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Block Tank Wars 2 Premium

Block Tank Wars 2 Premium for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Cube Software located at Head email address: [email protected] Support email address: [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not well optimised for the s10+ buttons dont get touched where they are..Also where do i back up my game data? Why not google play games? Its a premium app people paying money and you give that little support?
Exciting and entertaining. Oly fault i found was that after a point your tank is so powerful you swipe once and no opponenets remain. The end-game can sure use some work, especially the game dynamics
This was a very enjoyable game until the end, albiet the end game unit seems a tad bit overpowered it is well worth the money and time to reach that point. 10/10 waiting for Block Tank Wars 3!!!
could be a great game and while a huge fan of the original, Tank Hero from Clapfoot games, this one feels sluggish on a flagship phone and the joystick controller requires way too much pulling action to get it moving causing some serious thumb fatigue & stress. Have a look at the classic version for multiple options on controllers and the response speed of the tanks. Could tone down the massively colourful, competing palette of the game as well
I love it!!But please add more tanks,more levels(also when you are on world 5 it jumps right at world 7 world 6 is missing) and one last thing when you are done with the skill points you should be able to convert them to coins like 1 skill point is worth 5 coins.
bad controls, no screen optimization on wider screen ration which makes clicking on button (like settings or pause). for a paid game like this, i really hope the developers update this game.
to this is one of the hardest games I've ever played. it is also one of the best games I've ever played. also can you add more upgrades like more than 1 weapon upgrade and speed upgrade pls
Love it. Just a function to switch the D-pad from left to right while playing would make the game perfect! Attacking tanks on the left side is difficult because of the D-pad is in the way.
it's a pretty good game to play if you u wanna kill time. The only problem is the controls are wonky and a bit hard to use.
no ads, decent challenge. Shop menu looks incomplete compared to the rest of the game. But I am hooked!
the game is great but it would be much better if there is multiplayer/versus mode for lan or bluetooth. would giv 5 stars if implemented.
it is the best offline tank game i have ever played everyone should give it a try . it is little bit difficult in starting but as soon as you unlock the last tank even the toughest lvl could be completed in seconds.
Extremely unbalanced but gives fun for the first 2 hours. The best tank is the 2nd one as you can shoot over walls and slowly creep your way forward without ever getting shot. I got this for free but I wouldn't recommend buying it. No ads, in-app purchases and playable offline.
Really fun game. Would be made much better with improved controls. S pen support for Note 10 would be nice too. Recommended tho!
AI can target you when you can't even see them, most levels can be beaten with the first tank you unlock (mortar tank). Progression is grindy, upgrades are unimaginative. The soundtrack is so repetitive and mundane it's a better game without it. I got this for free and I still feel ripped off.
This sure scratches an itch. Being as it hasnt been updated in 4 years still Ild suggest: autofire if dual stick, time after rounds to pickup powerups. Cheers p.s. i now see in the paid version that the dual stick aim doesnt work.
great game, sure needs a little polishing, and maybe a nerf on the last tank you buy since after you buy it its just too easy but great game overall, hoping for new update soon with more lvls
It's fun and amazing but the only thing that irritate me that the analog of movment is in the left while I'm left-handed which mean I suppose to move with right hand and shoot with left one 😊 so I give you 3 stars
Good game overall but I feel like for a mobile game it is more focused on graphics than actual gameplay. It is still a very fun game and I really appreciate the ability to control all of the sound and graphics features but I wish there were more upgrades and some boss levels to make it more challenging.
I absolutely love this game, although incredibly frustrating at times. Great colourful graphics and nice upgrades and skill tree to beef things up a bit. Great work, I'm hoping you keep it updated 👌
No ads, no micro transactions, some baby grinding but you hardly notice. Finally a game that requires skill and tactics other than pay to win. However more vehicle variety and upgrades are needed. Otherwise awesome game
extremely fun at start, get boring near end tho. Would like to level up the tank itself instead of using money. Not enough upgrade, I maxed out too early.
Greatness. It would be neat to show the list of available levels. I am winning the levels but I don't know how many more levels there are until the end.
Great game however it needs to add more level in it specially after purchasing the last and most powerful tank with all the upgrades the missions become so easy to complete but after all it deserves a 5 stars rating.
