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Blockman Go for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wow I'm speechless (actually not) now I'm not speechless as u can say this is jst like Minecraft just that it's not like it's a open world (probably) but I gotta say this that this game is out of limits can make friend play with them and all other things but most of all from all the games in blockman go I like WWE school and bed wars and egg wars and then oh my gosh I m almost reaching 500 words but really u guys deserve this ( I'm saying it to u, u blockman go creator) really I like ur work 500
I would have rate it 6+ stars but it dont have enough. I love this game so much!! This game is so fun and specially i love playing bedwars! Specially with my friends! But I want you all to improve a problem. In bedwars. I can't play doubles with my friends. It don't have any option or feature. I really want to play doubles with my bro. So I request y'all to add something so that i can play doubles with my friends! Thanks !
As well there is a bug...In build and shoot , whenever I open a chest by mistaken I open the gcubes buying area so,I know its my mistake but...! Fix this also...There'r chest in build and shoot as weekly chests Whenever I open them....It gives me reward but...I never got any reward from them....
This game is so fun! SkyBlock ,Bed Wars are very well made. I play it for like 6 months now and huge progress! I put this game on my top list. Basically because it has lots of games to play , chances of toxic people are reduced , and how there are no bugs occuring or crashes in the game. I like this game so much and Thanks for reading!
It is a very good but in skyblock Items to be added: Trapdoors, chickens,cows,sheep horse,dogs,laterns,bamboo,fish- includes all fish in minecraft Papers,books,lecterns- for reading books.all players must be able to read from other players books, redstone,pistons,sticky pistons,observers, daylight decoder -all redstone stuff
This is a really fun game obviously like when the BEDWARS update first came e I was like... What the hell this is so cool and overal it's just great all the developers really worked hard for this. It's like soooo soo good like when I first wanted to play BEDWARS I was like eh.. Let's just let it go cuz I couldn't download Minecraft to play BEDWARS but when I searched it up on play store I was like there is this game! And I can play BEDWARS in it for free I was really amazed.
This game is great!!!! But I have a problem, when I try to join a game or server, the game crashes and I get kicked out of the app. I do not know if this is my phone's or your games problem. My phone is a Samsung 6 Galaxy Edge. If u could fix this I would be able to play the game in my phone again. Overall its a great game.
First I give it 5 star then 4 star for some bugs now again 5 star because the developer fixed the bugs that I have problem thankx to developers to fix the bugs I will recommend you guys to download this game this game is really awesome I play it almost 3 hours coz this game is the best game that I have played better than pubg so install it it's best game ever play it ,thanx.
Is a teeny tiny bug in the game I don't know no if that's even a bug or no here is it when I play the games in like a 1 minute or two minute just disconnect to me me from the server and already my internet is good the game will be good if it can run without internet I'll be so appreciated also I really like the functions of it I like the way the prize of those gold so stay safe and happy Halloween :D
When I realised I started blockman go I didn't care if I looked ugly, like seriously 8 didn't change it until 1 year.. It was cute I couldn't help it so I changed the outfit and the face! Tysm for making this game I love it. Hope your reading this! Have a good day :) I've been playing this for 3-2 years now :D
Love this game it's super fun it has all the games made by u so I dont haft to get every one of them and it holds less space then just on game And I gave five star(: star but every time I log in my sis is my friend but it said we're not and we can chat and so everything but we can't join a game together so plz try to see if u can fix that thx for the game😊.
I love it! It isn't glichy and I love Playing with my friend stabby kid. He is the reason I rated this game 4 star's. The reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is that it isn't as fun without a friend.
The gameplay is good, the graphics are good, everything is good, but there's one thing missing. THE REPORT BUTTON. That keeps us players from having the peaceful and best experience. PLEASE ADD THE REPORT BUTTON SOMEWHERE. I swear it will totally make a big difference in this game. And please fix the grammar as well so we can have a better gaming experience. Thank you for reading.
This game is so good but the game gets deleted by it self I don't understand so pls fix it otherwise I love this app so much and you can play with friends and even join clan and get stuff and Free pls download and pls make more map with the normal it make the game boring you just play in it I want so that we play on new Maps like the crimas and pls less the cost of the helmets after the some days it's a request
The game is so amazing it's a game with games inside I especially love skywars and the game is related to roblox and it's even better !! Easier and mostly I adore the graphics and controlls this is a very wonderful app although there was some bugs but since your update you fixed them like there they never existed that's what I adore about the game 😀 the game is awesome !!!! Cool nice game
This game is the best that I ever seen I have nice friends and nice games to play I really love playing it And everyone need to try it and the reason alot of people didnt give 5 star is because it's lagging and a bit bugs in the game But for me It's the best game ever exist It's like the Roblox and Minecraft but free version I like this game alot!
