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Bloody Roads, California

Bloody Roads, California for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by seal Media located at Sophienblatt 21 24103 Kiel. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Tobacco Use) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game VERY BORING I gave it a try with a couple of friends and about the 3rd day I was the only 1 playing left games boring nothing to do its dry and a wack ASS game
it's a good game. don't listen to the people who say bad things about it. some people used a third party to get cheaper coins and seal dosen't allow that so they got blocked and. seal wanted them to pay seal back for the cost of coins people spend in the game.
Its a very fun game. Its slow paced which allows you to maintain with your everyday life. Yes you can pay to win but if you take the time to go through the game you want need to pay. Love it. wish you could invite players to your club tho. Also wish you could go to war with certain mc's. Have fun and enjoy guys!
This game sucks don't waste you time it's nothing like you would expect I usually give games a first chance and usually nothing is bad but this just sucks. You don't ride any bikes or have a fight it's pretty much just hitting a button and having your boys attack it's trash
Unfortunately I'll be uninstalling the game...dont have the cash to buy the coin at that price and i noticed the free coin has been taken away
This game starts off fun but very quickly becomes a pay to play game. If you don't invest money in the game you are going to spend a massive amount of time just trying to keep up with the loss of bikers. The game creators don't care if you enjoy the game or not just how much money you are going to give them.
The game is so much fun i love the graphics i wish there were more ways to earn coins without buying them i love the chat gives you a chance to meet and talk to new people around the world.
This used to be a very addictive game. Not anymore since the scammers took over. I used to spend 100usd$ every second week. Its an expensive game and Seal need to relook their pricing structure for the purchase of coins. If you dont buy coins it will take you about 10 years to reach the highest rank of F**king general. Maybe come up with some new ideas to keep your customers hooked again and attract new gamers. Why is it that the new acc get free coins from advertisements and the long loyal not
3 stars- good graphics fun gameplay but will become a cash grab early. Like most other games of its type less you pay you will find it hard to compete.
Great gameplay and addicting. Some may say it's a pay to win but only if your ego can't stand to lose. There are a lot of fatheads and smart asses in the game. All in all a very fun and addictive game. If you are just starting here is a tip, don't be in such a hurry to get big numbers. Take your time, slow grow, put your head down and hug the gas tank with your knees and hang on for the ride!
i would give zero stars if possible, because i was forced to use wifi that i dont have. I don't understand why i cant use mobile data?
Still room for improvement...... Very poor in rewards......you win battle of new York by using lot of coins and after winning you get nothing.. Only 30k money...... From start to end you have to buy coins & that's not a good option....developer should work on rewards otherwise at some stages it seems just pay money to win or leave.....
Love this game but you guys should seriously update it with some new stuff added to the game like trucks and different characters or something great game
I only started the game a few days back but so far so good. I was playing s.w.g.o.h and it was getting to point I was spending Β£20 everyday some times more and I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination. With this game I don't feel the need to spend but you do the prices are a bit pricey yeh for what get so they could allways be improved but a lot better than some games. The only down side I have found is that to do your bike up or change your clothes is to expensive but it is a great game.
Very much a pay to play money sucker. You start off, get hooked and then if you don't pay a little, hen it's hard to stay in the game. You stay away for a little while and you're attacked from all angles. But to get out of trouble, you have to buy more currency to get out.
It's kinda fun at first, but as time goes on, the wait times increase durastically, and you can only improve things, one at a time, so it takes hours and hours to do anything, to the point where it ruins the entire game.
Awesome! Game, once you really get into it you can't put it down .. Good job creators and whoever else is behind the makings of thisπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
I love this game it super fun but I think more states should be added so there is some more places to battle or maybe some more businesses to make more money
Please don't download this game the makers charge an absolute fortune for you buy coins to get to a decent level in the game....they also allow people to abuse each other in there gc chat....best of downloading a game that sell coins at a cheaper price.... they way they treat people at seal is unreal you!!! stay well clear.....
NEVER PURCHASE ANYING IN THIS GAME! although you pay for it, and you think its yours.if I could give this negative Stars I would. seal STOLE 10,000 MORE coins off my account than i purchashed thru the "third party" which they allow on their other games but not roads. as well admitted that "you were scammed" but extorted money from me for my account. (which i gave away) i used to average around $1,000/month usd to seal for a $20 mistake, and seal media being the real thieves. not another dime
Very boring and repetitive gameplay, once you get used to it , it becomes a chore like doing the laundry. I don't expect more from a F2P but this game is no creativity , no update, no work from the devs. Put some damn effort. Uninstalling because it's a total waste of time with no reward.
Definitely best game I've played so far on this playstore, but I would really like it if they really could reduce the cost of buying coins like it's insane.
