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Block Fortress: Empires

Block Fortress: Empires for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I payed, what was it, 10$ for your original game? Yeah, that sounds about right, just for you to come out with the same game, but free and having both more and less to do, which i had no idea was possible. The building is so... boring. And there's really no point. In the original game, you built a base, defended it, and built upon it with limited resources. The scarcity of which, and how powerful the enemies were and how weak the blocks were made the game nearly impossible to start with.
I enjoyed war tortoise but this game... This game needs some serious reworking. I tried to play it with a controller and could not even move one step in any direction before it froze and cause my phone to have a stroke.
Great game, I like the graphics and controls are pretty good. Really like raiding people in my empire to test their defense. Only one major problem, Apperantly co-op option doesn't work, usually comes up with "No players online" and matchmaking seems to be broken aswell. I would like to get some feedback as if I might be doing something wrong. Thanks and cheers.
This game is very great, I had so much fun playing it with great strategies and intelligently made bases. But the game kept failing on logging in my Google Play account and I lost everything, my defences were so flawless and I really worked hard for them but I lost everything because the game kept failing logging in. So many hours of work gone-- I just cant start the game again, all my hours or hard work were gone to disappointment. Guess this is the end unless you can bring me my account back.
Great game and needs more attention to be appreciated more Hope the devs don't easily give up and abandon the game and not make any progress or updates anytime sooner because this game has great potential.
It's not a pay to win, and it really encourages creativity, one of the most addictive Mobile games that don't feature pay to win. I don't really mind the ads since there is not many of them. Though I have a suggestion to make it easier to build, can there be some sort of, baseplate/terrain generator? In order to make your map?
Fantastic! I never tried this before because it looks like FurryCraft. Thankfully, it's not. "3D tower defence, 1st/3rd person shooter, Lego with tripwires" would be a rough description. Watching other players bumbling around and falling for your traps is much more satisfying than CoD. Always plenty to do redesigning your base while waiting for crate unlocks. Love this game! Just a thought, but an element of Sandbox World in bases might be cool. Eco with traps and turrets!
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER. I didn't want uninstall this game, because this game is futuristic minecraft version and i am minecraft player. Thank you for your game, you game is VERY amazing. But can you make an event and can you make update this game to be very interesting. Please, i know you can make this game to be good.
the game is interesting and challenging sometimes and overall has more ups than downs but the downs are very annoying. there are hackers in the game with bases that are just not even possible to build normally and the match making needs to be fixed because as soon as you reach rank 10 bases basically become impossible if your weapons aren't a high enough level. But it is fairly enjoyable. I'll rate 5 stars when match making is fixed
This game is actually quite good. I didn't think I'd be in to the blocky style, but I ended up liking it. The game is a base defense game. Great pvp. Build turrets to defend, and attack other players bases. You can even use switches to be strategic at your own base. Quite a bit of depth and variety of game play. One of my favorites .
So far this game is super fun! Build and design your base to defend against player raids and get rewards or raid opponents solo or co-op! The options are endless. Join or create a guild and play with friends in contests and more. Ive just started and can say im hooked. Therebis a campaign mode as well!
Foursaken is the best mobile game developer. I just wish they would bring back the original bug heroes or at least add story mode to the sequal.
I would give more stars is i knew how exactly to change my defense station from the default. I spent a lot of time on the second defense systems and want to change over to that one instead of default. But i can't seem to figure it out as there is no options to do so from what i have seen so far. Could i het some assistance in this? The game is awesome so far besides this seemingly annoying glitch.
Very neat idea however no update support really. Never adds anything new. Never tweaks turrets or equipment, feels like it was thrown out to grab some money from you. Fun nonetheless.
Really cool, especially the theme of the game. I have a base on the wasteland planet and I'm having fun. The problem is the optimization my device can handle on lowest graphics settings, can you please make a lower graphics level? Overall 10/10
Extremely good plenty of action. An idea would be to add a pvp gamemode, raiding players bases is fun and very challenging it only needs the pvp element to put player skills to the test like the option to manually defend your base and stuff like that. Overall a very good game.
Amazing game! I highly recommend it! The only disappointing thing is that the Co-op mode is very very laggy, which makes that game mode almost impossible to play. What would also be really cool is if they're was a vr version of the game!
This game is fun but i don't know if the developer did this on purpose or not that the troops from artifact the legendary equipment only attacks nearby block including walls so if there's a 700 walls on the start of the raid, the troops didn't move forward unless they finished destroying the walls and that makes this equipment wasn't very usefull to me
i played his on multiple devices and its fun having the idea of making your base and protecting your base and customizing your base and your character and raiding other peoples bases is perfect i like the blocky art style of it its a great game go ahead and download it
really liked the game, at first I thought with time I would get bored, but it's quite appealing, addictive in a good way. If you like Minecraft you should give it a try won't be disappointed:)
This is an awesome game and you should download it but can you please add more things like a TV or smoke and more decorative things and please fix the store every time I search something and visit what I'm looking at it reset me so I have to write it all over again so please fix that and please add more slots to home you can create plz also add corner pieces please plz plz
Superrrr good game imop i think its a good game But of couse there is one flaw. When im playing and moving my analog stick sometimes it starts to drift and i have to pause and resume to stop the drifting so can you please fix that Anyways good game i like the building part
It is fun to play but soon after it becomes to easy to cheese your way to a victory and others to do the same, I've seen bots shoot me threw blocks, people raiding bases by going underneath using the disintegrator and even I used tactics to make sure people don't have enough ammo in their long range guns to get through.
This app is amazing I wish I could give it a billion stars or even more thank you for creating the game I will always be playing this game everyday Thank you owners
It is quite an interesting game, and although the melt guns are rather overpowered, this game is pretty good! I think previously my suggestion was a bit nonsensical, but I just recently cooked up an idea that would help most of the playerbase. If instead of just getting what you get with an upgrade, you can choose what and how much you to upgrade that, using a point spending system.
I played the games when it first came out and I loved it. Mostly how it makes the players be creative with their home base, defense and offense. I want to play again but I start were I left off. That's a good thing of course but I want to restart because starting a game halfway through sucks. Can you add a way for that to happen so old players can play again? Loved all your other games too.
I I love this game but it needs TVs dishwashers and levels and more ranks and infinit build points and infinit block points and a lot more weapons and more blocks I would like this game to be like build a city
I love this game alot because 1. It is a planet game and I love planets. 2. It is Survival game and I love Survival games 3. It is multiplayer and combination of Clash of clans, pixel gun 3D, and Minecraft
the game is really great I really love it the defense mechanics the way you can also battle ai and players around the world but I wish you could add some other stuff like maybe in the campaign or multiplayer online version forts so you can build a few troops to attack the defenses and have it like a war were there is two bases and the players fight for the enemy's and there would be soldiers or captured units from the campaign but I won't tell you to do your job I love the game
This Game Needs To Be Recognized More....10 out of 10...i love it...please guys try this game now and trust me you wont regret it :)
Ok this game is something else were do i begin well first about it ME usually being a critic I've had this game for about a week its amazing i love how we can use are creativity to the max the game doesn't have a cool down which games as good as this one usually do. 2 Raiding bases is honestly clutch and amazing creating my defenses is awsome, and i can MAKE MY OWN CHANGES TO HOME BASE. Though please change the special block number its to small but thats one minor fault trust me and play it 😁😁
Nice game. Graphics are awesome. And I love the way you can play back other peoples raids on your base. It helps to reposition defenses and stuff. It runs smoothly, and I have 9nly experienced one crash. Maybe there could be a little more things to do though.