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BLOCKPOST Mobile for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Skullcap Studios located at Kazakhstan, Kokshetau, Gorky st. 2K. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a pretty good game, but I don't like the fire button it's weird you have to push right in the middle you can't hold it down and fire if you finger not all the way on, if you can fix it then great, this game can go far if you want it to.
This game is wonderful but you can already geuse that I'm gonna suggest something So may you please add more maps and gamemodes but besides that please take the loading part off when iether going into TDM,bomb mode or snipers please take it off cause there are even times when I have to wait longer than five minute but I love this game and I've been looking for one like this one and I'm glad I came across it 💯😁👌
Played for 2 hours straight and no lag on my 1GB Ram device. Hitreg kind of sucks when using snipers - sometimes I die while I'm behind a wall in Sniper Arena. Also,I frequently run out of bullets In Sniper mode and there is no option to buy more. Please make it unlimited bullets.
This game has a potential but the sensitivity settings aren't good second the servers sooooo laggy sometimes the enemy is laggy and we cant aim at it properly and third pls add a crouch button i kinda not used to it cuz it doesn't have a crouch button and i know others wabt to have this game a crouch button.
My experience is good but not best 😓i have 1 problem and a request for aim in sniping when i didn't on scope my aim is on enemy but it goes every where but not on enemy so i request you to solve this issue and I want a battlefield like Grand battle Royale : pixel fps good game.
I will give these game ah 4star because there it's many missing weapons and mode like zombie mode and these a bug on the map it's distracting the players fix everything rong or missing on these game and I will give you ah 5star but I'm still enjoy to playing these game 👍👏👌
No matches found always even when 900+ players online , I think they made us fool , showing fake numbers because it always shows 5:4 players ready and never last players come😡
This game good but ugly stupid ads always when the game end its kind of poor game if title is Mobile its mean no ads pop and no bugs i see an bugs in the game i like sniper arena after a kill an enemy a hide on a wall to change ammo enemy is shoot and i die no reason while im hiding and 1 more bug i kill an enemy but he not die and after i shoot him the bullet come around me but why i did kill its exactly on her head. Fix it
This game is WAY beter balanced than Blockpost PC, and, IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD FUN! Yea, it's a straight copy/ 'inspiration' of CS, BUT it's GOOD. The controls are excellent, the balance is near perfect and the gameplay is nailed. 10/10 best mobile FPS I've played, just needs controller support.
I liked the game, everything in it is good, only lack of missions to complete, for example make 15 headshots and when you did it would win 100 blue money, because the matches give very little, but apart from this game is very good.
Best game ever it's like csgo and pixel gun 3D combined! But just needs a practice mode with bots plz add this!
There's only noob on this game No pro, no skins, the games are low, and it's always the damn saim thing !!
This a beautiful game it's like csgo but in mobile and blocky.pls make more shooting games in pc and put them in here on mobile plssss.i have some thing to say to u all devs I suggest to put more modes and guns and skins and player skins pls and thank u 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟
The game is pretty good... BUT, sometimes the game seems to me to be like a pay to win game, because when all those donaters (gamers who donate) kill you instantly and you see they have greatly modified weapons, it makes you angry. Also, they price of modifying your weapons is not reasonable, when you earn about 50 of those blue coins per round, and the price is 1000. And the price of cases (2500) is way too expensive, like you have to play half an hour or even an hour to collect enough coins.
A very great and awesome game but there are some things need to be fixed like 1: The player movment is too slow( u can try to make it a bit faster) 2: add battle royale mode(i mean who doesent loves battle royale right?) 3: please make the sniper shots accurate theres a huge velocity spread in them! 4: and add more maps and gamemode like deathmatch,survival mode with zombies last standing wins,and flagcapture etc 5: next add clans it will be very helpful to players 6: add double jump plssss!!!😍
It's an awesome game which is similar to standoff 2 for only under 100mb. This isn't a pay to win game and you must play this.
Please add bot mode! I am big noob Beautiful game Edit: I've made a test custom server for single player, and yes there are bots. However bots can shoot through walls from any part of map. Please fix
Has potential. If there were crouch mechanics and custom maps the game may feel a bit more complete. But God's sake PLEASE LOWER THE CASE PRICES!
Five star because is really good and fun and good graphics cool contols but can you turn it to offline please because its cool in offline sooo can you turn it to offline oh and can he report that the players are hacking.Thank's
Really good game like the other games I play but all in one like; Skins and weapon customization. You guys might need to add more stuff in the game like: friend list, new game modes, and everytime you level up you earn gold.
