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War: Battle & Conquest

War: Battle & Conquest for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Sandstorm Interactive located at Moldes 1029 5B, CABA, 1426, Argentina. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game love it Nes player Friendly and not P2P Ive been playing for a few weeks now and using smart thinking in games Im winning even when playing guys with higher lvled cards.
Editing my previous review. It really seems the devs are listening to players' concerns. Match-making has improved greatly, 2v2 is fun, and the recent patch directly addresses complaints in reviews; as well as added a card (yet to see how it works though). I'm giving the game a solid 4 star. I hold back because diamond generation is comically slow but other than that, this is a solid game.
Super nice game to play... For once f2p players is really doable :-))))... Just watch adds to have better cards xD... works well regardless other comments said. There is one bug coming after atomic bomb used : sometimes the targeted territory cannot be taking back ( territory empty and troops that players send can't go in no matter how many been sent) for several turns... O.o... No messages announcing maintenance arriving and how long it stays :'( Cause of that I retrieve one star... :-P
It doesn't work even after did the update , he show me a screen about loses point and I can't carry on the screen in any way
Good game but christ the gameplay can get annoying with the bugs, you'll go to attack someone, throw 10 troops at an army of 8 and lose or get attacked by 10 on your 10 and they wipe you out and only lose 2 units even though your defending. Way to many glitches for my liking otherwise could be an amazing game. Sort out the glitches and it would be a 5 star game. Update, games now getting deleted as it's way to messed up with glitches
It was amazing at first but after some levels, especially when playing 2v2,it's really doesn't have professionalism, I play with a teammate we both having cards of level 2 versus 2 players having cards of level 6 Huge mistake or maybe it's just for premium players, really disappointed, I want explanation please
Good πŸ‘ πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ with 5 star -------------- Review later : problem connecting to there server Program didn't work . Another review:: it's deleted my resent account and started the freshgame. Account., another review I love this game , can't stop playing one day..
Very similar to Risk but a lot more dynamic and customization in how you play, very cool maps and really solid gameplay.
After a shift on this game, I headed into the kitchen to get something to eat to find out that I had to watch an advert before I entered my kitchen! Too many adverts blah.
Game opens and freezes every time haha never got to even try it. I have a brand new phone and it can't even start. Unreal.
Terrible randomness.... Seems lot of Ai in matches and also in high tiers you have no chance against premium members
Game is full of cheaters who plan together to cooperate and take first and second place. At least Risk has an option to report such players. Switched to WarZone. Much improved since chat was banned during non team games. Much harder for people to cheat. Up from 1 to 4 stars.
Hackers run this game the game will say resynch then they will have the upper hand and have extra troops even tho they have hardly anything they go from hardly any territories to owning the map game is rigged for the hackers
I have really enjoyed this game. So much so this is the only game I bought the year vip. That being said it has been really buggy since they added the unneeded animated waves?, or what ever that is moving around the continents
How does a player that has the same amount of points as I do to send air, tanks etc when I only have 15? There's something definitely wrong with your game and it's numbers. You're deleted you put a person under a time limit we just want to play that's all we want to do is play have some fun this game is not fun
The game favorites paying customers. If you pay 29 use per month you are good. Otherwise win/lose rete is 1/3
It could be a great risk-like game, but it feels really unfair! You get too small amount of troops per turn. Also, if your enemies are in a higher tier, they can easily crush you with their better cards. Human players are idiots a lot. It's not fun at all to play with it, it constantly feels unfair.
Was great game but just did a update and now it freezes or says cant connect and all i can do is practice
I've been playing this for years but every "update" makes this game worse. It used to be an enhanced version of risk but now it's slow, glitchy, full of bugs, and basically unplayable. If someone steals a card, the UI stays up, blocking the map. I play PUBG on max settings but this board game simulator is made so poorly and it's so slow that even the tiny attack graphics are glitchy; by the end of a good game against even the AI, you'll be waiting 30 seconds to place troops. Very bad. Terrible.
This games great. I'm hoping to find the old west at some point. Also I love the idea of Middle Earth being a map
Fun game. Can't start playing with friends immediately is a downside that made me give it 4 stars, also unfair matchmaking sometimes.
I have really enjoyed the game, I have always loved to play risk but it not easy to always find friend and a place to do it so this one fits perfectly to me. I don't like that sometimes when the game ends, it crashes.
New update causes gameplay to eventually lag and have card updates stay on screen imparing view of battlefield. Restarting game fixes problem for a couple turns. Tried reinstalling and same problems. If the game works its good but not after recent update.
After the new update its unplayable cant stay on without losing connection and womt let me collect awards or trophies
I liked this game so mich but every time i try to play now it always says server is under maintenance!!! It happened to me like 5 times now i different days and it's getting annoying
It will give you uograde cards like candy. But to be able to upgrade one past level 3 is ridiculous. 4000 gold but gives u 20-30 per game. Save urself the trouble and play something else
What is wrong with this game, check internet connection all the time, even i can downliad a movies but this games chk fr my internet connection
It's a very fun game and I live the art style but could you add luke different games modes like zombies or capital conquest
Not bad like risk with abilities but the ability rank up reminded me of cnc rivals will see how long that takes
Best Strategy Game ever, The Best thing abiut this game is its against human vs humans and its not Pay to Win game.
