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Block Puzzle & Jigsaw Puzzle 2019

Block Puzzle & Jigsaw Puzzle 2019 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Toyvina Studio. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I only play the TD block puzzle games because they are BY FAR the best. I am totally addicted to this one. I cant find any fault with it other than the ads but all the games have ads. I hope that the TD guys never stop improving these games. Keep up the great work.
I've been enjoying this game, but I think it would be much better if the developers had spent more time on the gameplay in stead of designing an advertising vehicle which slaps you in the face with way too many adverts, way too often.
I deleted another block game about 4 months ago, it had to many glitch in it I had been playing it for about 3 years. Today I found this one and I really enjoy playing it so far. I only wish that you could turn the pieces. But other than that it's a cool little game.... 😃
It used to be a great game but now it is extremely annoying with attempts to sign in to Google Play and rating requests. Also sometimes there is the same block two times in a row. Still it is better than other clones because it doesn't collide with background music and podcasts.
This game is very challenging but sometimes as you get close to the top score it will give you an appropriate options causing you to stop playing. The game ends and the choices are not random but it's still challenging so I can tell you to play.
I have been a big fan of Tetris for as long as I remember and this version is super cool and colourful. I love it!! But unfortunately the continuous ads take away the experience and dampen a bit the mood. If I wanted any of the apps in the ads I would have installed them long ago as they are easy to find on the store. It is quite annoying really. Otherwise well done.
Among similar block moving games, this Wood Block Puzzle is the best I have tried. Three excellent features I'd like to cite here: 1. As soon as a block is moved to the field, a new block emerges so I can plan my next move; 2. There is a button to abort the game; 3. No intrusive ads . I can't find these features in other games. Excellent!
This game is challenging - I like it because there's no time limit - I am just playing against myself. The only minor problem is that sometimes the blocks do not set where I put them - they may move up a line or down a line. I wish I could hear a click to let me be assured it's set.
It reminds me of Blokus. a good game. all shape are available to use at any time. this game is more challenging, only three different shapes of blocks are available at one time. so try to think ahead to maximize your Moves. My work takes me away from home 3 or 4 months at a time and no Wi-Fi available. No cable no people no going to town! Offline games are the only thing available as entertainment
I love it, most other games seem to do anything BUT give you pieces or shapes you need, rather they seem to be quick to give you anything but what you need & this game is the total opposite!!!!
This games is what it says it is. Unlike those 'ads' that hook you in to a game that is nothing like the publicity. The ads within the game are not obtrusive and don't interfere with play. Overall an absorbing and enjoyable game app.
Played a few of these games of different types and none of them are bad. Few are a bit easier than others to start with and get harder and none of them have any good or bads points.Bit like the marjong games.. All the same but the styles vary.I've got a few on various devices so I don't get bored seeing the same one all the time. I like tetris too and these are like that but without the drama.You can put it down mid game. I find it hard to put it down unless I'm hungry or fell asleep. Oops.
It's OK I think I didn't do too bad on my last game. It doesn't keep my interest very long. If it had levels to get up to that were obvious each time you finished. I think that would make it more interesting and more addictive to keep going. But would have to recognize that you achieved each level.
My highest score was 70,216 points; I had got to 16,6** on a new game. When I went back to continue playing my game was there, then in a flash it was gone. I had to go to apps and reload. When it opened, my game was gone along with all records of my achievement. Yuk. Otherwise the app is fun, but very addictive.
So much better than The Woody Game! It's has a wider variety of shapes and ability to temporarily pass on game peices which allows you to engage your own strategy instead of relying on the mercy/luck of the algorithm.
Good game just to many damn ads, 30 seconds a shot? You've got to be kidding with this. No way to tolerate so much. Uninstalling after 10 minutes of this junk. See ya!!
This game really challenges me. I've tried different strategies and learned to "read the board" for which situations may be problematic in coming boards. This has helped my overall cognitive function, problem solving and my ability to look ahead. Thanks, folks! Great game for someone dodging dementia.