Amazing game but it just randomly kicks me out sometimes but i don't care about that but what i hate about it is i load up a game and it took so long to load one game and sometimes it stops on 90 to 99 when loading up and like whats amazing about it is even tho my phone is gonna be broken it works so good.i want new people or noob and pro people to get gcubes because some of them work so hard to get free gcubes like me. I like how i and other people can invite friends in multiplayer games.
From 5 stars, to 4 stars and back to 5 stars again. I must say that developers made a really great job on making this game. The ads are in their right places, and the quality of each game is fine. Some games, like Sky Block, may have bugs that need to be fix. Bed wars, it's not the same as before, but it's really cool since you could exchange the horns with keys. Overall, 5 stars, and I recommend it to people who wants to download games.
This game was fun....but can u fix the chat to small letters it's really uncomfortable...the games are so fun I played this for 4 years now pls fix the bed wars yellow team when they buy gold armor it just looks like they don't have armor five star for this game it's fun I guess..
I think the game inside this game are great but the only problem is that we always have to update the game. So Pls don't constantly put upgrades just do it from time to time. 😅☺. I love all the games but skyblock kinda have a problem, its like whenever we teleport to another place then teleport back home. Our world will be lag/crash/have holes in our world. Pls fix this if could thank you!
This Game is super great I really recommend this to minecraft mcpe guys that doesn't know how to sign in Xbox but there's a thing that you can't watch ads for double keys or anything even if it says watch ads for blues or for super tycoon heroes plz fix that problem
I originally played a lot of Minecraft Bedwars and my friend told me about this game. IT IS AMAZING! Whenever I am away from my PC I love playing Bedwars on this!!!!! The perfect Mobile Game Experience. (Just one thing though, please FIX THE GRAMMAR. Thanks)
Nice game, its realy fun but it needs more improvements. The music in bedwars before sounds better than the new version of the music, if you dont mind i will like to change that music. And in bedwars i would like to add a gamemode called practice mode were all the players are bots, and that would be very helpful. Other than that its a nice game 😄 i hope you make this changes (:
This game is excellent. I've been having second thoughts on which apps am I playing, Roblox or Minecraft. Luckily, this made it happen. Requests: Add more players available for the party, add more minigames everyone creates and plss, can you have some lists of games in the top-right corner so we can play our fave games without hustling finding them in the main list? Plsss😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It's the best game in the whole world because my fav games are anime simulator, bed wars, and sky wars. You should buy this game it's the best whoever made blockman is the best person in the whole wide world. Also you people should be careful because it's corona virus people WASH...YOUR...HANDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSS
okay, Hii this is a fun app but I really hope they would make it more fun then it is and update all the other Games In BlockManGo, but I really in joy the game, I made friends actually a lot but I made real friends, if you're reading this review say a yes or a no I hope you agree with me some way or so and I'll see you BlockManGo. ▼・ᴥ・▼
This game is really best and soo good. There have a lot of mod that we all can play with people and friend i give it five for this game the one that create this games This games should update and put a lot of other mod you know like new mod or something i don't know but hey update it for new mod and new games everybody love minecraft and me too.Put a new games for moor fun and games for kid,family,friend,boyfriend,girlfriend and the holl world can play soo.....can you please update😊😊😊😊bye.
I love this app but it has a lot of bugs i cant log in in my acc and i cant play games bec needs to be updated but theres no update and i got always disconected in the party its was fine at the first time but now nope ty :( pls fixed the bugs that all i wish and want and nope my WIFI is fine im the only one who use it here
This is the best game on mobile I have ever seen, It has survival games, quick games, hide n seek, bed wars, skyblock, mini town game n much more, this is known as a real game. I'm a girl I like some adventure game but When I search adventure games in play store, it shows up so hard games like pubg, COD, free fire n some realistic adventure games which is hard to play but this game is so easy to play n the best feature is that we can also chat with Friends make clan.
