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Blazing 7s™ Casino Slots - Free Slots Online

Blazing 7s™ Casino Slots - Free Slots Online for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Scientific Games Interactive located at 900 Technology Parkway Suite 300 Cedar Falls, IA 50613. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game "USED" to be fun..only downloaded it for reel em in slot machine..all you do these days is spin and lose until broke and wait until the next tiny bonus comes..hitting the bonus round is your ONLY chance to stay playing..im on day 5 trying to hit the bonus...good luck with that---sighting bigfoot is easier...but the odds of them trying to sell chips is higher than the clouds..app sucks..zero fun..dont waste your time
Love that it has the classic Black&White double jackpot game and other machines I used to play for real, very good games 👍👍
never win enough to stay playing. very disappointed. gave the game 2nd an 3rd try. same results. not worth the download. the developer doesn't care about the reviews. deleted for good. any an all SG interactive slot are not worth the time to download.
This game rarely gives you bonus rounds or allow you to built your winnings, also it keeps pushing you to buy coins.
Love playing this game, played over 100 days now and wont let me open app today? need to collect my points..pretty disappointed...
I went through 380,000 credits betting 1000 each spin and didn't hit one set of 7's. I hit a few 3000 wins and one 10000 win and that was it. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! Game sucks that is all that I can say
I have lots of fun with this game for about 3 years .Not pounded with try this game then that. My only grief is that after i pushed the wtong button to get in the game after a phone downoad. After reinstalling my gam i lost my lvl 70 games as well as my 32,000,000 point's
the developer needs to show sevens sometimes. 17 levels and got the mixed sevens once. pretty sad. It is a blazing sevens game
I love this game,but it gets stuck so much and clean the caches and they just come back Immediately, I wish you would fix this problem
Just like at the real casino. Now they need to add black red and white 5times bonus, and triple blazing 7s.
this has to be the worse game out there. bets are based on your balance so if you purchase coins (1m) your bet will jump from 1000 to 50000. payoffs are non existent, and their main intent is to sell coins and control your bets. look at tournaments and you will see only 30 or so playing as person making 50000 bet is going to win everytime.
good game have fun playing keeps telling me can't connect to the internet and I can't get on the game. it's really annoying and I am beginning to not like this game as much now
They need to give more sign up coins, & more bonus coins like every 30 minutes or every hour, so that the games last much longer & people will want to play more. Fix this issue because right now at this point this game really SUCKS!
this app has my favorite slots however is the worst app to access or open. There are multiple days it never opens and cannot play and then when it will open again, the page with the wheel you spin to add 1,000 to 10,,000 to that amount does not start at the 10,ooo, even after just one day of not playing, it drops back to 1,000 extra credits. I am getting so frustrated with this happening,all the time! I have complained and get nowhere, just lame excuses.
this app used to work on my tablet, but now it only loads the up to trying to play a game.... it just sits there but nothing happens.... ive uninstalled and reinstalled four times... oh well guess i move on to other games
terrible. game continues to drop and need to turn off devices to restart. once in game hangs up after just a few pulls
Playing Diamond Lines and cannot hit Three Blazing 7's on first line or 4 line! Don't think it is programed as I have played hours and went threw millions of credits!
Just a down right terrible game dont waste your time. will not let you win been playing for over 6 months now and I'm not buying coins to play a fake slot machine. it's a really big disappointment no matter what machine you play they do not hit.
It cheats you out of your tokens. It dosen't open half the time when you try to go into a machine. I have to uninstall and then reinstall FREQUENTLY. To put it mildly...it's BS!!
I can't even log on anymore. If you uninstall you loose your status and start over. Please fix this this.
for two days know have not been able to open the game. there is no way to contact the makers. I'm not the only one to experience this so damned frustrating.
It doesn't give many big wins it takes more coins than it gives. It doesn't work properly. The tournament doesn't work. Can't update the game. This is a joke you can't even contact customer support. Don't get me wrong it has good game's just doesn't give anything to keep playing. Doesn't even let you write a review without giving it at least one star. It doesn't deserve a star.
lots of fun and the only one that has WMS games. UPDATE I've been playing this for some time working towards 2 wms games. It locked up today while i was trying to go to the lobby. I tried everything to get it to load. I was at level 35ish. trying to get to 80 and eventually 130 to get 2 to kes wild and WildZone. now it locks up loading. After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, then clearing all data, and caches. still won't olen -- it lockes up loading the lobby.
