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Blade of Dungeon

Blade of Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by R.O.App. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a really cool game. You should definitely add an online multiplayer feature of some kind, rankings and stuff like that. It would be cool too if you could use the gold to buy new swords and armor. Also add a feature where you can teleport to a town where all the players gather. Guilds and guild quests for more stones and such
An awesome idle free to play game. Few adds. No money needed. Just play and have fun. If you can watch the adds to help devs. Do so. Cause there isn't one every 1min like other games. Welldone guys! Thank you for making a fun free game, without abusing the adds system like other developers. Look forward to new updates.
This is a lot of fun to play definitely one to try at least once If yer in the market for such. Simple, easy to understand and ya even get to create a character of yer own! Also it's free so really no reason not to try it.
5* if I could pay to remove ads. Games with distracting banner ads don't last long on my phone. I'd click on video ads but as is, I'm not going to. R.O. makes cool games, but none of them allow the removal of ads. I really don't think they care about people like me. They get their ad revenue from people who like free games. That's cool, uninstalling and looking for games that I can remove ads so I can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Cya!
Really nice game but all the flashing makes my eyes twitch. If you're not sensitive like I am and you like a bit of hack n slash in your idle game, try this one.
The game îs very Nicee, but you should get some Story în IT, and if you could enter some stat Points or some zodiac later on would be Amazing
Would rate higher but 90% of the time when I click a treasure at the top that says it will give me stones or points for watching an ad, it says unable to connect the ad and get closer to a better internet source. NO other game I play has this issue including other games from this maker. I don't know what the issue is. If that gets fixed, I'll change my rate to the full 5 stars.
Great game ruined by greed again... Love the game but the fact that it is littered with ads constantly it's makes it's near impossible to time dodges and counter attacks or even see what is going on as every single time it freezes the game.
Its one of the best games no doubt and very addictive plus i like the challenges this work of art gives the player
The simplistic counter system is engaging and captures the core element of what makes most action games fun.
I love it! It's playable offline, and my character's appearance changes when I equip new items. I hope cloud saving will be available in the future, for the inevitable device replacement.
It's a decent time killer. Sort of like tap titans but not quite. Has some pretty nice visuals. Like any other idle-clicker it gets boring after a bit and you find yourself leaving the app open just so you can collect the random gift boxes.
Great game you guys created, don't need to spend money. Entertaining, time killing. I wish there was a way to buy treasure boxes to acquire better gear. But all said, great game.
Awesome game! Great time killer and simple controls. But I noticed a glitch when I click on the bottom to prestige, it tells me to pass stage 325 to get more skill points. But I am on stage 338 and it still hasn't changed to a high level. Please fix, I love this game
I really like this game cause I'm big on anime and manga the game is addictive and the control scheme is fun, enjoying yet simple my only gripe is I wish I could customize the sword or at least get another one like how you find armor
There is a bug with skill points as u get a skill point at stage 50 at the first time, and it says u will get the next skill point at stage 75, but if you push through to stage 75 without prestige you will only get 1 skill point after prestige and the next skill point is at stage 100 so u lose the skill point at stage 75.
Usually in idle games you have to prestige cuz it gets to hard, but in this game, you can idle, upgrade and continue playing till you wanna prestige, which is a thing i like.Great game.
This game is a really good game for people on the go! My only Critique would be to please add new armor in upcoming updates. Customization is such a key in games these days. You get to a point where nothing is new. I still love it but long for some new content. That said. Thank you for such a great game!
I quite liked the game. It was simple, fun, the graphics were good but i thought the fighting style of the character got a bit boring. I think that if it was a bit different or new styles were added it would be even better. Anyway, keep up the good work.
I'm not usually an idle gamer. And I was actually nervous about playing this game due to someone's complaining review about it being automatic. I honestly can not complain about this game. Most games today feel too much like a long term grinding session. Not this game. This game is actually fast paced. The auto attack feature is a great assistant especially for the long term Gaming sessions. You just have to try it. I absolutely love this game. 5 Stars all the way!
Its fun I thought it would be boring but there's surprisingly good depth to the game and it keeps you hooked for hours
Brilliant game. Has made my other games gather dust lol. Controls, design and gameplay are 10/10. Just an idea for the game but how about allowing he dragon to evolve into different forms with different types of passive abilitys that you keep after prestige or allow the active upgrades of the dragon to be levels up using money and/or magic stones. Really is a great game overall.
Was really good now forced ads that stop your progress. Its an "idle game" progress is not ever supposd to stop.
Really good game. Only "problem" is that it's too easy to become obscenely powerful thanks to the dragon. I also would have liked more fail states.
Great Game that isn't hidden behind paywall which makes it 10× times better. One of the best in its genre but it could be better, e.g there should be more armours. Also there should be armors with special effects not just extra dmg and gold, like lightning armour that would give stun% or molten armour that would put enemies ablaze when they hit you so instead of dodging you'd want to be dmged. Another idea is Armour set, i.e wearing 4 Armours with the same name would give you a huge boost especially weak armours, so people would want to wear 4 strider instead of a mix of crimson and emperor. Another one is getting another human to fight with you, they could be on the right side. I know this seems too powerful but maybe you shouldn't get them until you've put 1 skill point in every skill in your tree, which would let players want to diverse their skill points and would open up new powers to them intsead of putting all their skill points in one skill when they have so many options, side point if you do this please let us choose the same gender twice, e.g 2 guys, because I like the idea of 2 brothers or friends on a journey clearing dungeons. Last but not least is that you'd put events in the game to freshen up the game every now and then. My last suggestion is that you'd bound the game data to the player's e-mail, because once I uninstalled the game but then reinsatlled the game, all my progress was reset even though I had signed in in my first gameplay. I'm guessing the sign in option is just to compare scores with the other players, which is nice and all but it also should save your progress. I'm sorry I wrote you an essay haha but this is just what happens when I talk about something I love.
Interesting game...lots of fun. Number scale seems wrong, though...it skips over 100k-999k entirely and heads right to a million. Same issue around a billion.
I usually lose interest of any game after playing for a while, but this game actually keeps my interest. From the graphics to the gameplay. Its all a 10/10 for me.