Ita pay to win and things are expesive heck it will take you a moth to get somthing you would like the only things thats not bad is the coins this uptade you cant get anything good the max you can make if you dont pay to win is 175 this hawaleen event if you have the cubes for it and the new game what? The sea servival it dosent load for me its just a blue screen and music. This game no longer fun. And i play on android i dont no if i have a bad fone or its somthing up with the app pls help.
This is 5 and a half for me there really is no problem but the game jailbreak needs to add ads so we can regain our stuff pretty frustrating when u buy things then u loose it please add ads!
Am.... Bug is that user data timed out i not know why my everything in skyblock) : is gone? Why but its bug coming on all acc i play i make new in that also i start it 2nd time and user data times out reenter wt? Very bad i hope you fix(:
This game is epic i like this game so much and bedwars is best but i have two problems why cant i mix two runes example: LVL1 + LVL1 = LVL2 pls add this i have to grind a alot of leaching i spended almost 1000 keys on leaching and second problem why we can get gcubes by money only pls add gcubes in the horn event so that we can get gcubes
It's good you can play with your team and friends and you can join a group with your friends and play but it's so much harder if your lag cause of the update so you to be careful about that
Good app but in build and shoot get rid of jetpacks and invisibility devices. It makes the game unfair and annoying to play. And also the game is almost pay to win and barely any of it is free. You have to spend a crazy amount of money for a FRAME around your picture and more. This will result in you losing players in the game. I wish to hear a response to this issue and that it is changed.
I downloaded this again to see my clans and my old friends, one of my friend cried. This is nostalgic. Last time i played with my friends is at March 2020, this aged so well. I also missed the old bed wars where there are no bots, its just so fun.
I give 4 stars because you should update other minigames like egg wars or building and shooting and there is a lot of bugs in this game so fix it all but I love this game and sometimes I don't get an update. Also, the game is pay to win for some cool items, but it's not fair for the reich players, so pls return bcubes
This game so good but the only thing I don't like in this game is bedwars cause the armour looks weird and the swords as well . But apart from that it is a good game and people target people so much our bed gets destroyed in seconds and it's not fair cause we don't have time to defend the bed cause people have already been broke our beds. My favoroute game on their is skyblock bedcause u can involve it to get bigger and u can do alot more on one game its. I have played now for 2 yrs now lol
I really love it And I have a problem can you fix the lag cause everyone I play I got lagging even tho my WiFi is fine pls fix it I will rate a 5 star :) stay safe!
Marvelous game! I love this game so much. It made me more happy by adding the game anime simulator. But one think is that we need to pay for the gcubes. I think you should give atleast 100 gcubes to every player. But you can also give gcubes by doing tasks. Do this and I will definitely give 5 stars for it
It's very good, I played it but when I opened it up for the second time to play again. I went to play a game but it stopped loading and just wouldn't move. I also couldn't join my brothers game and so couldn't play together! I checked the wifi but it was okay, MY BROTHERS WAS WORKING BUT MINE WASN'T! I uninstalled it and now I'm installing it again. I hope it works. I also tried restarting the device but still wouldn't work.
This is the best game ever. It is always up to date they make new games the developers also fix the bugs but however there is just one thing there are gcubes in the game and you need to pay money to get it so they make a gcubes event and pick the winner but to join you must be bgtuber which means you have to have a YouTube channel that you play blockman go. But otherwise this game gets a 5 star.
It is a good game. The graphics are amazing. In my opinion, you should also download it. But, people can cheat using gcubes and the opponent of the person who has gcubes would it have fun just because his opponent was duplicating stuff. So I would like that blockman go would change and make it so that gcubes are only used for things like your skin and stuff:-)
The best app ever! I can install roblox for free but the controls are annoying! But here nothing bad just enjoy. I love this app. Please add more games. I would realy appreciate it. Please!But sometimes it lagges but not too much. I am still much much happy to meet the youtubers new and good friends and much more!!! So install this fully free app! And thanks for the new UPDATE. I wanna get free gcubes but i dont know how!? Pls help us get some. Sorry for 4 stars but this is the only and big reason
I had so much fun playing this game😀😀I mostly like the creation of new and copy games they 😶 but even though people should try it out as you learn slot from this. Even though I enjoy playing this they are lot Items that you need is mostly gcubes required and I don't really like that as most players can't buy it and sets them I hope you might change it.
There's no better rating I can give to Blockman go except for 5 stars. It's not the best game ever but it is awesome. The only thing i have against Blockman go is that there are a lot of hackers in bedwars now. They make the game not fun even if you beat them and they annoy a lot. Same goes for scanmers. Please ban someone who is suspected of hacking to make it nice for others to play fair.