Game no longer works properly on my phone, can collect bonuses, can load up slots, the tournaments don't load ,can't exit out of slots to home screen, such a shame because this game was good
Always have to buy more coins and you never win. Plus it doesn't load 90% of the time and when it does load it let's me buy coins and launch a machine and then freezes.
I am a fan of this game and spend money to play..I recently made purchases that haven't been recieved because of the app not working properly ..I had to delete and reinstall...I have made request after request for my account to be refunded to no avail....Smh....Take your game and shove it up your ass..Big Rip off..I am contacting the BBB .....Wont spend another cent on your game!!
Hi my name is Rick and I really like this game a lot thank you very much for this game there's only one thing I'd like to add it wouldn't hurt to give a bigger bonus and a little bit more payouts especially for what you charge 4 credits but other than that it's a great game that's why I'm using it five stars thank you very much Rick Tudor......
pooooooo holes. i sold my crippled grandmother to the nursing home to play this game. she has shin rash on her elbows, and the skin stinks. i rate this game 2 out of 100. it smells like pooooooo in your casino.
What a load or rubbish had game a few months & no improvement u get ur log in bonuses use them up in a few spins then nothing it takes that long 2 get through the levels 2 open new games but hey I bet it is all random & luck lol so only 1 word that discribes it good in my opinion is Deleated
Hiya 😘 who has used it, what’s the reason that there is always such a wrinkle with the spin loading? 😪 The application is not up to par, as I know, this is a crude copy of the top rated website xcasin . com, only this site has the perfect graphics, offers a lot of free spin bonuses and also very many gifts . 🎰. Just for amusement try it, take a short rest and play it🎮😘! If you tried it, then thumbs up! 👍👍
Evenin’ 🥰.I’ve been playing different casino for many years. Here’s a story Who has tried it? Why is there such a trouble with constant hang? 😔 the game is not so much, as far as I know here you can play only for virtual coins unlike my favorite game with fastgraphics -, where you can play for real cash, without crazy ads. Even just out of curiosity test! Right now they offer free additional rewards and have ✅! If you love it press “like”! 👍
These slots are so real like. These are my favorite and I have been playing them for about 3 years. I rated them one because since October the app has malfunctioned about 5 times. I finally get my 30 day 10K bonus back and it breaks down so that I have to start my 30 climb again. The machines have gotten really tight. And no one cares...no one on their wonderful non existant staff cares. I just got an email telling me to open up a ticket in the games support staff. Game wont open!
I purchased more coins with my credit card. It was approved and didn't receive my coins. This the third time this has happened. And then no one helps
It takes forever to get to the next level. You buy coins and you never hit anything. Why don't you open all the slots to play. Use to be my favorite but the game is not fun anymore.
what a joke. spend To much money to have fun and you make sure i dont what have you done to make it even worse then they were ????
This game it cost way too much for credits and you you hardly ever win on any of their games each other so tight I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone because it's been several occasions where I lost millions of credits wrote them about it and never received anything back of my five years of playing this game Rick Tudor thank.......
I really enjoy this game. It's like the slots at the casinos. What I Don't think is right is when we try to buy credits ya'll disable the smaller purchase packs of $4.99 and sometimes even the $9.99 and the only available to purchase are the $24.99 & up. That seems unethical and feels like consumer steering to me. Not to mention how limited hitting jackpots are on weekends.
they are the best classic slot machines. I really enjoy playing them. thank you. you have come a long way since I started . keep up the fantastic work.
Didn't last five minutes each and every time I try sucks, one time I got lucky all the way up to 9 million and bet 50000 and never got another hit all the way down to nothing in less than 5 minutes total bull!
Can't believe I just found this game it's by far better than any of the other slots I've been playing. The payouts are great.
I really enjoy this app and would rate it a 5... HUGE problem as I lost my 19 million points somehow yesterday. They do NOT have a support link on the app. I have emailed the developer several times and only get canned messages. Great to play but not if you lose everything and worse NO contact info to help you.