I rate this game 0 stars, as Seal are thieving robbing company... many of us bought what we thought was legitimate coins, only to find out we'd been scammed.... Seals response was to block everyone and demand more money to unblock everyone!!!! Hi Seal, thanks for your feedback which is two faced and hypocritical... you say it's in t&c not to let third parties on account, but totally allow it in your other games, which have the same t &c... so how are we as customers meant to know???
This game is awesome very well thought out and very intresting only things it is missing is the fact u can upload an image for you club patch and your clubs name dosnt show up on the colors also u should be able to network with other clubs as allies
its a good game. BUT...constant glitches in game,ie. restart while in battle, freezes, keyboard pops up and down when trying to type, freezes in pvp, at home base also...coin is needed to enjoy the game which i dont mind but lacks coin specials, and always has internet issues even if im on top tier using data and wifi together new upgrades but figures or statistics are false
Definitely my favorite business game there's not much to it but if you want something chill this is definitely my choice and on top of that I give it five stars because I have no glitches or issues with it and even if people don't agree with me I would still recommend this game if your looking for a chill business game 5 stars to the devs good job I hope to see new awesome features in the future
Its an ok game... gets a little boring tho. I probably would keep the game but im not using google play games app and im tired of being forced to install every time i open this game.πŸ‘Ž
Alright game but the territory fights get really boring when it's the same area over and over. Would be cool if there was different, maybe larger, areas.
If not for the M.C. battles being purely pay to win I would give it 5 stars. Great game just need to tone down the coiners a bit. Actually I have 7 accounts to help off set this and it still doesn't help much. I have been playing for 5 years and that is my only complaint. Other than that it is an awesome game! It is still my favorite even over your recent release of Last Outlaws. I also enjoy Bloody West and Bloody Hands. I regret not getting Bloody West in time to get the 1 % tag for BRC :)
Would just like to say lots of things are great but the game keeps glitching but it probly cause you game is so awsome and everyone is overloading it but hteat work
For the last 6 battles I won it actually took away cash instead of rewarding me! Update: It apeared to be fixed for 1 battle but after winning the next one they swooped up more of my cash! I'm so mad! I might delete the app and dispute the charge with the bank
very nice game. i started watching sons of anarchy and i was thinking it would be nice to have a game like this and i searched and came across this game, its exactly what i was looking for love it BEST GAME 5 starts
Love the game and it could be much more. Kinda getting bored of the same old thing though. Wish they had maybe a few more club things to do together. Maybe have a room for the club meeting, a mail system to all members if needed. Will the game have more things added? I hope so otherwise I think people will give up eventually
i played for a while when it came out and i thought the game was ok cool idea just poorly executed it got one and boring real fast turned into a clicker game cause forthe most part thats all you do it click on the cash for your business and go have lame fights to take over stateswould have been so much better had it been a true open world closer to GTA style and multiple limited sized servers to many biker gangs would be a cit crowded but could make for some kick ass biker gang wars....
Boring, lots of cash spending opportunities even on low levels. Motor Cycle Clubs have been created since 2015 so don't bother creating a new one. Very old graphics and the game needs updates bad.
This game is FUN, especially when you know other players. I learned how to manage money a lil more. Among other skills, like Patience, and most of Just Have Fun, PS .This Game helped Me to get through A Very Traumatic, Trying, & Devastating Time, the death of my Son, Elijah George-West, he got hit by a vehicle on Nov./2020 , His my Angel now. Words cannot express the pain I feel. I Thank You, for being there, occupying my mind when i thought id go stir crazy. Elijah I Love & Miss you. XOXO
Liking the experiences gameplay and gun fights but building is slow and boring af. Needs to have hookers.
Awesome Game!!!!! Love the customization options not only for yourself but your motorcycle as well, whoever designed this game, please pat yourself on the back for this. It's a knock it out of the park FUN FUN GAME!! HOPE YOU KEEP MAKING GAMES LIKE THIS, PLEASE BECAUSE YOUR ALL GENIUSES!!!! Many Thanks!! ; )
How are we meant to grow if all our cash is being spent on normans? Have it so their half the cost they are now until your buildings are maxed or something then make them full price again or something.
