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Blade of God : Vargr Souls

Blade of God : Vargr Souls for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PG Soul Games located at Room 906,Build 4,Suzhou Pioneering Park,No.209, Zhuyuan Road, Suzhou New District,Jiangsu province, China.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is all good except its background speakers. They ruin this game by their as*h*le voices. Cann't believe such lame sh*tty voices are used for impressive ancient fighting game characters. No longer want to play anymore. This is making me feel repulse against it.
This game is good, like really good, I love it. The gameplay and graphics are both amazing. But, the reason I rated it not 5, not 4, but 3 stars is that I can only play 1 level per day and mahn that's annoying considering how good the game is. If we can get more chances to play would be alot better. Maybe use energy that refills by time, it will really be great
In tis game everything is ok but one thing is not ok is that I am in first stage when I am going to thre last level of the first stage then in the game it is telling that it is insufficient pass.
Pleasantly surprised it's like a mini or similar to god of war nice lil hack slash conquers worth a smooth clean run update games 99. Of 100
Looks like a cool game but it downloads slow and I try to download it but it keeps on stopping and then cancels download automatically
My low review always deleted. I cant play the game at all, it auto close even though i have 6/138gb and 800+snapdragon specs with my xiaomi
The Developer of this game really made the game enjoyable to play the way the story progress really capture the situation of the story but the thing that sound quality really need a little bit of an improvement the way the player character's speak sound like 16yrs old rather that God hunter of some sort i recommend if is voice line a little deeper to show his Chaostic side rather then i lost consciousness problem. sorry if i sound like am critizing i really enjoy the gameplay keep up the Work🤗
I can tell alot of passion and effort were put into making Blade of God your team did an awesome job! Thanks for your game I really like it. To those of you that's read reviews to see if this game is any good, well I promise you won't be disappoint ,download it now this game is worth it!
Hey great game but on lvl 2-3 at the end boss battle the screen freezes after he tosses you for the second time.. btw this is offline mode not sure about online
This game is alright right now.... Im really enjoying it wish graphics could be a little better and camara angle
The game is good...voice of the characters does not make sence...storyline is oke...controls is nice and smooth...graphics is not the best but oke...but ive played the game untill the royal city...every time i trie to go to the royal city...it does not load and just kicks me back to the first stages...please fix this Thank you
Has potential but falls short. The game play is rough around the edges. I ended up quitting the game because the camera angles were driving me crazy. Often bosses were out of my view and I was unable to move the camera. You can't hit what you can't see. Some of the voice acting is sub par but overall the story is engaging. Another aggravating thing was being able to buy armor but not equip it. It may have been a bug but when combined with the other issues it was enough to make me quit.
I was able to download and honestly I'm loving it so far you guys are super generous with gifts and codes the gameplay is fun. I've only just started but I can see myself playing for a good long time will be buying the collector tomorrow good job so far and I hope the best to the development of this game 😄
Make it multiplayer when raiding boss or something just make it multiplayer very recommended but still ofline when single player
I wanna play but it is too big to download, maybe in the near future if I can, looks awesome, but 1 star for too big of a download, will change once able to download and play, thanks guys and gals.
If you're thinking download this game then listen When i download 2.1 gb game I'm expect more just because of the game size.. And what we have only chapter 1.. Why...? Give that older version this one is money hungry
Update 3 : Aug 3 ... Amazing support team, quick response and solving problems. Update 2 : Aug 2 ... Why the daily quests are not renewed now for 2 days ? Original rating : The game is amazing looks like devil may cry ... I am giving it 4 stars due to the lag between movements and audio .. the audio is late and you can hear it after 1 or 2 seconds from the move or slash .. my mobile is not weak or suffering from latency or frame drop !
I really liked this game and I also made some in app purchases in it but as much as I loved this game there were some little things that destroyed the game like having a fixed camera i should be able to turn the camera and also the developer should have made this game able to run at 60 FPS and the game play area should have also been lager so we can be able to move around more I HOPE THE developer can fix all this issues as soon as possible in there update this game as a lot of potential
Cool story but i hate the stage pass when i dl it theres nk stage pass and now there is and averytime i wanna do mission yet i meed to buy or watch ads so annoying and this is offline game tho.
