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Blockscapes - Block Puzzle

Blockscapes - Block Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PeopleFun located at 740 E Campbell Rd Suite 100 Richardson, TX 75081. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The ads are annoying. I paid to turn off the ads for a month but two weeks in I had to reinstall the app. The ads came back. It was like I never made the purchase. Multiple attempts to contact the support team have not worked and Google will not refund due to their policy. Not sure what else to do. The game was fun otherwise but the ads just make it unplayable.
Likeable, but my Gawd the ads. Just like every other simple game, the need to generate revenue undermines the enjoyment. When will developers get it. This will eventually end up in the same scrap heap with all the other games who's design is obvious.
CHANGE IT BACK. I loved this game, then they completely changed the visuals. It hurts my eyes and my brain can't pick out the patterns anymore, it's ruined it for me! At least give an option in the settings for the old look, otherwise I'm going to have to uninstall
I absolutely love this game but since I've updated my phone to a new one I can't retrieve any of my saved data from Blockscapes.. so I had to start all over and I'm not receiving any 🎁 daily....If this can be fixed I will definitely give this game 5 Stars!!!
Third rate rip off of Tetris, in which you have to pay to rotate the pieces to fit. But a Gameboy instead - much more fun and probably cheaper..!
The game is very engaging. My phone was full when i started now i have less then 50%!!! Great game i wish when you're picking up the blocks it was smoother only bad thing as a matter of fact not even bad, ok!!! That's why i gave the controls 3 stars instead of 5.
Would drop ZERO stars, because it doesn't work AT ALL! Downloaded to compare high scores w a friend. Will go to the loading screen and NEVER open. Sat there for half HR to let it open. Restarted phone, shut down apps, tried update. Nothin. Oh well. I'll just play the other one and not try this again. I'm on S10+
I absolutely love this game!! It is so addictive!! A word of advice for everybody here who hated the game because of the nerois ads: just turn of ur wifi and ur mobile data! This way there is no internet. The game still works, but there are no longer any ads to disturb ur gaming experience! Have fun playing everyone!
This game is entertaining, challenging and will sharpen your brain to be able to achieve a high score base on the blocks available at each turn.. will recommend this game! The only downside is there are alot of ads. Hopefully they will lessen it. And will not require the players to purchase it just to have an ad free game for only 30 days.
Short play before one gets out of moves. Then it's ads, ads, and more ads with the option to buy stuff not needed. Frustrated in the first 2 minutes. Too bad because I like the graphics and soothing sounds. I'm uninstalling it.
ZERO STARS! Nothing like being annoyed from the start. It immediately goes to this forced play, I cannot get out of it or go to settings to turn the obnoxious sounds off. I dont need a bloody finger showing me where the blocks go. Uninstalled... PO
Fun enough, tetris style game. If you want to rotate your pieces though... make sure you have your credit card handy. I would skip this one.
LOVED IT until they changed it..when are you guys going to change it back? I really don't want to delete this game but I get migraines playing it now with the bright white visuals and will no longer play if it stays this way.
I like the game it just has way too many ads and it's very annoying. Will give more stars when ads are gone. It makes it hard to continue on with your game when you have to constantly watch ad after ad.
I used to love blockscapes, but I hate the update that changed the colors! Its harder to look at and less aesthetically pleasing. Change it back please!
I got sick of the game after 5 minutes. On the add it looks like it's fun but It was not and on the add it looks not to hard but it is quite hard. The only reson why I gave 1 star is because I got no ads and I didn't have to pay anything Over all just a waste of my time
I love this game it do have alot ads but I just back out them & keep going I'm on level 112 super addicted...
The game recently changed with a new look and along with that the game seemed harder to play. Not enjoying it as much. There's nothing to set the skill level but all of a sudden it seems so much harder to score higher and games end so much quicker. Please change it back to whatever it was before.
This game has relaxing music, is challenging, and a great way to keep you thinking. The ads are actually to additional interesting games (I've downloaded some number ones, actually). You can go AD-FREE for one month, for only $3.99, if ads bother you. I enjoy this game and hope you will as well. Hint: always leave room for the 9 block, every time you don't it'll come. :)
Simple game with some luck involved. Ads aren't too atrocious. No 3 types of currency or time gating. Enjoyable and relaxing way to activate the brain on a device made to melt it.
