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Bloxorz Block Puzzle

Bloxorz Block Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Albino Blacksheep. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is one of my favorite mind games I discovered when it first came out when I was in school. it would be better to have directional buttons and better graphics. hoping to see these upgrades in the near future!
It looks just like the original but when you get to level 9 and the game splits your block in two you can't switch to your other piece.
This is literally just ads, the app isn't even large enough to be a real game. It's a shame Google doesn't have an app review system in depth enough to filter out even this.
I read some reviews about the ads in this game and nowadays, mobile games are FILLED with ads so it is understandable but this app tale ads to another level.
Great game, ruind by ads. The game is exact same as in browser, just a bit blurry, but i canget over that, the problem is the controls are hit and miss, and 2secs into game full screen prps up mid level.
horrible controls, however the game is still alright. I think there should have been more thought in how they adapted the game for mobile.
absolutely loved playing this online years ago, super excited to see a Mobile version! however, it's very difficult to control and the block is constantly going where I never told it to go, fix the controls and this would be awesome.
While it wasn't as refined as I was expecting it to be, it's nice to see that someone actually went throught the effort to make Bloxorz into a mobile game. I hope that, in time, it will improve to its full potential. Keep up the awesome work!
This game is nothing similar to the coolmathgames version this "mobile version" is so laggy it is so unplayable.
The controls are terrible and ads cover up the game while you play. Graphics are bad. I use to love this game on my computer! Sad it sucks so much I was looking forward to playing it.
Impossible to play considering the swiping is your directional keys.. It doesnt even register half the time
This game wont stop glitching and crashing! I rate it two stars not one star is because the game itself seems really cool and fun but the crashing keeps two until someone fixs the problem!
This app won't even open! I just wasted 10 minutes staring at a black screen with weird sounds. 2 stars cause I love the game. I would not recommend if you have a Samsung version 4.3. Highly not recommended.
I normally love this game but this android version is trashy as the last update was on 5 September 2015 and since then we did not get another update wherease iphone users got the latest version with the navigation button on screen. Moreover, the graphic is defective and very low quality. Moves are not as soft as it should be and there are still many bugs. Please do the necssary to fix this game
Unplayable! Direction swipes don't work. Swipe up and it goes right and tumbles off. WAY too many ads, even when quitting you have to watch an ad before you can quit the game!
Thank you for ruining my day. I expected to be able to play the game from my childhood, instead I got some ad cluttered mess.
the graphic quality is bad. controls are bad. the cube moves very awkwardly. too many ads. it just sucks.
I used to love playing this game online and I was excited to find out there's an app... until I got to the block-splitting levels and discovered there's no way to switch between blocks. The instructions still say to use the spacebar, but there needs to be a way to do it on mobile. This is kind of a big thing to leave out and needs to be fixed!!! I will be uninstalling, but I would love to download again if this issue gets resolved!
Was able to play up to stage 9 untill the game was trippin'. When I split the block in half, the game started moving both blocks and I kept dying. Then when I respawned the block was still there when I split the block and I kept dying and the game kept glitching out and was trippin'. Rating 2 stars for the app but the online game is way better.
Started an advertisement before tutorial started, gameplay was horrible with broken controls, no incentive to continue.
iv tried to play this game on my phone and chrome book and i have to say it was a totall disaster on both devices, the firs problem is the controlls, the controlls are way to sensative and theres also no other choice to use a different way to controll the game as in a d pad or arrows. i would also like to add that it makes my phone become very hot not even after 5 minutes of play. so please add different ways to controll the game and try to make it better for our phones so their not getting hot.
Too many many many many ads Extremely low quality resolution Extremely bad controls I honestly think this was just ported over to phone to get more cash from ads
I always have LOVED this game when played online on CoolMathGames. Here? Horrendous app execution. In the first level before even finishing it, a 15 second ad comes in. Second level? Almost didn't beat it because the controllers are so glitchy, the mechanics are different, not fluent... and yet another 15 seconds ad on level 3. I am never playing this game here, it genuinely sucks.
absolutely horrible. the graphics and controls are horrendously incorrect and there are WAY TOO MANY ADS !