Dont download this game if u wanna play the next mission u must buy the new character for open the new stage . Stupid game
It's beautiful game. It becomes interesting when you keep on playing. You need paitence to reach the last level. Waiting for more level and stories. It's awesome game. Just download and play.
It's very reminiscent of the old God Of War game along with a few new mechanics. The dialogue is fully voiced, the controls are smooth and responsive and the graphics are amazing even on low. If you like hack and slash games I recommend this to you. You won't regret at least trying it. It's free to play for a bit but then it puts a limit of 1 level per day that you need to pay to remove. I would have to buy the game than to pay half way through. I get it though, I'm thinking of paying
Kinda pissed me off when realized i've needs to I.A.P to purchase full episodes , i'll give this game a try when first time i've played but kinda disappointed when the graphics and the motion not as smooth as i'd thinks and the gameplay kinda normal not something extraordinary or special about but i will give this game 3 star when the first experience . The gameplay good then the most rpg games i've played , control and the combo yes but graphics no , 3 star
Good try but unfinished glitchy and poor unresponsive controls make this game hard to keep playing. Like I literally got stuck in the lava pit border after beating the first lava hulk. Pretty sad.
Great game it's free but u only get some many attempts a day unless u unlock the full game basically it's a premium game but well worth the $3.99
I'll give 5star i love it... but i hate waiting... make the dungion free to enter... and most of all The main voice and how the way he talks.. his not like Gods Slayer.... make his voice much powerful voice.. ✌
pay and play...😒.. without card cannot play...for card u have to watch add... 5 add per day ...only ...5 matches u can play in a day....
Sometimes camera angle does not follow the character. And what about passes i everyday visit to see ads and collect the passes , but from two days no passes are there and without passes we can't enter the stage. Pls fix the problem or i will uninstall it
Good game... very unpolished. Voice acting take you out of it. Will be checking this game after some time, assuming it will get updates and will feel like a finished product.
I paid for a full game but couldnt continue playing. I deleted the app and downloaded it again, only to find my progress had been reset. I want a refund
Game good needs help with the voice actors and sorta have this Darksiders vibe to it but make it to where u can start going thru the story and have the money aspect for people who will pay cause not everyone will have money
When I try to start the game after a 1 minute when I get to the story part I kicks me out I need y'all to fix this so I can try I'll put 5 stars if you fix it
I love the absolutely amazing but theirs one thing please make the game free I was playing the game when it told me I had to pay to play the full game, please make it free because this game is so addicting especially because I like God of war and prince of persia
A word of advice for players who are about to install the game; DON'T! You'll play just plenty of levels until they scrub the full version price up to your face. The money for the graphics or this game itself is not worth it. So many bugs, awful cutscenes, and ridiculously hard levels to force you to buy in app purchases. I am now contacting the developer within weeks but they are not responding for my refund. There are so many games out there better than this. Don't waste your time.
Outstanding game I am playing this second time and I m saying previous version is good but now its like hanging please fix it and best wishes for Blade of God 2 also
Very nice game I like it .one thing I got is please adjust the camera it not really smooth in battle or may be in my phone cuz it android version. 5 only
It's a good game except you need to watch ad everytime to be able to play. I would have rate it 5 if the game don't force you to watch ads to be able to continue chapter and if some costumes were for free like putting them in events
I sincerely don't see why a lot of people say this game is similar to god of war, because it isn't. GOW is a masterpiece, and is nowhere similar to this. I'm not even talking about the PS4 version. Even the PSP version of GOW cannot be compared to this. Blade of god lacks a lot, and needs to improve. I played on a Galaxy S10, and I was disappointed with the game. Mobile games have passed the era of Glu's Eternity warriors, and blade of god is similar to that. For 2gb+, it should've been better.