OMG THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!! I LOVE IT!!! IM NOT KIDDING!, but theres a problem 1.this game was kinda laggy. I have great internet connection. But its fine 2. Please fix that if im trying to use the grenade and pistol. I cant get it to use cuz it kinda stuck at knife and rifle. Thats only my problems. This game is so fun! I just downloaded it so first gameplay is so good! I wish u could fix this issue
Easy to kill controls are little okay but sometimes when I fire it keeps firing automatically which could be bug. Other than that game is awesome I prefer to play games where I don't have to shoot 100 bullets to kill my enemy. It would be awesome if clan and leaderboard was added I'm a competetive player haha. Also W/L ratio :) Also please make guns upgrade a little easier because it takes forever.
Graphics is good control is good but the matching isnt. I just started but get into the match with pro players, got 1 shot & died instantly. Tried 2 matches, uninstalled. I wish I could play longer.
The game is good and I really liked it and also its kinda like the pc version of it but it would be better if you developers add asia servers because me as an asian, I cannot play the game smoothly because of high ping/ms so please add an asia servers.
Everything is great at the game so far. Here are some suggestions: *Add Asia Server *Make the Jump a little Higher and a little bit slower to fall *Make the Grenades/Smoke/Flash can be Hold before Throwing *The Movement is slow please make it a little faster. *Add Crouch *Do something so that the Bomb Mode will have more Players Playing it. *Add FFA Game mode *Add Daily Missions
So it is like, one of the good games ive played. The map are good, gamemodes are pretty cool, but the sprint need a little bit faster in my opinion. Also i found some hackers, so i suggest you put report player option and an add friend option to the game, that would be amazing. Thank you.
This is wonderful and has a lot of potential. Of there was a ranking system the game would be the best. Add a battle royal and more guns especially snipers
This game is awesome ,but add some more cool mods and make it able to add friends Please solve this issue .
Awesome,but plz decrease the cost of crate 2500 !!! should play 200 matches or more to collect those so fix it its only prblm i faced
I love the game im being looking for a great game like csgo and its like csgo+minecraft great but can you please at bots
It's the best fps game but can you please add camos and a new mode called gungame which is when you get a kill you get a new gun or add capture the flag which is get the enemy flag while defending your team's flag.Its the best game i've ever played.the controls,gameplay,graphics are really good I recommend you install this game:edit can you guys add iron sights so you dont have to buy attachments
It's a great game the reason I'm giving it four star is plz add clans and add some more modes and guns and increase the coins per match also make TDM players up to 6 or 7 but keep it up.
Good game.. But add more modes. Like compitive and gun game.. And add more maps like dust2, Mirage, inferrno, train, cach, Overpass, nuke.. Like Cs go please
Always error.. Damage taken by me is not recorded... Also most of the time my fire button doesn't work.. worst game experience for me
Very nice game but can you add offline mode please i hate online games can you please add OFFLINE MODE please its nice but it sucks at internet why do you make it online??? Its just waste to my device if its online...Please update into offline mode
Would want more servers, gun skins, better weapon switch button. Crouch button, better maps, more in depth settings. Better settings screen. Better rewards. Add a social section in the game, in game friends, cheaper cases. So far game is enjoyable. Just annoyed kdr is affected when playing with bots. More sniper only maps. More weapons
просед кадров на любой карте, если смотреть в сторону респавна противников, устройство среднее, а лаги как будто играю на калькуляторе
Awesome game! Please add more features and maps and modes, and also clans and friends mode, Competitive Match to get ranks, Unique colored names for each skill (Skilled, Master) I expect more in the game, and its hella fun! Please keep the spirit up ;-)
You should make it so you can sprint and crouch. Make the attachments cheaper and you should get more coins in a macth. Itll take forever to get a attachment because it costs 1000. Also you should add it so you can play cross platform with pc friends on mobile it would be super fun. Make it so you can have higher fov the guns are way to close. Make it so you can slide that would be cool. Also if you add crouch, you should add regeneration. So you can take cover.
Great game but please add some new maps and guns to make it great i will give five star on it if you new map,gun,player skin
I like the game very much ,I will give the other star also If u could introduce ranked system and also also make only the guns graphics better and also introduce valorant like skins like the last one has kill effect..other than that the game is too op
After becoming #29 in the world my game started error. Every time I enter a match I keep dying every 8th second even if I stay at the same place. When I die I fall down from the sky. I was so addicted to this game.
The only problem with the game is for coins you have to buy them which is annoying. Please fix this problem, overall the game is great.👍
So, first of all i have never been addicted to any game but yes i have been addicted to youtube for a very long time but when i downloaded this game i was blown and now i am really addicted to this game. I gave it a 4 star because when you go to buy a case it is too expensive it is like 2500 so please make it of 500. Even 500 is a little bit hard but it is ok But 2500 is just too hard. So deloper you did a great job but get the cases money to 500 or something.
