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BMX Space

BMX Space for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by DRSV located at 北海道札幌市北区麻生町3-2-4-206. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I literally love this game and all of it's glory but I have to ask, is there something y'all can do to help with the lag. A lot of people are saying lag and I get the same thing. But it's a good game over all and good job.
This game is great and I've spent a lot of time playing and building my oak, I just wish there was more to do,more parks to visit and missions
I like this game but doing tricks is extremely difficult please put a automatic landing system so that it'll be easier for the player to land tricks
Love the game in fact I've got both of your games and love them both. Wish that you could make it easier to unlock new tricks. Would also love it if you made a scooter version
My Wi-Fi not that good so it's kind of would be good if you updated it to where there is no Wi-Fi fur the game but bye have a good day :) :D
It is really fun and all but the only thing that could change is upgrade the map it's a bit small and Add Extra ramps but overall the game is fun and excellent
Nice basic control concept. Issues:1.No music 2.Abyssmal park editor controls 3.Very tiny amount of tricks 4.Currency is Very high to purchase compared to reward values. This game has potential but IMO It's too 'grind to win' for me to wait on it when I can just play better games.
Would give it 5 stars. just hit the objects limit and there is still so much space, any way to increase it? Also being able to link your account to multiple devices along with a friends list so you can visit their parks when ever and easily would definitely get it 5 stars. Also built a mega ramp run. Get that much air you could do 3 or so tricks. Only seem to be able to do the trick you use on launch. Keen to see what the future holds for this game, thank you.
This is a very good game but I'm having troubles with all of the glitching so may you please 😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓🙏🙏💓fix it but other than the glitching it is fine😁😁😁😜😝😋
This game is actually Fantastic! But there is 2 things i have to say the controls are kinda weird so im hoping that u fix that dev also when you fall out of ur bike it makes me laugh to death🤣🤣🤣🤣 it kinda reminds me of the ragdoll game in roblox where u try to break ur bones I always play it with my brother I made him a roblox account its also similar to a game called break your bones on roblox. I watched many YTbers play it i swear its funny also its a popular game. Can i be ur shout dev
The game is ok. I feel like the controls could be updated. Maybe with a fixed option. The graphics are laggy. Designing the park is a hassle. I feel like the game was thrown together. Maybe take some time to update the app to it's full potential.
I love this game the only thing is that the missons are way too hard! It is so hard i cant get past misson 2. Please make the missons a lot easyer they are eay too hard and i dont like it so change it. Thanks
I love this game it is such a blast it is similar to skate space but I will prefer bmx space because it does much more fun and design your own park
This is the best bmx game u have played on my phone. There a bit glitches but its not crashing the game and I would suggest that you can add players and I want to have like more items, stunts and bmx parts and yea this is the best bmx game
In my opinion a good game is one that has good graphics and good controlls thats it. But..... this game had horrible graphics and horrible controls. Also the whole point of the game is a smart idea but you guys really need to step up on the graphics and controlls. If you guys change the graphics and controlls this game will be a big hit trust me.
The lag is real, how can you do "tricks" if the bike can't go striaght but only goes left to right and were is the setting for graphics and how to control the bikes, great idea for a app but horrible out come
This game sick I'm on a iPhone 6 the quality is a bit bad and I don't gave out 5stars that easily 😉😐🤯
I really love this game because I can learn new tricks that I can practice when I go to the skatepark during the summer later
I love the ga e so so much but ill love for u to lower the money for how much stuff have and make a way to make a account and add friend and join them
This game has glitch and like it fix them then I might think of playing with and same thing with skate space I don't like the glitch so can you please fix all I'm asking is that and fix the skate space one to it keep stopping my game and I can't it said wait for 10 minutes I dont know anyone else seen it but I have so can fix it just fix then I can play the game or just tell me it is fix then I will probably play the game and have a lot of playing the game sorry but it a fun game fix it pls thx
It was ok but its pretty boring I would like it if there was a voice chat or at least a chat for online but it's pretty boring tho I don't really recommend getting this app
The game is fun but there are glitchs when your grinding and sometimes i glitch through the world but over all this game is very fun :)
GREAT game you can design your own map for FREE its super fun you can play others maps for FREE and you can change your chacter but it may cost Love the game! When you first get it it may seem to be a bit laggy but you will get used to it. I like to build tracks and race on those. In my opinion the best part is how mostly EVERYTHING is free. The controls are pretty good. For sure my favorite game!!! Im not sure if you can play offline but i bet so.
Both BMX Space and Skate Space are great games. I prefer BMX over skate but the games are really similar, so this review goes for both. I'm giving this game 5 stars because I love it, it's fun, relaxing, free, low on space. In this game, you can create your BMX park, visit public parks, and do missions and competition. There is a bug where the game is unresponsive, but that's with lots of apps and doesn't ruin your experience.
this game is fun but the hardest levels to me are 7 and 8 because you have to do like get the crowns in 14 seconds and I think that's a little time limit and they need to raise it to at least like 30 seconds because it's not fair and I've tried it and I've got past level 7 now I'm on level 8 and I cannot get past it please fix this game
Graphics on this game are brilliant and I love the idea. Shame its another money maker with little or no progression without spending real money. Why not make it a premium game and make money that way and allow natural progression through play rather than ££££'s.
