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Blood House Escape

Blood House Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Amphibious Games located at Estonia Tallinn . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is good but bad it can be crappy and good at the same time I cannot get past level three I really need help I wish this game would put clues in
Not much of a story line. No hints or turitols to help the inexperienced along. Just didn't get game. Found sledge hammer. Broke window. Found hacksaw.. And got key. But didn't know what to use it on. Tapped on door but it would not reveal a key hole.. frustrating. Uninstalled
first level wont proceed further after collecting rock and sledgehammer items. terrible trigger mechanics and clearly devs do not care to fix this. don't bother playing
Very quickly in level 4, the plate puzzle was impossible. After watching every walkthrough I could find and repeatedly matching the plate to every solution, it still would not accept it. With no hint or solve puzzle option to bypass it, I found I could not escape the plate puzzle. A game you cant move forward in is simply a waste so I deleted it.
My husband and I play these together and its super fun. We get to play each room by switching off and helping eachother solve the puzzle! Pleas keep up the good work and games! You guys rock!
The ads are SO annoying. They pop up everytime you go to touch the screen so ended up touching the add and being taken to the play store. Uninstalling after playing for about 2 minutes. Thats how long it took to be hacked off by the ads....
It is easy to find stuff. But you get stuck . You find a clue 567128. I entered it in the phone and it's stuck like that. No way to get it off to add a different number and no way to check the awnsering mashine. Stupidity I'm uninstalling. I won't download anything from this person
I get that you want to advertise apps and what not and I get it if it pops up at the end/beginning of each level but less than 10 seconds apart is ridiculous. I can't click one thing without ending up clicking a pop up add because it just pops up. Uninstalling because very annoying and can't get through a level without adds popping up. Fix this then maybe I'll play.
must have been real fun to design! easy clues. NOT frustrating! SEAMLESS advance to next room. great music, too. You could have put alot more challenges in with such awesome graphics. Great job!!! It was fun!!!
uninstalled. option has to turn off music but it also silences the sound effects. there should be 2 options. one for music & one for sound
Having issues playing well think that this is real and you need to get out.so what is the first thing you would do if trapped...i dont find these games hard as been playing 3D or first person games since internet was born in 1996. I want more of these types of games up.
It gets in the way of playing your game because they constantly just pop up out of the blue as you're clicking so you end up clicking on the ad that popped up and then you are taken to the Google store so you have to head back out of it and just ruins the game. I uninstall because there's too many good games out there that you don't have to do this with. My advice, steer clear of this game!
it is a very interesting game . i love it .make more games like this . please download .🙋😃😃😃😃😊😊😊😊
When are game developers gonna stop asking for ratings before you've played for more than a minute? Stupid...how can you rate what you don't know?
Started the game found a rock then broke window thought i saw a key when tried to retrieve it i couldnt so i gave up and uninstalled the game
Pros: Nice Graphics Cons: Same music on all levels. Short levels that are way too easy. Unimaginative. Redundant puzzles. Only 8 levels. The worst of all was the constant ads that pop up right in the middle of solving puzzles, and not just one or two but several. Game experience was completely ruined. Most annoying that I have ever played. I would not recommend this game to anyone.
The game itself wasn't bad. Being interrupted every ten seconds or less, however, was too much. I would try to click something and end up opening a pop-up. After the fifth time, I just gave up and uninstalled it.
i like the game but the problem is that i have ads pop up every minute and it bugs me really bad. please fix that and the rate will be 5 stars. PS, I'm uninstalling this annoying game for now.
I will never become a victim of this crap again! I always play the free stuff and I thought this time I would give it a chance, even forgoing the already obnoxious and ubiquitous ad pop-ups, and purchase the app because it looked and played great....for a while. Once they had my money, the app mysteriously stops working at all. Thanks for reinstating my reluctance towards any faith in humanity!
Free offline eight levels with great music, sounds and graphics, no need for walkthroughs. Thanks Amphibious.
Doesn't save the level when you save and exit. There is a walkthrough on YouTube. Too much random tapping!
What I find disappointing is the lack of an ending to the game. Also for improvement on the star rating you have got to stop the pop up ads, one level I had a pop up every other second ( no exaggeration). Other than this an overall good game.
This game is really a very good game for entertaining... I really enjoyed playing this game... I would give it 5 🌟 but I didn't, bcoz the puzzles r very easy and there r only some levels... If there was more than 15-20 levels it would b still more entertaining...
I really liked this one. Challenging enough that if you take your time you can figure it out. But easy enough to want to get to the end. Dead body in the floor was neat .
It's ok so far. The graphics are cool but I cannot find hints anywhere just incase I might need them. No sure if they have hints yet.
Decent point and click game with good graphics and clever puzzles. The game controls were a bit tricky at times. Completely free with no hidden fees.
Im goving this game 2 stars only cause ove the pop ups. I love the game its addicting but there are way way to many pop ups pop up every 2 to 5 seconds and you end up pushing them if your not careful so it sends you off the game. No really worth getting if you don't want to get frustrated fast with the pop ups. I would give it 5 stars if pop ups would stop
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