Its so fun i like the games like bedwars,Skyvlock,jail break. and also it have many mode in one game like bedwars There is glitch and lag and bug.But im okay with that i have internet connection.I trying to invastigate if N.U.L.L is real.so i go to random places and secret places.I love this game Its fun and Bugy and NULLy.i saw so many people talk about null.but if you say its true .You are wrong. Its False.Because Every Update The ADMIN Fixed the errors and NULL and BUGs.end of introduction:V
Awesome! I LOVE IT! If you are reading the replies to see if you want to download or if it is safe, Yes to both! Kinda like roblox were there are lots of games to choose from, But semi-minecraft style. There is skywars, bedwars, skyblock, etc. Five stars!
This game is very intersting I have not peoblem in this but you can see that they are all that game that is discovered by blockman go so this is like because we can play any game of your playcompany I like this because in this one I see all games of your playcompany now I am also playing and my favourite games is bed wars,vice city,realm city and sky block no I am not saying that I am not liking another games I am also liking all but my favourite games is this I am rating 3 stars in graphics
The problem in Vice city(new game)is that the police kept handcuffing us,and i have to go to jail more than ten times! I need a new update where the police can only use one and wait for 30 second till they can handcuff again or have limited amount of hand cuffs.And i dont like where they attack our place and attack us,which is annoying.
Yah i like the game but please add some graphics quality (low, medium,high). I play this game over yrs and there are some changes like the gcubes(gold cubes) are added in the game and the bcubes(blue cubes) are now like trash. Bedwars is a pretty good game but its not fair when other players have op swords its just like pay to win
Love it. In this I just love bedwars cuz in bedwars I am a little bit nice. But the older version was better. If we add the older swords, fireballs and wool then the Blockman Go Bedwars Will be Superlly Amazing(I miss the old Diamond Sword) 💎. I just hate the thing that we can't get gcubes free, I tried 999999 Times but it never happened!!!
This i Epic. I finally can play bedwars but not in real mincraft. I love the texture and the graphics, But the wool brake too long without shears. The normal mincraft do not need shear for the wool. The woll brake more faster in normal minecraft. But its ok 💕
This game is awesome. Except its 4 stars. Please fix your chat because its always on caps. That looks like your mad at everyone everytime you chat. For those who can't afford Minecraft this is one of the best closest Minecraft rip-offs, anyways this game is good!
All of the games are fun some games can be diffrent from their looks but the rest is like so good I give this a five star because a few weeks ago I lost my account and until my brother knows the password but we couldn't get in and this game is like roblox all of the games is so fun but u should add like a report button or something like bully exploit onlinedate or something
I've been playing still playing on 2021,It's a good app :D you can design your character and others btw its boring on night when you play I'm boring but in day Im not boring still playing I'm kind guy on skyblock but not sometimes btw that's all! :D.
It is really good i recommend this game if u are wanting a free game which is the best! Also in bedwars i would like a feature that when u kill someone u get all their stuff or items rather than just all dropped in the ground for anyone to take
This game is AWESOME! Before knowing Minecraft, I fell in LOVE with this game. I played this 24/7 and I couldn't stop playing. Everything that is on this app is fine, I just wanted to say that keep making more updates that will make people happy like me!
Love the game! Just idk how but now I can't play skyblock (A.K.A my favorite game in the app) please fix this. Besides that, the games amazing! But also maybe update skyblock? It's really fun and if there are more updates it'll make it A LOT more interesting! 😊
This is basically a Minecraft rip-off. The original game is WAY better than this. If you want the real game, search Minecraft by Mojang and don't play this ripoff. Minecraft has everything this has but more smooth. So dont play cheap knock-offs.
There's no better rating I can give to Blockman go except for 5 stars. It's not the best game ever but it is awesome. The only thing i have against Blockman go is that there are a lot of hackers in bedwars now. They make the game not fun even if you beat them and they annoy a lot. Same goes for scammers. Please ban someone who is suspected of hacking to make it nice for others to play fair.
It's not the best game but it'll manage it's not really like Minecraft or any other game there's alot of things that should not have been said in the chat hacks are a really big problem and the ads in the middle of the screen when I'm playing like this app could be better with alot more improvements.