Thia game is a really fun game, it has beautiful blocky graphics, fun gun mechanics, controls are good, good ui, and an amazing selection of guns. There is a problem though, the scoping down sensitivity is a bit flimsy and fast even when you change it so i fing myself not using a scoped weapon or just not using the scope. All in all its really fun though. Edit also please increase coins per match please its maybe by 50 or 75 coins.
Good but not great. First of all add player barriers between spawns to prevent spawn killing. It ruins the gameplay. Second daily rewards. Third, please add a feature to kick a player and report players that are hacking.
This game is good as hell dude keep it up but uh 1 thing please increase the coin given every game Ive been grinding all night for an attachment and I got one the game is good specifically if you have a bad phone but my only problem is the coin given at least make it to 200-300 radius everygame or just straight up 100-150 I'm already down to grind a lot if the coins givens is higher and BTW add more gun
It's a good game but the problem is prime status have other attachments so pls kick prime status or add a few more guns, attachments,
Not good, controls are kinda weak. And I hate most is its always says not connected, my internet is strong but I can't connect to play then sometimes I can play but Its always says not connected
This is a really really good game! The guns really shoot to were i aim at regardles of if im walking or standing still unlike standoff 2 and critical ops. Im injoying it alot.
Very awesome and well planned, everythings is all cool and awesome, I enjoyed the game, especially the sniper mode, wish you made many games in the future
This is the best pixel game i have ever played Nice grapichs But i always enter late in a match please regulate the matchmaking And add other modes like Zombie Deathmatch (single) Catpure the flag And many more
This game is amazing . We can play online with friends or public as given by game but I rate it 4 stars because we can't play offline . If there is no player in chosen lobby there are bots and I don't like bots they are seriously commanded by the game maker
Look this game is amazing!!! Thx for the new bomb mode map i really love it but lately i have been glitchie for example i would tap team death match and it would say not conected but mabye its my phone but ..... THIS GAME IS A MUST TRY ITS FUN *apart from times people dont listen*BUT ITS STILL A MUST DOWNLOAD !!!!!!!!!!
This game is not fair whenever i join a server i get to the lowest team i mean points. Its also a good game .but i never get somethig i mean i have no upgrade in this game
Most best 5v5 pixel shooting game and it's affordable storage it's just 57mb can't say anything it's so cool plus live chat I can make my own server too but the running is so slow so I suggest in the update to be kinda faster a little bit, but all in all 100/100
Here's my review: it has cool map designs and the gamemodes are fun to play but could've been cool if there was more. the RU server is really active but not in EU and BR. the cases or buying things for your gun is too expensive like magazines, muzzles, etc. like there's no daily or quests to complete to get more coins. Toxic community on EU server. Sometimes I can't hit the enemy when they lagging for some reason, same as aiming a sniper. it's annoying when the game ends and it kicks me off.
This game is okay but why didn't have the system of reporting players and our rank? I tell this because I started to enjoy this game.....
yeah it's said sometimes not connected but our internet was strong and the other guy right make it offline cuz it's fun and the graphics was super 😎 so can you make it offline plssssss so if there's no power out at least you can play this game
I am giving it 3 stars because it's good and very interesting game. But the Cases like fragile case and new year case are so expensive because we get maximum 70 coins in one round so this takes 3 weeks to unlock 1 case because it costs 2500. Please decrease the cost of cases to a affordable amount!
Game is very very good but the problem is when I kill other person from my back other person start killing me and I kill the 1st person but I cant kill that person who stays in my back what should I do pls write in message pls and one more thing someone was telling that in sniper arena round there are more levels is it true then tell me ok?
I played the PC (Steam) version earlier, and the mobile version is just amazing as the pc one!!! good game
I like the game i understand the problem that i see because its on development. I noticed that that awp damage is to low, you have to shot them twice to kill them, the character moves slow, it doesn't have crouch button. I like the game its similar to standoff that's why i like it. Btw keep it up guys i know your'e working really hard for the game. Don't mind those guys that saying the game sucks. They're idiots who don't understand the word BETA.
I like it but the bug thats what I don't like and the auto registration the one that you can customise your name it takes so long to doit but good game
Its a great shooting game however I feel like there should be a few more maps in snipe arena because to me I can only play in Two. One other thing though the reloading can maybe be a bit shorter and when you've completely ran out of ammo (so you can't reload) your forced to die.
