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Bluebird of Happiness

Bluebird of Happiness for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Odencat located at Minami Aoyama 3-1-30 Avex Building Coworking Space "avexEYE", Minato ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice. Again I really like games with beginning and end which is not common for phone games. Nice twists and effects. It creates a good atmosphere. I really enjoyed playing this.
The lesson is to never steal a weird bluebird at the festival. Nice game, wish it was a little longer though. I was surprised what happened near the end of the game, which made this a 5 stars for me.
Omg its so fun Thank you so much its the best game i finish it only in one day and the best part was when i cut bluebird's head ohh 😒 and when i come back in time and distroid the phone 😁😱😍
Man is this a great puzzle game, if short. The ending was so unexpected. P.S., if you don't see the credits after you beat the story you didn't get the true ending, so keep playing if that's the case
I understand the story now! So the Bluebird toy was a curse that puts you on a dream world and had one thing to do only? The phone was ridiculously suspicious lol the story was short but kinda fun to play over and over again!
Beautiful game. I only ever had to use the hints once, but it was difficult at times. Lovely storyline as well.
A cute looking puzzle game with a dark story behind. Really like what the devs have done with the gameplay this time. Another must-play.
great retro concept, very short leaving you a bit disappointed andxwanting more,turned quite dark and sinister at end.
great game!!! plot twist and i liked how we can rewind time :o if only its fr lol but anyway, shoutout to this team!!! their games have never disappointed me :)
This can't be called a game It's a adventure for 20-30 min Story is great Ending part is horrible (Don't trust the phone )
I don't even know what I just did but this was an amazing point and click! great job!! (I lived the graphics, the writing, the puzzles. it was all so wonderful!)
Overall a nice game to play but I found a little bit hard and I had to use pretty frequently the hints. I really liked the graphic and the story!
Short, sweet. Hard at times, but overall pretty polished. My only complaint would be honestly I don't know.
Wow! It was creepy at the end but fun. Probably scary for little kids. I love Odencat's games. They are simple but fun. Greatly recommend this!!
wonderful little game, well done, loved the games I have played from this maker, clever little games.
I loved this game! This is the first story game I've actually spent time to finish! The artwork was really good and puzzles were interesting. The endings were well thought out and interesting, I really enjoyed this game! Keep up the great work, I hope to play more in the future! :D
I love this game. Although the game is too short, it has a lot of hidden lessons. Hopefully they make games like this but a longer one.
An awesome, short point and click adventure game! The art style is wonderful, you can tell that the developers put a lot of love into their games! I highly recommend that everyone should take the time to play at least one of their awesome games!
*Spoiler* I was terrified by the ending but later on i figured out the right ending but its still sad because the little girl is now dead
Wow.. didn't expect anything..now I'm amazed..great atmosphere and playability, nice scenario.. I totally recommend πŸ‘πŸΌ
Good game like the story and the plotwist could have been longer tho but that's my only complaint 10/10 recommended if you like puzzle games
It was a great game. The only thing is the ending is a little bit hellish. Thats the only part I didn't like was the end because it was to short but overall it's a really good game.
Very trippy game and definitely surprised me. Loved the storyline and little puzzle though, would absolutely recommend this if you're looking for a short game to play.
Short but sweet. The controls are a bit non responsive, but besides that it was an enjoyable game and story.
Wow. This was pretty wild. It's a point and click game, but very short. I had to get a few hints, but it had a great ending.
Simple but a very subversive experience. I love all the stories these people have made and look forward to more in the future.
good game, I found it a bit difficult so I gave it a 4 star but that's just cuz I have a smooth brain and it my own experience. do not fret when thinking about downloading the game due to my inferior intelligence
Bluebird of happiness is a point and click adventure that is never unfair. The music reminds me of golden sun and the graphics work very well for the game. It's emotionally impactful and I finished it in about half an hour.