This Game is Better Than Any other Games I like the Developers Adding more things (like Horns,Pets,more Emotes and Dances,etc) Fix:Lag. Tips(that the Developers can Make):put Private Chat for Team(so the team can plan something or else the other Teams see the Chat), Put the New Texture Pack and SpeedBridging in other Minigames just like you put in BedWars other wise I fall when I Bridge in EggWars , give the New Players like 100 GCubes so it would be a little Fair Over all its a really good game
You guys might not know but.... BLOCKMAN GO IS IN 3rd IN GROSSING THE ARCADE!!!!(in 2020)but I have one issue It is that everytime I follow a player,it's saying player left the game then I reload bg and I press follow,it's still saying player left the game please fix this
I rate this 5 stars because it has a good premise. A game like minecraft but with a roblox style of playing. Its smart but there is one problem. Gcubes. I like it but i think they should be taken out as a item that can be used to gain a unfair advantage. And in the case of why people get it, i think it should be used JUST for cosmetics, like how fortnite does it. Vbucks are just for cosmetics. And i think Gcubes should just be for cosmetics.
This game is fantastic. In this game I play only bed wars and build and shoot, because other games I can't understand. But I still like this game . And in this game the clothes are nice, it has superhero costumes also. And I bought Spiderman costume.
Omg this is such a awesome game 😍. I liked seeing bed wars videos on youtube and also wanted to play so I got this game recommended by my friend . And it is like playing in Nether games . The best thing that all are mobile players which u can't get in Nether games so all are equal . 👍. I seriously want to rate this game 100 stars but I can't . I u also can't download Minecraft but want to experience Hypixel then this game is for u .
It's so amazing. Like seriously, when j go to YouTube the best editing (atleast for me) Are by Blockman go Tuber or BGTubers. It's so amazing. Like it's a better version of minecraft. Keep up the good work!👍
This is a very good app. There are many games in just 1 game. Not only that but we can even see the same games in the playstore. We can customise our character any way and can multiplayer with friends. Blockman go contains games which are good for kids. Like action games, crafting games and so on.
It is a great game but one problem when we play egg wars it sometimes lags and makes me fall when coming up or down a block bridge.
I love the graphics so much espesially the games and there is also less ads.And j hope you would also somehlw upgrade it.Those are the reasons why i gave 5 start to this game😁
It's great! But I have a bit of a problem, when I play with friends, I start the game but it just keeps loading on my screen, and would not start for me but my friends could. Another problem I experienced is that when I chat, all I type is capitals letters. It's great though, nobody minds about that. And would really recommend to play this game with your friends.
This is the second best game i everd played it is awsome but i have one problem there is a low chance to get leeching in bedwars or flame and it is hard against leeching people and flame people I hate them anyway this is a very good game :-) and also dont let people tell you that people will buy you something but the scamm and take your accounts.These people are hackers
It's so fun it's like roblox and but the same minecarft there so many Fun games 😀😁 I gave it 3 stars because ppl have like have op things and there needs to be more games and flame should not be in any game it's UNFAIR and I hope this was helpful and its a bit pay to win and there are too many PvP games
This game is horrible. Its completely pay to win. And no split controls. And glitchy. Playing bedwars is horrible. Your team will have a 99% chance of being retarded. Not many enchants power ups and stuff. Not much content. 75% pay to win. I mean why not just give ads after games? Not fun. Just a ripoff of roblox combined with minecraft. I mean. Kids are pretty good and all. But many AFK and just not know how to play. There should be levels in bedwars. So that its fair.
I lovvvvvvve this game because you don't have to get every game seprot and it is so much more fun then you beging the games seprot so that is me expansion. This is my review my sis want to tel you so think to . Hi this game is the best I love this game so much it is shooooo much fun. I shed know that because I play this game every day of the week . We bother love this game sooooo sooooo sooooo much I don't know how to explain how much I really love this game . So plas dounlode this game. the
Ill give it 5 stars, now, what is good about BlockManGo is that its free and isnt to similar to Minecraft, but hey! Its still a good game, you can play with other people, make friends and alot more! Though, I hate how when you chat and its always caps, I also hate how I am usually playing with bots, other than that, this game deserves 5 stars. Sorry if I have any grammar or/and spelling mistakes! Have a great day/afternoon/evening.