Great game, 4 stars for now because of some bygs. Reminds me of darksiders and dmc. It has a few bugs, like I fell under the floor and got stucked once, sound delay after action, and dodge, skills are not damage proof (might be just me being used to invincibility on other rpgs) . But definitely a great game with lots of potential and you get whole game, no more ads with just 1 iap, worth buying.
The game itself is very unique plus the cooperation of the developer with their user is another unique aspect of the pangusouls and company i wish you all the best with ur upcoming games. The new game plus mode is way too hard and it's weapons plus armor is really hard to get kindly put that NG+ items to goblin and eitri so that we can atleast compete with new bosses i am currently at 4-9 on the NG+ but 4-9 is a hell as Nafri will call 3 to 4 more nafris which makes it impossible to beat
Thank u for hearing us u have fixed the problem now I can play perfectly fine 😊😊 But there are still some glitches where there are no enemy to fight. And when i restart the level it pauses game and because of that I lost my pass
Game is awesome..but rating it 4 stars for the poor camera view while fighting bosses..plz fix it asap.
Nice game, purchased the full game to get rid of the ads. Can't rate 5* for it due to some bugs like being unable to move, getting stucked or drowned below the actual flooring lol. But overall a very good game.
Trash game. They literally copied or "tried" to copy God of war. The most laggy game ever. If you have enough money just buy a ps4 and buy the game God of war.
Bad game u can't even play the game as soon as u just open the game to play it it just kicks u out of it so that's why I rated it 1 star and also that's why I'm deleting the game because there's no use of keeping this terible game if u can't even play it.
It's so exciting playing this, it gives me GOW feelings, the fights and all.. So far the best fighting game have played on mobile device... I hope more is still coming.
Waste game i have completed 1st level and it is asking to buy premium characters to move to 2nd level for playing 1 level i have spet my 2gb data on this waste game
good graphics and controls but I'm now stuck at the the end of chapter 1 and the game is supposed to be free so I don't get it should i pay for full version
This game is very nice .I am sharching like this game only .But My gb is low and the game was gliching all time so please make it again and make low gb game😊😊😊😊
This game is good sometimes bad, you evade the enemy, then the enemy strikes where you evade, no buying potion until you watch an Ads or playing Daily missions, why is it so hard like this?
The game is nice but uts overheating my phone and my phone is redmagic 5g but its always overheating while playing this game other games i play it does not overheat fix this than i can give it a 5 stars
Game is not fix my problem this run only pass I have no pass so please next update my fix this problem 🥺
Fun to play game. Nice story and character names. There is some kind of bug in trial of valor that made me invulnerable. I reached stage 12 and could still go on without any damage. Got me 132 skill scrolls and other stuff.
Pls just take is back to the old versions, so we can play freely without the stage passes, pls look into it immediately Thanks! I haven't seen any changes in the game and am tired of playing it only once a day. Pls do something about it quickly
An awesome game. During this lockdown you should definately check this game. Thus game has a amazing graphics and storyline also.
Everything is perfect in my view story line...voice line.... character also but something is bothering me why can't u guys remove the limit pass of quest..it is just...annoying...and lastly add PVP system...i hope u guys make it more better this game in future
Very nice Much awaited (this sort of thing) Graphics are not good. But even that don't bother me. Very good mobile game alternative for God of war/ Darksiders series. One problem i am facing is that m unable to buy Stellar Pack (Esther). Earlier i bought the luxury pack (successfully done) But steller pack shows error. #plz help#
I actually liked it so far. I felt like I was playing Devil May Cry. The villains were challenging and unique. Each had tons of attacks. I would buy but didn't want to today. Maybe later. I was playing this on my S20 plus
its been 3days now..and i cant get my speed quest and god quest.fix it please (edited) thnks for fixing the problem..now finish the final boss.just gonna wait for the update.👌blade of god 2 maybe?
I like your games, but after heim betrayal, i can hear any voice from the character and and i can't continue to play it again. Kindly fix it. I can't wait to play it again. Pls
i like this game but This game is a beta version. After completing a few stages , you have to pay for the full version (a mandatory payment).
