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Is a Role Playing game developed by Applibot, Inc. located at 東京都渋谷区宇田川町40番1号 Abema Towers. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoyed it for at least a week and then I started to see everything wrong with this game. Dry combat, uninteresting characters, boring story and now it seem the devs gave up on the game entirely. I thk its been 3 weeks since we had a new character drop or event. Sorry but this is a Must Pass By Game
Really fun and beautiful game. My only issue is you can chance to landscape view, so even though you have a party of 3 or more you only see what your character is doing. I like watching my other members attack and animation, but the camera zooms mainly on you and due to screen orientation its hard to see anyone else. Also woyld be nice if you could control the other members, not just yourself. Also seems character gachas require paid diamonds.
Don't spend money on this game if you don't want to be scammed. I was really excited for this game. Upon first starting, it was decent and I enjoyed the auto feature. it began to glitch and never seemed to have gotten fixed but I could still play so long as I didn't press a certain button. I even decided to put a little money on the game, something I rarely do for mobile apps. This is where my biggest issue comes in. I was saving the special currency for when there was a unique summons and I was guaranteed a rare draw. One day I logged on, and suddenly half of my currency was just missing. I did not spend it, and I have no idea where it went. So I messaged and made the problem known and that I wanted either the currency fixed or my money back. After sending in all the details I was responded with; "Thank you, we are researching the matter." That was the last I've heard from them and it's been months. I feel like I was scammed. If you do end up giving this game a shot, do not spend money on it. I regret it as I never got my money back and I no longer play the game because it's not worth playing.
This could have been a great game, but developers ruined it first off by making it a vertical game. Today's mobil devices are extra tall.. this creates an uncomfortable feel to play the game. Another epic failure by developers is that English clients can't understand a word of the dialog. That's laziness by developers. Is it too much to ask you to translate your game?... after all you are asking us to send you money. And apparently a lot of it.
This is probably the most expensive gacha game with lots of issues. This game has three types of gacha currency, one the game gives out but can't be used on some banners and the purchasable one which is strangely split into free and paid. And some banners only take paid. You really have to whale to get stuff as this game's daily is also cheap. Wish they'd follow SDS pricing model. I don't think this'll last beyond a year but it is fun.
The game overall seems like an amazing game but "ONE HUUUGE PROBLEM" is the connection issues 😒 either it takes super long to load or it just won't even connect and forces me to the title screen. I do enjoy playing but lately I won't even bother and even consider uninstalling.
So far this game is bringing me back to my days of skipping school to play FF7. Hard to put it down but when I do, thank God for the loopable battle feature. I can leave my phone to lvl up and loot and come back excited like a kid to see what I got. Visually, the game is on point and the mechanics are great as well. Only negative is that I've yet to receive any diamonds. Either I haven't gone far enough in the game to receive them, or I'd have to break down and buy some. Still waiting to see.
Can't start the game, constantly getting connection error even thought my network is strong and stable. I have never gotten this game to work and I've been tryng since the very first day of release.
Ill never understand why so many people like auto games. I like full control like chaos rings or final fantasy 10. It should be optional. No auto normal attack. How is that cool? And other reviews give it praise. If you want to watch something go to youtube and watch someone play. As far as farming make it zip through on an energy system. Just my opinion.
This has a network issue during gameplay. I restart my phone I try to use wifi but the game doesn't want to accept my wifi it shows network issue. So it seem it will only work with mobile data 50/50. The game has great visuals like your watching 3d anime. Battle system is ok tapping the circles when they glow is easy but can be distracting because I can't watch the battle at the same time im distracted focus waiting to hit the next buttom. What I dislike the most this game eats up battery fast!!
The game so far has been running well, but I have to give it four stars due to some of the glitches I have encountered. Sometimes I can't upgrade weapons because the game crashes or during a battle, the screen goes black and I can't see the characters on screen. Besides those main issues, I really like the game, and I think it has a very bright future, I will continue supporting this game and playing it. Overall BLADE XLORD is a good game that can become great with the proper fixes.
5/11 Game comes to a screeching halt for doing summons. Clearing story chapters grants you a decent amount of stones to summon, but none have granted me a new unit and I'm about 3/4 through. There needs to be a way to grind for new units. 5/23 UPDATE - Game continued to screw over early supporters with newer "packs" that were drastically superior to the banners prior. Have attempted to have account closed and refunded, but have not heard back yet.