Looooooove it! Would like to be able to connect with friends to have a private challenge game. Me and my friends live far appart so we must make screen shots to confirm scor hahahah. I also agree with what is said about the 5+ undos that gives out the most unusable and sometimes the same freakin blocks! What a waste of undos
This is such a great game for clearing my head. Ads are minimal, and game play is smooth. Of all the wood block puzzle games I tried this is so far my favourite.
Great game Great game, my highest score was 71,982 trying to break that now. But overall great time! Keep up the good work. Could use some head to head action.
I really like this game, definitely addictive and enjoy playing at every chance I get. down points are; I really wish I could change the directions of my shapes, that would make it really interesting , just how to direct my shapes in just about any space, another bit is which exhaust me is if I tend to get a change, most cases it would come back with the same thing, like..... annoying. apart from that, also it would be nice we could compete with others for scores. like a board showing other comp
Nice game. Used to Tetris where the blocks move down. So this is a challenge. Only problem is when you tap for new shapes & the shapes you get do t for. Then you use up all your "lives".
This is a very, very nice game. Unlike other wood block games, this game gives you extra blocks when a block is used. So you have a continuous supply of options to play with.
I love the pace of the blocks coming out,as soon as you place them. Your mind has to think quick. Observing the complete board in seconds. The screen is attractive to th eye, homey appeal.Also, not to many ads
While this is a fun addictive game the ads are way too much & suck all the fun out of the game, plus I'm pretty sure I've already rated this game but every time I restart it after my first move I get the Rate us 5 stars message & I would gladly if it wasn't for that & the fact I have to sit through 2 adds in a row every few moves I make.
This puzzle has class. It plays fair the entire way. It doesn't rush or push you to play or you're out. Lol..... it gives three right choices and we decide the next move. It has manners and wants you to win. Good job guys when designing it. It has one of your personalities in it for sure. Good job!
This is definately the most Addictive Game I have ever played, I can not get anything else done during the day, I just have to remember to come up for air once and awhile. I shall recommend this game to anyone who can hear me to download this Wood Block Puzzle Game. You shall not regret it...
I've already rated this app, and the fact that the suggestion to rate keeps popping up (and now with aloud sound that can't be silenced!) is very annoying. Will stop using it if it doesn't change soon.
Was looking for Tetris but decided on this one based on reviews. It is pretty good. Not stressful because you can take your time to make your moves. But then I'm not really a game player.
I wish you could start the level with different pieces instead of the same ones each time. When you use the piece change it shouldn't give you the same one you couldn't use, they should be useable.
I find this game very entertaining, motivates the brain, a good time waster, and alleviates boredom. Doesn't frustrate you, give you more choices, very good game.
It is a fun game. I like it better than some of the others cause it doesn't take forever to play and you really earn some points that add up quickly.
Fun game. Would give it a 5 star if you could control the positions of the cubes. Overall it is a good game to waste time
This block puzzle game is addictive. I like that you get a chance to change the shape of the piece you are trying to fit a set number of times and can earn more chances to do so as your score increases. This makes it less frustrating to play if you have placed a piece incorrectly or made a mistake. Hours of time are yours to waste with this addictive game!
It's a good game. Hypnotic fun. When given 3 impossible choices, it looses me. It would be much better if the only factor for a defeat is a careless move or some careless moves by the player.
Very relaxing game! If you like Tetris you will love this game! It saves your games so you can put it away and come back to your progress at anytime.
The game would like for to share my profile, which I don't want to do. I just want to play. This game is fun, the graphics are super. Best of all, l like getting bonuses to continue playing. Seems I have a second or third chance to play for more points!
I like this better than some other similar games, but would like to see colour change when a proposed move will clear some lines.
Good game. Unlike similar games you get a new piece everytime you use one. Good idea. I wish you could win ability to flip pieces, but you can't on this game. But it helps fill useless time with a small challenge.
Really addicting and entertaining game. Feels like one round last longer than on same game from other publishers. Contains very small amount of ads, so they're not bothering your gameplay experience.