Fun little app except 1.) Blocks don't fall or move when you make a match, leaving some to remain stuck in odd places, 2.) The blocks don't replenish after you use one, you have to use all 3 before it gives you new ones, which is frustrating 3.) You do not need both banner ads and ads at the end of each game, that is extremely greedy. And I will not pay $3 to help you profit off of annoying people with excessive ads. I'm fine with quitting & reopening the game after each try. Decent game though.
Love this game and the challenge to use the blocks your given it helps clear the cob webs that are in your head that other mindless game go created. Thank you really enjoy playing this game
This is my go to game when I'm feeling antisocial & not wanting to make eye contact with anyone on the train, at uni, in the que at woolies etc.... I get frustrated with the adds. Kinda throws me off my game. Sure, I can pay to remove them but I can't afford it. Life is expensive & paying for a invisibility cloak just isn't within my means. I highly recommend this app though. If you can afford to remove the adds you're going to be stoked. Moreso if you're one who gets in a phone zone for hours
Way to many adverts. I get one everytime I go into the game, and I get 1 everytime I run out if moves. Each ad is only skippable after 15 seconds, unlike YouTube's 5. Very unhappy.
game is very challenging. this is a good way to exercise your brain. plenty of ads but not too intrusive.
I loved this game .. but the new update is awful! The shapes are too sensitive when moved around and it just looks terrible. I'm gutted I updated it this was the best game I'd played in a long time. Sadly I'll remove it now
Tiring. You get 1 big score and then the rest of the month, they barely let you over 500. I found other same type games that let you go further and you can beat your old score....in the same month...or week! I'm deleting this.
I love playing Blockscapes and figuring out new patterns in the game. I love playing Blockscapes everyday growing my brain. I have introduced this wonderful learning game to three of my siblings and they all love it. I started playing this amazing use of fun in lockdown and it really helped me to pass the time when I had nothing to do. Apart from cooking, reading and school work, I was playing this so much I could have gotten square eyes! The point is, I love Blockscapes and recomend it to all !
Recently downloaded needing a change from my usual go-to on my phone. I am hooked! I would have given 5 stars, but, to earn credits takes a long time. Longer than I think it should. That is my only dissatisfaction.
Just started playing. Really fun. But no way to get points. Game over before you start. Plus too many ads.
It would be more challenging if it let you turn the blocks to place them. I dont like that it tells you when you are out of moves when i see plenty of options left. It should give you more blocks to choose from and do it in certsin time frame instead of deciding for you when you are done. It makes it very boring
The new update is terrible. Its jerky, way too bright and the graphics have gotten worse!!!!! Im getting rid of it now.
Too many ads. No matter what strategy you use, you'll fail. It seems designed to end games quickly and show you annoying ads that you can't skip. Don't waste your time.
I'm totally addicted! If you like puzzles you will love this one! Not alot of adds and don't have to spend money to play. Good luck!!
I love this game but the new visual looks SUCK! It hurts my eyes while I play this at night. Change it back. I am now on the hunt for a different version of this game. Ugh I hate when updates make things worse..
Entertaining but limited. You have to pay $4 a month if you want to play with no ads and there's no variation. No change in the game, power-ups, etc. Cut & dry. Good distraction for boredom but $4 a month is pricy for such a dull game. Disney+ is only $3 more a month and it's got hours and hours of different movies lol this would maybe be worth 99 cents a month for ad free at best.
Super addicting game! It's like golf where you're playing against yourself and want to continuously beat your last score. Ads can be annoying but that comes with the territory of playing for free!
I would have thought if you cleared the board you'd earn extra points or have a chance to get extra things. I'm not sure I get the point of it. After the first intro of the buckets and magnet, you can't earn or win them ever.
This app is a bit confusing at first although it has the ability to occupy my thoughts with something challenging to exercise my brain. Looks like I have a bit of catching up to do when I look at the other scores. More stay busy stuff to do to eliminate boredom in case we get locked down again.
Love the game. Only complaint is it feels too compressed. Would prefer it is there was always 3 choices. Then I could play it longer.
Ad was misleading should be brought to court for false advertisement..game is ok could be better. Nothing changes,no challenges,no reward system uninstalled
Love the game but I tried to buy some coins and it charge my account 4 times at 19.99 per charge and never got the coins. Wrote a couple of messages to Google and still haven't seen a refund. Very frustrating!
