay-to-win and thats not fair to those who have been playing fair. Without $50 a week going to an app.
I have two other storm8 bingo games. Just downloaded the new Boardwalk game. For whatever reason it transferred all of my game info from Monopoly to Boardwalk ie: coins, collections, and houses etc.. and the 30 gems for downloading the game disappeared. I've tried every little trick I know short of reinstalling it.I have no problem getting giving it a 5 star rating if this gets resolved..
I loved playing when I could. Avenues load slowly it seems the more I bought, the less I won. I've invested way too much cash in this game. There are better bingo apps that you can actually win and not cost a fortune to lose. Shame on you ripoff execs.
This game is ridiculous. Depending on the level you are playing I guess depends on if you win. Don't see waste your time on the tournament you will never win it is a set up I am deleting all of my bingo games. DO NOT DOWNLOAD....CHEATERS
This game is tops... It used to be tops bit of late it's total CRAP! I want to know how people are getting bingo when only 3 nos are out. I net win any more. The nos are never chosen. Either fix the game or I'm deleting it and I'll also tell others to delete it too...
Only thing is this is same as regular monopoly bingo version! My 2 monopoly apps I now have are the same stats so I'm not sure why the new version?? That's why I give it just 4 stars but the enjoyment of playing is 2nd to none compared to OTHER Monopoly games!:)
Other bingo games are a lot more fun. You have to make purchases, dont fully understand the power ups, you can only play once a day before you have to purchase things to play more. Only am continuing to play so i can get points on other games im playing that are linked this this. If you want a bingo, download something different. And i never give bad reviews.
This game would be fun if you had more dice to play with. I only played about 10 minutes before I ran out of dice. Why does it have to cost so much to play. Why not let it be closer to the story games where you can play longer. Hate that you have to wait until the next day to play. If we could play longer, and the dice would replenish sooner I would give you 5 stars.
You offer it for download yet the app is not available? Why still have it as downloadable when the game doesn't work at all? Take it off Google Play!
Does not make sense at all. Completely the same as the regular monopoly bingo. It is completely linked in every way. When you use the dice, money etc. It uses in both. What is the point of having two apps exactly the same but two different names. And why download both and have it take up space. I love the other one. If they weren't linked and was a difference between the two probably would use both
Game shut off 3 times the first time I played it. Please give me back the lost dice ( that doesn't even include all the keys, boosts and money I lost) or I will have to uninstall this game. I did really enjoy it when it stayed on.
I played this game all the time, I loved it, doing really good at it. Then my phone did a master reset on its own and now the game won't work, let's me collect my coins but doesn't add them to my total and I can't get to any places, just says downloading. Very upset about this.
People complain but I never have problems. Probably their wi-fi. I do have a recommendation that their should be a last call for bingo because I play 5 cards and it's difficult to get your bingo in on time w/o auto-daub. Learn to use your power-ups to your advantage, use them when you need them, don't waste them. Don't use your gems when you can use cash to buy keys. Install the other games to earn the gems, they're fun. Love STORM 8 games!
I hit the icon to start it and it immediately stops and then my only options are to send diagnostics or close. What is my recourse to fix this? I like your other games and they work fine. Please help? OK So I Uninstaller and reinstall and it now works. BUT it's exactly the SAME as the regular game? I was expecting something new! Uninstalling for good!! Poor delivery people!!!!
Was the worst game ever... why should the time to play effected just because others get 'bingo'? Never play this unless because of others game need u to install this game to get gems.. my internet connection is very strong, yet when I tried to opened ths game, it said no connection.. why should u ppl create such a stupid game???? Idiot!!!!!
I like it but it doesn't give you enough time to switch between cards and click daub. Esp on the last ball. I had bingo but it wouldn't let me click my last number to get it. That's kind of frustrating.
This is a fun bingo game with lots of things to do! The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because if all of the bingos are called, it stops you from daubing the last number on your cards. Thats not fair! Let us daub the last number and I'll give it 5 stars
Game is fun for what little you get to play. You only receive enough dice to play maybe three cards and if you don't win any dice while playing you have to wait a day to get more dice. I am not looking to win a Bingo every time I play but I would like to spend a little more than five minutes playing the game.
Be warned...totally addictive. However you can only claim free dice once a day.. i'm pleased or i'd be on this game 24/7. Can i just add i've never liked Bingo untill now. Thanks team!
It crashes absolutely ever usage and you lose all progress if you close during crash, the trick it seems is to refresh until it comes back and close and reopen. Problem is you need it to crash again to save. It's not worth the hassle - Uninstalling with 150gems
I love playing the game. But it cheats some times and doesn't dab my numbers. I got cheated out of a few bingos. Everything else has been pretty fun. And I think you should auto win all the prizes on the cards you bingo on.
Can someone from the app please tell me WHY I can't play and it says no internet access. I have wifi and all other apps work fine. I don't know how in suppose to fix this or play. Please help and I may change my review, otherwise it will remain at 1 since your app will not let me play
It's an alright game, however this game has taken the daily dice when purchasing cards. It would say processing... Then return to home screen. Now I can't play because it took my dice and left mewith less than what I started and this happened to me three times consecutively. This problem needsto be fixed... Then I will give a higher rating.
There is a bug in your shake the tree game. Instead of giving me points when I win it is subtracting them from the points that I have to play the games. Now I am bankrupt and have no points to buy cards and I shouldn't have to because I'm very cautious. It has been several days or maybe even more than a week that this been going on until I finally realized what was happening. Unfortunately, now I have no cards to play the Monopoly games. until I finally realized what would happening. Unless you get this fi
I spent 20 jewels earlier to participate in the water works tournament and I got booted off. When I was able to get back on, the jewels were still deducted but I was not able to participate in tournament. I love this game. If my issue is resolved I have no problem at all giving 5 stars! P.S. this is the first time something like this happened to me on here. I hope I get a response back because it's really disappointing.
This game is horrible, it crashes and, or freezes ever five seconds. I end up losing my dice before I even have a chance to play and can't get them back due to no fault of my own. Don't waste your time or money on this app😠
The INSTANT I ran it for the first time, it told me that this version is no longer active. DO NOT INSTALL this one, but search for a different MONOPOLY BINGO.
You really should delete this app considering this version is no longer available instead of letting people waste time downloading it also apparantly it same as other monopoly bingo