Until yesterday I loved this game but now it won't load and has cisted me my playing streak. I have played for almost 200 days in a row.
Not one gd. hit on any bonus on any game on your site here What good is the extra coins you give if the games don't hit!!!!!! I should've NEVER purchased any coins here That will never happen again jeeeesh Ok so I had 8 million on my facebook login And 13 million on my guest account I played 500k. on both I had maybe 3 or 4 hits AND NOT ONE BONUS HIT NOT ONE!!!!! So my point is this if your gonna give us coins to play with at least let the slots hit some jeeeesh AND I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANY
I play this game everyday. Last night when I shut it off I had over 2 million points. (6-28-20) Tonight when I started it up I only had 250,000 to 300,000. Points. I would like them back this is no way to treat players that play your games. I want them back and I want to know why you took them in the first place. This really makes me angry and if you dont give them back I'm all done with your games.]
I don't understand why there is so many on going problems that the developers wont even contact you or fix your problem. This is real money and you really dont win much on these games but if a person want to play them just fix them.
Takes forever to load when switching games and it goes 15 to 25 spins and you don't even get your bet back..Waste of time folks!
straight robbery on diamond line, 10 times it passes the 4 sevens...the last one drops down and so does your coins immediately removing app.....rip off use to be a good game. Diamond Line now sucks!
Great game it just take all of your coins before you hit something to play with and all of your coins be gone haven jackpot yet!!!!
Actual rating zero stars i have moto g6 android 8.0 the game works until you load a slot then it loads to 100 percent then stop there will not open up any slot machine to even play it.
Your games put me to sleep with your cheap graphics, and you want people to pay for tokens. If I shade to choose between this piece of tripe or open heart surgery it would be a toss up!
the Monopoly game is exactly like the one in the casino, you never win on the sevens, they always show up two in a row but never the third one, just like the real one lol, but it's still fun to play, and I lose no money playing it here at home 😁
I paid for coins but never got them. That is bs, plus you barely get coins back when you buy them.. Can you please fix this issue..
Until yesterday I loved this game but now it won't load and has cost me my playing streak. I have played for almost 200 days in a row.
This is my favorite app. But, I am so sad I have litterally signed on a billion ti es today and yesterday deleted and re installed ag least 10 times Lost my tokens and going crazy. Please do somdthing to make this right. Rose
it took awhole lot of coins to get a hit its not worth all the coins i played with to get that hit.If you could get more hits it would realy be a fon game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO NOT PURCHASE COINS! Cannot submit in-app support ticket. Reply says support features have ceased. I did not receive coins I purchased. I emailed the developer and received reply that I needed to submit in-app ticket
Great slots and bonuses, only problem I've encountered is with the Facebook application. It doesn't run smoothly, very jerky reels and, yes I have checked everything possible, emptied cache, updated flash, updated google chrome etc etc
Bad experience. Installed to spend slot play and see how it went. Lost it all in about 1 minute, no exaggeration. Thank God I didn't buy. Won't revisit.
Not working for about a month or more. I really miss playing this game. It was my phone no fault to the company. Had my phone for five years So I am back in action.
it's a game people. we are supposed to have fun not go broke within 15 minutes of play time. might be inclined to make a few purchases if it wasn't so stingy. GET REAL SG
I like the games because they are real slot games you get in a casino. BUT....it's very hard to level up. There are no incentive bonuses, new games hardly appear, nothing changes. I haven't gotten any slot previews since the last one that was there for over 1 month. Other games have incentives to play to win more credits but this one is very bare and stark. Developers need to add more play experience to liven up the app
Update 3-24-19: thank you for getting this app back up & running. We would greatly appreciate getting our 30+ days comeback daily bonus! We came back but you weren't there!! Please fix the problem that started today. The app will almost open but gets stuck "loading lobby" & will not complete the load. Please fix this problem! Trying to email the developer does no good. An auto reply tells you to get support with a new ticket via in-app support. How can we do that . . . it won't load!!
played and loved this app 3+ months, then it stopped loading (locked up). emailed support who kept telling me to use in-game support system. of course I couldn't since I was locked out. what a joke. poor support, no support. reinstalled 3 times, no luck, still would not load. 3/24/19 - great news. problem fixed. credits and level restored. thanks.-------- 7/20/19 LOCKED UP AGAIN! Stopped loading lobby. Happens every couple of months. I do love this app when it works.
