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Block Puzzle Jewel

Block Puzzle Jewel for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HotPotTeam. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its is fun but I would like to see if I really win money not like some of the other game I have played
It used to give big wins of 1 cent, but since last update, nothing. Too many undo last move and other things have eliminated additional monies. I have $160 earned, and $400 in a money fund the developers couldn't explain. Waste of time now.
Its a good game to pass time when bored and also you can win money by playing this game share with your friends when you're short on cash you could always play Block Puzzle
I just like the puzzle games not really bout the money pay out if it happens it will but if not it dont matter but we will c
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER! SO ADDICTING! if I could I would add infinite stars! Thank you for making this game! when I finally got this I got so addicted and I cant stop playing this! :D I definitely recommend this app!
I reached the payout amount. It was subtracted from my total, supposively on its way to my PayPal account. It never made it. So folks do t waste your time waiting for a payout.
I love this game, so fun and it boosts the creativity. So many moves that you cant normally do on other games.
This game is a vary vary good game to play any time of the day even when you're bored or when you need something to do in your spare time or just all day long as you wanting and this is one of the best block puzzle to play can you have fun to for me i have lost of fun playing this gmae you never know you might like it too so why don't you try it out and see what you think about the game and maybe you will even enjoying yourslef
Love the game, I played alot of them saying my money was a suessed not no money in PayPal praying that it's not a waste of time will see if I get true money in PayPal
I was playing this game when it first started ,I played for a week straight I had $600 and tried to cash out ,the whole app shut off I loaded it again I couldn't get my money for the world, I can't believe this all these commercials with people holding thousands of dollars,their getting paid to lie so so bad
I love this game it's fun addictive and I love making the money on this game I just hope that I'm able to make enough to be able to my phone because I'm don't have one right now and I've been without one since Christmas and my sister I haven't been able to get her birthday present so this would be a nice present for her hopefully I'll be able to cash out but I'd like to be able to play the game more often
Great game. Makes you think about strategy instead of just being mindless moving of colors. Kids and adults can enjoy this game, together or alone. Great job!
This game started off good until now no matter what i press or how long I play, it hasn't given me any money in over a month.
Game is fun but the wins are SMALL .11, .23, .09 THEN TO CLAIM MORE THE GAME ONLY X'S IT BY "2"... REALLY! I' ve been playing for 2 hours and won only $5.60. When will the BIG Money come??? Well a week later I' m at $156. And the wins are .01, .01... Boring...bye bye.
Scam the 1st day i played i got up to around $120 fairly easy. The next 4 days and I'm around $153 ($200 payout). It will give you a .01 reward but you have to watch 3 ads that are between 15 and 45 seconds long. Now after $152 its not giving any cash rewards. App keeps saying that the video isnt available even when i have a good signal and when the app does play about 60% of the time it sends you to the play store. So I'm done. Wish i could do 0 stars.
Why are we not able to see how much we have accumulated there's nowhere on the app where it shows us how much money we have accumulated why??????
The game is good but you have to play till you get to 200 just to cash out and that's crazy . When did they change everything on the games
Just started playing but a lot of fun so far. Do not know how the payout works yet but as far as the goes it's fun.
Love it so far will give it the highest of compliments if the developers are honest and actually do as they promise and pay for our time watching ads.
To many Ads and not enough payout. Can't even get into the game for all the ads. Then you ask if I wanna watch a video, I say No Thanks and I still got to watch one to continue on with the game. Makes it Very Frustrated.
As soon as I reached 130 I started getting 1 cent at a time and to get that one cent at. A time you have to watch an ad before and after. What gets me is it say BIG WIN .... OUT OF ALL THE GAMES IVE TRIED THE ONLY REAL ONE HAS BEEN LUCKYLAND I LOVE IT IN A MONTH TIME IVE CASHED OUT 580.00
It's been pretty neat game I like the graphics and it keeps you keeps you pretty girl into it thank you
Like all ads you see they make promises that cant be kept. I enjoy puzzle games but dont make it seem like you can makr real cash but make iy impossible to reach... Now it $0.01 every blue moon... I been at $162 for 3 weeks now.. Removing game.. Thats for the little time
The game is great, but when I saw an ad for it before I installed it, it made it look possible to withdraw through cash app. Do you think you could actually make that happen?