PLAY THE ONLINE VERSION. The mobile version is literally AIDS, unplayable controls, terrible quality, too many ads. My disappointment is immeasurable.
I love this game but because it's on my tablet the controls are really difficult.I know this isn't made for phones or tablets but it would be nice if I could play on one.
Just waisted 5 minutes of my time and data downloading this app. Doesn't open, stays stuck on ads. Terrible - smh! Don't bother downloading if you have a Samsung phone. :(
Please, for the love of god, get a touch directional pad instead of swiping, it is too damn sensitive.
I used to love this game years ago online. I was so excited when I realized there was a mobile version. First, the controls are terrible. It would not detect a swipe down. But the most annoying thing is when a game forces the user to watch ads they can't skip out of. And this happens after 10 to 15 seconds of having started the game. I get the purpose of ads, the developers want to make money. But forcing it in such a way is greedy and frustrating. Uninstalled after 2 minutes
I like that it was just as the computer game, but it was slow and glitchys as heck, and when it split into 2 smaller blocks, my game would glitch and one block would stay, only to move with another one the next time I tried it. not a very quality app.
the controls definitely take time getting used to. it would help if it had an arrow pad and wasnt so touchy. I can barely touch it and have the block move 3 times. I feel like this app has potential on being a 5 star app but it needs improvement.
Eh. Could be better. I think it gives off a 2001 vibe. And the controls are really hard to. Maybe you guys (If you still exist) could work on some adjustments.
This controls like absolute garbage Just put arrow keys on screen and be done with it. The swipe controls are too inarticulate for this.
Once you get to the levels where you split the block, the game breaks. You'll have 3 blocks on the board, but if you drop the 2 blocks the game makes you control, you only respawn with 1 half block. Loved the game growng up, but this mobile version is not too great.
wont swipe 70% of the time. 15% goes in the wrong direction. 10% moves twice when you swipe once. just play it online if youre feeling nostalgic
I used to LOVE this on a computer, but ruins it. The controls are WAY to sensitive. As soon as i opened the game for the first time I got an ad. But I appreciate someone trying to remake it
I used to love this game on the computer but ugh! This game is so trash!!! IF YOU HAVE A SAMSUNG DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!! It will waste your time and data tryin to download this😀 and not to mention the glitchy controls and annoying ads!! Dont download this
Dont waste your time, graphics are horrible and the controls are unresponsive 90% of the time. Just use a computer
Meh! There is a glich on level 9,When they introduce one block becomes two.I can't switch the blocks.It says press spacebar,doesn't give an option to do so.Tried again today,cannot switch blocks whatsoever.Hello? Is anybody home?
Love and miss this game since I use to play it when I was younger but the controls are not that great. When trying to move the block it would go different directions than what was directed.
PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! The actual game is just like the online, hence 2 stars, but the controls are so annoying! Half the the time the block moves twice, so you're forever trying to move it forwards and backwards to get it to where you want it. Even more annoying if you're trying to do it in as few moves as possible. Deleted.
Doesn't really deserve a review to be fair. Its terrible, what the hell are them controls. REALLY!. I know it sounds like i'm just moaning but seriously think before you release a game to the public. Make sure its as perfect as you can make it. Sorry for the bad review but i really enjoyed playing this game while i was younger and now you've ruined it. Thanks a lot i hope you improve your game and i will willing to give it another go.
This was disappointing. Its glitchy, the ui doesn't register movement prompts correctly, the sound is broken... breaks my heart to see a classic massacred in such a way.