10m one baby seven. Triple constant spinning x three. No access to tournaments STILL. Don't buy..don't install waste of time and money so so rigged.
the game has serious problems with loading thought it was my Wi-Fi but it's not. I hope they can fix the problem really soon because I have my grandkids enjoy playing this game it's only on my phone for their enjoyment so hopefully they'll fix the problem.
Can be fun It keeps telling me i have 25000 free coins to play. More info tells me i should play them. Nowhere does it say HOW to get them so that i CAN play them. The blue icon in the lower right only gives me 5000. Can somebody tell me how to get these extra coins?
I enjoyed this game s lot. Until it decided it would be verticle on my screen rather than horizontal. And it refused to flip. I cant play it all distorted like that. So Im uninstalling it. I wont reinstall it because I'd have to start all over at level 1. It took forever to get to level 27. I went to support to ask what to do, but there is no accomodation for questions.
I have been playing this game for 3 years. Got on this morning to find the game had updated and I list of my credits and levels that I had earned! This game Sucks!!
I have been playing this app for many years and I never had a problem. This is my favorite app. I love it.
I used to enjoy this game quite a bit, played everyday until two days ago. Past two days, it won't load. Tried everything. Finally decided to uninstall/reinstall. Got here and niw have seen other people have had the same problem. Sure hope that when/if you fix this, that you have someway to restore players points. (Maybe add a one-time bonus to make up for the hassle?)
I have really enjoyed this app until yesterday, it won't load no matter what I do. I have lots of coins to play but can't get it to open. Feeling discouraged 😕
When playing Blazing 7s.. and reaching a certain level, you cannot win, maybe the bars will keep you..barely in the game!! This needs to be addressed to us, the consumers. Why offer raising the bet line, and you do thafor what..to lose it all? UNFAIR PRACTICES BY the Developers! RIP OFF.. Numerous Play Cards purchased & every tim you add..THEY are quick to keep IT . My suggestion : remove their app & play elsewhere! I've complained to Google, & will send consumer report if not rectified!
This was my favorite slot app. But i guess they updated it and i had to re sign in with fb and start over at level one. I absolutely love the slots and really most everything about this app. But I'm not happy about having to start over and lost all my progress and also don't like being prompted to share something on facebook every time i get coins.
Fun game, very addicting I can play for hours on this 🎰🎮 haha😄 Will recommend this 🎰🎮 to all my peoples, friends & family so my hats off to the devs of this app. Keep up the awesome work. I hope in the near future ya'll would come out with more games.....
It fun for a min or two then they just want you to buy chips. Wow the greed of these companies is out of control.would have given zero but not an option.Oh and just to let the developer know on the daily free play 4200*2 is not 25000.
0 stars is appropriate. Purchased coins twice and never received any. Write "support" and it states: "We regret to inform you that Blazing 7's support features have ceased. We are unable to assist you with this product." So, if you have a problem you are sol. Too bad since this was my favorite. Uninstalled with a loss and now a dispute on CC. Az
blazing 7 casino slot is not working on my phone there seems to be a problem and it's not loading and I would appreciate if you would get this here slot machine working on my phone I'm addicted and I'm sad so please fix it and hurry thank you I have restarted my phone several times to get it to work but it only loads partial way and then it stopped please troubleshoot and figure out and find and repair the problem thank you
Just terrible! Graphics and game play are realistic to the actual casino game, but an actual casino pays better! Bought coins twice, and never will again!
This game was cool at first, but all day today, the "lobby" never loaded! There's no way to reset, and if you uninstall the game, you lose your place!
This game was fun until it kept defaulting to the buy credits screen and then when I was able to get it to function properly it wiped out over a million in credits and I was left to start from scratch. I uninstalled it!!!
they are the best classic slot machines. I really enjoy playing them. thank you. you have come a long way since I started . keep up the fantastic work. Every time I open this app I get amazed by new games and nicer graphics.