As many have mentioned before. Loved the game until the new graphics update, very off-putting and hurts my eyes. Don't fix things that aren't broken. Will be looking for an alternative game
Just like Wordscapes, only with blocks. I played a few levels, so far it was a great experience. It's enjoyable, enlightening and has great gameplay like the original. However, it kinda barebones in features compared to the former, there is not much else you can do except buy moves, edit your profile, modify settings and look at the leaderboards. Highly recommended for those who loved Wordscapes and other games in the series!
It's a fun game to play. A way to challenge your mind, and I love take on a good challenge. I urge you to try it when you can.
Kinda like a tetris, kinda not. Highly amusing that to go ad free you have to pay $6 for 30 days. Waste of money.
Your new update sucks. I can't see the tiles because the grid colors. And now you don't send any tiles to score pass 200!! I seriously want to know how people are gaining high scores when i went from a 2999 score now i can't get past 200 because the update doesn't send any tiles to build with. Done playing. Nothing fancy about this game.
This game is perfect! I become smarter and smarter and I form better strategies the more I play! There are ads but as long as I get to play, I'm good! I saw the ad for Blockscapes and when I downloaded it, it told me how to play and I loved it! The game is everything the ad stated. Though I do wish it would let you scroll down to what place you are in if you are low on the leader board. Other than that, the game is fun! Also, hi to whoever is reading this! Download the app! Its so addicting!!!!
I liked it when I first got it over a year ago. But they keep changing things - making it worse and worse. I'm going to look for a different and better game.
I like this game, despite the ads, but I do NOT like the new visual update to the blocks. The board is too bright and I don't like the sharp contrast of the new blocks. There does not seem to be a way to choose your preferred appearance. Very disappointed â˜đïļ
Wonderful exercise for the mind, finding the right patterns and scoring as much as possible and above all, entertaining and not annoying
I'm a brand new player & loving this addictive game ðŸĪ—ðŸĪŠðŸĪ“! It's different & you don't have to put any money ðŸĪ‘ in it, unless you don't want ads & that's truly the cheapest I've seen! It's fun & challenging, but also relaxing! I'll definitely be playing for a long time! You owe it to yourself, to give it a try 👏👏👏👏👏👏ðŸĨ‡!
Highly Addicting. Love this game. The only thing I question on here is the new blocks that refresh after using the last block of three that came out previously. It seems as if they are not randomly picked but rather given to you at the most inopportune time to ensure the game ends And I hate the ads. Other than that very good game and I highly recommend it.
Great! Challenging, just when You think you've figured it out, it throws you something you know won't work... If You like a thinking game, you'll love this!!! :)
Game is great and I understand it's free, but the ads are relentless. They come back to back on certain levels. Realy off putting.
Fun, you get better with time. I find it helpful when my mind is filled with varied thoughts and I want it to focus. It can be relaxing
I loved this game, until the newest update. The blocks are way too big now and it doesn't have the same charm. Uninstalling
Quite fun! It is a challenge but you start to learn what shapes work well together to get a higher score. Simple, yet satisfying
Hi, as much as i do enjoy this type of game, it is nothing like the ad, quite misleading actually. Also it's not challenging at all, plus there is no reward system. Plus there is no tiny Einstine. Either make a game like the ad or the ad like the game, dont mislead people as that is literally false advertisement! ðŸ˜Ī I sent this to support and they closed the conversation with out getting back to me!
Great game but I have NEVER seen such horrific amounts of ads on any game ever. And super inappropriate ads came up too. Now I have to uninstall from my kids devices because that is unbelievably bad, not only the amount of ads but ads with massive adult nature. Bizarre...
This game is enjoyable.. until it's not. Without fail, no matter how careful you place the shapes, there are many games that you'll watch build you into a trap with no real escape once your coins are used up (and no explanation on powerups, you'll have to spend the coins to find out what they do). There are too many matches that feel like it's less about skill and luck, and more about being targeted by the next hand to drop you early. Kills the fun.
No ads for 30 days?? Really?? I was enjoying this game, but the second I saw you wanted me to keep paying for there to be no ads, I deleted it.