Loved this when it launched. Now when I try to play it gives me a connection error when it is connecting and I just can't play
Great game so far, great drop rates i believe it said 10 percent which is unheard of. Unit drop rates are higher than weapons rates which i am pretty excited for. You will still need to pay up to be competitive, but since the rates are so good the gap between whales and f2p should be less. They also give semi decent units for free as you progress, or at least so far. Graphics are pretty good. I was looking for a replacement for Ff Mobius. This could be it.
Takes forever to load, and usually several attempts. When you get in to the home screen and select "New" or any of the choices, you see "Connecting" in the top right corner flashing. This continues for several minutes, until I get tired and shut it down. It is not my phone, it is a new full featured Samsung. It is a pity, the game did play nice, when you can get in to play it.
Not sure why. The game was so fun now it freezes all the time. I would have given it 4 stars. Because of great story mode and graphics plus compact system. It's just missing a vip system to earn gems. Which I have yet to earn in this game even when it said I can earn them. Need more events then just trials. To earn heros as well. The game wont even allow me to link up. So I wont lose progress. But their link system sucks as well. WAY TO MANY BUGS IN THIS GAME. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!. Warning!
First off the posted summon rates are false. After nearly 1.5k summons I am at 3.5%, no where near the 10% they claim. Out of 20 ssr pulls on new banner not a single one has been featured unit or weapon. Graphics are good, gameplay is generic and goes with the beat to death elemental based heroes by now. This doesn't make the game more interesting it just means you have to summon more. Can not reccomend.
Pretty fun so far, graphics reminiscent of PS3 games, not a bad thing they are really nice and dont detract from the gameplay and enjoyment of the game. I'm enjoying the story too, kinda generis but with some twists and turns that keep it enjoyable and interesting. I can see myself playing this for the foreseeable future if content stays updated.
I have a lot of ideas that I would like to put into this game everything is perfect so far so good I will give you $100 if you make the game offline thank you for making a masterpiece this game will be a classic and I love the graphics in the game play this is the best RPG in the whole world and I played a lot of RPGs in my lifetime this game is precious to me I can't stop playing it I'm super addicted to it keep making more stuff for the game this game is right up my alley God bless you
I don't think I've seen a game get more issues with every update in game. First, you have to have your phone time set to a different zone, there's a button that says new on the home screen of the game that freezes up the game if you hit it, and they latest one is completing a quest and the game goes to a white screen. You can't run the auto loop quests.
If you enjoy a game where you can let it go off on its own, this may be the game for you. Gameplay wise, it's very straightforward and can provide a challenge to new players compared to the other games that just hand you the W's. It's heavily dependent on an Auto Battle system to collect materials and upgrade units but the game gives you tons of Energy Refilling pots to overcome that. My problem is the amount of space it takes on a device and it's a bit glitchy with connection. Soundtrack 10/10
The game has actually been pretty great so far. It gives you a full team to use outside of summoning. I'm only at chapter 4 and have 7 characters that I can choose from. And no, I haven't spent a dime on this game......seems like summon rates are fair to me. Same thing with the SSR weapon rates. I don't know why people complain about auto battle but keep playing anyways. The auto battle that's forced is basic attacks so no issues there. Click the button on top right if you don't want full auto
Just got into it via recommendation from a fellow xenoblade fan. Combat is similar to Xenoblade and Final Fantasy 12. As someone who hardly plays mobile games this is one case where I can see myself really getting into it. Almost wish there was a version available to play on PC because of how visually appealing it is. Cutscene audio does tend to desynch and I have encountered a few bad lag spikes during gameplay but I'm sure its just because I tried running high graphics quality on my mediocre phone. Hopefully dialing back the graphics will fix that for me.
Great graphics and cool character design. Controls are with partial auto or full auto which really streamlines the experience. Only down side is getting new characters and weapons relies completely on rng gacha. I did 3 multis and never got a single character, only weapons I couldn't use. Gonna reroll until I get a better start. I can see this game taking up a lot of my time.