Disgusting display of greed. I get an ad before I can get to the ACTUAL game. Worst game I have ever played OH WAIT I COULDNT BECAUSE THE DEV SUCKS
This port rips everything straight from the original browser version. Everything is fuzzy to the point of being nearly illegible and it often lagged before instantly executing every command send while lagged probably sending you off the edge.
Nope. I can't do this... I loved this back when it was online but I can't deal with this...I downloaded it not even 10 mins ago and I'm uninstalling. The controls are wonky and most importantly the ads. They are everywhere. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IF YOU LIKED THE ONLINE VERSION!!!
Exceptional stages I'd be happy to help create a more complex one than the final for a high school brain teaser!.
This game has horrible controls and bad graphics. when I swipe up it moves right. And it's not even worth watching ads to play this
Ok game, just like how I Remember but the swiping is a hit and miss, it sometimes moves in the wrong direction thus having to restart the level because I've fallen off
Controls are terrible, the block doesn't follow your commands. Don't waste your time cause you wont play very long to see why it has the ratings that it has.
This is a disgrace to the original web game. The controls are buggy, the graphics are blurry, the sound is awful (I used to love the sound of the block hitting the floor and slipping through the hole). Please either revamp this to be up to the original or take it off Google Play.
horrible controls. you swipe one way and the block goes a different way. swipe once and the block moves twice
I can't play this. I downloaded this not even 10 minutes ago. I was so ready to play it because it was one of my favourite game to play on cool math games. I tried using my arrow keys on my keyboard, & I have to barely touch it for it to move one space, otherwise it moves more than one space sometimes. Even then, it sometimes does more than one space. I was trying to click x on an ad up top, & the block fell off, so I realised that I could use my mouse. NOPE! It does the same thing, basically!
I used to love this game, but unfortunately the app is very glitchy and doesn't work enough to play the game past when it splits the cubes.
okay I love this game I play this on the computer but this mobile version is terrible the controls is too hard and it can screw you up anytime
The game is so old i download it on 2020 and this is like a 2007 puzzle game it is very old is the worst game ever and the ads is everywhere i already play like 2 mins after that i am uninstalling
great idea poorly executed, two blocks needs to be better handled as one of the blocks stays on after falling
Everything about this game is awful, the ad placement, the low res graphics, the controls. Very disappointing.
don't even bother downloading because when you get to stage 9 the controls aren't meant for a smart device because when the block splits you cannot control the other block and it is impossible to pass the level
When u get to lvl that the block is splits into 2 , u will have 3 blocks, then u cannot complete the game anymore. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Absolutely terrible controls. I've played three rounds so many times just because it rolls the incorrect way when I swipe. Fix that and maybe if it were a like more clear instead of fuzzy graphics and I would rate higher.
Poor controls needs work but it could potentially be a great remake of course if the developers work on it with the intent to please there players
I just thought of this game today back from the past but when I started playing as you already know the controls suck and that alone makes it just about unplayable. if there were arrows for the controls I would love to download this app again but until then I can't do it.
Used to play it all the time on coolmathgames and it was fun. However, since playing on mobile it too hard to control. I will gladly change to 5 stars if you add a d-pad of some sort because of the lack of controller support.
if I could give it a lower score I would. I used to love this game as a kid but the whole app is messed up. the controls are far too sensitive I flip off constantly. when two blocks appear it completely messes up the whole game glitching. don't download it's such a waste of time and good mental health.
You better fix the glitches that the game has and have more option to have like a contron in the game
Was excited to see this game on Play-store so I downloaded it. First few tries were a learning curve to control the block then I got used to it. Unfortunately you get to level 9 where the block splits and you're basically screwed.. No way to control the other block..to switch to the other block. Also like everyone has mentioned so far... this game is very glitchy. It locks up, adds another block, when the block splits the other one will disappear.
Controls are very weird, you should just add buttons to move instead of swipes. Also the graphics are horrid
Its exactly how I remember this game looking which is awesome, just wish it was easier to control. Otherwise i would probably put 5 stars just out of nostalgia