This game has the most and worst ads I've ever seen. Game itself is pretty good, other than the fact that it's way too heavy for showing some static blocks (makes my S10 heat up). But the ads make the experience painful. Most of the ads are double trouble. You have to wait 10 sec, then close it, but the same game ad now shows you another scenario, you have to wait again and then close it for the second time. There's even an ad if you close the screen and come back. This is really frustrating.
So many ads! But...conveniently, you can pay to them removed... of course. The game itself is kinda fun for a minute but it gets boring FAST. You can only see 3 blocks at a time. And they can't be rotated at all so, you guessed it, no matter what your strategy is your going to get blocks that work against you. It's sadly predictable. Yawn.. save yourself the time and pass on it.
Just a great game, you gotta look ahead when the boards full,it wants to give you the wrong block,great game
The new update is pants. The graphics are lagging and juddery and the brightness of the screen is too much.
Enjoying puzzle, very hard to beat original score, but I'm hooked, any chance of daily challenges, would add to the enjoyable game play
This helps me to use my mind constructively. I'm able to relax. It's nice to have something that keeps both my mind and eyes busy.
Advertisements for this game are misleading. There is nothing to this regarding any sort of IQ measurement as suggested. Additionally, there are similar misleading ads after every round and the "no ads" buy in reads like an annual subscription and not a one and done purchase. Not worth it in the least.
Great game the best part is I'm not ready to make it a permanent game and pay 3 $ for no adds . The ads that play play every 20-30min or longer then its no more than 2 adds. Most other games are abnoxsios about adds they play them along thank you developers I will probably make it a permanent game . You should think about changing the doors to ice or fire also have bonus boards that are different shapes every 10 games or so but great game regardless
This game is great time killer. But dont play it with an internet connection as thats what they want to show you as many comercials as possible, so you will get only bad pieces and will never get a good score. If you play it without Internet you will not get comercials so the pieces will be better and you will se that in your scores. Or you can pay for premium, no comercials, havent tried.
I can play as long as I want. Not too many ads. You try to beat your personal best. I think it helps with stratigical thinking which I believe I lack. No issues and no problems.
Fun! But... I play this app on the android. My friend plays it on an iphone. We have the EXACT same app, no doubt, but he has the ability to rotate puzzle pieces at the expense of some coins. I dont have that option at all. Having that feature would allow me to climb the leaderboard fairly.
It's fun. I enjoy it. BUT everyday I receive I push notifications saying I got a daily reward. THERE IS NO REWARDS. There are no 'hints' no way to undo your last move. There is no way to earn any kind of perks. It's strictly try and beat your last highest score. Bare bones playing. The only thing on this site is the leaderboard.
I'm really enjoying this. Ads like any other game but not so many as to be so annoying like some. Not as easy as it looks sometimes, but lots of fun challenging myself.
I recently got a new phone and was downloading games I had on my old one. I found that I hadn't played this game in awhile and saw the new update. And as everyone is saying, yeah. It is total garbage. Sorry game developers, but you best listen to your audience if you want people to keep playing your game. Plus, I had to sign back into my account and I'm no longer on the level I was on originally. It started me from the beginning and I was on a very high level. So I'll be deleting this. Sorry dev
Another great game from people fun but I had to get rid of it as this game drains so much battery life! This is an issue I had with another app from this company. 30 mins of another game of my phone uses less than 4% battery life (with ads) whilst 30 mins of this game drains over 10%. It may be that this game has more ads compared to the other one and is constantly downloading ads but the battey drain is enough for me to say no more which is sad. So addictive but I need my phone battery to last
This game is the type of game that trains you mind, one of the popular ways to train your mind is to do puzzles. Which this does, trains your brain with puzzles. It increases brain power, and I prefer brains over brawn. And this game helps my thinking, I highly recommend people download this game, it sure is helping me.
Too many ads. Uninstalling. Update: I gave this app 1 star, but the kind feedback from the developer is important. Most importantly, the game is fun. I hope to play again in the future. Looking forward to your updates.
This game is cool but I'd rather have a one time payment for no ads and it'll be set like wordscapes does doin g this will result in a 5 star
Beautiful scenery. Love playing this while talking on the phone or just needing to kill time. Great game!
Keeps your mind and skills growing, and can provide a ton of fun and challenge as you immerse yourself in the options of the million ways to go. The object is to keep the game going for the LONGEST available time while you amass the highest scores. With ingenuity you can easily add a "my go, then your go" element and get a challenging "date night" experience out of it to move a promising new relationship or an established friendship along, by passing devices back and forth.