The game itself is quite fun, and reminds me a lot of early Final Fantasy. But the app crashes repeatedly, making it nearly impossible to complete any quests. It also appears that new characters can only be summoned by spending a bunch of cash. Maybe a good game for those with more money and patience than I. I'm a bit disappointed that I won't be able to continue. Deleting.
liked the game, story is great and makes me feel sometimes like im playing an actual final fantasy game, the controls are easy to learn, and actually has some depth to them unlike other games ive played on mobile. my main problem though is the cutscenes, i dont know if its my internet connection or the game, but cutscenes are janky and laggy. the animations constantly freeze for a second and the audio is buggy to hell. to the point its hard to hear whats being made out. if it wasnt for the subtitles that pop up, id not understand a thing people would be saying. so please fix this soon.
Good graphics , and story but outside of that have not had the most enjoyable experience. The summon system with increased chance of duplicate summons just because you have said character really sucks all of the fun out of grinding. This also makes it harder to get teams needed for the higher level elemental events. Edited 5/20: The duplicate summon rate needs dropped , don't waste money on unit summons use Lord stones if you can. By far the most annoying "gacha" I've played.
The auto-play mechanic is a double edged sword here. Considering I'm a player coming from Dissidia: Opera Omnia, a auto battle that uses all skills is welcome. Downside is, most of your efficient grinding will be done like this, leaving your phone or tablet on for substantial periods of time. Sound is pretty average, and because gameplay is pretty repetitive, I found myself muting all game sound by day 5 of logins. Very simple and accessible, but a below average game overall.
Definitely one of the better mobile games when it comes to graphics and animations. Auto battle is very nice since the AI is very intuitive as they use their skills often and position well. Story and music are nice as well with a neat 10% drop rate for SSR units/weapons. Gameplay does get a tad repetitive but that's how it is with many mobile games
I've been playing for over a week already and the battle system is really cool. You can have as much or as little control as you want. Graphics are amazing and the story is very fleshed out. It's a full rpg experience with lots of cinematics and dialogue. Just glad to see it actually released as now I may actually have a guild lol. Great game devs. Oh and I also have never been pressured to make any real money purchases. They are obviously an option but I've seen no pay walls or anything.
Great game and great story. Sure it has some bugs and some of them annoying, but they seem to be trying to fix them and the game seems to be getting more stable (with the exception of some events). But rather than just let glitches go in events they pause them to fix them. Gotcha rate is higher than most other gotcha games and hope it stays that way. All the units are SSR with a focus on gear for unit and levels for progress. Some things are grindy but fun game overall. Has potential.
So after a few days of playing I was suspicious of the people saying the gacha rate for good items was good. Well they were more than right. I have had to sacrifice sr weapons to upgrade cause I ran out of lower quality ones and it's amazing. The combat is one that makes you think of your party make up and they give you the ability to make different teams just for that. Utilize it. I don't have to pay for good things, I pay cause I wanna support them and that's how it should be. Good job devs.
Cool combat, ff style storytelling, and even though you need to be online to play it, it is one of those games that respect the fact that some gamers just want a single player game. Devs, please, xan you make it so we can also play off-line. So of we get disconnected from server, we dont lose data nor progress. For example, you guys can make it so we can play offline, but you need to log in every 12 to 24 hours.
I think the game is honestly astonishing in its graphics. I've played countless summoning games and this one is alot like grandsummoners in terms of how the game is layed out and is ridiculously fun so far. Only complaint is how the summons seems to have only one summoning category that doesn't need to be paid gems all the others are paid. I can see this currently as the game trying to get more funds for furthering its development and hope to see more Free to play summons in the future. Thanks!
Loved the game and played it before downloaded it on my Huawei P30 Lite and I can't play it tried with Wi-Fi and without it nothing.
Ive been playing for awhile and ive seen some problems. The main one is the grinding. The game wants you to be on a auto grind 24/7 which is ridiculous. Just turn the grinding into an idle offline mode and the game will be much better. The second problem is bonds are annoyingly hard to get. So make it easier like by just having them in the party instead of soul bursting them. Do that and this game will be 4 stars for sure
This game is good, probably really good but it is so hampered by constant and I mean constant crashing. I even dropped it down to the medium graphic settings to no avail. I mean how much can you actually enjoy the game if you have to restart every 10 minutes? Also the linking to Google play seems to be broken.
I really like this game because I can play it one-handed. This is a big plus in my book because other games you have to tilt the screen to the side and move around manually. The auto movement is good and the combat has a good deal of action. Also I appreciate the cutscenes and voice acting. I feel like this game could honestly be 5 dollars on mobile.