I really love this game 😍. So nice massive mini games you can team up your friends and it can make private party for fun. And also im exited for the new event Halloween 💀 event 🙌.i wish there's more thing will added on Skyblock like in BUILD AT SEA. I wish there's a new blocks new furniture and more new weapon and armor in Skyblock to make that game more cooler than old Skyblock. :)
The Game is cool but there is something that i need or all players need in bedwars It needs life steel rune Effects: do damage wither damage for 13 seconds and the more the levels the stronger and you can gain health of the other player and the player will be frozen for 13 seconds to
I rated 5 stars because i think its a very good and fun game. There are many things you can do in it. The best feature is that you can talk to real players all around the worlds with just clicking a button or adding them. Playing hero tycoon is my favourite game and bedwars. Its all really fun for me.i can also change my clothing whenever i like to. And there are many differnet games too
I have been playing this game since 2015 and i stopped playing it in 2017 when i came back the game was really good and they have improved alot during those years i hop that blockman go will keep updating and adding new games in there game.
Good Very good game this game has many games inside it and everytime brings new and updated games . Like bed wars ,egg wars and every running and building games.
this is one of my favorite games! i play this almost everyday! the games are pretty fun and made very good. my problem is with bedwars is that i lag a little at the beginning of the game.. welp it okay. I also love the events! They are fun to do and i love getting vip+ for free! I dont have many problems with the game. I just dont really like the community.. its kinda toxic. When you top up gcubes, it gives you free accesories for your avatar and free bcubes! i love that. This is the best game!
THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING because of number (1) you get to play amazing games like bedwars (2) you can create your own avatar (3) you can make friends in this game (4) you get to play with your friends and lastly number (5) you get to make your own profile SO THATS WHY I RECOMMEND YOU THIS AWESOME OR AMAZING GAME, BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU STILL HAVE SPACE OR IF YOU STILL CAN
I LOVE THE GAME, there is so many kind players, who will give you gold block on skyblock, i love it very much even tough there is a few bugs that needed to be changed, but nevermind atleast i ENJOYED the game very much, Thank you BMGO Creators, for making such a wonderful game, hoping you blockman go TO HAVE THE MOST [ADDICTIVE GAME]
I really love this game. I have been playing it for over a year now and it is one of the best games I have ever played. I have a tip for the developers though: Please allow the players to create a party for the solo and duo Bed Wars as well. Also a private game if they have VIP of course. Right now we are only able to send a party invite for the 4vs4vs4vs4 Bed Wars. That is one small thing I would like to suggest. Other than that, this game is fantastic.
Your game is ugly because when ive downloaded and opened the app, i cannot get in it leave a black screen also in lucky block if you die and your teammate win you lose in speactate mode
Good game, but i have some problems No.1: TNT Tag: I always play on the same map, so plz fix this. No.2: Add more events. The more events there will be, it will be more fun to play this game. No.3: Add more emotes (the one which only costs ₹99 like floss,hype,orange justice etc.) No.4: BedWars:Add chain armour, it will be more fun to play, and some shears skin.
OK, I am just going to say, after Minecraft, this is the best game on Google play store. There is Bedwars, Eggwars, Skywars, Skyblock, Jailbreak, and sooo much more. The reason I am taking a star off is because as time goes on, the developers are making it a pay to win game. It's come to a point where if you want to buy a custom name color, you have to buy 50,000 Gcubes, which is about $600 USD. And to buy a cool frame around your profile picture, it costs $1,500. Other than that, it's very fun!
Its a very fun game me and my freinds play it alot but the only issue is that Gcubes are very expensive and i liked the early version better in bedwars and also their should not be flame swords or leaching because it just makes the game unfair other wise the game is very fun
Best experience i have this as a spare phone I installed bg on it I play bg since early days of 2017 when it wasn't really that cool with like skyblock and all the epic pets of Bedwas and that it wasn't that much but was a big lover of the game in the way it was because of constant updates new games new events new challenges celebration I play it since 8 I now I am 12 years old thanks for the Devolution team the hard work is appreciated
It's a good game I got hacked then made a new account and I'm getting very good the game graphics is good and I've got no problems with the game , it's just that 3 times it happened that I sent a fragment and it didnt go through to the person so I was called a scammer 3 times
This App is amazing! There is not even a single add! But I'm gonna have to rate this 4 stars cuz you gotta have to pay for whatever those yellow cubes are (I forgot lol xD) I wish they could be obtainable in other ways- Example - you could add a task option where you could do tasks and earns a couple of those yellow cube things (XD) Like this: (An example) : Task- Win 5 games of bedwars (Reward: 5 yellow cube things) lol Other than that its amazing! I suggest you to download this!