Bad game you need too pay to get a single case. Why you may ask beacuse I only got only 144 of those in 4 games.. I only got rewarded twice out of those game... Please increase the coins you receive man this game is pay to win you litterally need 2500 coins just to get a single case it's bad dont download it it's a trashy game that wants you to pay to get a single case...bad game and also you need to get 1000 coins just to get a single modifier (I think) for a weapon....trash game dont download
Wow the game is very smooth and thers no lag spike even if im in my laggy tabblet the game is awsome but i like the ragdolls if you killed somebody this is why I rate it 5
This is the game that I was looking for. I gave it 4 because I should say that there are many things missing in it like you should add friend requests, lobby, more skins, guns, make the cases cheaper, give more blue coins like 100 or 200,a place where we were able to do tasks and get gold coins, third person prespective and a battle Royale mode. I would advice them to make the game like csgo but in pixels. Please read this because I do play the game a lot. Shubham chaudhary The player
I would love that you developers add these: Button layout - scope button (for every weapon), crouch (crouch), prone (lie down) lean (right and left lean button, seperate button for right and left). Game modes - different types of maps and game modes. New weapons - RPG & more (I don't know any more). A heads up or notification on the top of the screen saying kill, double kill, triple kill, headshot, double headshot, and triple, knife kill and bomb kill 🙏
Good game with high potential but there are bugs which is understandable. One bug in particular which is annoying is that attachments I have bought dont show up on my weapon.
The thing I really like is that it is a small and fun game to play with friend during free time . It is really addictive game
Takes a long time to get coins, and the default scope for SG and AUG (Acog 4x) is inaccessible after buying a different scope. Also gun skins are unemovable.
Awesome game loved everything but sometimes the game freezes itself and I have to restart it.Overall it is awesome.
Ive had it a few days really enjoy the sniper mode, but in the other modes snipers seem rather weak 2 shot head shot is kinda trash. More skins would be nice, and when i move sometimes my players doesnt which resualts in a death i shouldnt have, and while on this topic i am dying behind walls all the time and its not my internet that needs a fix asap pls other than that good game
The game nice but as of now from yesterday I am facing ping issue and the game is lagging so much that I cannot play. My internet is stable still this issue please look into it ASAP.
Skullcap Studios , this game is the best low end device capable , min. memory use , min. battery use and overall gameplay is smooth and competitive. I know that the game is still in beta so i wish for u guys to see this , since i've been over competitive in this game ,i suggest a ranking system every level , guilds/clans(for clan wars) , tournament where 5+ k/d ratio can join where all of the pro players fights:)(this would be super cool) , and last but not the least is new gamemodes namely capture the flag,clan wars,tournament,quick match(automatic and random gm pick),and elimination...thanks skullcap studios for creating this game , i enjoyed this a lot so feel free to accept my suggestions:)))))))btw , as soon as possible if my suggestion were accepted , i'll creqte a ytchannel and earn views and promote this game<33333
Best thing is its graphics, but a lot is missing, no instructions or info on game modes, no background music(not really a problem) ,no friends list, the shop is confusing to use and pls add more maps and modes ,and all these detail then its perfect,
The automatic weapons have a way too high damage output in a single bullet. Other than that, amazing game. Oh yea, there's only 1 shotgun, ya need more. (I'm a person who loves shotguns in games especially full auto [AA12s pretty much] and double barreled shotguns). You should be able to either exchange dupes (duplicate weapon skins) for currency or just have the skins you've already gotten removed from the case's wheel.
I love this game But one thing is that When we have to buy a case it costs so high please Decrease the cost of Cases. Please add more maps and modes Also make maps big.
The game is nice but the game shop is so expensive u need to spend real money and Its laggy and so hard to level up. I played it So many time but Its so slow to level and earn.
This game is fun with 3D weapons but the problem is the Kevlar vest is not Prtective, The main menu Is glitching, The blue coin is low, the Shotgun is Weak.pistols is weak too jump is low. The sprint is Walk and weapon selection is hard to use. Thats Buy menu thats not weapon selection in Real Game
Best PvP game under100mb! I am not lying but developers should add new guns,maps and modes. Servers need to be better and plz make attachments cheaper and most awaited thing is, in game friends I am telling you should add in game friends and make servers better or add new servers.
The game 🎮 is good but I want you the developers to add crouching, scoping guns even if the don't have a scope, add leaning and add smgs and more shotguns and snipers and alot more maps on sniper arena and bomb mode and make the maps big plus you should put bomb sights were the person can plant the bomb and add more rounds to win in bomb mode keep up the good work🤘💪 plus add you can buy knifes like karambit,gutknife and butterfly knife even if you don't have the skin for them
Overall a great game. I like this more than Pixel Strike 3D, as this game's TTK is much shorter and guns feel more powerful. It would be amazing if you can tone down the costs of attachments.
Like the game, but please add a option which stores your weapons. And when i buy two guns it drops on the ground. Please fix this
Game is fun but it takes forever to get gun attachments also too many bots online, it was fun for a while but no longer interested.