Game is good. Completed all the levels. If there are more leveles that would be great. The last tank is a overkill
Osm but world 6 was missing and options in game are not user friendly and lack of smooth movement when last 2 vehicles are shooting the enemy fix this, otherwise it deserves 5 stars
really fun game. got to about level 30 and bought the last tank. after that it was game over for the other guys. The next 70 levels were just an ignorant Bliss of shells flying through the air. fire and explosions in all directions. if you want to feel like the death Star, get the last tank with all the upgrades.
Its... ok, I guess, fun at first, but losses its appeal, add more tanks and fix all the lag, make a better story too. It has lots of potential. I understand the devs arent gods but still (even though nobody reads these reviews!) I think, and hope, you guys can add more! Also at the last battle of the swamp levels, it laggs so hard that my tank (fully upgraded best tank) even with all the skills, dies almost instantly due to being fired at by all angles. Thank you for your time!
good game but unsure what to do with the stars after you have uograded all skills. also, the "worlds" are titled "3 world, 4 world and then oddly world 5. additionally there is no world 6. an oversight perhaps?
pretty fun. the final tank just simply wipes everything. but i want to buy the red tank with rocket launchers. bet it will be more fun than the Humvee - the current funniest "tank"
wish i could change controls during a game. some tanks work better with duel controls. pro tip buy and up grade the second tank. 😉
Such A Poor Game! It's impossible to beat! I'm on world 5 and every time I start, I die! This game needs to be fixed and made possible to beat!
A frustratingly difficult aiming/ firing system. The double joystick option, (one to steerł to aim is annoying. You rotate the turret, and then tap the middle of the screen to fire. If your tap is just slightly adrift ,you move the turret. The joystick/ tap option is worse. If you had either auto rotate (to the nearest enemy) for the turret with tap to fire, or auto fire with a controllable turret would make the game so much more enjoyable.
Game: "Adds an extra missile launcher" , "Increases duration of the machine-gun fire by x seconds". What it actually does: "Turns machine gun into rapid-fire missile launcher" Not sure if the above is a glitch or a secret feature, but it's hilarious nonetheless. For context, I am speaking of the final tank, and I have unlocked all the skills and upgrades for each tank.
Yay! Perfect tank shooter - been looking for something like this for a while. Loving it! Note to the devs - if you offered paid for versions of your other games I'd buy them too - I don't do ads. Update - I've played the hell out of this pretty much since I bought it - it's superb! No ads, no nags, no micro transactions. I've set the graphics quality to the highest and it looks fantastic too.
Awesome. I would definitely recommend it. Even if you're not a gamer this is great for killing time between appointments. I docked 1 star for lack of gamepad support.
The game is empty i got this game for free on a sale but if you are going to spend your time and money on this "game" im just saying i warned you! The game doesent have any purpose its just a game that wants you to spend time on the game! Its not good Not enough levels! No multilayer option! You can cheese the game so easily with the second tank! Has no purpose!
boring and short... I got it for free I beat it in less than a day... don't even buy it!!! needs better graphics and better gameplay... but still is awful even if it was a free game.
I've already max upgraded my favorite tank, as the others are weak, but still can't cope up with the firepower and defence of enemies as the level goes up. The selection is too small, add more. Also add multi-player to play with friends and peers. The controls are also not refined, refine them. Also, offline yet lagging?
initially I honestly didn't think I would like this game, but after round 2 I realized I played for over an hour. very fun game... I recommend!
The game is challenging and fun. I love it! Good graphics! rated 4 stars for there is still room for improvement. I wish you make controls #joystick better, refer to the controls of the 5v5 character of m..b.le le.ends #l< Įmmÿ (i hope u get what i mean). The most expensive tank is "too powerful" that it spoils the challenge in the game, reduce firepower. lastly, i hope you can make it Lan multiplayer, versus or coop and/or online multiplayer which we can make royale rumble. good job!
some of the worst controls ever. pretty much impossible to aim (in general) or shoot to the left of the screen.
This game is basically the best tank war game you will find anywhere. The tank are good and the levels are challening but it will not make you rage quit.