Pretty graphics, pretty nice story so far and interesting characters. However, there are quite a number of bugs that make the game uncomfortable to play. Random crashes, which, I'm not sure why it happens, but it happens. Pressing the "NEW" button in the main lobby-menu thing leads to a never-ending "connecting". The dialogue also sometimes just stops proceeding and I miss out on some parts of the story, being forced to skip. I can't link my account, too. It's still pretty fun, though.
Graphics are great the story seems good I wouldn't know because the game keeps freezing after I do 1 action! It started off great but one I finished the beginning story line the game constantly freezes every single time. I sucks when you have a great mobile game and it's ruined because of simple things and it makes you not even want to play . I think some of these games should go to console great concepts and I think it could be great on a console. But hey that's my opinion
Fun game, beautiful soundtrack and graphics. Just very slow loading, especially the main menu, and there are a few bugs (cannot access miltiple accounts as it freezes when I try to sign in). Because it is soft launch, am willing to be patient to see how it turns out. After their recent update, I had proceeded to change my rating as promised as they have addressed the primary concerns that caused multiple bugs. Good job and pass my thanks to the support staff.
My only complaint is, having issues with data link through Google Play, which is why I've decided to rate the game 4 Stars. I've tried doing it with Wi-Fi on and get an error message. I tried the same thing, with it off via network connection, and get the same result. Please fix this soon! I'd really appreciate it! 🙏🏼👌🏼💯
Was a 4 out of 5. Now it's a 1. Many thought the game was already going to die, and they were right. The developers just announced ending this game. So instead of actually being as passionate as they have seemed before going silent on their communication areas, they decided to just end it all right then and there. Had great art, interesting story, so much potential, all thrown under the bus in literally LESS THAN HALF A YEAR. Very, VERY disappointed.
To start, I really enjoy this game and have been playing since launch; however, the devs have gone radio silent. The social media team stepped down, saying that Applibot would be taking over directly. But that was 2 weeks ago, and the game hasn't updated with news, events, content, or anything since. Contacting support doesn't help, as they're not allowed to comment about the game's future. I love this game and want it to succeed, but right now it seems Applibot has abandoned the game.
Last week or so no updates from developer. They took over social channels and have not communicated to player base at all. Many who invested thousands of dollars. Hold off on investing time and money. Game only been out a couple months already seems they have given up besides jp version. Hoping for the best but this not how good companies typically act.
Game does not link to Google play. After tutorial, game freezes for extended periods when you try to select different options on the home screen. "New" button instantly freezes game or shuts you off from other options. Very laggy home screen. Would like a stable game. Haven't played much and seems like fun but not worth the download/time investment right now until they work out the major user interface flaws.
Was enjoying the game, but then had 2 issues. 1. I bought the 24.99 starter pack. Got my character from summon with ticket and that was fine. Then I used the crystals and it crashed. Reloaded and had no new weapons or units. I sent in a report and rather than let me know what I got the assumption was that I didn't get anything SSR grade. 2. Gave a star back because I am able to play, however if I click on the new icon the game crashes. Needs to be addressed.
So far the story seem interesting and the graphics are pretty good. But Why do devolpers overseas think they can just give global Subtitels. It's not 1996 anymore, if it isn't good enough for your home country it's not good enough for us. Get some english voice actors even if they aren't amazing. It's better than reading, and people can switch to JP or turn off the sound and just read if they want. Seriously.
Found this through a YTer. From the past few days of playing, it is quite an incredible game, but it has some technical issues. For instance, a good majority of story cutscenes are in 3D, which isn't very common, and it's pretty well done. However, I have had some instances where the text bugs out and I have to skip the scene to continue. Combat is fun and exciting to play, and has a 'passive' auto battle mode for farming. Overall, well-worth a try, especially if you're an FF fan!
Really enjoying this game. The voice acting and graphics are well done, and the story has been great so far. Although the spiky haired lead character seems overdone, the rest of the characters are fun. Running loops at work or at night is a nice feature, and the events so far add to the story. 5/12 Game stopped working today sadly along with quite a few other users.
Thus could have been one of the best games out there..but they decided to be really shady. Not only did they decide to cancel the game, but they waited 2 weeks to notify any of the players, and had the audacity to put out a pack that allowed players to get any character they wanted right before they canceled the game. Now I usually don't spend money on phone games, but it was a really shady move. Will not be playing any other games by this company, as they seem to care very little