I love the game,what I do think that would be awesome is something like a money transfer or request help in few different ways only thorough your MC though.otger than that a daily player since I've downloaded πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™ but could use alot more cool stuff I've read alot of good ideas from the review..y'all got a good active fan base so hook us up lol
This is the best game I have ever played but there are lots of rude players swearing and saying offensive things
It is easy to start out but harder the further you get in the game. And if you play in new york have to be a general to win battles which i dont like but you can slowly get there.
it's cool I love how you can join a mc and come to love each other but theirs one problem I wish you could make it easy for some of us players not wanting to spend our harden money on this game for coins could you please in your next update make it easy for every player to make some coins doing some missions please that's all I'm also g I really love this game if you see this message please do what I'm asking please
Okay I really do like this game reason why I gave this game a 3 out of 5 was the risk versus the reward on here everything pretty much is gold coins if you really want to make moves in the game otherwise you're stuck losing Nomads and chapter Brothers because you don't have gold coins. And the prices on here are crazy. Paying $4.99 in real money for 650 gold coins plus an additional 650 it's kind of still not a good deal LOL but I like the concept the originality of the game and where it's going
It was fun at first, but it's getting repetitive. The algorithm for New York battles is off. We keep getting put up against clubs that are impossible to beat at our level. Fair matchup would be appreciated.
this game is so much fun. only reason I didn't give a 5. is wish they gave out more coins. and wish it didn't cost so much to customize your bike. pretty much have to pay if you want to customize anything
From the start, this game excites u on a lvl that's beyond what I thought it would be and I don't want to sound like my review is payed and bought for it. It's not, I been searching a long time for a motorcycle game that I can play at work (when bored) or during my winter hibernation lifestyle (it's real winter here and can't ride so let's play instead). For a gamer or a person that likes video games, loves to ride and wants to escape reality like any other game. This game is a must play. ⚑πŸ”₯βš‘πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
This is a good game, could have more ways to earn PvP protection perks, different monthly perks for daily log ins, also more swagged out clothing, bike parts etc. Otherwise really good game I really enjoy it, if you can get this sorted I'll definitely 5 star this game for sure, but much live for the game seal :)
This game Hacked my email!!! I loaded the game up then it just froze for 30 sec or so ... Also it switched my tablet on off and on!!! When the tablet came back on my screensaver disappeared!!!! About a minute later Gmail notified me with a suspicious log in and Stated this game had logged into my email account. Gmail blocked them and i Had too change password ,and also check my AdSence like Google stated in case they changed my account details!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! 😈
Great game. Only thing that bothers me is people jumping in clubs and leaving. Make it so if you join a club you got to stay for at least 1 week before leaving. How about a club can pick another club to fight anytime. Add canada to the map. Expand the game.
Enjoyable game but if you don't spend money you get no where . Takes to long to upgrade. It sucks pay to play . You can only get so far in the game . Unless you spend real money. To many roadblocks . That you can't clear unless you spend money . Some people are on fixed incomes and are not able to buy . Coins .players should not have to wait up till two days for upgrade to finish or pay for faster upgrade.
the game is has super long wait times to upgrade you have to spend money to upgrade bikes and they allow third parties to scam people out of money which is bad business practice they need to fix their product to support the users and make transactions safer and reliable or at least help the players that are scammed it's not hard to add digital currency.
I absolutely love the game, why are so many people complaining about this game, no one forces you to play it or forces you to buy coins... sounds to me like a lot of sore losers on here. To all new players that download this game i recommend you look up an MC called Beyond Evil, they have an awesome president called Roar who will teach you all about the game and how to advance quickly, he knows the game inside out and excellent at training.
Recruiting bikers should be cheaper or free when fighting in mc battles. I waste alot of my cash recruiting bikers. And the chat side of things needs improvements like after ive type a message and sent it it goes out shorter on the other side.. so if you can only send a certain amount it should stop you from typing instead of letting you type then it gets sent and doesnt all go through... and after typing the text pressing send you gotta press it afew times before it sends
Meh. It's a decent strategy game, but the constant NPC attacks are unnecessary. Especially when you're raided by cops when you have 100% protection that you've paid for. Decent start, but needs a lot of work that I don't see happening, ever. So, uninstalled & moving on
Like finding you halfway swallowed a long hair while eating your favorite food. You can only make enough money replenish your nomads after a battle which is also based on TIME. You enter the game. You make one attack. You spend 90% earnings to replenish your nomads and leave. There is no element to keep you engaged as every task takes a few seconds to start and HOURS to complete in the background. You invest 4 minutes and wait up to a day for the results. Fun til you go static. Uninstalled.
it was great at first but then it gave me a protocol error everytime I try to do anything then I exited out of the game tried to log back in and it wouldn't let me back in all those said is protocol error protocol error protocol error whatever the f*** that mean it's all after that I just said f*** it the time I spent playing a game I just deleted it
this game looks really cool but the game play is to basic. you tap on a round spot and your guy runs to it and then starts shooting his gun untill someone is dead. i was hopeing there would be more to it then this. i was hopeing it would have been more like a ps 1, 2, 3, or like ps 4 game. you know like move your finger on your tablet to make him move or make him shoot his gun. ext but i gave it a 3 star because it looks so cool. and 1 star for the game play.