Very good base for an awesome game but the controls are so bad. Not smooth at all, why make it so weird and complicated. Needs a ton more work on the design and stuff but not too bad a game for bmx!
Add more things this game is so fun I really really really love it please. And it's fun is biking you ride around a cool who cares what other people say if it's dry was actually fun it is like making my life better so please add more cool stuff to it so you can get off the bike and I'd like the longest road I've had every super cool thing I like when you add stuff but please add more things thank you
Only really writing this cuz I found a glitch where if you spam click the bike surf and jump at the same time, you can fly
Absolutely a horrible game, the graphics and what the characters look like are trash and it is all bad.
It's a very good game and it doesn't take up that much space that's good and the controls are good I love the gameplay keep on working on it and it will get better and better in the future but yes Five stars amazing game I would recommend it if you're bored very goo BMX game.
A decent game. Graphics could be better. My complaint, don't call a bmx rider a skater.(when you customize your guy, it says customize skater.) Bmx is not skating.
Its fun in all ways and is a really good game. Theres levels to get tricks and stuff which arent too hard at all and are fun. You can go online comps to earn ex which u can buy X and coins with thats u can use to unlock tricks and costomize ur character. Theres no glitches that can get you the win and the know everything that ppl are gonna do. Not to many updates and thats good. Doesnt take a Hassle of space. Recommend playing it, if ur bored this is what u can do in that time. Love it😎💯
I love the game was cool I love it and but the bike is not nice but the hair close bike is nice I love the whole game but to be a BMX space know I could write the game but no everybody have to do the cool stuff but you can't do nothing else cool
Whoever made this game they're great and awesome you can play with all your friends and actually you can join people make your own map and actually do rounds and over and over or you can win fun things and you can go like coins everything you want okay you just have to put all these things thank you whoever made this game thank you so much
the game is awsome but i have one little problem i cant back up i always have to move my camra and go forword if you put backing up in this game it would be perfect!
I just wanna say that I strongly dislike the difficulty there is with earning Exp and gaining points to spend, it increases and increases instead of just staying the same, so you have to earn more and more exp for the same exact amount of spending material, and I think it's really irritating and hardly worth it. I don't wanna spend 3 hours a day to get 200 spending points, I hope this review is taken into consideration. And I'm sure there's plenty of others that would agree.
Play most days I like creating park for big air and the fact can share park. Controls are little basic and hard to land a flip as cant slow rotation, please add a friend base so can add people and get to their parks more directly 😀
Games pretty good. The graphics need a little work. I have a recommendation for your next project, how about a mountain bike game? Just a suggestion
The game is really good but its anoing because its so hard to get xp so i cant change my charicter pls change it 🥺😭
This game is not working. Its could be fun, if it were fixed. Half the models don't work, the models themselves are incredibly bad. There are random parts of the map where you cannot move without killing yourself. This game has alot of room for improvement as this is a very good concept, but it needs alot of polish and repair.
I really do enjoy playing this game, however I have one major concern. BMX Space literally lags 24/7. I don't even know what's causing it because I have a good device along with WiFi. So, if possible, could you please deal with this dire bug?
Definitely the best BMX game you can find. It isn't like other games that don't work. So that's exactly why I rate this 5/5 Thank You so much for making this game!!!
I like how you flip you know when you flip around then the tricks and stuff that's what I like about this game it's awesome I give it 1,000 out of 10 cuz it's such a good game but if you can do an update to where we can land while we're on top of the bike that would be great not kidding this is a good game keep it up bro
I gave this app a one star review because the response coding is garbage and the game will not respond to my touch as well as the graphics, they dont tend to work properly,I can never win an online battle because the graphics and buttons glitch completely and I can not see any thing, and people will read this and think, hm it could be your internet connection right?well no,because 90 PERCENT OF THE GAME IS MOBILE. And I cant do ANYTHING in the game so please change it and I will change my review
This good game perfect stunning real life live practice game please game stunts 3D game I stunts real practice real life that is in my life perfect training neatly.
The game is fun. I enjoy playing it, and the weird graphics have a charm to it. There are glitches, but some of them add to the experience. Overall, a enjoyable game. 5 stars.
The overall game is good but the only thing that I believe could be improved is the sound of the bmx pedaling . To me it sounds unrealistic and doesnt fit it with all the other sounds in the game because everything else sounds pretty realistic .
A fun game to pass the time realy fun and enjoyable hey developer can you make it were we can favorite are favorite parks so we can find them eazyer later wen we want to come back to them so we dont loze them
The only thing I gotta say bad about this game is the ping. The ping is horrible. When I'm doing a mission park, I'm two minutes into the challenge the ping starts going haywire, and I lag, and the game starts becoming choppy.