Great game. It is built to your age, has nice graphics and is both challenging, enjoyable, and entertaining! Great game!
This is the best app that I would recommend to everybody and anybody that a one font that they need 💯
As soon as i get an add a nother one pops up i dont know why but im starting to theink this app is fake and keep it up what if someone sus you but thats not me the music in the game ia quit piceful
Love the concept of the game! BUT Way too many ads!You can't make more than one move without an ad popping up right after. Not to mention these ads come in the form of a "treasure chest" that you tap/click on to receive "Rewards", which is very misleading since you have to sit through an ad each and every time plus an additional ad to watch if you choose to "double" your reward. You spend more time watch ads then playing the game, if I wanted that experience I would just watch the television!!
My first time playing so my problem is...it have to many ads and I have to stop playing..other wise the game is okay..
Game is easy and interesting. No technical problemes ,expect same in future also.We have to wait how correctly it pays, if it also fair no doubt it is agood one.
I wouldn't even give 1 but it's the only way to let it be known that you are a fraud. I have jumped through every hoop u have set in place and gotten the game up to almost $7,000.00 and yet still can't cash out any of it. Now for the past week the notification is that you will notify me when it is ready Fix this glitch and I will both deleat this and give you a 5 star rating. Either you are infact a game that pays people or ur not.
It's sucks I got up to 120.71 and the ads quit playing to win anything but when I hit no thanks cause they won't play then they play just fine which make me lose the earnings and for that I am not playing it anymore
Good start. If able to Cash App out I will update. Quick update. Very misleading. Only downloaded because it said Cash App payout. But no, again more lies. Only PayPal. Will delete app.
Really an onther lie apps. Ealier its quite an intersting games but After playing for 1 week+ it stops paying cash rewards after reaching 160++ even can't even 0.01 to 0.2 cents.. It a wasting times playing this game with alots of Ad's.
Just started playing this game and its already my favorite block puzzle game! very fun and super addicting. plus im pretty sure playing this type of puzzle game makes your brain smarter, its a win win! 5++ STARS from me!!
So far so good....FOR A UNITY GAME. The issue with Unity is....they nake it near impossible to earn enough to cash out, the apps rob younif your slot spins if you get one right after the other, and my biggest peeve is once you do get within $8-10 they stop spawning ANY form of MONIES! I don't understand because they are in my opinion the most well put together as far as graphics and SEEM like they would be legitimate and honestly pay but for a year i have played their games and not 1 prize! Sad
The reason I'm giving the game a 1 star is because I want to see if the game will actually cash out at $200.00. I'm already at $140.00, so time will tell. If the game allows me to cash out and goes directly to my PayPal account or my cash app account then I will give the game a 5 star rating.
I love this game! Its great for when youre bored or just want a simple game to play. Plus, I love competing with the other players.
It's a fun game and I am getting cash but it said it could be linked to cash app and I can't just paypal and I don't have a PayPal account and I can't get one.
So far the only downfall is you watch ads more then you play the game, and I'm really not sure if I'm even gonna get the money I earnd
Good brain game. I've had 7 strokes, and although the only deficiency I have from them is some vision, this game will have you "thinking"
This simple game has you playing so much before any sort of payout thru Paypal. It takes so long I just uninstalled.
It's A SCAM TOO! STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY MONEY!! Pretty good game you get money steadily it does go down a little bit but it's building up quicker than all the other ones this would be a game app to download for sure and try
Nice mind game I don't like it makes me watch damn commercials all the damn time that's the only thing about otherwise it's a good mind game keeps you sharp doesn't mean anyway! Hopefully we get to draw money out of this thing I'm sitting on games right now I got 34 or 35,000 and I can't get it come back to you that bad it would be if I couldn't get it thank you old school
Fun game!! I've only played 30 minutes and up to $10.00 usd i don't know the cash out balance. But it's fun to waste time and knowing your earning all in one. ❤💯💪🏽
Another game that stops. Im no longer getting credited. My PayPal has not gone up from $200 and I been playing from 4pm to now.