This game is complete trash now, bring back friendly matches and the chat. If your concerned about kids in the chat simply add a parental control option. Stop wasting your developers time on a hopeless game. Such a pity what a great opportunity wasted. It disgusts me to see your current business model. I am enraged that I actually spent money on this garbage. I spent money on your game because I believed in you. For the past year you have done nothing but disappoint.
Honestly didn't expect this would that good. Not disappointed. Cards are quite balanced. It even shows how much troops and Energy at the End. The starts is basically luck but after that it's all skill. But luck is also important in wars so yeah. Honestly Good Job to whoever made this game.
Okay, nevermind. I can't help but notice this game becomes unplayable without paying after a while. Players with max level cards in matchmaking at level 9? That's pay to win. A level 4 card requires 4000 of that card earned plus 5000 gold. A level 6 War Production used once can win the game. And it seems to me that inevitably there is one player that will straight up throw the game while another runs rampant while not being attacked and has a HUGE advantage mid-game; thus securing an easy win.
Originally a fun game but with each update brings many bugs and if your game goes down you lose points and standing, the main point of playing. Have updated to 5292 already. Lately get message game server down.
Getting 5 star reviews does not make for free upgrades. Good game, like Risk only more challenging. Can play free if you are patient.
This new version is full of bugs, server doesn't work and your carts suddenly change during war, and other problems too, please fix it.
I love this game, it's very simple and enjoyable. At beginning I was always losing until I understood how to play. The most thing I like about that game is that I don't have to waste a lot of time every day on the game to develop, just whenever I have some free time I can play and still can win
The dissbalance of people with higher rank because of better skills exists, but it makes no difference for me to have fun and compete. I do enjoy it
Awesome game, but since today no longer working. I start the game, see the globe spinning around and then it's stuck on the intro screen. If I press the back button it does respond, but I can't get to the main menu. Don't want to clear my cache as I don't have an online account.
Good Game but requires a report button for uncooperative team players and players who team up in single player.
Game is good ,may be the best version of Risk , but after recent updates it is not connection and now it is not opening
Awesome game. Very adictive. And most importantly great customer service. Had an issu when i installed the game but they helped me through it in the same day. This show how much the dev are invested. Keep up the great work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
After latest updates there were a lot of bugs, bu now everything seems works fine. Enjoying this game
It starts fun and the challenge is reasonable, however the development is extremly slow and after playing for a while you will be put against advanced players which means your chances of winning are diminished. Uninstalled.
Great game for kill time and challenge the mind but it haven't persia in grand of Persian culture in English map
Pretty good. A lot of the game is based on the beginning so if you have an unlucky start you're almost guarunteed to lose but that's not a big issue for me. Love playing this with friends.
It's Risk with advance gameplay! I like it so far. 4 stars for now, because I rarely give 5 stars immediately.
I would give it four stars but it crashes so often. Can only be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Pain in the arse. Ive done it more than 20 or 30 times as I like the game
Good game but depends totally on your luck with ur lands distribution.. this mostly will force the results
To Slow Not a bad game at all but you have to wait for all players to be done and sit thru all of the movements for every player before you can go. It gets a littt Le boring not being able to speed up every other players turn. Thats really my only complaint. Add a speed up or skip function and will rate higher
The games' serves dosen't function properly and sometimes the game even put you in different match when you're playing with a teammate so you both play in different matches! So consider that you can lose a significant amount of points just due to the games' errors. Edit: this game put you against vip players who has the cards with maximum level so technically if you don't pay, you can't enjoying it.
Playing for 3hrs a day for 8 months now. No nukes yet.... My guess is nukes only come with a premium account.
The game is not opening after yesterday updates. I dont know why every day they keeps updating game for no reason. Others are good, good game to play in free time
When you go to practice, the bots can read your mind and it's constantly under maintenance but good game
It's a good game but you must add Turkish nationality also showing as Arab but Turkish not Arab. When they correct their mistake then I will give five stars.
Its a great game very well made and great for longbdrives just wish there were more maps for offline play but overall graet game.
Very cool game, Though I do wish that you could have more customization for AI games, appart from that it's a very good game considering there isn't that many games that follow this genre
The game get laggier as you play to the point that you have to either go back to the main menu and resume your game (after watching an ad of course), or close completely out of the app and go back in. If someone uses the card that "steals" a card from another player, the message stating "player x stole a card from player y" stays up on the screen and impedes your view until, again, you either go home and watch an ad or close out of the app. Used to be a good game, but the updates ruined it.
Brilliant so far, gets a bit monotone after a while but in general it is a great adaptation of the board game which is why my wife and I play.
Love the game but this update is annoying me.. it keeps losing connection in the middle of a game. It's dam frustrating fix your bugs
Nice innovation of an old classic Lots of ads... long ones, more 30s each, more than 3 after each game.... very frustrating. And I suspect... you are playing against atleast one bot in each game.
I've been playing this for years but every "update" makes this game worse. It used to be an enhanced version of risk but now it's slow, glitchy, full of bugs, and basically unplayable. If someone steals a card, the UI stays up, blocking the map. I play PUBG on max settings but this board game simulator is made so poorly and it's so slow that even the tiny attack graphics are glitchy; by the end of a good game against even the AI, you'll be waiting 30 seconds to place troops. Very bad.
A more entertaining risk. I love this game and I dont regularly play mobile games. The versatile array of cards allow players to create their own strategy over time and manages to stay very balanced. Theres multiple maps that are even available for free after watching some ads. Small price for long lasting entertainment.