Great game loved everything from the fights to the graphics and especially the Bossfights it's like dark souls with God of war in the mix
The game is good, however I would like to purchase the full game to continue, would you know why it is telling me" Google play lost connection, reconnecting". I'm also not seeing a way to sign into my Google account, why is that?
Wow this game is such a waste, very frustrating. I download it expecting that I could play a good game but I was dissapointed, When I click the app to start playing it crash! It didn't even get me in to the game and there's this annoying message showing up always, it has a chinese letters with "com.nopfbjmon" that I don't understand then after that it will crash, 2gb to download and that's it? Come on you got to be kidding, hope you could read this and give some answer or fix it, I want to play.
My experience is bad because of the limited levels..after downloading this 2 gb game my connection become low.
I have only one question to developers why after the recent update the free pass is not working in chapter 7 and not even in chapter 4 to 6 before update the free pass is working for all chapters I just want say that I am bagging you I have deep emotion with this game and I have only remain chapter 7 I have completed all chapters before that update of your after the chapter 4 to 7 paid to play I am requesting you plz fix this and make free pass for chapter 7 plz😌😊 game is great plz understand
Good graphics and that's it. Terrible controls. MC moves way too slow to the point it doesn't so much look like bad character design, but some so user can spend real money to make MC stronger. Spent money to unlock new character, but can't use until I get to certain stage. I bought months ago and I still can't pass stage 1-5. It's gonna like this why people pirate games. Uninstalling. Do not play
Some bosses are in beatable at the beginning one of them heals so fast you can't beat em. If someone has please tell me how you did it it is the coffin boss. PLEASE FIX!
The game is good. But sometimes it lags. And you have to pay for to play the full game. I find some stage too much harder. Also the game doesn't let you view 360° like the way most of the game do. My rateing is 3.5/5. Still recommend this game. I hope the game will be more smother and the background music is too harsh for me please fix this in future update.
Very beautiful game.. Entertaining, and what's the best of it is you can play for free online/offline.. Thanks for the developer of this game.. Keep up and God bless you all.. But plss w/ the update you have i stuck on loading screen and cannot skip it to proceed the game.. I hope you can fix it immediately, thanks..
Spending 2 gigs of downloads, i expect what i want. Challenging and rewarding fights, good graphics, and offline. But my major issues is the fixed camera prespective. It's kinda hard to get used to
Got struck on the loading screen. Screen got struck on the loading page whenever I opened the game after the first time I installed the game
Great game.. I would love to buy the whole thing.. But not until u make the game full screen especially with phones that have a punch hole... Other than that the game runs perfectly smooth on my device...
I like this game but I do have suggestions. World chat, friends, wings, mounts etc. Make it more like 3d mmorpg like other games
Its great game from the jump. Graphics could be a lil more modern. Gameplay great. Sum bad camera angles but all can be fixed in future updates. Great start devs. I would love to be an advertiser 4 this game if u need 1!!!😁
Crash immediately after displaying the open red screen. There is Chiness text showing something with com.unpnx.kagsgrd.ws!! Uninstall and reinstall still given same error.
Good game but on level 3-1 Nilfheim there's a scene when an NPC is asking for help... there's an option to get closer or leave, I select get closer than the game glitches..and I can't progress please fix otherwise an amazing game!
I downloaded this 2gig game and i can only play a few minutes. this is not fair. you have to announce that we can play only a few minutes free and 99 percent of game is pecuniary.
Can't Launch my phone is ASUS zenfone maxpro m2 4/64 last year this game can launch and i can play the gameplay but why when new update this game won't launch and always crash
GoW knock off, multiple sources praise it for have some of the best visuals yet it looks like it popped out 2008.Voice acting is terrible, controls are clunky, the pace of the game is slow. Only thing it has going for it is the story and it mediocre at best. If you enjoy it, congrats.
Slow game. Glitchy. Where is the menu to lower graphics? Cannot find in pause or home screen. Sucked.
