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Block Monster

Block Monster for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Plampsoft located at 서울시 마포구 독막로6길 9, 2층 2526호. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I made my gryphon into silvally fro. Pokemon, lol. I like how you get to make your own creatures, I hope a fill feature is added.
This game inspires creativity no charecter is ever the same with imagination you could turn A simple creature into the best,inspiration and creativity make this game unending
This is by far one of the best mobile games Ive ever encountered. Its quite unique in game mechanics and the ability to customize your monsters is quite fun. The only problem Ive encountered is not being able to export a .gif file of my creation.
So cool I just wish the battles were not so hard.😕😕 but its a good game 🅱 cause we have a big advantage over there battles.
I see a great game here, and I did enjoy it, but when I customize a monster, it doesn't show the custom version of the monster outside of the customization screen. Not gonna lie that was what got me to download this app, I wanna have custom monsters but they just appear as the default, let me know if im the only one having this problem...
This game is fun there are no adds this game is so fun even when you completed the turtorial you get good characters what a wonderful game!
I would like a wiki of some sort and or be able to find it, makes the game a lot harder without it, but this game is still one of my favorite games of all time. The concept of being able to design your own monsters and customize them in a way that you see fit is a mind blowing idea. Also this game could be a rage or strategy game for some people and would make awesome youtube videos :3 Thanks for the AMAZING game Plampsoft
Best game in world except for the battles they are to hard to do you don't get enough gold for the hard ones and the boosters don't do much I think the game could be better.
The game is great overall but I with they were to options combine which makes a new monster then synthesis should be for getting another monsters abilities only that would be awesome any way best game ever
I think this game is genius. Only thing I got to complain is THE FRIKIn cheSTs ShUFFfle. It's so hard to get new creatures but I guess that makes the game interesting and fun so it makes it difficult to get what you wanted. I love how you can customize your characters. I made a Buffalo that I got from a orc and a mustang into a Dolphin Rhino :2 this game is my new favorite. The only thing I really want is PvP! Please! I would love PvP. Maybe the two people have they're own bubble and when you or the opponent misses you or the opp. Will take damage and when you hit, the same thing. But when you miss you are disabled like in pve. Hope you are this! Please take notice to my idea. It's great, right?
I really like the skill inheritance system in this game, also for those who can't see their custom monster outside of battle, click burn in the customization menu to overwrite the image. One last thing don't grind Grand Mimics for admantite bars, there is another monster that gives 100 bars when disassembled [I ain't sayin which tho, that's for you to discover ;) ] From my experience 3 star monsters are obtainable in battle (Unicorn, Knight, Cyclops, Wyvern, Death Knight, Lamia, Iron golem)
I rly loved the game and It needs some updating like adding more monster for ex a robot or more mythicals and a a lot more of new monster and there is a thing I do not like there needs to be a way to get more blocks easily I need 150 adminteiom bars to evolve my turtle and I need to get lots of grand mimics to disemble and I only get 2.
I'm here to help out a little bit. For those of you that have trouble coloring your monsters, "Save & Exit" does not apply the color changes to your monster. You must click the "Burn" option in the upper left hand (costs 5 gems). Remember the overall color of your monster affects what kind of monster it is strong against. For those that are confused about attacking: click the screen as soon as the block gets towards the center of your attack circle, not directly in middle.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT theres only one problem WHICH I AM OK WITH😇 the only thing you need to do is allow the player to change what type of monster they are like animal machine. Human all those and the others too but anyways its the best game i have played in a loooooooong time
the fighting is a cool concept, but more than one ability and/or fight orb could be cool. character editing could also be more free, when it comes to limits. your character is also pixelated, while everything else is smooth... strange choice. I also Haven't seen any updates and for a while I couldn't see this game in the stores! gets boring after a while, but it's still fun sometimes. the fighting part of the game could really be improved, but it won't be, because this game is dead. too sad.
So Much Creativity and innovation if I could get more characters often I'd sit down and customize all day. Could use a free pick of one monster if you logged in maybe?? I have one more question... Are you going to still update the game I'd love some more stages or something.
This game has potential. I think you should fix the graphics, at least make it a bit nicer to look at, and the outline on each and every pixel on the monsters looks weird when zoomed out. the gameplay is unique, not completely my type but still pretty fun.
I rly loved the game and It needs some updating like adding more monster for ex a robot and a a lot more of new monster and there is a thing I do not like there needs to be a way to get more blocks easily I need 150 adminteiom bars to evolve my turtle and I need to get lots of grand mimics to disemble and I only get 2.
Excellent game with potential. Still hoping for a new update someday and in it I would like better customisation, a cool thing would be to be able to add a new part when customising and to customise all projectiles
I love the game hard at times but not unfair I love that you can customize your characters I made a lava wizard but could you add some more like make it so you can make your own finishers now that would be cool so I hope you guys continue to make games you did great
But what I'm noticing is the creator is giving people same reviews and does not care. Put more care in your words and this gets 5 stars.
I gave it five stars because I had to delete I many times gust so I can get a good monster but it never happeneds pls pls ad 4 star monsters in the gold chest oh end good gameplay I love it I wish it was more fun
By far one of the most fun and interesting games out there, I hope this game improves even more in the future. But that's all I have to say 👏👍
The game is nice. There are just some missing pointers though. It would be nice that before synthesizing 2 monsters together, we would we able to get a quick preview of what the results would be. We don't want to synthesize 2 awesome monsters to have an ugly one at the end. Also, the save and loading thing doesn't work. I had 40 gems. I saved. After saving, I spent all my gems to purchase premium hoping for a monster. Didn't get 1 out of 4 tries. Seeing that it failed, I went to load it back to my save so that I just didn't waste my gems at all. Loaded and it said restart or close app then enter. So I did and you know what? All my gems are gone. Saving doesn't work. That's ghetto big problem. Also, it would be nicer if you increase the blocks that we get by demolishing monsters.
I love the game and great potential but there is one problem. If you can make the blocks move little slower it would be great and most appreciated
Love it! I like the way you have control over your party. Also teaches a little bit how to do pixel art. I love changing the colors of my monsters!
It's good as a slowpace game if that's what your into but aside from the ever growing strength of your foes which is a disadvantage it's to hard to evolve and strengthen your own monsters making hours of long tedious grinding
i played this a long time ago and i had a loved it i thought the way we were allowed to customize a monster to a certain extent was unique because you can make them look crazy so much potential a great way to past the time
I love this game, but one problem- when trying to export a gif or photo of my monster, it always Fails to attach it to anything. Please fix, I would lovea gif of mine, anyways thanks! (I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A)
I love everything about it but im not a big fan of the battle system. I wish it was just a classic role playing game.
To be honest, if you were to add a pvp mode or perhaps more monsters that would be great, and hopefully a new one that can take down my lvl 60 ogre king
THIS GAME IS PERFECT FOR ME i always love playing a grinding game but the one thing that i dont like well 2 things is 1 the cubes that you have to click on are so hard to click n because they go so fast they second thing is that the gold chest are WAY to over powered i got them when i was on the first place so thats the 2 thing i dislike but everything else is perfect
Its got potential...its a cool game with good creature customization ,i would like a pvp option so i can kick some azz with my lv. 50 hydra :p. Oh i qlso have 2040 DEX boosters..i thought. They were stackable and everytime i battled i would have a huge bubble to fight. In...mistakes were made