Fun mind consuming game but just another scam. Boost you up until around 160 then all ads become less than .10 or nothing but coins ...mind you having 138000 coins only gives you 1.38 toward 50 dollar amazon gift card so you do the math ..not to mention it says cash app payout for 100 and it's really pay pal payout for 200 and the ads are just overwhelming ..had me at first but then deleted it ...
This game is a ripe off u never reach ur goal and after so long it jus quit giving u money so u never reach the 200 mark muchless any of the other one
this game is soooooooóoo annoying..it really sucks,takes only seconds to play but lots of minutes for ads but you will only gain a cents...dont waste your time for this game
No payout as advertised, but fun game. Says no min for payout but required $150 minimum. Requires some thought and is fun. I'd rather not be promised $$ and just play the game. Almost all the ads are extremely misleading. If you quit promising money to people and reduce the number of ads the game would be a million times better. It would deserve more stars too.
This game is such bs. After a while it stops giving you the coins and dollars you've earned. It just stops and let's you continue to build but won't give you anything you've earned
Great challenging game that you can advance on, no matter the difficulty. Some levels Ive played a million times before I get it
It's all just another lie I have very good connection but it keeps saying video failed to load every time just so I wouldn't get any coins. at first it's all sunshine and rainbows when you make a little money then when you get close to 200 it stops and it's been doing this for a week plus what's the point of playing when all you get is ADS literally every 5 seconds? So annoying! don't waste your time on this
This game is really good. Its addictive and challenging. All the different challenges, games characters & levels keep it interesting. I like how the game gives you free things that you would normally have to pay for.
I like the game I just wish you would pay out got to watch so many videos just to get your payout I think they should have a place where you just go watch videos to be able to get paid
Aggravating. Just like everyone else has stated, it's pretty messed up how you have a game promising you cash, but you have to go through hell and high water just to get a little bit of money. It's people out here that can't even get a job and look at this as an opportunity to make some good , clean cash. Thing is it's hard. Y'all want people to sit and play the game ALL DAY with no real reward. That just sounds and looks like a bucket of BS! Give those people the money they earned!
It's fun play it but l, they want give you some big cash and when do you will threes watch at least 100 to 400 videos, they give payout like do when they show advertising,
So it begins at an unrealistic rate of earning. I literally had banked over $150 the first hour however once I hit $160 it basically stopped any cash rewards. However I would gladly take my $150 and walk away happy, but it requires $200 to cash out. At the end of the day they are scamming everyone. Considering the amount they are banking with these adds it wouldn't kill them to pay people for their time and data. The developers are scammers, and thieves period.
Attempted to widths and got a message that withdrawal policy needed to be completed but nowhere cc to find policy. I on quick cousin said completed deposit but no funds. Other than that, it's a cook game, have to be very strategic about your lives, make you think m
This is game is really fun game but I don't have time to sit around and play a game for $200 payout. Then it says it's a cash app game that's a lie it's not it's a PayPal app. So you can keep the 1hour and 1/2 of play for 75.??.. No payout should be that high.. All the ad's really. The maker of this game is making more then the player with all the ad's. I dont mind waching ad's. But come on..
Was fun..then it totally stops giving money down to penny's so you CAN'T WIN..WHY CAN'T WE CASH OUT ANYTIME NOT A SET AMOUNT????. The game is fixed so you can't win.
The game is fun but the ads are killing me. There so many ads it takes the fun out of the game plus they stop giving you money once your close to cashing out. Nothing but coin from there.
It sucked. At first the cash out amount is $100 but once you try to cash out once you reach it the cash out amount changes to $200. I'm deleting it now.
It's an alright game. Setting goal ($200) is pretty high. It will be big money the first 5 mins playing. Then as you get closer to the 200 mark 1cent every 10 games. Some you won't get any. A lot of ads for cash. When you get to completing daily goals b4 time run out. It freeze, have to start it over. Impossible to sit all day any play.