This game was awesome and not laggy...I like it because you can play many games and you can play with your friends...I used to play this everyday
This game is great and also the old bedwars is great i have been playing both for about a year and a half and I have no problems! If the developer can just add like send your friends a friend request and search for them that would be great!
I'm really love this game. But all games has 30 fps. when I play Eggwars, Bedwars and Sky Royale, there's so much lags but uhh... Maybe is 30/35 fps😴. But I love this game! Please Blockman Go, update from 60 fps to 200/300 fps, please 😁☺
I love this game and what it has to offer but, it's mostly pay to win, and I don't care if you say,"oh it's also grind to win", because its pay to win, every time i do something an add that makes you wanna spend money pops up and theres vip mvp gcubes a bunch of things that require you to spend money, this is why I rate this a 3 star.
This is the best game I have ever seen alot of games but sometimes it changes my character and I lose my guns and money plz fix it in biuld and shot, and I will have to uninstall it, and then install it again to fix and it doesn't let me log the lobby of bed wars sometimes, after the update everything has viruses there's alot of hackers plz fix it
5 STARS i believe that this is the best mobile game IF you dont have minecraft. This game is unique not like minecraft even if i do have minecraft i still like this game 1 problem is please make chat not all caps it make it easier to chat and communicate other than that have a good day:).
Since I play this games, I have enjoy this game for at least 2 years I've been played. I see it at a first time, the graphics, gameplay, stuff, and anything is good. But can you little bit more add like a mood "survival" or "creative" just like a minecraft so we all can enjoy it. And then, please add more weapons in battle royale for more experience of player. I am sorry for this thing . I hope developer will fix this. Also there have a little bit bug . Bye
This is a amazing game i lave this game and tha new update love it you can get free stuf! And you can go be a member on any group if you donate your money you can buy some clothes that you can only get it on the clans 😱😱😱 and you can do your tasks and get fre stars and crown i dont know whats it call sorry for that and dont forget to do your login in bed wars and block man go
It's cool, bedwar all the games i've been loving this game for a year, but there is one problem that i really hate, when the enemy/teamate in bedwars have cosmetics they have an advantage they get stronger and have strong lifesteal, buin fortnite the cosmetics are only design and there is no advantage, please remove this advantage, because it isn't fare, thank you
I like the game a lot because there are so many diffrent (mini) games to choose from, i gave it 4 stars because it gets a little boring , but i'd dedfintely reccomend installing it, becuase it has action,fun,exploring,boring,exiting and more types of games,enjoy it👍🏻😉,only one terrible thing it has a glitch sometimes and my friends said it happened to them aswell, where u cant enter a game, fix the bug
I'm so love this game because can play with friends and have many games in this game I'm like realmcity murder mystery and hero tycoon 2 and can buy More skins I love that kamen rider skin but it's need RM to buy 60golden cubes so I give this game 5 star
I like the app! Seriously i really like it, but there are some weapons that others have and our team does not have in bedwars is this a hack or something? Oh, by the way please let this game allow to wifi because it takes alot of hours when i connect to wifi but when i have wifi it does not even work please fix this, By the way a really good app, keep up the good work👍👍👍💪💪
I really love this game but the problem is when your account get hack or stolen by useing tricks to hack you more than others that dont know passwords but i still love this game and you can put block so easy on bed wars not like on minecraft so hard and i still 5 star this game its the best game you can play anything
This is an awesome game I love it BUT. When I tried to open the app it said everything was fine and loading, then this message came up saying "no network" or "check network" or sum like that💀🤚🏼. I saw my internet was perfectly fine. I kept trying it worked ONCE. But it was very slow like very slow- 👁️💧👄💧👁️bro I'm about to throw my phone across the room if I see that message again I just wanted to play wa🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 'd I doooo. Edit:Bro now i can't even get into the game💀
HELLO! I have a suggestion , can you add the use of compass to detect the direction or place of enemy in bed wars game , thanks alot.
Oh boy where do I start? Firstly, the pay to win. I've started playing in 2018 and I haven't had to worry about this but now the game is full of microtransactions. Second, each game I go into it crashes. Third pay to win gives people huge advantages. Yay I miss the old blockman go
Good games I love it because you have so many games on it you can play bedwars other things and other things is so fun but you have to wait for the Lord with your so boring they also have Pokemon but the load is super slow but it is a fun game you should really download it