The game is very thoughtful, interesting and at the same time creepy, I really liked this game, respect to the author
Thought it would be an innocent long little game but its shorter than i thought. But i really love the twist at the end! Keep up the good work! πŸ‘
I really liked the story line and all the puzzle elements. I don't ussually give 5 stars but this game deserves it
Really well done, but a creepy ending. also very short, but I guess for a dollar its not bad. The point and click interaction was exceptional, fyi.
The best game ever !! The plot twist blown my mind, kudos to the developer ! πŸ˜‰ The gameplay is simple and this game really fun to play. Also lesson learned : dont steal. Hey, download and give this game a try ! It really worth the time ! Have a nice day folks ! πŸ’› Ps : I hope there are more game like this with longer storyline 😁
Beautiful example of pixel-graphics game. Interesting puzzles, relaxing melody and original story with very unexpected finale! 10/10.
This is insane. This is so awesome! I spent my time playing your games, all of them are great. But I think this one is so awesome, along with Bear's Restaurant. It messes with my brain! I feel like a fool for trusting too much. Towards the ending I was scared and need more time to process things. This is so good. Kudos to the dev!
It was a nice game. Some of them i can guess on my own. While the other ones i had to use hints but it was a very nice game. Love the twist
Pretty tough to figure everything out. That's not a bad thing. Not going to lie, I had to look at a walk through on YouTube at one point. There are 2 endings. One is awesome, the other is happy. Fun, albeit short little puzzle game that will end in horror or happiness. The ads are there, but not in the way. I recommend.
I like the graphics style. The game is super short, can be completed in less than 30 mins. Puzzles are good. Ending is weird. Love how the ads are not invasive would have been a 3 star otherwise.
hello! usually i don't review games, but i seriously have a problem and i feel comfortable comtacting customer support. it doesnt exactly give me any details on how to collide items, just an image. other than that, the graphics, the story so far, and the concept is wonderful!! but, like a previous review somebody made, i cant progress further because i dont understand. please fix the instructions and I'll raise the review! have a nice week!
Out of all games u made and i playd, this is the best one... The twists, the script, the CHILLS i gott uuuhh, finally some quality content here :)
It had a cute style and an interesting story though it was barely 20 minutes of game play for me, it was nice and sweet, but if there was more story or something I missed, I'll definitely replay it.
The game was AMAZING! The plot twist and everything, jeez, I love it! It may be a simple game but once you continue the story *POOF* something interesting happen. Too bad its a short game tho, I dont mind playing a longer game. Hope there's more tho!
Ooooo. This one was also pretty good. Almost got me with the ending but I got the correct way cause of all those "hints" ;)
A short but well made game. I'd much rather play this than some repetitive idle clicker. Great weird little story.
i love it, the game, the ambience, the plot twist, the color of the pixelated game... it was amazing experience~
What the ???? did i just played 😱 Overall it's a good colourful animated 8-bit game. I just didn't expect such a story sfhkjgdgjljgfj This is simply a children's nightmare story 😭 I kinda expect this to end longer but i finished it too quickly. Hopefully you can make another like this but with a longer plot. Thanks for the game!
It a great story but why did i use a axe to chop that bird and i got the bad ending but you have to talk to the cat then i watch a ad so do not trust the phone use the axe to break the phone then you well have the good ending also my mom and i are using the same account so that why i am acting like a child or a kid
I love the puzzles, and it's a 2 hour game in my first time idk how to play then I watch some gameplays but I don't watch it in the end i followed all phone words to me and it's say to me to kill bluebird,Idk It was my brother in my 2nd time I kill the phone instead
Very nice game. However, my IQ is quite low sometimes, i took a lot of time to resolve those puzzles. I even watched about 4 ads to get hints :)). Hope you to develop more games like this in the future. Many thanks!!!
Phenomenal story, unique puzzles, highly recommended giving it a try. Almost like an Alice and Wonderland adventure.
I was shocked by the end. This game and mousebusters were my favorite out of the few I've played from this team.
I absolutely loved this!! I genuinely got scared when the hamster (?) popped up with no head 😭Please continue making games like this, i really enjoyed it!
Great game! The story was short but man does it pack a punch and the puzzles for the game itself aren't too difficult that it hinders the game either! Greatly recommended for anyone who's interested.