I love the game because it's challenging but you cannot cash out in any amount you have to have a certain amount to cash out and on top of that when you try to cash it out it says you have to read something and it doesn't give you what you need to read to get your money so you're just without your money in your cash app account I was giving it three but I'm about to break it down to two just for the simple fact of I can't get my money.
Cant play the game because it is constantly wanting you watch ads. It literally pops and ad up every other move. Uninstalled this game 10 minutes after I played it.
So far you thinking the game is good and if you can cash out on a dollar or $5 and you don't have to have extra point then I love this game but I just started playing so I'll keep you informed happy holidays. I can understand if you want to go to different levels and stuff but then when you get way past the 100 or the 300 with a 500 and then they tell you that I have 80,000 points. But so far I played I can't even tell you how many different games and I have not won $1 yet if I do I will tell y
Fake garbage. The ad for this claimed you could cash out at any time with no minimum, any amount and it would be payed out quickly. That is a lie; $200 minimum to cash out and enough throttling to ensure you never get there. Just another fake game.
This minute you get close to $200 they want contributions. It's $24.00 then $40.00. You'll never make it to $200.00 to cash out and can't continue to play unless you give it up. You'll watch a gazillion adds getting close to the mark and then wham!!!! Contribute👿💩. The game is just that💩!!!?
Game is fun to play. In the beginning like most games the payout amounts are really good, but once you near $100 the payouts tampers down to $0.01. So even claiming double payout you dont get much. It will definitely take awhile to reach the $200 cash out. There are a ton of ads, sadly it seems you watch more ads than playing the game.
It starts out ok then feeds you unlimited ads and when you watch one and push no they make you watch another. 75 percent ads then feed you 1, 2, 3 cents at a time after the first 100$. Sucks
I just started this game and it is so fun that I can't say I'm not it's excellent it's most beautiful game I found please come join the fun block puzzle Jewel
This is just the greatest game of all time... only thing that would make it better would be of you really could collect the money from what it tells you your balance is.
This game didn't really interest me too much. U have to keep watching ads to change the direction of the block.
Notification is scratch tickets are you next millionaire. I don't see any thing that is scratch or anything like that. But days often come 3-4 times and I don't know what to do about this.
Awesome game, yeah. I just started playing. The prizes are decent. Even though non-paypal tiles only pay a few cents, I was surprised they added anything so it makes those wins bareable to win! This game remind me of majham?? Tiles.
Something like tetris made it too 150 pay pal it needs me 2 make it to 200 to withdraw so will give update later. Real talk should give what is made no threshold.
Love this game have been playing for quite a while now and not bored yet. Love the side events they have made it five stars game for me instead of a four stars?. Keep making it interesting and Ill keep playing ?
The game is fun to play...however am not going to give a final review until I try the process of cashing out!
Very good game to waste time if your in a car or on a plane besicaly long journys. This game is one of my best . I hope this game keeps on the good work as its amazing definantly recomend.Also very adictive!
I L💖VE THIS GAME. I just get so into it that I can't put it down. Once I start playing I say to myself " just one more round " But then i am still Playing that an hour later . !! I like this block puzzle and find to be better than most .x
Just started playing a few moments ago! But OK I will rate this app 5 Glorious Stars! Love the colors, gameplay so far is very fun! Good payout for gameplay. Does Not start out as a fake app by giving you Huge payouts at the beginning. Instead the money you receive is more nominal and true to life as we know it. I've got my fingers crossed on this game! Its so fun to play! Down to earth puzzle game that I recommend to everyone to give this game a try! Its also Relaxing! Thankyou DEVS!🤶🏻♿😎🤗♥
This is a really fun game..... Haven't made enough to cash out yet but it is very entertaining. Could cut back on ad's cause there are way to many..
When u get over $100.00 it just gives u a few cents at a time...like all the rest so far not worth time or effort...I have been playing google games for two years no..money yet over 100.00 Scams
Like every thing else it takes awhile to work out the bugs and the details. I have played so many of these games and have yet to collect 1 cent for any of them. Mo matter what they say and the promises they make. DON'T EVER EXPECT YHEM Y KEEP THEIR PROMISES