I like this game i installed it after the skating one but whenever i so a front flip or back flip i always fall over that's why im giving u 3 starts ;3
I only downloaded this game to see if it was any better than Skate Space, and the game is overall bad; its basically skate space but with a bmx, graphics are bad, and pretty much everything, just like the Skate Space game, the developers decided to be money hungry on this game too, you have to pay either the X thing or coins for everything and nothing is free, controls are overall good, but the rest of the game is just trash, absolutely hate it
I personally liked it but didn't like it at the same time you couldn't really control the tricks you do or at least I couldn't it was different than the skateboarding one the controls were different Michelle it was confusing that times but otherwise I was pretty good
The game is fun i like how you can create your own map and add ramps and all that and tou can go to different maps in customizer character and bikes.
It is very easy and simple for me, but when you fall off your bike it looks so funny. One thing you guys should fix is the amount of space. Thanks wonderful game bye bye.
This game is perfect. i've been looking for a bmx game since. I had alot of experiment with this game. The tricks are really cool and is easy to control. But there is one thing, the map really isn't that big,and can you add more ramps a bars. Thats all
Trash and broken, I can literally stand in one spot and spin and spin and spin getting higher and higher in the air with a infinite jump basically. Push to the top right of the right diagonal stick and you will keep floating up with each move.
I would definitely not recommend installing this app the controls are so slow and terrible I played it for about 2 mins and hated it and I really good a BMX games hope this helps
This game sux because level 3 is actually impossible on mobile phones because you can only go to the left and right or diangle but on pc you can go straight everywhere (just like the controls of space skate) so it's unfair for mobile players so 1 star because I'm a mobile player so I hate this game and space skate so I'm uninstalling this game😡😡😡😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬!!!!!
Best BMX game out so far. Cant wait to see it get better as it goes. Maybe more bike customization in the future?
Not so good graphics and quality, But overall, When I went on the game, I couldn't stop playing, I recommend this to someone who doesn't like competitive games!!!
I really like this game but the only thing that brings it down is the frame rate its terrible but other wise it's perfect
Great game all it needs is a little bit better graphics better ways to go fast and keep up with less cumercials and your golden
I love this game it is really good you should definitely download it please make more it is good I also played the skate bord one but I don't really like the skate bord one because when you run it is to fast.
It's a bit buggy in some areas in the starting map. Sometimes when you go offline back online you cant see yourself.
I love this game! It's simple but also fun, the game isn't laggy and it's really fun to do so many tricks. Definitely worth downloading (and the skateboard one)
It is surprisingly good I thought it was just going to be some game overflowed with ads but it barely even contains ads
Fun with a very solid mobile engine. However a bit short lived, would love to see more depth added or better versions in the future.
The game is fun. I enjoy playing it, and the weird graphics have a charm to it. There are glitches, but some of them add to the experience. Overall, a enjoyable game. 5 stars. It I perfection and I highly recommend getting it if you want a game to screw around with.
Good game but buying tricks no good for me i paid money and I never once got higher that 3*** stars and my kid got the 4 star one twice on her first go I had waste so much xp everytime I get lame tricks and don't stand chance in competition
What I like about this game is that I can have a online and offline game and I can go to other people map
The game is garbage I did a front flip and it said I did I bunny hop it's impossible to get money the game is so stupid don't download the game the graphics are horrible and the character looks so ugly it looks like Goku's hair
Okay first of all I think this is a great game. BUT it's also bad. I don't see why the amount of EX I need to exchange for other currency keeps going up. Just horrendous. Then another problem I have is when I start back flipping and land into a rail and jump out of the rail grind to do another trick, it keeps back flipping get that fixed please it's super annoying that I keep losing in battles because of it. Also lower the prices on cosmetics .
I love this game so much it's super fun and easy to use And the sound effects are rlly realistic which is cool and the only problem I have wit dis Is bc I cant back up which is kinda a bummer And Sometimes the sound effects don't match Like I will do a flip then The sound effects would come a lil late So plz fix that but other then that it's a good game 👍
Love this game I absolutely love the idea of being able to play with my friends join other parks, create your own and customise your biker.
Very cool game love it hoping that they'll add more chicks because I bought them all but we don't talk about that but yeah another reasons that game is awesome and hope nobody else has any bad comments about it 😁😁😁
This game is fun you make new friends but what I don't really like is you got to buy things with money but it's a five star 🌟
Amazing app but I would like to see bedder models and a frend option so you can play with pepole you want to play with and a easy-to-use tool to create your park
AMAZING game played it many times. Except for one thing. PLEASE make a scooter space. I ride scooters and like to do tricks. My favorite trick on a scooter is helicopter,Bri, and a tailwip.
Good idea, sadly it's P2P if you want anything other than what you start with. No info on how to earn stuff if it's even possible. No control over spins and flips and always over rotates. Impossible missions after a certain point unless you pay for better stuff. Hard to control in either option. Lots of potential and could be 5 star with some work.