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Blossom Blitz Match 3

Blossom Blitz Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fun Match 3 Games located at taeena 12, PO 731 Rosh haaiin 4810602. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game will freeze. It's not counting the blossoms in multiple bursts. Gets stuck on certain levels. Not enough rewards.
Started out loving the game. But quickly got unrealistically hard. To clear 56 squares in 28 moves or less when each square needs to be cleared at least twice??? I tried 6 times before giving up 🤣
l do not know why, but each game l have installed of this type l have problems around level 10 & beyond trying to get the videos to play to aquire free boosters wlithout any success, yet all the videos after the levels seem to work fine. Until you can demonstrate to me that you have this issue resolved l am uninstalling this game!
Excellent. WELL it was UNTIL you changed it. I've played 1900 games. I am not impressed with new version. I've been stuck on 1st level with 10 moves and you're to gather 30 flowers. They want us to use a lot of boosters as that's how they make their money!PLEASE LET US SKIP LEVELS. Being stuck for many games is annoying and even if you want to use boosters it wastes them as there are No possible moves. You just get things lined up and they shuffle for no moves and you've lost all you set up!
It is a nice game, and the graphics are good, but there is NOTHING in the way of instructions on what is what. Had I not played similar before, I would not have known how to play and win this game. Revised rating - losing one star for constantly bugging me to rate you after I already did. . . .
the game is fun except when you start asking for money than I will quit the game because you sure don't give many points to keep playing
I do wish games, after you've completed task, would stop running on and completing other, useless, matches
I love that you can play on and on without losing lives. Accumulating coins to buy extras and only lose lives in the special events.
I loved this game but now the format has changed it's not as much fun. It is hard to distinguish between red and orange. I have had this game for a long while but now I am deleting it 😢😠
very addictive and fun but most annoying when you have 3 moves left and you have 3 lawns to be cut, you cut one then cut it again and it will not clear. Then you run out of moves
fun and i love to keep game but ylu have wsy to many ads, there is one after every level fix thst i would play and keep game 😢😢😉🤬😬
wonderful! First app that doesn't bombard you with ads, only money needed is what you earn in the game, and no wi-fi needed. It is meant more for children but it is just hard enough to keep you interested and easy enough to be calming.
The "rules" are inconsistent - Irritating. Too many levels take too long to pass. Not interested in wasting time in game designed to frustrate vs challenge. Many games are better!
not enough moves, too many ads ,there should be a skip option if you don't want to play that level, flowers should be bigger
TOO MANY ADS. Gameplay is not challenging. It's more like a game for preschoolers! The ads are ridiculous. One after every single level. Come on!
I used to love this game for quite some time now they've done an update and a lawn should be green not a light lavender that people can't see.... Re do it please
Excellent game But some levels need instructions and I couldn't find it. Also got most of daily rewards but now it seems grayed out so I missed day 6 and mystery gift. Started over and I can't get day 2 gift with 4 hrs left. Otherwise it is best game ever. Usually get tired of a game after this many days of many hours play. Excellent graphics,relaxing music! Please help me get my daily gifts again.
The numbers of grass squares is doubled and very misleading. I had no rainbow flowers, ever. Sometimes the grass squares just don't disappear no matter how many flowers are matched. When you have a flower with a line across it that takes the whole column of flowers for score it eats up a second and third flower with a line on it with no extra scoring. I do like the game BUT fixing these things would be so much more fun. Thanks!!!
A very relaxing game. Some levels are easy and some are very challenging. I really love this game. Only negative thing is a glitch were the grass stays in one square despite being cut completely no matter how many times you try. It's not a huge deal though.
Sometimes the grass blocks don't go away once you've "cut" them ...makes it a little confusing to keep track of
I really like this game. I play it during my lunch break BUT i think it could give more than 5 bonus coins especially the with the higher levels.
One of the most interesting games I have ever played. Limitless life,challenging but not interesting stages,the gems and boosters,used to be easily accessible, but the new update,is terribly and stressful,making some levels hard and difficult to play. Some levels requires using boosters to win if not ,you will spend your whole day playing. I don't even know what the developers were thinking when updating the game. One day,I will delete this game if nothing is done.
I just downliaded this game and it looks nothing like u are advertizing hete. My boosters are not tbe same i do t have bee and butterfly boosters. My flowers are all closed and not as pretty as u advertize below how the game should be ..very disapointing plz tel me wby does this game ive downloaded look nothing like advertised below.
It would be 5 stars but some of the squares don't disappear when you hit them and if there is more of them I'm not sure which ones has been accounted and which not
I love the game but need more levels. I've beat all 2400 an I've been waiting on new ones for 2 weeks. Original review was posted in July, the last day of September still no answer or new levels. Time to uninstall.
The new update is not enjoyable. They have changed what the big gem can do and now targets only the flowers with its own colour not the ones it has been swapped with. Very bright as well, so i find the visual appeal much disappointing. I used to love that game.
So, I'm much further into the game (almost 300 levels in) and I want to update my rating. I may end up uninstalling this app. It got super buggy around level 200 where it began to chug a bit and ads pop up after every level. While the ads are annoying on their own, they're made worse by the fact that half the time the ad WON'T fully open, but cause the app to shut down. And if the ad isn't closing the app, then the lagging graphics are. It's almost unplayable at this point.
The rockets are not as affective in removing the glass squares or the items behind the frosty glass. I prefer the old/former Blossom Blitz. I tried to find the old version...not successful...I stick with this one.
deleted the game . disappointed it doesn't give you enough time to pass the levels only ten tried for the harder levels.