I love this game so much! Ads every time the game ends. I am going crazy because i love the ads so much! I am wasting so much of my time watching the ads and i love it! I love it! Don't tell me to go contact your support if you ain't doing anything. Uninstalling...
One of my favorite games, and I would give 5 stars - but I absolutely HATE the graphics update. Not sure if it's the colors or the shape of the bricks, but I am having a very hard time clearly seeing the grid.
Calming, mindless activity (vs. games with numbers or words) helps my brain wind down before sleep. Not a bunch of jingling and swooshing noises. NO COST!! No boosters or lives to buy, and relatively few, brief ads.
This game is driven by the need to earn revenue. The shorter your game, the more adverts you watch, the more money they make. The blocks do not arrive in a random way. Sometimes they will send you 9 angles in a row and then two giant cubes. Impossible to continue.
Horrible update!!! Who decided it was a good idea to update the blocks to preschool looking blocks? I hate it. I feel childish playing it, not relaxing at all like it was before. Please change the blocks back.
I REALLY DESPISE a timing glitch that's LOCKING my pieces in UNWANTED spots!!! There shud be an undo button - EVEN IF IT COST AN AD OR $! It's not the Dev's fault if the satellite hiccups - but it certainly is a FLAW in the programing to not provide proper handling! So, the next time I drop a piece in an undesirable and UNWANTED spot - guess what I'll drop next...
If you like puzzles an the older style goes like this like tetris you enjoy playing this one an I havent seen any ads. Yay!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁
Installed purely to criticise the truly terrible advert. Nobody with a 145 IQ is so terrible at understanding plurals that they would write "I am a smart successful *women*" If the gameplay is as bad as the advertisement, this will be unplayable. Uninstalling now...
Very fun game, highly recommended Reminds me of tetris only you can use more strategy and you don't have the stress of the blocks falling. Awesome game!
Best block game yet. I love the whole layout, how it scores and shows the leader board. I don't mind the ads at the end of games.
I used to play this game everyday...and then they changed the visuals...they're awful! Change them back to the original!!!!!
Man this game is really good. So similar to sudoku but only 8 blocks lol 😄. But a very good challenge to fit all the blocks in the 48 grid square allotted.
Too many ads not worth the money for full version as they are not even allowing me play for few minutes with out see the ads. How will you make the purchase if you can't even play the game peace fully for 5 min without any ads. They are allowing any time to play and litterly forcing you to make the purchase by making you see a ad after every game
The new visual is so ugly i uninstalled the app. This first bit was 2020. Funnily enough I went back to reinstall on march 31 2021 but the visual is even worse. I guess it's a blessing because I'm trying to get away from games.
Game plays just fine but the new update changing the textures and graphics just doesn't work, it's not visually appealing as before and strains my eyes due to its brightness and pale colours.
This game isn't all that awesome. You are supposed to get a daily gift so you can do extra moves to get a better score. Yeah, I haven't revieved and daily gift for months. I just deleted the game. I did send a message from the settings of the game. Nothing was done, nothing was fixed.
Ohmygod the ads. Every minute you'll get one. And they'd be willing to charge you for a ridiculous amount to get rid of the ads... temporarily. How generous. Are you kidding me?! Furious
I really enjoy the solitude that I'm able to generate while playing this game. I'm able to see other's score for a goal to pursue, yet the competition is from a setting of an old pinball machine. "There score is their as if they had left the store before right before you arrived. You can almost hear him as he is walking out the door.....I GOT THE HIGHEST SCORE!!😁 LET THE NEXT GUY BEAT THAT!😎
Loved the game before the update. New colors make it harder to see and before update I was scoring in the 600 to 1000's range now can't seem to get above the 200's. Uninstalling. 😐
I like the game it's a great mind teaser.but please look at why it just stops and I got wait for it to reload to start again, it's the same game it's takes so long to load.
Fun game, but SO MANY ADS! I also have a lot of trouble with it freezing. I'm looking for a different, similar game instead.
I love this game so much. I can't put my phone down! I'm rubbish at it but I'm addicted to trying to beat my own high score. I highly recommend this game.
I really like this game but recently it decided to download games when you try to click on the X to get out of the add. This is inexcusable....