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Block Fortress

Block Fortress for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I haven't played this game ever and it looks really cool. But it's not letting me play it! I go in to apps for it to draw over other apps and it is not working! I spent my money but I can't play it.
I love the game but sadly i can`t give the game a five star review, because there is some missing features that might be great to the game if they do not lag it i would like for you to add: cars, hellicopters, planes, millitary cars, millitary jets, millitary planes, jets, millitary hellicopters, trucks, millitary trucks, a server button were you can see all the multiplayer servers, a multiplayer and a singleplayer button, more purchases, and skin costomization. please add these things!!!!! :D
Tries to gain backdoor access to my Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Mic, Phone, and body sensors, even though they claim "Your privacy is an important matter." I paid full price for this app, so it's disgusting that they then try to steal my private data in a way not mentioned in the Privacy Policy, using surreptitious methods that I'm not supposed to have noticed.
I love this game with all my heart. I love the Laser turrets especially when you craft the night vision thingy.
Great game! Only two problems with it: Even local multiplayer crashes often and the time limit of 5 minutes is way to short. The other problem is that the game is linked to Play Games in a very roundabout way. This game is the only game I have that requires the Play Store to be installed for Play Games to work. Why????
Very disappointing, I realise that the development for this game has stopped but still find it incredibly annoying and just rude that you only personally own 1 type of personal bot, with 99% of the other needing to be bought with money. This is a paid game, and with most paid mobile games having in-app purchases this is just highly unacceptable. This is simply not a in-app purchase that gives you resources, and some of those bots I believe cost even more than the game itself. Truly just sad.
I would have given all fives but what really makes me mad is the game crashed after i made some much progress and it didnt save. I know there is a save button but im not going to press it every 2-5 minutes
gameplay is very good but the control isn't good enough. when i use 3 finger when control it to shot, move, and aim, the movement button is stuck to move forward and can't move any other direction. i hope it can be fixed soon
I like Foursaken media almost as much as The Trese Brothers & Butterscotch Shenanigans. Most of their games are fun & engaging gameplay. This game continues that trend. It is a very interesting tower defense meets fps sort of game. There is a learning curve made easier if you've played Heroes and Castles 2 (If you haven't played that do it!) IAP's are optional and worth it for the Bots DLC. Not P2W by any means. Only complaint I have is there's no gamepad support so I have to use Octopus.
The game is fun I used to have it years ago I used to have most things but I stopped playing it cause there was no multiplayer I heard not long ago that there was so I downloaded it again lost all my data and nobody even plays multiplayer and my friends dont want to buy it again plus the game has alot of bugs like the spotter it makes it hard to kill snipers and gunners
beautiful game I love it every now and then it crashes tho this happens all the time when you play older games on newer phones so I don't mind love you
the game is a blast but the restoration of purchases doesnt work ive ran into this issue multiple times in the past.
I had this game years ago but i moved to a different device and it got deleted. I finally remembered the name and downloaded it instantly. Great game keep up the good work
I give it a solid 5 stars. This game I played a ton as a young child, and over the years it only got better. I managed to reach level... 57? Before I got my own tablet. And grinding for 57 is honestly a challenge. It plays out as a tower defense game, but in an entirely different way. I wish there were more games like this one. Sure, there are lots of annoying bugs, and multiplayer doesn't seem to work, but no game is perfect. These are my only issues. The entire series I love.
this app won't work anymore same white screen problem as block empire and the problem still needs fixed sorry for the bad news. love the game though when I could play it.
I love the game. The only reason it isn't five star, is that the spotter doesn't spot ranged units anymore for some reason. I think it's a bug because it used to, but regardless, it's hard to kill that one last devastator that I can't see. Please fix.
very fun , the developers are very good at helping people with problems I definitely will be recommending this to a lot of my friends, thank you
I think this game is good. Its one if the first more realistic tower defence ganes i have played as you need to build a generator, gather materials and other tasks
Its a decent game but be prepared to spend more on it. The game offers a companion like ally called a bot and there is quite a large selection of them, however, you only have access to two of them unless you buy more, which doesn't make any sense seeing as how I've already purchased the game. Good gameplay though and is great for killing time, but if i buy a game i shpuldnt have to pay more to get content thats already in the game. Please fix!!! Otherwise a good game
Very good game, it just get very laggy very quickly. Also it would be very nice if the developers could add a character customizer, because I'm debating whether this game is worth buying, because block fortress empires is kinds better.
Great. Ive been playing this game since 2017 still it need new updates like team deathmatch,turrets and new weapons also the game needs to increase max players and features... hoping for a reply
I enjoy the game but I've currently been encountering an error it tells me that the downloaded expansion files are invalid I've tried three times now to uninstall then reinstall to revive the same response I've got a samsung galaxy S4 pro
While the 60fps update is greatly appreciated, the ocean map has been severely messed up. Now, floating plant bits that should extend to the floor are just suspended midair all around the map...
|》》ATTENTIONγ€Šγ€Š| this is one hell of a game i love it in every aspect of it, but its lacking in one major key to make this a perfect game for everyone to enjoy is that the Game progress. if you accidentally uninstalled it or somehow you decide to switch phone. your progress won't be saved therefore no "Game Account link" to "Continue your progress" which i hope they fix it.