Relaxing fun game. I am having an issue with flowers on top of other flowers and matches not responding
like most apps it has a lot of ads but they are short and only after game level up or fail... so far I just started but it seems extra easy
I have been playing Blossom Blitz for quite some time. Currently I am on level 2,353. I have been stuck on this level for several weeks now and I think there must be a glitch I the game. Leading up to it, several of the previous levels were doubling up the flowers and mixing up the rows. I'm not sure why. Did I miss an update to this glitch?
unlimited lives!! get 2 free moves watching an ad if you need them to beat a level if you need them! Great game! Bright colors! Fun!
This game is a copy , with the graphics changed around a little, of a game called EXTREME MATCH, by Dylon!! Very interesting but disturbing
I do love the game but think it would be much more rewarding if when goal is met with more moves left we would be able to play them out , and see just high our score could be with our skills alone .
Updated for worse. Used to be a decent game but since last update lots of symbols have changed, and the flower that used remove all of any it crossed with is now an acorn that only removes it's own colour, rubbish.
I liked the game before this new update. Don't like the pink grass, or the new things that get rid of the flowers. You now can't pick any colour to get rid of. Just the colour of the acorn
Its a lovely game, one thing I really dislike is that the game speeds up the winnings at the end for the amount of moves you have left then introduces New flowers That don't allow you to make newer patterns this feels like the game is cheating me so that I may not go for a higher score. Another thing is the "lawn" sometimes there are a few still remaining when you're done and it confuses you when you will think that all are finished and your goal is achieved and it also confuses you and makes you waste moves because they don't disappear. I rate the game a 4 star it's entertaining. But just for the two reasons mentioned above I won't go further to a 5.
BEAUTIFUL Flowers!! The graphics are awesome, bright colors. I really love how they have given you 3 each of the different powers. There is NO OTHER GAME THAT DOES THAT. So, kudos to the creators of this game. I will tell everyone I know about this great match game!!
I love the game but it stops sometimes while I'm playing. that's very frustrating. once more and I'm gonna uninstall.
It's a nice game it's smooth there are no glitches you don't have to wait ages for the next level and so far only one advert nice easy to play relaxing game 5Stars
On july 16th you ruined one of my favorite games, which I'd been playing a lot since it was released. ☹ The graphics WERE great. Now the graphics and game play etc. Is exactly like your other match 3 flower games, which i tried and then uninstalled. They are too easy, and graphics are like every other flower game online. You won't be getting any more $ from me. Pretty sure i won't be the only one uninstalling your mistake.
This was my favorite game ever. Almost up to level 2000 . I don't Ike The New version at all. I àlso loved the harvest challenge which also àppears to Be gone. Sorry but time to uninstàll an find a new favorite
It's pretty much just like all the other match 3 games, nothing special really! I played it a lil, then I'm sure I'll remove it and keep look'n for the right game for me? ~~Ok I rated it, I was supposed to get rewarded but got nothing, it's outta here!!~~
Unlimited lives is a wonderful edition to these matching games. Don't change anything , unless it's jazzing up the graphics. I'm telling everyone about this one😉 UPDATE...Game has glitch , customer service said they'd send coins ...havent yet! Customer service always makes the difference 💯
Love the game! And I especially like that it doesn't limit the number of lives you have. I can spend hours playing!!!!
I play this game to help me sleep. Not that it is boring but it stimulates my mind & helps me to focus on it & not every thing else that keeps me up at night. The ads are limited which is also a plus. Once in awhile when I'm about to win a game it will stop running. That's my que to go to sleep but that is also why I rated it a 4
Love this game, it's very relaxing and enjoying the graphics. But, I wish just like all other games it would not have so many ad's attach after awhile even if you truly love the game it's not worth playing because of all the ad's you get interrupted with..
Rip-off game. When you reach six daily prizes, you are supposed to get big gift prize, but no instead, you bounce back to day one. Don't jerk my chains.
Such a nice game.. After flower blossom whom i loved the most but sadly only 900 level this is the reason i just download this game and boefore i start ill just check it out.. Gladly more than 2k levels up. No hussle for game over..
I addressed this a couple of times b4 & u ask me 2 send screenshots. It's difficult 2 send when the image doesn't stay on the screen long enough 2 complete the screenshot. This game is FUN. It's in the top 2 of my fav games 2 play but the glitches are getting worse. Most issues happen w/Fair Day challenge. The game freezes up on me a lot & I have to start over while losing a life that I never got to use. The video to watch that allows two more moves freezes up b4 it's complete. Battery gets HOT
I like you game. Not enough ways to earn more coins. I like getting 5 coins after 5 levels. But you should make a way to get more coins watching a video. After getting a few boosters your coins are gone. More moves would be good too.
I really like the way it is not difficult to get through the levels. Some games become so frustrating because you cannot get past certain levels without having to purchase additional tools even though they say the game is FREE.
It is lots of fun and I enjoy it, however, the tiles to get rid off are very hard to see for older persons. I'll play it a while longer until the eye strain gets too much.
In reference to game: Blossom Blitz Match 3 It's matching things, without that obnoxious 'Candy C-ush' feeling. You can mindlessly (so it feels any way) slide through levels. There isn't a life limit! You can play till the day....some of their side special maps will have a life limit, but not the main game. I loathe those mainstream matching games....lol so this one is spectacular
This is a fun, fast-paced game. It's easy to use, easy to play and so far the difficulty seems to increase as the game goes on which makes the game even more fun. Really all around a great game to pass the time and a fun game to play!
Use to be a fun game, but since the September upgrade it causes eye strain because the background color has changed to a light color.The "lawn" is actually mauve "jelly". Much easier on the eyes with the dark background on the tiles. The pink bonus rockets are a bit boring.Will be looking for another game to play instead of this one.
Nothing great liked it better before they changed the ads. May delete not as relaxing like family friendly ads for myself & grandkids