This game was too short! I enjoyed the game, though. It has 3 endings. You should figure it out. It's simple. I like games like these. I'm a fan of these games from Odencat.
Story: 9/10 ‼️ Difficulty: Easy ‼️ Ads: Acceptable ‼️ Is it worth playing: Yesss! ‼️ Comments: This is a short and fun game. Though, I did not expect the first ending that I had. Moral lesson: THOU SHALT NOT STEAL!
A short Quest game with two endings. Despite the nostalgic 8 bit style, the story is quite horrendous 😬 Maybe I missed a third, "good" ending..? What can I say... Don't turn your back on a sleeping kid... 😨
Super cute! I realised after the fact that I'm a fan of their games already and this was creepy addition and adorable graphics. I wish it had been longer though!
Soooo short! But absolutely, morbidly, fantastic! It really is worth the download and play through. I was dying laughing and in complete awe at the story line. Especially the end." It Hurts! It hurts!" Omg. Wonderful job devs. 🀣🀣🀣
Lovely art style and twist story. Enjoyed the multiple endings, and the ads were all optional, used for hints. Cute little game!
Very short and sweet, like literally about an hour of gameplay. I depended quite a bit on the hints, but the puzzles that I could do on my own also required a bit of thought. The true endgame is pleasantly surprising and creative (I won't spoil it!).
I really enjoyed this game and also Bears Restaurant, by the same creator. It's nice to have new stories in games and the slightly creepy nature is really well done. Wouldn't recommend for kids.
A great game that was, at times, a bit too difficult. Some of the progression felt impossible to make, and you had to resort to randomly making guesses which wasn't very fun. Some extra visual cues/ item descriptions could make the game much more free flowing and puzzlely. Other than that, the story was good, the art is incredible and most mechanics were great challenges.
Cute, short game. I donated to the silver tier. However the translation could do with improvement, also there is a random line of Vietnamese in the English version, which is strange, but it's not in any place that would cause obstruction to the gameplay.
good game. pretty much short with puzzle sometimes so hard that you need to wach ads to solve them. overwise a good chilling game free to play
it was a great game to play in all honesty, it's short and sweet with simple mechanics. The puzzles weren't too hard and the hint system is nice and the hint system being ing antagonist was clever because it progresses the story to the bad ending instead of the good if you follow the hints. I would've liked harder puzzles but im only nitpicking because I liked the game a lot. Great game! May check out other games made by them.
I really want to like this game, but just in the tutorial you are taught to combine items, and for some reason it does not allow me to combine. I keep pressing check with both items selected and it doesn't register. I cannot continue forward in this game unfortunately. Though I would really like to!
Very cute game. Its not very long but its still pretty good and challenging. I did not expect the turn of events at the end. Also i enjoyed the fact that were two possible endings which was cool. Definitely enjoyed it
A short yet sweet pixel adventure game with a plot twist at the end that managed to surprise me. Given it's between 30 and 60 minutes long, it does pretty well.
It becomes disturbing by the end but ohmygod. It is so amazing I love it so much!! It's more of a puzzle game. I recommend it!!!
I was trying to find good games, and I stumbled upon this and your team. I swear you guys might be some of the best developers I've seen so far. Bluebird of Happiness was strangely surreal and deep, with my mistakenly getting the bad ending first after following a guide and not resisting taking the tips. Well, the point is, this is an extremely awesome game as well as your others! Keep it up my dudes!
Everything was great. The reason for only 4 stars was it was to short. With Data and all I cant justify downloading such a short lived game. If it was just a bit longer I would totes give 5 stars. I was just done with it in under an hour.
Really fun! the mistery was on point and I really liked the ending and the twist! Keep up the good work!
Short but great puzzle adventure game, with 2 endings. Appreciated that you could restart at the key point to get the second ending (rather than having to repay the whole game) At times the way to procede was relatively obscure, but I personally prefer that compared to being too easy.
Its honestly a really good short puzzle game. the ending really got me! I loved the puzzle aspect of it and just having to hunt down all the little things to finish it. all in all a great game.