This game is interesting But there are too hard to get a resources and we must top up to get the bot. Adding mod to turrent,gun and etc too expensive Anyway this game is perfect
I really like the game but the UI resopnds if I tap a little bit to the left of the actual button when in game, it gets annoying and tough to play the game. When it does work properly it's a lot of fun!
Bad things-This game is quite fun, but in the end I would refund it if I could. I literally am stuck with my brother on the first level, nothing works. It's too hard for the first level. Good things- The whole concept is pretty cool. I like the variety of turrets and materials. If you make it easier I will reinstall it.
I love this game. It's a perfect mix of TD and RPG that I love. The only issue I have is that the movement is King of glitched. I use the joystick function, but the movement "pad" keeps moving to where my thumb is so I will be walking and stop when the pad catches up to my thumb.
Its a challenging, fun block game. You defend your base from goblocks. The more you play the higher level u get. The higher level you get the more stuff you unlock. Its a simple yet fun concept. Just waiting for their new block fortress app.
I really enjoy the mix of fps and td so this game is great for the most part... Although, the blocks are limiting when you want a strong but also good looking base and the power system needs to be changed for more of a challenge since power is just annoying . There should be generators rather than power blocks so then you fuel them with coal , oil , or gas which should be collected by mining deposits or refining(a procedure that should be implemented for more of a challenge)logs .
I think it's pretty good game.. But! It is hard to aim. (please make this on computer if not all ready) The good news is that it has creative mode, I like that! But pleeeeeease make it on computer (if not all ready) Also the VS mode and CO OP won't work. I doubt it's cus nobodys playing.
I love the game but I do wish thare was a way to connect with the community other than that it's just how I remember +a little more
Can you pls help me to restore my purchases and I just bought the game in app store since I changed my phone is there a way I can restore or transfer the items I bought here in this account to my account in app store
I really wanna 5 star but i cant because i lost all my data when i started from a new device and on my old device i had no email so i couldnt get my data back and i was level 13
I love this game, but there is one issue that keeps it from 5 stars. that problem is the miniscule map size. I know you have recently released a new game, but please continue updating this one as well if you can. I love the concept, but the small maps keep me from really enjoying it
It is super fun and I do like it but well THE PAYED BOTS SUCK AND MOST COST MORE THEN THE DARN GAME OK YOU MONEY GRUBBING TRASH BAGS WE ALREADY PAYED FOR THE GAME WE DONT NEED TO PAY EVEN MORE these developers only want your money and i looked into it these devs dont care about your enjoyment they just want money and i hate them for it
is it just me or is the survival broken..? i only earn cash and not the m unit so i can barely place any power sources, concrete etc, whats going on?
Can u Fix Sudden Force stop in OPPO A3S? and can u fix sudden Disconnect when playing multiplayer? other than that, the gameplay is challenging, fun, and awesome. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK (also, add a new map pls) sry for the bad english.
I remember wasting hours of my life with this game on my ipod touch, glad to see its even better than i remember.
A great game overall, ive had this game close to when it initially came out (when it was free) i do like it and would tell you to get it, but dont pay for it. not worth it, they (the devs) should've kept it free /: still a great game overall and i hope you do like it if you do get it.
error when launching game and when trying to update the app. it says needs storage but my phone has plenty left and it cannot install update either. im using the s9. please help devs
this game asks all kinds of access to private information. if you say no you cant play. oh well. not playing then.
Is cool I will give 5 stars if you give my purchased items back I lost all I spent more that $10 on this game please I just want everything back I had :(
This game is fun and very well designed but for a paid game to have in app purchases is just unacceptable I think that this game would get tons more traffic if you just took out the in app purchases and instead put some sort of level progression into the game that connected with the bots Very disappointed that I have to write this comment onto a paid game
I wpuld love to give his a five star but I am a really good team player and love to play with ohers instead of solo but for some reason when i go to co op or arena it always says no players online even if this game says it has 50k downloads and im pretty sure im not the only one so please fix muliplayer please and thank you πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
The game is good but it repeatedly crashes for me past 15 minutes on quickstart. This is very infuriating as I cannot save and therefore loose any minerals I could have gained.
i love the game can use some fixing with the controls like put a costom control setting cuz its really hard to aim and i wish maps are bigger cuz im running out of space in the world that i just created
Im havibg trouble to go past tutorial because it crashes il increase the rating inot its fixed thanks.
Great game. An FPS or a Tower Defense. This is the only game i know that can do either, or both, at once.
I would love to give this game a 5 star but I just can't, it crashes extremely frequently and unless I save after every round I will not be able to load from where I left off. Also I don't think that there should be content that has to be purchased (like the bots) after I have already put down money for the game. I would expect to receive the full game. Maybe unlock the different bots as you level up? I don't know, but the way it is now just feels wrong.
i love this game. it has great graphics on a mobile game, has no ads, and very responsive devs, thank you for making this. also please make the steam version.
Great game, for updates please add a energy force field and auto aim kinda hard to aim on the phone if you added these would help alot!!
It's actually what the trailer says, "Minecraft meets tower defense". Very unique game with a lot of content. I do wish more players are playing the game this time.