Ok. Now listen. The game was MUCH better in its older versions. Cause now, everything needs internet connection and I dont have stable internet to get the f***ing stage pass!!! And btw I had an old account, when I logged in. I was stuck at the colossus part and couldn't teleport to the f***ing city!! If you hear my review. I finished this game in the past, but now it's just money hungry. I need the game offline as it was, and I think I'm not the only one who want this.
What the game become with money ? I couldn't play the stages because it tells me that i should buy a full version (Purchase to unlock the full game ) It was totally free before Now its bad remove the money Iam an old player of playing this game Now i couldn't because of the money 😡 Bad decision
If your looking for offline action game's then this for you, this game is completely offline no need internet connection, forget about pascal wagers, pascal wagers can be only played offline on iOS but this game is completely offline on both Android and iOS.BTW I have a message for the devs 1) You should improve the quality of the animation especially when the character is about to use the over kill or skills 2) The effects needs more improvements, overall the game is nice and fun to play
The game idk why crash on my mobile it doesn't even go past 2 press to start loading screen, so i can play.
Blade of God has potential to became more than what it is now. Right now, it's rough around edges. It tries to use game play mechanics similar to God of War and DMC. However, it miss the mark by a long shot. In battle game play feels clunky, there is a delay response when using action buttons, the dodge is pointless when you don't dodge away from harm, graphics are dated and ugly, doesn't feel smooth and rendered. The devs need to go back to the drawing board with this one.
Honestly I'm blown away for a rpg on android that is this much dope. Really enjoyed it and keep up the good work
»»» It's great just a little bit, it's a little bit bit better than its size, but it's more attractive than offline 🥰 of course, the game environment could have been more modern than other similar games⁦💜
I'm going to give this a 5 stars, because I've been playing mobile games for years. Yes including Honkai Impact 3. I consider myself a good gaming expert at this point. 5 stars because this is one of the best games I've played compared to whats out there. Sure you have to spend money and most broke bummy people that gives it a bad rating is just too sad to pay for something they want to play. People gotta get paid somehow right? I spent a total of $15 and I'm able to get to story chapter 6 hel.
Game is good but customer service is worst ever seen in all game I play really no help from them hope you just see your Facebook page and solve query of player otherwise you are done with game on playstore just like other
Game is very generic in story line. The audio doesn't really sync up either, the action scenes in the beginning are very long and uninteresting. Overall the game is very underwhelming.
It is a best game fo android in rpg sectors and It is like God of war , some optimization techniques are needed to do best and hanging sometimes and slow moments check once make it better and once again removee it for payment and then givee unlimited passes and the game is lagging some timess
Won't lie one of the most entertaining offline mobile games I played, beside the bugs and other stuff this game is almost a mobile masterpiece
I wish you can play vs and with you friends but when you go offline still play campaign also no pay to win pay to get a stage pass and offer ads for items <5 stars when you add this>
Great game feels like playing a combo of Darksiders, DMC and GOW. The only problem is da characters voice and the music it doesn't match with the game environment.
Good but Wont get my money w/o huge changes!! Animations are slow/choppy🐌 No controller support 🎮 Falling thru floor⚒️ Horrible voice acting🗣️ Fluctuating audio levels🎚️ Stuck in corners fighting⏸️ Cant target enemies🎯 Stage Pass ruins replayability⚠️ (at least make the game energy based)
Why stage pass are so limited? I waited 3 days but there is no ads to play. The game wanted me to purchase something to continue my game. And by the way I hated the camera angle because sometimes the camera didn't follow my character and I end up dying because I cannot see my enemy's. I think I will uninstall this game it is just a waste of time
Really good game with decent graphics , seems they did an update between 4th and 5th of Jan and since then I've been unable to progress in the game as it just hangs.
Great game. But you can only do 5 things a day at the most and that is if you watch the mandatory adds.
Love the game, would recomend fixing the tutorial in case of you dying while fighting a boss, instead of it having you chose the restart stage have it chose restart boss fight